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The definitive edition of Nachtmystium's most hateful and despondent work is now available again. Demise was the second full-length Nachtmystium release. Repeated listens reveal that deep beneath the album's icy sonic surface, the band's psychedelic leanings were crystallizing in the form of distinctive guitar overdubs, experimental song structures and disorienting hell sounds. This new CD version has been remastered and is also the first to offer the entire Demise recording session, adding two rare Ildjarn cover songs. An excellent release from Battle Kommand Records

Through Imminent Visions CD
Singapore latest entity of brutality inspired by darkness, spew forth 8 songs of immense hatred!
Influenced by Deicide, Morbid Angel, Suffocation... envision the hatred!!! Released on Vrykroblast Productions

Active Side Of Infinity CD
Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal in the vein of Way Of The Warrior, Nagualism and Heathenism

Apostasy Act CD
Hateful Black Metal from the most foul pits of the Peru's Satanic Underground! Contains rare/unreleased songs

Hail Satanic Victory!!! CD
This is the new Nahual’s evil opus celebrating the first 10 years of war... Compilation of 12 releases and 10 years of work from this Black Metal band from Peru. 4 new exclusive black hymns + 9 tracks taken from rehearsal sessions, live performances, albums, demos and Sabbat cover. This is of the 500 limited edition hand-numbered copies with slipcase. Full title of CD is Hail Satanic Victory!!! : Ten Years of Strength, Hate and Pride in the Name of Satanic Supremacy

Worship Dehumanization CD
Massive death/black metal from Italy! For fans of HATE and BEHEMOTH

3 hard to find albums from Napalm Death are now packaged together in a great value 3 CD box set. Each release comes on a separate disc in its own jewel case, and is houses in a fantastic box that will look fantastic on your shelves!

Fear, Emptiness, Despair CD
Left of centre collection featuring a number of underrated bludgeoners like 'Plague Rages' and 'Hung' - killer!

Napalm Death and Scott Burns were in 1990 a lethal combination and this 11 track monster proves it - 'The Chains That Bind Us' and the essential pit favorite 'Suffer The Children' make this a history lesson you must possess !

3 out of print titles by the legendary Napalm Death, now repackaged into one great value box set!

Leaders Not Followers CD
Leaders Not Followers is a tribute to the bands that N.D. cite as influences to their groundbreaking course. Repulsion, Raw Power, Dead Kennedys, Death, Pentagram, and Slaughter are all subject to Napalm's furious machinations

Noise For Music's Sake Double CD
Awesome 2CD set that could be described as the aural history of grindcore - spread across two and half hours, 56 tracks, and coming with an extensive liner notes selection, with interviews with Barney and Shane Embury, plus an amazing Napalm Death family tree, this IS the complete record of the bands Earache years. Disc 1 is a selection of the mightiest tunes from all the Earache albums - Disc 2 contains the Mentally Murdered EP, rare B-sides and bonus songs plus some real gems in the shape of early, never recorded Napalm Death songs like Abattoir and The Traitor, hand picked and in some cases actually recorded by Shane Embury himself, at gigs before he was even in the band!This compilation is fully endorsed by the band - and rest assured the package has been put together by fans

Time Waits For No Slave CD
The 13th album from these grindcore legends! Once again, Napalm Death's concerns are realized through intense, devastatingly brutal songs that venture into groovier, neckbreaking mid-tempo passages and vicious blast beats!

Nasty Savage has returned after releasing Penetration Point 14 years ago, and Nasty Ronnie is as raw as ever before! Psycho Psycho is an album of savage Speed Metal that brings back the glory of the old days. 12 tracks of pandemonium and features guest lyrics from Fozzy frontman and professional wrestler Chris Jericho... a must have!

Awesome tribute to Nasum featuring Coldworker, Misery Index, Leng T'che, Deathbound, Total Fucking Destruction, Arson Project, Rotten Sound, Afgrund, Mumakil, Jaka, Dead Infection, Kill The Client, Krush, Infanticide, Rompeprop, Nashgul, Putrescence, Sanitys Dawn, Splitter, Blockheads, Accion Mutante, Embalming Theatre, Obligatorisk Tortyr, Who's My Saviour, Mastic Scum, Keitzer, Depression, Collision, Goregast, My Cold Embrace, Magnicide, Poostew, Skatat, Utopium, Rottencold, White Eyes, Nyctophobic, Infest, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Drudgery, Ablach, K.S.K., Masochist, Methadone, Abortion Clinic, Expose Your Hate, Treason Grind, Sound Of Detestation, Trepan'Dead, Horrificia, Grind Chrusher, Venocide, Creative Waste and Bathtub Shitter. You must buy this release now!!!

And It Begins... CD
Apocalyptic epic crust from this band from Cd Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico 7 long and dark songs that create a raw and rabious atmosphere. To complement they use a cello. Most of the songs are sung in English and 2 in spanish Lyric translations are included. In DIGIPACK , if you like FALL OF EFRAFA, ICTUS, GARMONBOZIA this wont dissapoint

Brutal Misanthropy CD
Intense Brutal Death Metal from Argentina

No Rest For The Wizard CD
Featuring Hell-killustrator, Scott Sterns's NECRODAMUS (also in FISTULA, ULTRALORD). Heavy and Evil metallic riffs kick your ass!! New Japanese label "disco de la muerte" re-issued their self-released 1st album on CD format

The second full length of Italy's legendary NECRODEATH, one of their most recognized and aggressive albums to date. This has been mentioned as one of the thrash influences of bands that helped defining the modern extreme metal standards, above all Cannibal Corpse, Brutal Truth and At The Gates. 8 songs of infernal Black/Thrash with caustic vocals and high speed drumming just like on the previous classic "Into the macabre". Fucking killer!

Official CD re-issue of this 1987 Thrash/Death classic, with no doubt one of Italy's 5 best Thrash records of the '80s. 8 songs of incendiary malignancy with cruel screaming vocals and hyper speed drumming almost going blast beat!

A total THRASHER to rip your guts out! Italy's lords of Black/Thrash metal celebrate their 25 year anniversary with an all covers album powered by an incredible production! If you dig 80s Thrash/Death/Speed metal you can hear them perform covers of SLAYER, VENOM, BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM etc with that unique dose of aggressivity and intensity that made them an outstanding outfit since the mid 80s. And they also throw in an awesome remake of their anthem "Mater tenebrarum" plus the original demo 1985 version of that song. Simply mandatory, total death!

Ice Fields Of Hyperion CD
Old school crossover style of Thrash & Black Metal with fierce aggressive blasts, speed riffs & harsh vocals

The Bloody Way CD
Ultra brutal Deathgrind!

Revenge Of The Beasts Double CD
The return of the legendary german Thrashers formed in '83 along with KREATOR, DESTRUCTION & SODOM!! This is not a bullshit album!! Crushing aggressive old school Thrash in the vein of the mentioned bands. Pure THRASH!! Double-CD including a totally different mix of the album in the 80's style to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band

Uniting head-spinning musicianship, elaborate arrangements and an acute sense of dynamics within composition, Necrophagist have reset the bar for complexity and technique in modern-day death metal. Their powerful riffs, mind-blowing sweeps and arpeggios, crushing percussion and intricately designed songs are unequalled and uncompromising, unveiling an invincible technicality so sharp and precise, it threatens to bore a hole directly through the heart of the existing progressive death playbook. A must have release for technical Death Metal maniacs!!!

Classic technical death metal! Includes new artwork/layout, all new mix/master, new drum tracks and 2 bonus tracks!

Polish deathgrind what was already on their way to bigger label, but suddenly split up before they were unleashed in a big way. Remastered in 2005, this includes demo 1989 and 1993... this is a rare release that you should check out!

There Is A Place CD
Killer technical Death Metal from Argentina featuring a cover of Death's Spirit Crusher

Compilation of awesome classic Thrash Metal from Peru

One of the Chilean Thrash Metal legends! This masterpiece contains their awesome debut album "The Search" plus the infamous "Kingdom Of Hate" demo released in 1987. This is a piece of the Chilean metal history for your ears!!! Highly recommended for fans of the old school bay area 80's thrash like TESTAMENT, EXODUS, ASSASSIN & DARK ANGEL!

The Pungency Of Carnage CD
Straight forward crushingly heavy death metal. Fans of brutal acts like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Dying Fetus take note. Creative songwriting with strong riffing, heavy bass, tasteful drumming with deep guttural vocals that avoids the cliches and trends of modern hyperblasting chaotic riff salad brutal death metal. “The Pungency of Carnage” is an amazing debut album from the Romanian death metal underground. Killer release on United Guttural Records

After ten years of existence and many split/EP's, demos and compilations... here is the debut full-length CD from Needful Things! A powerful, moshing Grindcore inferno in vein of Napalm Death, Nasum and Nyctophobic

"Endofyorerror", originally released in 1996 on their own record label, was Negative Reaction's first full length CD. After 7 years, and two other full - length Cds including "The Orion Chronicles" in 2000 featuring the 38 minute long "Moon song" and "Everything you need for galactic battle adventures", Negative Reaction's first co-release with Game Two Records in the USA, and psycheDOOMelic records in Europe in 2003, this 2003 re-release of "Endofyorerror" by psycheDOOMelic records comes to you with slight differences from the original release. The two original bonus tracks have been replaced with one song from the ORBIT EP, Negative Reaction's first release with Game Two Records in 1998. We hope you enjoy this archival masterpiece from the gods of sludge! A must have release on PsycheDOOMelic

This isn't your typical NSBM band as many may think from their name. It's about darker side of National Sosialism; death, genocide, fascism and torture, but still it is devoted to darkness, master satan, self-mutilation and despiting everything living! This is totally unrelentless and punishing satanic Black Metal released on Primitive Reaction

Atonements CD
Long awaited debut full length CD from Columbia's rising warriors of ungodly Death Metal! Geared for total domination,this band deliver an album of pure intensity that must be heard to be believed! Fans of Krisiun,
Morbid Angel and Monstrosity will fall in worship! Produced by JEAN-FRANCOIS DAGENAIS of KATAKLYSM

Noetic CD
Horror Pain Gore Death welcomes Texas' majestic Death/Doom destroyers Nethermost to the roster with the epic debut full length album "Noetic". Prepare for a voyage to the outer realms of our perceived existence, and down abstruse pathways conveying a diverse blend of dismal hymns. With an unyielding inflection with singularity marking a delicate sonic domain paved by mesmerizing melodies, intelligent lyrics and heavy drum sounds are intertwined in a simple, yet effective emotional blueprint. The result is an intoxicating atmospheric journey that penetrates your mind and crushes your soul. "Noetic" was mixed and mastered by the prolific producer Marco Santini at Antigravity Studios in London, UK. For fans of Amorphis, Anathema, Daylight Dies, Esoteric, Evoken, Katatonia, Mindrot, Morgion, My Dying Bride, November's Doom, October Tide, Paradise Lost, Rapture, Tiamat, Unholy, Vex and Winter

The criminal genius of Sweden's NETJAJEV SS returns to your cd player with six more eclectic overtures of violent mental depravity in the guise of searing thrash. No quarter is given to the drooling dullards looking for another dose of trendy retro hardcore. A new benchmark in the realm of fast, raw and hateful punk rock has been set. This brilliant disc is an obscene aural amalgamation of early DEVO, early RUPTURE and all eras of lurid occult ritual. Also contains ALL the trax from the super rare/limited triangle 8 inch record which include a 45 GRAVE cover and THE STALIN cover

Graveyard Cowboys CD
A flesh ripping band straight from hell strikes back with new hack saw melodies of pure splatter and cemetery sickness

Oakland, CA's seminal hardcore auteurs bring forth the ultimate endtime vision, conjuring up contemplative
textures and dire, prophetic warnings. A classic and essential must have album released by Relapse Records

A Strange Habitat CD
2nd album of this awesome band featuring THE HERETIC members!! Fast, technical, twisted & progressive Black Metal in the vein of EMPEROR's "Anthems.../ IX Equilibrium". So much quality in here!! Another killer release on Xtreem

A masterpiece of American Black Metal! Apocalypse Sun is a very strong follow-up full-length album by the Black Metal act Nightbringer. If you have heard the band's past material, then you already know what to expect from this intense act. However, if you haven't had the opportunity to listen to this band, then prepare yourself for this somewhat unusual Black Metal release that plays into what everyone expects from an album of this style today, but dips in the more occultist, ritualistic approach for their music to create a rather different feeling to this album... an awesome album

Night Nag make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new EP "Insemination Rites Of The Succubus"! Hailing from Virginia, Night Hag perform vicious old school Death/Doom Metal that is not for the false. Awakened from an extended slumber, Night Hag returns to kill you in your sleep with this this five track EP that will take you to the depths of your nightmares and back. Prepare to be paralyzed and crushed by the most foul, unpleasant, ugliest bitch of your imagination! "Insemination Rites Of The Succubus" is a must have release for fans of Autopsy, Burning Witch, Cianide, Coffins, diSEMBOWELMENT, Disma, Incantation, Mortician, Phrenelith, Rippikoulu, Tomb Mold and Undergang

Mesmerizing, suicidal, avant-garde Doom that can be compared to the early recordings of KATATONIA, UNHOLY and MY DYING BRIDE... Do not expect female vocals or gay keyboards here. NIGHTLY GALE possesses painfully crushing sound. With no doubt this is one of the most depressive album you will ever hear in your lifetime... excellent release!

Gates Of Delirium CD
Epic, proper Heavy Metal! Black Sabbath drenched riffing, with heavyweight drums. Powerful stuff, epic material!

Sudamerican Worship To Sathanas CD
Disgusting bestial attack from Ecuador's Luciferian Black/Death blood cult! Brutal and raw as fuck compilation CD containing the Jehova's Desecration and Bestial Alcoholnihilation demos plus unreleased desecrations... killer!

Synkkä Tuuli CD
Forged out of the icy wilderness of the north, this Philadelphia trio composes several tracks of cold subsonics and frigid atmospheres. Inspired by Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus's founder Mika Mage's Finnish heritage, the tracks presented here showcase the bands ambient black metal techniques. Cold, grim and strangely uplifting, a must have for fans of artists such as Gris, Paysage D'Hiver, Burzum, Velvet Cacoon, Trist, and Neige Et Noirceur. A frozen, ambient masterpiece...

Neo Ritual CD
The NEW recording from 1917, Even more technical, hard, furious and straight the legendary band from Argentina is here to throw up all over you! Featuring a great production that surely remarks the important role that this band plays in the south-american scene. "Neo Ritual" contains 10 hymns (plus one bonus track in the mexican ed.), is clearly the most mature work of the band. Intense and headcrushing Death Thrash Metal with some Black Metal touches, harsh vocals, showing the development of intelligent music, sharp and lethal. This deserves to be in every real collection!!!

Debut CD of crushing old school, darkened Death Metal from Chile! In the vein of Gorguts and Bloodbath... sick!

Before there was a Swedish Death Metal scene - let alone a signature sound - Nirvana 2002 was helping to create both. Recordings 89-91 a collection of rare demos and rehearsals, is not just a nostalgic time capsule from the past, but a glimpse at what the future holds. For fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Autopsy, Death Breath And Possessed!

The Great Tribulation CD
Crushing, unforgiving, relentless, disorienting, rhythmically difficult modern metal aggression... the debut of extreme mindfuck masters! Brutal, technical off the wall metal for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah

Where All Agony Prevails CD
Rare pre-album demo tracks from the cult USBM veterans featuring Joey Von Fossen

Devastated Graves: The Morbid Celebration CD
Unrelentingly Morbid Black Death Metal, the ancient returns with his highly anticipated full-length debut Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration. Deflowering the goat vulva, dripping viscous black blood, NOCTURNAL BLOOD pries open the very maw of hell itself and peers deeply into its sweltering depths essentially, this is the sound of Devastated Graves. Pulsing, pummeling, awe-inspiring primal power... partake in The Morbid Celebration! INFLUENCES Beherit-Lord Diabolus-Goat Vulva, Blasphemy, Von, Demoncy, Impurity, Hellhammer, Belial... sick!

The Tools Of The Trade CD
Excellent Blackened Thrash from Oslo, Norway!

Crushing war inspired, old style Death Metal with remnants of 80’s Thrash!

Pure Scorn CD
Black "Necropunx" Metal from Italy

15 Tracks of uncompromising sociopolitical Insanity from New Mexico. Noisear has been around for about some years, would describe the music as technical grindcore as grind goes into bands like Discordance Axis, Assuck, Lethargy, Human Remains, Gride, 324, Rotten Sound but closer to traditional Grindcore. Excellent sound, a must have for all Grindcore freaks! This version of Pyroclastic Annihilation includes bonus Discordance Axis covers... sick shit!

Re-issue of NOMINON's 1st album, which was originally released by Swedish label X-Treme Records back in 1999. This issential material was recorded at the infamous Sunlight Studio in Sweden. Prepare to be crushed!!!

Requiem Of The Fallen Leafs CD
Sick Death/Doom Metal!

Raíz Del Mal CD
No/Más make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the crushing album "Raíz Del Mal"! Hailing from Washington D.C., No/Más deliver a darker, more unique take on Grindcore. "Raíz Del Mal" blends elements of Black Metal, Crust Punk, Death Metal and Hardcore resulting in a blistering album of intense brutality. This album also features a guest appearance from Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer. For fans of Assück, Napalm Death, Disrupt, 1349 and Sepultura

Na Polach Bitew CD
Crushing Pagan War Metal. Fourth album of Slavonic Heathen Warriors from Poland with lyrics in their native language. NORTH belongs to the cult first wave of True Polish Black Metal of early 90's along with BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, HERMH, SACRILEGIUM and INFERNUM. CD includes some exclusive artwork by Rob Darken... excellent album

Pandemonium CD
Unholy, brutal Death Metal

Hostis Humani Generis CD
No Soul's Lost 2nd album, and their 1st for Open Grave Records is 100% balls out brutality. Texas Death Metal has never sounded this good before. Includes a cover of Carcass's "Heartwork"! Released on Open Grave Records

Among The Nebula CD
Brutal Death Metal from Mexico featuring ex-members of Pulverised! Devastating debut full length album that sounds like a hybrid between Infernal Torment, early Damnable (demo days), Vader & Sinister (circa "Hate") but way faster!

This limited-edition re-issue of the 1999 double CD compilation NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT is Crucial Blast's homage to the scuzz-caked grindcore/noise/sludge/speedpunk underground of the mid/late 1990's embodied in cheap cassette compilations and xerox-sleeved split 7" EPs. One of Crucial Blast's first ever releases, we grabbed exclusive outbursts from an array of subterranean sonic abusers, including BASTARD NOISE, AGATHOCLES, DAHMER, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, MACRONYMPHA, UNHOLY GRAVE, and loads of other purveyors of damaged, anti-social grind and noisecore, free noise and power electronics, spoken word, brutal fastcore, blazing D-beat driven crustcore, and lysergic psych-sludge. This second edition is limited to 1,000 copies, never to be repressed. NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT is packaged in a DVD style plastic double-disc case that holds both CDs and a mega-thick, 64 page fanzine-style newsprint booklet loaded with band info, art, stories and rants. ARTISTS: Mark Bruback, Cruel Face, Strong Intention, Bastard Noise, RPOD, SoIHadToShootHim, Katastrofialue, Unfound, Dark Skies Fallen, Retribution, Global Holocaust, Flammable Child, Depressor, John Bender, Aural Torture Mechanism, The Last Day No Human Voice, Agathocles, Daybreak, Puncture Wound, None Of Your Fucking Business, Dahmer, Samus, Mizuko, Cripple Bastards, Miseries AD, A Death Between Seasons, Macronymhpha, Unholy Grave, Falsies, Final Exit, JDog, Bloodstains & Bulletholes

Split CD
Brutalizing split CD for fans of Grind, gore and… bacon! Both bands are featuring members from Quebec’s grind powerhouse FISTFUCK. NOURRITURE is the perfect mixe between DAHMER and DEVOURMENT… simple, crude, in your face, mosh. DISJONKTATION is basically a metal version of FISTFUCK… Blast maniacs with a huge sense of humour, cool production and a lot of hooks, hard to believe but its true! Try this one out, you will be greatly surprised, true fans of grind (no senseless noise here) will love this. Feature ex DAHMER and IMMORAL SQUAD members!!

Novembers Doom has reissued their 1995 debut "Amid its Hallowed Mirth" with new artwork, remastered and with bonus tracks. “...dark and dynamic...haunting acoustic passages flow effortlessly into crushing doom..” – Metal Maniacs. "...powerful doom metal laced with death metal and dark overtones..." - Metal Attack. For Fans of: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Candlemass, Trouble, St. Vitus, Winter, Solitude Aeturnus. An awesome album!

Into Night's Requiem Infernal CD
NOVEMBERS DOOM's seventh full-length effort, entitled 'Into Night's Requiem Infernal.' The album was tracked at Belle City Sound by Chris Djuricic, who also handles bass duties in the band, and mixed by Dan Swano at Unisound. "The combination of Djuricic and Swano creates the perfect sound for us," explains vocalist Paul Kuhr, "and we've received nothing but stellar reviews of sound quality from this combination in the past. Excellent release!

The Novella Reservoir CD
The only way to describe "The Novella Reservoir" is natural progression. NOVEMBERS DOOM took a step forward in speed and aggression, while maintaining the same sound they have had over all 6 CD's. Recorded with Chris Djuricic, mixed by Dan Swanö [EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH] and mastered by James Murphy [TESTAMENT, DEATH] The Novella Reservoir is a more than worthy follow-up to 2005's ‘The Pale Haunt Departure... an awesome album!

Of Sculptured Ivy And Stone Flowers CD
Novembers Doom has re-issued their long out of print "Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers" with new artwork and bonus tracks. It's back even better than ever. "...tons of despair...death/doom metal with effective and strong songwriting..." - BW&BK. "...complex, dynamic, highly emotional dark heavy metal..." - Blabbermouth.net. For Fans of: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Candlemass, Trouble, St. Vitus, Winter, Solitude Aeturnus

A combination of power/beauty forges a dark metal masterpiece. "A thunderous gallop of darkened visions and metallic surges culmination into a glorious treasure trove of transcendence" - Unrestrained! "WOW! This is pure art!! This is a top notch record and if you're looking for something dark & heavy, it's a blind buy and you won't be dissapointed!"

To Welcome The Fade CD
Re-release of one of the top doom/death albums to come out of the USA. The album of this prominent band from Chicago, IL includes a bonus CD with the EP “For Every Leaf That Falls”, 2 live tracks and a video of “Within My Flesh”

Radiation CD
Punk Rock made in Bulgaria!

Bob Macabre aka "I have 300 other bands that are just a brutal as this one" brings you a side project under the moniker Nuclear Massacre. Old-school Death Metal/Grind in the vein of old Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Killer!

Fantomatic Plenitude CD
French Night blasting black punk!! The first half includes nine of the latest recordings from the French eccentric genius Tenebras! Recorded February-July 2007. Guitars sound as ethereal as they ever did, Emile joins on vocals as on Infantile Espieglery. The second half of the CD is a live recording from June 16, 2006 - Tapette Fest. It was a great recording anyway but has been mixed and mastered for this release! Nine tracks taken from Lunar Deflagration, Furibond Elegance EP and some older titles like Nightwind and of course Lutina!! Featuring Nicoblast on drums

Comes on a BLACK disc with black ink printed on a black booklet. The Masters of Devil Metal Death with their latest EP for February 2010 simply dubbed "Black" in reference to the visual aesthetic of the peculiar packaging. Features four brand new studio blasphemies that you won’t find on any of their other 100+ releases... a killer fucking release!

The black prayers of Devil Metal worshippers have finally been answered... At last, for the first time ever, all 6 of the cult demo recordings now gathered together as a single release entitled "DEMOSlaughter". Each of these long-sold out recordings were previously only been available as individual cassettes & 7" EPs with very limited circulation throughout their 22-year history. Also included exclusively for this release, obscure rehearsals and the 1985 demo from DEATH SENTENCE (pre-NunSlaughter) all of which have never been heard before. "DEMOSlaughter" showcases the chronicle evolution of the band from the very embryonic stages of them unleashing the rawest and most chaotic death metal of the mid- eighties to a gradual escalation of their very own unique genre known today as "Devil Metal". Released as a deluxe DOUBLE CD (2-disc) set with 32-page book archiving the original artwork with metallic silver stamping and photos alongside commentary from founding member Don of the Dead. 56 songs in total running at 2 hours!!!

Like blood soaked entrails ripped from the disemboweled body of christ, NunSlaughter rape the heavens with their much awaited third studio album! "Hex" is a pyre of 80's Devil Metal Death featuring ten new satanic commandments plus the devil's seven classic cuts on the "Face of Evil" demo finally re-recorded in a proper studio! There is no sign of "progression", "maturing" or other form of weakness; "Hex" is a continuation of NunSlaughter's last album or last 7" EP and soon to become a fan favorite... includes a massive 24 page booklet. Releasedon Hells Headbangers

The very first complete NYC MAYHEM anthology ever done (and probably the last) with material compiled from their very first rehearsals to their very last studio recording, showcasing how the band went from pure super intense Metal to highly energetic Crossover. If your ears are not used to rough recordings, go fuck yourself, this is not about clean sounding stuff! This is about music, feeling and creativity, NOTHING ELSE. This low-priced DOUBLE CD set features a collage of interviews, reviews, flyers, photos & band biography. By late 1984 early 1985 in New York City, three die hard headbangers finally got their chemistry right and within a couple of months, mayhemic destruction was spread with many victims absorbing their newer poison now known as Deathcore it was time to welcome the one and only NYC MAYHEM! Instantly, numerous sessions were recorded and traded in the highly active underground tape-trading scene. Fanzines were fuckin' hot on featuring this ultra fast intense band, with this new scene in their hands literally as people were freakin' badly while listening to destructive numbers such as 'Taken By Storm', 'Adrenalin', 'Ripped To Shreds' etc. With their lineup change, the band went into a much more Hardcore direction but the Metal riffing and sheer speed were still a good part of the sound. A reasonable number of local shows were played, having in attendance people like Danny Lilker, Tom Capone and Scott Rosenfeld. Unfortunately after a year of existence this very first real Extreme Metal Hardcore band ceased to exist and the members chose to pursue other interesting careers with bands such as the Cro-Mags and Sick of It All. You always wondered when how extreme Metal was born Now you're gonna know about it and this will make you forget all the trendy shit around! HAIL THE MAYHEM! HAIL NYC MAYHEM!

Blast From The Past CD
German Grindcore legends are back with this new collection. Prepare for yourself for classics taken from 7" EP w/ EXHUMED, 7" EP w/ ENTRAILS MASSACRE, 7" EP w/ AGATHOCLES, 7" EP Negligenced Respect, 7" EP The Tomb Of Grind, Four Ways Of Misery CD and 4 unreleased songs. 27 tracks of remastered sickness! Includes free sticker