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TITLE: Bestial Machinery (Discography Volume 1)
GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Relapse Records

Bestial Machinery is a new terminal vision representing a vast work of utterly uncompromised will. Inhuman, relentless and complete, this gear-grinding, blast beat to bloodshed 2xCD set features all of ANb's recorded material prior to their Relapse Records debut, Honkey Reduction (including the tracks from the splits with Cattlepress, Laceration and Enemy Soil). Eviscerated remains, long of out of print material and previously unreleased tracks work as raw materials for this colossal project of human subjugation where the listener is but a set of ears to lacerate and another body to burn


Disc 1
1. 5% Control
2. Prey for Death/Hollowpoint/Conform To...Death/Life Is Pain/Profit ...
3. Chasing a Dream
4. Allegiance
5. Information
6. Ode to a Junkie
7. Crawl of the Mind
8. What I Did on My Summer Vacation
9. One More Drink
10. Forgotten in Space (Voivod)
11. Letter Bomb
12. Vapor Lock
13. Dead Above the Neck
14. Circle of Shit
15. Amputee
16. Eight Girls Instead of Nine
17. Sex on the Flag
18. The Newleyweds Are Raped
19. Mule
20. 10, 000 Bullets
21. Lithium Daydream
22. From Filth to Defilement
23. Unholy BMX Fights the Nod
24. Arrival of Bees
25. Powertrip
26. Lose Your Will
27. Another Useless Asshole
28. My Life Is a Money Pit
29. Powerfall
30. Cut to Happy Hour
31. Military Scientist
32. Hessian Bodyfarm
33. Solvent
34. Glade, A Straw, And a Sandwich Bag
35. Headglass
36. DC5
37. Hungry Child (C.O.C.)
38. I'd Rather Be Sleeping
39. I Don't Need Society (D.R.I.)
40. Ketamine and Kryptonite

Disc 2
1. Hammer Fight
2. Gravework
3. Retardo Montalbon
4. Panic Gasp
5. Pigs Smell Fear
6. Fuck Your Soccer Mom
7. You Have No Rights
8. Just a Band
9. Obscene
10. Gorrensoudly Mutilated
11. Inappropiate Response
12. Recovering Contrband from a Constricted Airway
13. Nice Ass
14. Pink World
15. Hysterical Misery
16. Mobilize
17. Broken Political Wing
18. Full Metal Swimsuit
19. Swimming in the Labrea Tar Pits
20. Driven to Succeed
21. Bloated and Complacent
22. Man's Hate (Sore Throat)
23. Control (Napalm Death)