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TITLE: Increasing The Hate
GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Half-Life Records

Obscure but classic Grindcore from the deep Mexican Underground-- Essential anthology featuring rarities, and previously unreleased tracks! Current members from PACTUM, DAHMERIZED, HORRIFIED, REPULSIVE, C.A.R.N.E.; and former ANARCHUS members are now in SOL NEGRO, UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS, DEMOGORGON, BLOODSOAKED, and USA-based IN MEMORIUM! 28 Songs; 62 minutes! Original album released in 1997 by RRC/M.M. Records in Mexico; USA edition CD reissued by Half-Life Records in 2005. Tracks 1-4 taken from "Quarreling" 7-inch EP; on Blurred records, Japan (1996). Tracks 5-7 taken from "Never Ending War" demo (1996), and "Pedigree" split EP with AK47 on Anomie records, Germany (1996). Tracks 8-15 taken from "In Partibus Infidelium" tape, RRC México (1994), and split LP with MONASTERY (Holland) on Slap a Ham records, USA (1993). Tracks 16-17 taken from "Grinding Syndicate" CD compilation on Samurai records, Japan (1991), and "500 Years of Infamy" 7-inch EP on Rigid records, USA (1990). Tracks 18, 19 previously-unreleased (1991). Tracks 20-25 taken from "Final Fall of the Gods" 7-inch EP on Rigid records, USA (1990). Tracks 26 and 27 previously-unreleased (1990). Track 28 previously-unreleased BONUS TRACK; featuring Joel (ex-SADISTIC INTENT) as guest drummer


1. Stay out of the Line
2. Beyond good and evil
3. Quarreling
4. The other Side of Stupidity
5. Anguish of War
6. Never Ending War
7. Pedigree (Heresy cover)
8. Money for God
9. Fatality of Human Fate
10. No Fear to Sin
11. Supreme Creation
12. 500 years of Infamy
13. Canonized
14. Gone with the Flames
15. Intolerance and Fanatism
16. Dead Messiah
17. The only Saver
18. Eve's Sin
19. Nothing comes later
20. Flowers to the Pigs
21. Final Fall of the Gods
22. Ishavet Kaller
23. The Entity in the Room
24. Creation of a Religion
25. Jesus Christ
26. Brutal Rage
27. Massive Strike
28. Equamanthorn (Bathory cover)