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The Funeral March CD
Sweden's Gadget proudly carries the grindcore torch forward with its brand-new record The Funeral March. More than a devout collection of blasting beats, sweltering guitars and real-world lyrics, The Funeral March incorporates sinister melodies and a keen sense of dynamics to an already explosive mix. Gadget is more fierce and focused than ever before

Remote CD
Swedish grindcore sensation Gadget showcases its high-energy sound on its Relapse debut, Remote. Recorded at Sweden's Phlat Planet Studios with Fredrik Reinedahl (Burst, Dimension Zero, In Flames), Remote delivers the smashing sounds of a band fast on the rise. Gadget's gigantic delivery and musical muscle dazzles and delights

20 tracks of viciously sick oldschool Finnish splatter Grindcore in the way of REPULSION, IMPETIGO, ULCEROUS PHLEGM, early CARCASS mixed with a solid dose of scandinavian Death. Includes a REGURGITATE cover as well!

The Abyss CD
Galerna play crusty old school Death Metal/Punk that is a filthy mix of Entombed's "Wolverine Blues", Motorhead, Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade! From the sick mind of veteran Noel Kemper (Gruesome Stuff Relish, Altar Of Giallo, Oltretomba, Broken Gravestones), "The Abyss" is an album that is as catchy as it is crushing, which captures the raw and dirty 80's feel. Mastered by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed at Visceral Sound, this album also includes a cover of Slayer's "Chemical Warfare"! For fans of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Death Breath, Disfear, Dismember, Entombed, GBH, Motörhead, Skitsystem, Slayer, Tank, Venom and Wolfbrigade. A killer album!

Finally "Citizen Brain" the highly anticipated debut album from Irish Thrashers Gama Bomb is amongst us! This is high octane classic Thrash mixed with high pitched classic metal vocals and a healthy obsession with our recent pop culture spanning comics, films, video games and of course music! The limited edition comes with a bonus 30 minute DVD which features footage of the band recording "Citizen Brain" in Grindstone Studios and playing live... awesome release!

Irish Thrash sensations Gama Bomb who with ‘Tales From The Grave In Space’ have honed and refined the promise of their Earache debut ‘Citizen Brain’ and delivered another storming album of high octane Thrash, combining their wicked lyrical humour with razor sharp riffs / top song writing skills, which even legends Anthrax and D.R.I. would be proud of!

Debut full length from Northern Ireland´s Speed Thrashers GAMA BOMB ! Expect songs showing influence from bands like AGENT STEEL, DRI, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ANTHRAX and TANKARD. So put on your bullet belt, denim vest and thrash your skull to 'Hell Trucker' or 'Steel Teeth (The Metal Jaw)'! Hand numbered limited edition of 1000 copies

Old school, brutal Death Metal from Finland with rare demo's as a bonus for a total of 76+ minutes of insanity!

Last Breath Of The Dying One CD
Dismembering, murdering, Brutal Deathgrind from Indonesia for fans of Disgorge, Deeds Of Flesh and Brodequin

Live Like An Animal, Fuck Like An Animal CD
A heavy, fast and insane storm! Insane brutal death grind from Ohio that will crush you completely

Finally released, exclusive material from both bands... this is Sweden vs. Japan in total gore grind/death metal onslaught. Butcher ABC even perform a cover of Carnage's Crime Against Humanity! Buy this release now

After the demise of UNKNOWN CURE which has been together from 2001 to 2007. Tony Anderson (LUSTMORE, UNKNOWN CURE), Guy Loucks (454, UNKNOWN CURE) and newly acquired member Dave Conte (UNKNOWN CURE, CIRCLE THE DRAIN) vowed to press on. With a name change and newly acquired Guitarist Wayne Clark (ANIMISTIC EVIL, TRIAL BY STONE) the band was in motion under the name BLOODHOUSE which was sort lived due to the band focus and blending styles. Now GENERICHRIST is the chosen title for this evolution of Metal. The Band has no limitations and focuses on the violence and hatred of today's shallow humanity. This is extreme and raw Deathmetal!

Tampa, Florida thrash/death metal band GENERICHRIST has joined forces with extreme metal label AreaDeath Productions to release their new special limited edition album titled Mindumpster to the world on 15th Mar. The album will also feature the artwork of Florida underground artist Mark Cooper. The Mindumpster album features a revamped line-up led by the founder and frontman Tony Anderson (Skintomb) and Dave Bizzigotti (Ripping Corpse)

Taste Of Death CD
Generichrist make their long awaited return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the massive full length album "Taste Of Death". Hailing from Tampa Florida, Generichrist was formed back in 2003 by lead vocalist Tony Anderson (Doomsilla, Fleshreaper, Skintomb), and their current line-up is stronger than ever featuring Ed Webb formerly of Massacre and Diabolic. Generichrist's sick, twisted blend of Punk/Thrash combined with Death Metal results in "Taste Of Death" becoming an experience in horror, sleaze and violence! This album also features a guest appearance by legendary horror Icon Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Army Of Darkness, The Devil's Rejects), who has been on several of the bands past releases. An essential platter of splatter for fans of Abscess, The Accused, Autopsy, Blood Duster, Cryptic Slaughter, GISM, Goatwhore, High On Fire, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Nunslaughter, Slayer and Terrorizer

Cloak Of Love CD
The infectious, adventurous debut EP from GENGHIS TRON unleashes an outrageous and virulent synthpop/grindcore mutation that smashes machinegun blastbeats, acrobatic shred, and screaming freakouts up against soaring electropop bliss. Cloak Of Love splatters the listener with lethal blasts and breakdowns one minute, and enfolds you in majestic tech-pop, gorgeous hooks, and utterly mutant dancefloor mayhem the next. Produced by Colin Marston (BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS and DYSRYTHMIA), and featuring original artwork from Jon Beasley. A definitive, must have release

Dead Mountain Mouth CD
Dead Mountain Mouth is the wickedly anticipated full length album from GENGHIS TRON, and the follow-up to their imaginative debut EP, Cloak Of Love. Recorded at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou (Converge), Dead Mountain Mouth moves beyond the rapid-fire electro/grind genre-splicing of Cloak Of Love, and forms something more fluid and cohesive, an arcane union of digital dreams and brutal heaviness, where speedcore eruptions blossom from clouds of maximum beat-driven electronic bliss, and futuristic metal riffage seethes from your speakers. These gloriously-dense and triumphantly catchy jams soar through valleys of immense crush and alien vistas of 8-bit wizardry... sick!

Discografia 1997-2008 CD
Even when GENOCIDE'S history starts in 2000, the band includes the past 3 years when they were known as EXTREME MIND because their first full-lenght includes some tracks composed for that early band. This CD includes 24 tracks, from their first two full-lenghts, also 5 tracks recorded in 2004 and never released or played alive, as well as 2 new tracks from the upcoming full-lenght to be released by Concreto recs. SICK, Brutal Death Grind from Mexico!!!

Remastered for maximum death, this initial onslaught from Genocide SS features 27 retaliatory strikes of scathing Scandinavian hardcore. No mosh, no fun, just unadulterated mayhem stripped down to the rawest of necessities

Shut your windows, lock your doors and hold on to your women, the world's hardest punk rock band has returned! Reclaiming their championship belts, Genocide Superstars deliver SUPERSTAR DESTROYER, a blazing, balls-out barrage of hostile attitude and drunken mayhem! The Genocide Superstars are musical outlaws fighting an endless war, and they won't leave until your cities are burned. 666% killer punk rock. FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKIN' FUCK!!

Militeratogene CD
Second and last album for the Swiss Grindcore band! Killer mix of Grind, Death and Crust, filled with cheese humor and some of the sickest artwork ever! Similiar to Birdflesh or Gronibard! 21 tracks of pure fucking Grinding madness!

Split CD
Brutal ambient noise and drone/doom split from two great young acts

Until It Bleeds CD
Brutal, technical death from Italy's Messiahs of Torture/Perversion. For fans of Suffocation, Origin and Morbid Angel

Decadenza CD
Second full length for the young veterans out in time for their US tour a whole month in July. Their sound has gotten heavier since their first effort. The band succeeds in creating their own particular sound exploring the realms of the heaviest yet darkest crust mixing it with the typical Italian old school Hardcore desperation and urgency also reflected in the gloomy lyrics. Live they are like a heavy punch in the face! This killer release is from AGI Punk in Italy!!!

Origen Da Tragedia CD
Furious, twisted and shocking Death/Grind from Spain... includes a GUT cover!

Torn CD
Goathemy 2nd full-lenght album “Torn” contains 10 songs of atmospheric music, influenced by doom, thrash and black metal. Band´s debut album “Frostland” was released 2006 and it was more influenced my melodic black metal. With new album the style has evolved quite a lot since the debut; whole album has a lower tempo and more vicious and heavier sound with better sense of dynamic. Songs most often consist of strong riffs, melodies & unassuming but strong feeling. Despite of the melodies there is not any synths at all. Female vocalist Teija brings the atmosphere and melodies into the songs with her clean voice. Lyrics consider of nature forces, paganism and disgust against stupidity of mankind

Magician Of Black Chaos CD
Old school Black Metal in the vein of Sodom and Bathory!

American doom-horror-grind! Amazing brutal slowed down grind with Sam of Hideous Mangleus doing the vocals

Gott... Im Chaos Gestorben CD
Hateful and fast German black metal with a clear sound and explit lyrics/artwork

This double-CD collection offers Godless North's 2001 album, 'Summon the Age of Supremacy,' in its entirety, plus tracks from a couple splits, their 1998 demo, and a cover of Burzum's "Dunkelheit". An excellent collection!

Rising Hatred CD
Satanic Old-School Death Metal From Hell... Features Jeff Gruslin on vocals and Paul Flynn on guitar, who were both original VITAL REMAINS founding members and were on all the early material up to the 2 full length CDs released on Osmose Productions. Also in the band are Mike McPherson the drummer from LEUKORRHEA, Justin Flynn on bass from AMPUTATOR and Mike Lecam (ex-RITUAL SACRIFICE) on 2nd guitar, be prepared to have your soul raped!

Arrogance Of Supreme Power CD
Remarkable new album by this killer Czech brutal death metal act highly influenced by bands like INTERNAL BLEEDING, PYREXIA, DYING FETUS... Cover artwork by Joel from PYAEMIA / DISAVOWED. Rare European version!

Never Sober Level CD
Coal magnates, ragers and grinding rock ´n´ rollers got up to cast, to hammer and to sharpen their new - never sober - CD album... the album is here!!! 1/2 hour of HOPsaaHEYsaaDOBRaanDAYsaa GRINDing ROMPing

Orgasm Induced Diarrhea CD
Goratory's second release is finally out! Completely sick & brutal death metal

Killer 3-Way split featuring rare tracks!

Necrotic Feast CD
Full-length album of brutal death metal/goregrind mixture from Brazil! Import release includes bonus CD-Rom video

Death Metal has returned! Philadelphia's Goreaphobia reunited with its original 1990 era line-up in the year 2004 to record 2 classic tracks that never got recorded back in 1990, as well as 2 new tracks! This also contains the "Omen of Masochism" 7-inch EP, the "Morbidious Pathology" session and 3 Live Tracks from 1990... this is a must have release! Includes a huge booklet featuring comprehensive history, lineups, flyers, photos, lyrics and more

Perverse Depraved Indifference CD
Their debut full length CD! Sometimes we just don't need bands to come out with something original by mixing a bunch of disjointed ideas and other genres of music into our beloved genre of Death Metal, sometimes we just need a band to totally school us on how to execute the most brutal death metal in the world with all the conviction of an old school alcatraz lifer. There is little originality to be found on this recording and none of what you will hear hasn't been attempted before; "attempted" being the key word. The difference between GOREALITY and other similar bands is in what each member brings to the table. Top-notch musicians with skills in the techniques of writing and performing the kind of aural experience that just leaves you in awe, this has all the right blends of influences melded into this brutal cannibalistic stew and you are ready to be delighted and chuffed. To sum up the experience of this album would be to say that what you get here is extremely brutal, undeniably barbaric, intelligent hack n' slash Death Metal with incredibly sharp, clear, loud, in-your-face heavy production all performed at a level far above the competition. I am telling you now as a fan that's heard it all before but still finds himself reaching for his Tomb Of The Mutilated, Effigy of The Forgotten, World Downfall, or Into The Grave discs when he needs a fix of top shelf sickness, that Perverse Depraved Indifference stands up perfectly well to any of those classics and many others from death metal's glory days... this record holds up!

Animalpower Catchy Death Grind!

Fetus In Fetu CD
Sick, head-crushing Brutal Death Metal in the american vein is what these guys from Spain show with Suffocation and Disavowed-influenced. This is a real ambush for your ears: memorable riffs, and colombian drummer aboard this war tank forming a band that surely will be recognized for the old continent!!! Released on Brutalized Records

Shinju Outercourse CD
Malaysian gore death metal/grindcore with thrash elements. Awesome debut CD imported directly from Malaysia!

Re-issue of the highly sought after debut release of one of the most brutal death metal bands ever... finally back in print with an enhanced layout. Also Includes the never before released 1996 Demo! Get this monument of brutality now

Birth Of Damnation CD
The minds of Christians shall be destroyed! Hailing from the Bible belt of southern Kentucky, Gorgy have arrived to desecrate and defile all that is holy with their crushing debut album Birth Of Damnation. Influenced by the likes of Autopsy, Napalm Death, Disrupt, Slayer, Obituary, Flesh Parade, Possessed, Death and Carcass, Gorgy smoothly blend elements of traditional Death Metal, Goregrind and Brutal Death Metal. Dualing guitars along with diverse vocals result in a unique, intense pulverising experience full of intensity and aggression. For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Haemorrhage, Immolation, Impetigo, Incantation, Lord Gore and Suffocation

Unholy death metal desecration from Poland played at furious speed, crushing guitar riffs, drilling leads, hollow vocals, brutal and loud bass ultra heavy, blasting sound!The album is a 30 minutes long sonic attack divided into 8 tracks. While majority of Polish bands try to play old school music or a modern one. “Blastphemous Sindecade” fints somewhere between. Lyrics full of blasphemy and complete negation of religious dogmas. TOTAL SINFUL BLASTPHEMY!

One of the most promising Black Metal bands of Greece, in the vein of Dissection and Naer Mataron

Long awaited second full length album from Australia's bastard sons of Black/Thrash! Moving forward in style but retaining that GOTH rhythm and feel so evident on "Eve of the Conqueror", the new album, "REALM OF THE DAMNED", will definitely kick all you fuckers in the face. Heavy, raw, with a class touch of MOTORHEAD, CELTIC FROST, RAZOR, SODOM (to name some obvious references). True Aussie Black Thrash back with a vengeance! Killer release on HHR

The long-awaited re-issue of Grave's 1991 release, combined with songs from their 1990 Tremendous Pain 7", In The Eyes Of Death compilation, and demo songs. All re-mastered with new photos, liner notes and layouts. Essential!

Re-issue of their second and third CD, with new packaging and liner notes written by the band

Insult CD
Shaking up the increasingly complacent bestial metal scene in 2008 with their "Sign of Doom" debut, Brazilian beasts GRAVE DESECRATOR return to bury the still-standing with their second and latest album, "Insult." Foregoing fifth-generation clones of newer hordes, GRAVE DESECRATOR drive deep into the roots of South American darkness with nuclear-powered blackgrind rife with psychotic solos and eldritch dread, all whilst never losing sight of "song" over "chaos." Full-moon rituals and alcoholic rites - GRAVE DESECRATOR spit the gravest "Insult"! Recommended for diehards of VULCANO, early SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, and early MYSTIFIER. Highly recommend album!

The Sludge-core scene is injected with a poison: Horror movies DVD subtitles are being gargled and forced into song lyrics, backed up by heavy and black metallic space-rock dirges, on this new release from Rani Zager (Poochlatz /Lietterschpich), Maor Appelbaum (Poochlatz/Sleepless/Clint Listing) and Matan Shmuelly (ex-Distorted). Check this out if you're into White Mice, Corrupted, Splintered, Boris, Gravitar, Darkthrone and Electric Wizard... killer release!

6th full-length album! Raw and primitive Black/Death Metal! This necromantical masterpiece is fucking recommended to all Nunslaughter, Hellhammer, early Cianide, Profanatica, Slaughter but also Countess and Inquisition maniacs!

Blood Of The Pentagram CD
From the deepest pit of the American underground cult crawls the GRAVEWURM, relentlessly pursuing their muse since 1990: only the darkest, ugliest, absolutely swampiest blackdeath. Now with their seventh and final album "Blood of the Pentagram," GRAVEWURM continue to perfect that muse, engrossingly hypnotizing with an addictive minimalism that's simply bred for headbanging. Darker than ever, uglier than ever, and ever obedient to his majesty at the swamp - drink deep the Blood of the Pentagram! Recommended for diehards of GOATLORD, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, NUNSLAUGHTER, early VARATHRON, and SATHANAS/BATHYM! A killer fucking release!

Raw, old school and primitive Black/Death Metal! 5th full-length album of this Morbid Metal Cult (Gravewürm was formed back in 1990). This necromantical masterpiece is fucking recommended to all Nunslaughter, Hellhammer, early Cianide, Profanatica, Slaughter but also Countess and Inquisition maniacs!!! Awesome release on Time Before Time

Super heavy and occult 70's hardrock / doom by this new band with members of NYMF. Think ELECTRIC WIZARD, PENTAGRAM, WITCHCRAFT and REVEREND BIZARRE. A highly recommended release for all doom metal fans!

Hidden Pleasures Of A Nonexistent Reality CD
Debut album of a spanish outfit including two musicians of Grind legends HAEMORRHAGE. This time based more on Death Metal with a lot great melodies and crushing riffs. Still very fast in some parts but most of the time with a deep sense for atmosphere and details. Expect nothing more than a great album full of exciting songs... awesome!

The Howling Damned CD
A grenade attack of Aussie Black Metal of Fucking Death! Distinctive and harsh Thrashing Black Metal from the Blue Mountains of Australia. Brand new studio songs along with their sold out "Venom of God" and "Hell Song" vinyl only 7" EPs. Pull the pin asshole, Grenade will explode in your fucking face!! Not to be ignored! Awesome release from HHR

The Odour O'Folly CD
Groovy Death Metal from Russia featuring a cover of A-HA's Take On Me!

Defloration Of Life's Essence CD
Finally the longly awaited Grimfaug's second opus is now available for all maniacs! 'Defloration of life's essence' is a masterpiece of harsh black metal, a great improvement on their killer debut album. An evolved structure where there's time for archaic and mysterious midtempos between hateful blastbeats, where impressive cold riffs design mournful ambiances with sulphurous "melodies", where everything is supported by a superb songwriting that offer to the whole album a misanthropic aura, primitive but majestic, as the monumental conclusive track "Apocalypse..." killer!

Unholy Resurrection CD
Old school Death Metal the way it was meant to be! Originally formed in 1988, Grim Legion were one of the pioneers of US Death Metal in the northeastern area, tearing up both the Jersey Shore and Staten Island scenes. After disbanding in the early 90's they have awakened from their ancient slumber with a powerful line-up that features John Paradiso of Evoken on guitar. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to bring you the long awaited debut full length "Unholy Resurrection", an album that embodies evil, blasphemy and torment. This is punishing, sheer brutality for fans of old Amorphis, Asphyx, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Carnage, Cianide, Death, Dismember, Entombed, Fleshcrawl, God Macabre, Grave, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Nihilist, Nirvana 2002, Obituary, Possessed, Tiamat and Unleashed. A killer album!

March Of Voices Of Dead Souls CD
Crushing and symphonic, thrashing Antichristian black-death-metal from Moscow similiar to BEHEMOTH and GRAVE!

We Are True, We Are Hate CD
Crushing Blackened Death Metal!

Sacrilegium CD
Misanthropic Black Metal which breaks all seals of the essence, overturning your understanding of your own existence into the abyss of nihilism!!! This is the third full-length CD (not counting the split with ENDLESS BLIZZARD) from Chernihiv, Ukraine's GROMM. 8 Songs (42 minutes) of grim Slavonic Black Metal; predominantly mid-paced, in the vein of BATHORY-inspired Pagan BM mixed with hints of METALLICA influence. As always, truly unique distant atmosphere with the distinctive GROMM signature sound. Highly-recommended for Slavonic Black Metal maniacs, along with the band's previous releases. Limited-Edition import CD in DIGIPAK from the Ukraine's Propaganda label

A new full length from Gronibard? Oh holy shit this is awesome. I had thought they had faded into obscurity, laziness and homosexual lust. If you haven't heard Gronibard's self titled album just do yourself a favour are go fucking buy it, because it seriously has to be one of the most catchy grindcore albums of all time. The guitars are FUCKING HUGE, the songs go far beyond that of any other újokeî band, and these French bastards are bloody hilarious. Every grind fan should own it - and that's no small statement. Anyway, Gronibard have a new full length out called "We Are French, Fukk You' which is a reference to Sadistik Exekution's album "We Are Death, Fukk You". Get this fucking album now!

Conquered By Corruption CD
Sick and brutal Death Metal from New York featuring members of SANGUINARY CARNAGE, BUTCHERY & EXUVIATE

Insanity CD
Be prepared for a Ground-breaking invasion!!! In the vein of the most important bands of the bay-area thrash metal scene (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Testament) and mixing this powerful style with the US rock melodies

This Spanish trio has been performing cannibalistic ritual sacrifices and resurrection ceremonies for the past 8 years and have mastered the ancient art of morbid and malicious old school goregrind. Their second full length invocation, ‘Horror Rises From The Tomb’ sees Gruesome Stuff Relish once again summoning unspeakable beings to terrorize, defile and consume any who’s path they shall cross, and one of those unspeakable beings is Stevo of the legendary Impetigo, lending his diseased throat to proceedings with guest vocals on the track ‘The Dead Will Walk The Earth’!No Escape Records are thrilled to reissue this macabre masterpiece of primal gore soaked grindcore injected with a dangerously contaminated transfusion of raw and festering old school death metal, which in addition to the already cacophonous 19 tracks of catastrophically heavy grind on the album’s original release, has 2 deadly unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the same session to feed the undead legions’ ravenous appetite for carnage and bloodshed...

This apocalyptic, gore-drenched re-release contains a plethora of savage, gut-munching tracks spanning since this Spanish gore monsters inception in 2000 to the end 2003, containing the never released 7" "Last Men Alive", the now classic "Brothers In Gore" split with Brutality Reigns Supreme and five unreleased innard liquifying gems. Gruesome Stuff Relish combine old school the 90's death of Entombed and Carnage with the splattered gore sound of Impetigo and Necrony; and is craciously trasmitted through the use of catchy-as-fuck! Filthy distorted guitars, bone-shattering blast beats and thick, punishing brain-stewing bass lines - all while conceptually paying homage to the classic zombie and cannibal horror films of the 60's, 70's and 80's, best displayed on tracks like "Walk Among the Living", "Green Inferno" and "Teenage Giallo Grind". "Last Men In Gore" is absolutely essential for any self-confessed horror metal freak!

The twitching corpse of Gruesome Stuff Relish’s debut full length rises from its sodden and maggot-ridden resting place with a dose of Trioxin bumblingly administered by No Escape’s unskilled and unlicensed practitioners of medical quackery and back-alley voodoo! ‘Teenage Giallo Grind’ is a wild and perilous 30 track ride down uncharted rivers into the heart of darkness where machete-wielding cannibal savages and gut-munching zombified corpses rule the jungle with a taste for human flesh, carnage and rancid, primitive goregrind! These 3 Spanish sickos create a panic-stricken sense of dread, tension and terror as they recreate the most depraved and horrific examples of classick cannibal and zombie exploitation flicks through sheer murderous sonic force! Gruesome Stuff Relish bow at the altar of Carcass and Impetigo and channel the spirits of their grisly forefathers as they once again lay down this monstrous offering of chainsawing riffs, skull splitting drumming and stomach churning vocals, including 5 crushing and sadistic bonus tracks from the ‘Split Your Guts’ 3 way CD with Gorerotted and Gronibard! You are now a prisoner of these 3 cannibal gods, and the only mercy you can hope for is to perish before the feast begins!! A must have CD for your collection!!

Into Oblivion CD
Guild of Destruction are bringing back old school death metal! Cop an ear full of Into Oblivion - eight slabs of alcohol fuelled, old-school, blasting, thrashing no bullshit no frills Australian death metal! Fast, furious, aggressive and intense as hell, Guild of Destruction rain down ripping heavy riffs and screaming solos from the bowels of Melbourne without a breakdown to be heard! An essential album for any 90s death metal fan! An awesome release on Grindhead Records

The Cumback CD
The Long Awaited New Album from the Sleazy Pimp Godfathers of Goregrind In Spermany. This version contains a bonus track not on any other version... also contains Extra video Clips, and "making of" studio video

Beaten To A Bloody Pulp CD
Beaten To A Bloody Pulp play traumatic death/grind, taking the break-neck cyber-grind of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fuck I'm Dead to new chaotic extremes. Gutted With Broken Glass presents a hyper-violent clinic of battering intensity; sickening guttural vocals and pig sequels with crushing grind riffing at speeds bordering the absurd!