If you’ve never had the pleasure of stapling money to a shirtless guy on stage who is covered in blood then welcome to the world of Chicago’s own Elbow Deep. With song titles like “I was Caught Masturbating by your sister” and “Fisted to Death in the back of a car,” Elbow Deep is carrying the banner of inappropriate lyrical content and bloody stage shows that only rivals the likes of the late G.G. Allin and the late El Duce. It only makes sense that their latest release on Horror Pain Gore Death Records is a split with the legendary shock rockers The Mentors. Finally we have people making music dangerous again. Hide your daughters.

Elizabeth: Explain how the band met and started. What you would like people to get out of your music:

Elbow Deep: One time I was driving around getting road head. And I had one of those boat knob thingys on my steering wheel. So I go to make a sharp right turn and the knob smashes the girl in the head. she bit down on my cock right as I came. Just kidding,.. I didn't cum..it was not a good time. Not exactly sure how this pertains to your question, just kind of wanted to share that.. We actually never officially met, the less we know about each other the better really. We just want to make people laugh and have a good time. But more importantly to LIGHTEN UP especially the fat broads that come to our shows.. - JERRY

Elizabeth: What is the meaning of the name “Elbow Deep”? Sounds very philosophical.

Elbow Deep: Well actually I believe it was the gay philosopher Bearistotle who once said "The hole is more than the sum of it's farts," and that hole needed to be filled by us. - JEFF

Elizabeth: What influences your song writing? Personal experiences? Fantasies?

Elbow Deep: Most of them are based off personal experiences. For example, we have a new song called, "I Shat When I Came." Ugh...If I had a nickel. – JERRY

Elizabeth: When on stage, you ask people in the crowd to bring money to you and then you staple the money to your body parts. Have you stapled any to your balls yet? Is there a bigger fee for more personal areas?

Elbow Deep: I had my balls stapled once, but she actually charged ME for that. - JERRY

Elizabeth: Your new split is with the legendary Mentors. Were they an influence on you? Are you members of the Four F Club?

Elbow Deep: Not so much musically, however, conceptually they paved the way for bands like us. So it's truly an honor to have a split release with them. And yes, we are V.I.P members. - JERRY

Elizabeth: How did you end up on HPGD records? What is it about that label that resonated with the band?

Elbow Deep: I give good blowjobs and what resonated was Mike's moans of pleasure. - JEFF

Elizabeth: How is the scene in Chicago? Does ED get a lot of support?

Elbow Deep: The Chicago scene is excellent! All 10 of them.. - JERRY

Elizabeth: What is something about the band that you wish everyone knew?

How much we don't care about what people know about us. - JERRY

Elizabeth: Finally, what is your preference? Spit or swallow?

Elbow Deep: Well it all depends on who's dick I'm sucking. - JEFF