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TITLE: You Better Bring A Helmet
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
LABEL: Useless Drunk Records

Second effort of grinding deathrock from he bowels of Atlantic City! While the Correct album title should read "You'd Better Bring a Helmet," this act is hardly here to educate listeners or explore the world outside of the mosh pit. CTP is simply out to set the place ablaze. Taking NYHC ground-work to a harder-than-nails and drunker-than-shit South Jersey/Philly-style brawl of asskicking insanity and tangled aggression, CTP return without a label backing their corruptive asses, but with an improved attack nevertheless. Fans of drunken beatdown hardcore like No Redeeming Social Value, Bad Luck 13 or anything inspired by G.G. Allin, or anyone more into crack-smoking references than the state of the nation, you just bought a fucking record...or stole it online. I wish the big labels like Ferret, Trustkill and Metal Blade who sign pseudo-hardcore bands by the dozen would wise-up and throw some dough at some psychos like this; maybe help bring some filth, edge and fucking balls back to the genre. Buy this fucking CD you pussies!


1. Probably The Best Song On The Album
2. You Better Bring A Helmet
3. Lets Huff Gas
4. Roadside Memorial Runover
5. Fire In The Hole
6. Poop Chutes And Ladders
7. My Name Is Asshole
8. Prison Bitch
9. Grab Your Spoons And Lighters It's Time To Rock
10. Highest Power (G.G. Allin cover)
11. Allen Rothenberg Is Your Injury Lawyer
12. It's Not Rape It's Suprise Sex
13. Every Time My Bag Slaps Her Ass The Lights Flicker
14. Meals On Wheels
15. If My Aunt Had Balls She'd Be My Uncle
16. I Just Stubbed Your Camel Toe
17. No Snow No Show
18. Call The Paramedics
19. Only Users Lose Drugs
20. Nothing Says Lovin Like A Concussion
21. Jerk On Not Off
22. The Hardest Thing About Rollerblading Is Telling Your Parents You're Gay