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TITLE: Dissected Humanity
FORMAT: 12-Inch Record
GENRE: Death/Doom Metal
LABEL: Nuclear War Now! Productions

Anatomia; a seldom talked about 3 piece hailing from Japan, comprised of the backbone of the legendary Transgressor - Takashi Tanaka on drums and vocals, and Yoshio Hasegawa on guitar and vocals (both also played in Necrophile, who released a great split with Abhorer eons ago) joined by a friend - Jun Tonosaki on bass duties and vocals. Anatomia really isn’t a hundred miles away from Transgressor, though I detect a much more distinct doom presence here. Slow, miserable droning passages alternate with more upbeat mid-paced sections, neither of which sounding any less heavy and crushing as the other. Any comparisons made with Mental Funeral era Autopsy are pretty much right on the money, just listen to the start of “Suicide” or “Carnal Mutilation” and you’ll see what I mean. I can also pick similarities to Winter, and to a lesser extent Hellhammer. Soundwise Anatomia are heavy as fuck, dense, fuzzed out and viscous. Heavy handed drumming pounds along at a snail’s pace, and seem to rely on following the riffs a good majority of the time. Vocally Anatomia has given an exceptional performance for this style of Death Metal, sickly dry heaving growls trade off with an occasionally more Demilich like liquescent / vomitous approach. The odd pitch shifted gutter gurgle moment makes an appearance too. A cool cover of Autopsy’s “Stillborn” makes for a perfect way to end to the album, which Anatomia completely nail. It does great justice to the original whilst given a slightly thicker, sludgier edge. The overall substance of “Dissected Humanity” coincides with the subject matter accurately. Sordid acts of cannibalism, the undead, morgues and mutilation are in order here. It might sound cliche but it fits their sound like a glove. For some this may take a bit of patience to appreciate, but for Autopsy fans this is a definite must. It’s plain as day that these guys are no newcomers to Death Metal, and along with Coffins are easily one of Japan’s finest exports. Their only full length (apart from a demo, and 3 way split with the aforementions Coffins and Grudge), fingers crossed for a follow up album soon. Updated layout with new cover artwork and hand written texts by Chris Reifert of Autopsy/Abscess


1. Carnal Mutilation
2. Tortured Bleeding End
3. Drowned In Sewage
4. Funeral Feast
5. Suicides
6. Deceased
7. Morgue Of Cannibalism
8. Only Consumed By Dead
9. Stillborn (Autopsy cover)