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TITLE: Mince Core History 1993-1996
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
LABEL: Selfmadegod Records

After years Selfmadegod Records unveil follow-up to Agathocles' Mince Core History 1985-90 and 1989-93 series third chapter of hard-to-find, sold out 7"-releases from one of the most respected and dedicated grind/mince/punk bands. Collection of 44 songs in total compiling recordings from 1993 to 1996 such as classic splits with ROT, BAD ACID TRIP, CARCASS GRINDER, BLACK ARMY JACKET, PATARENI, PLASTIC GRAVE, SMASH THE BRAIN and PUNISHER. To make it more tasty the disc includes famous "Back To 1987" and "Mincemongers In Barna" seven inches + material of DRAWBACK and POMTERRA - two old bands of Dirk and Roel as well as some live versions from your favorite AG-songs. Simply all time great socio-politically charged mince-core/grind butchery in its purest, rawest, most distorted and harshest form + 12 page booklet with liner notes, lyrics, discography and biography... awesome!


1. Intro / Wiped from the Surface
2. Debalance Their Policy
3. An Abstract
4. Hate Birth
5. Intro / Another Need to Be Fed
6. Screenfreak
7. Bring Down Their Throne
8. No Use (Hatred)
9. Hatred Is the Cure
10. Go Fucking Nihilist
11. Lay Off Me
12. The Fog
13. Christianity Means Tyranny
14. Until It Bleeds
15. Trust? Not Me!
16. Inevitable
17. Selfdestroying Prophecy / Double Dose of Shock
18. Nature
19. An Abstract
20. Rejected Adaption
21. Intro / Pigs in Blue
22. I Just Won't Fit
23. Grandad Punk
24. Labelisation
25. What Mankind Creates
26. No!
27. Go Fucking Nihilist
28. Forced Pollutions
29. Hideous Headchopping
30. Trust? Not Me!
31. Until It Bleeds
32. Big One
33. The Fog
34. Teachers
35. The Accident
36. Mutilated Regurgitator
37. Consuming Endoderme Pus
38. Splattered Brains
39. Christianity Means Tyranny
40. Squeeze Anton
41. Introtyl
42. Threshold to Senility
43. Is It Really Mine ?
44. Until It Bleeds