“Rape, cockroaches... are still a real nightmare.”
- Deyth Banger

Perhaps Deyth was listening to the Mentors when he wrote his autobiography, ‘The life of One Kid.” If there are two things that might be associated with the kings of sleaze, it would be longevity (like a cockroach), and the controversial title of being leaders in a music genre titled “Rape Rock.” As a woman, and sort of feminist, I actually love the Mentors. A band since 1976, surviving the death of their one-of-a-kind front man El Duce, still putting out great albums and still getting banned from concert venues. These guys would give the cockroaches a run for their money. They are, without a doubt, what is still dangerous about rock n roll. With the long awaited release of their Documentary: The Mentors: Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary, and a new studio album that came out in 2017 (The Illuminaughty, Mentors records), it was time the Mentors chatted about life philosophies and important social issues. Who better to give social commentary than guys who sing a song about golden showers? Long live these hooded maniacs.

Elizabeth: 1976 is a long fucking time. First off congratulations on the longevity and never compromising your disgusting and twisted sense of humor (I love it by the way). I have to ask, now with the #metoo movement, and bands being accused left and right of being actual pedophiles and actual rapist, what are your thoughts on all the nonsense right now?

Mentors: Thanks! My thoughts on the guys like Weinstein and Louis CK etc. are they are sick and deserve to get taken down a notch. I can certainly be sympathetic to women who are victimized by horny power tripping men in the workplace. Further I am in favor of death penalty for rape. But this is a complicated topic because mating between humans is quite complex and may involve ritualistic harassment etc. I think body cams worn at all times by both people will stop he said she said scenarios. Also booze complicates consent a lot also.
I have been happily married for 30 years so no problems for me in this regard, but I pity young people and how to deal with this stuff.

Elizabeth: It is refreshing to know that you guys are always going to be one of the most “dangerous” bands out there. I think so many bands these days are pussies and afraid of doing anything that isn’t politically correct. Even the black metal bands are all alike. Are there bands out there you are watching and actually like?

Mentors: Yes the left and the right hates us. Antifa hates us, even though I hate Trump with a passion. Right wing gun nuts hates us cause I want to repeal the second amendment. I’m sixty years old and any experience I had with guns in my life is all bad no good.
As far as good bands, I like old school rock and roll, which is dying out quickly. I like Ted Nugent live but hate his political right wing non sense but he does know how to rock and roll.
Todays singing style I don’t like and contemporary music is really terrible. I am shocked young people like hip hop and rap which just shitty.
I got interested by this super weirdo rapped 69 who is some gay Hispanic rapper however who apparently wants to get shot and killed like Tupac. He is just interesting to me. Generic copycat bands and artists are annoying to me as well.

Elizabeth: Do you feel anyone will ever be capable of carrying the torch of being “dangerous”? Or at least funny?

Mentors: I certainly hope so, but I don’t see any GG’s or Duce’s out there at this time you do see Nazi black metal people that like to piss people off but to me racism is not funny or even dangerous.
Nordic Aryans with white face paint and generic music sieg heiling to me is not entertaining. It’s annoying and I feel bad for minorities in the audience who are then made to feel unwelcome. I don’t believe in countries or borders and I’m not into saluting any flags or signing anthems to a country.

Elizabeth: You’ve been rocking the hoods for years and years. I see lots of bands doing this nowadays. Do you see this a tribute, stealing a good idea, or artistic laziness?

Mentors: I’m confused by this. savage master and midnight do it. it s sort of annoying, but hoods existed before mentors so I guess its fair game for people to wear them if they want. At the end of the day it’s a gimmick for us and these others. The important thing is the songs and the music. I concentrate on that.

Elizabeth: Can a woman be a member of the “Four F Club”? I think more women need to find em, fool em, fuck em and forget em. Thoughts?

Mentors: Yes women can be into this as much or more than men. So absolutely women are and should be in the ffff club. Being horny and wanting a booty call is not only for men, in fact many men are scared of women.

Elizabeth: In all of your years, has there been any regrets or missed opportunities?

Mentors: Coulda shoulda woulda! In life you learn from mistakes. For instance if u got drunk and crashed Ur car, don’t to it again. But don’t dwell on mistakes, keep ur eyes on the future and learn from your mistakes. Keep moving on and learning.

Elizabeth: What do you think of Trump? Sounds like he could be in the “Four F Club.” Rumor has it he also likes Golden Showers…

Mentors: I love the entertainment factor but hate the right wing racist polices and fucking stupid people he panders too. White nationalism sucks. In Cali we have a great mix of all races and cultures. I loved watching the debates but don’t like what he is doing.

Elizabeth: After so many years, ups and downs, what motivates you guys to still do this?

Mentors: I am a musician. I love music and playing it live and traveling around. Its fun. I’ll do it till I keel over.

Elizabeth: I watched the documentary and it was long overdue! Can you tell our readers a little bit more about how this came about and what they should expect from it?

Mentors: We play a lot in Portland and noticed this gal videoing us a show in pdx, April jones. I spoke to her after the show and found who was a budding filmmaker. She made an interview with me for a film class. The reaction she got was good to that and so between she and I we financed the doc. I gave her access to my library of clips.

Elizabeth: Are you working on any new material? Tours?

Mentors: Oh yes constantly working on new stuff. Releasing a bunch of stuff now. 1) El duce symphony CD 2) el duce man myth legend reissue with 2 bonus tracks 3) dr. heathen scum the Italian stallion two outa three aint bad

Elizabeth: Isn’t it funny after all these years, people are still afraid to book you in some cities? I would think that would almost be a badge of honor at this point.

Mentors: Yes but it goes with the territory. Those that know us know we are nice. So it works out.

Elizabeth: What is the best rumor you have ever heard about the Mentors?

Mentors: That we killed Cobain.

Elizabeth: I ask all my seasoned rockers this questions: What is the most “Spinal Tap” moment you have had?

Mentors: Having sickie break his neck and arm and face on our last USA tour in 2017. Also driving 500 miles to find a cancelled gig.

Elizabeth: Parting words for fans? Where can they find out the most current and up to date information about the band?

Mentors: Thanks for the support. Keep posted on mentors at www.facebook.com/thementors