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Recorded in 1990, the sole release by Ohio's Cabal is a vintage thrash metal feast. In the spirit of luminaries including Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, and Slayer, MIDIAN is a seven-track slab of bitter metallic shredding. The band also hints at musical themes throughout the album that foreshadow the eventual rise of metalcore. Cabal, named for a popular Clive Barker novel, was spearheaded by vocalist Killjoy (Viking Crown) before he launched the current incarnation of gorelords Necrophagia. Considered a lost classic by many, MIDIAN sounds as fresh as ever!

Never Trust A Gemini CD
Cable have really outdone themselves this time. Never Trust a Gemini is Cable's fifth release and totally surpasses their previous material in both craftsmanship and performance. The production and songwriting on this newest has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Get this one if you are into Bongzilla, Dillinger Escape Plan or maybe even Today is the Day. It's definitely rooted in classic rock and blues, but there is a lot more newer hard edged stuff going on

GrindPeace CD
This is the most fully-realized album from Italy's Cadaveric Crematorium. After 10 years together, they've finally made their magnum opus...total death/grind excellence! A totally punishing release on Punishment 18 Records in Italy

I Hope You're Horrified CD
Cadaveric Spasm's debut EP "I Hope You're Horrified" slams through six tracks of noise-laden deathgrind with the subtlety of a raptor stampede! Classic death metal riffing descends into utter chaos like a four headed monster fighting over the carcass of Satan! For fans of Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Gigan, Fuck The Facts, Anaal Nathrakh and Nasum

Split CD
Cadaveric Spasm are beasts from the East, hailing from Philadelphia, PA who know no boundaries. Death Metal meets noise inspired Grindcore without remorse... off-the-wall soloing and keyboard blips push their half of this split to the extreme. Inspired by Bears, R. Budd Dwyer, Revenge, Ghost Rape and Issei Sagawa. For fans of Antigama, Cephalic Carnage, Fuck The Facts, Gigan, Gorguts, John Zorn, Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer

Clit Eastwood represent Austin, TX and play intense Power Violence fused with Crust and Grind. Musically they are a frenzy of pounding blastbeats and buzzsaw guitars, while vocally Ryoko assaults your ear drums with her unstoppable force as they blaze through their half of this split. For fans of Anal Cunt, Assuck, Cannibal Corpse, Discordance Axis, Disrupt, Hated Youth, His Hero Is Gone, Impaled Nazarene, Infest, Phobia, S.O.D and Spazz. An intense split of relentless fury and madness!

Coleccion De Humanos CD
Sick and brutal Death/Gore Metal butchery from Peru

Second effort of grinding deathrock from he bowels of Atlantic City! While the Correct album title should read "You'd Better Bring a Helmet," this act is hardly here to educate listeners or explore the world outside of the mosh pit. CTP is simply out to set the place ablaze. Taking NYHC ground-work to a harder-than-nails and drunker-than-shit South Jersey/Philly-style brawl of asskicking insanity and tangled aggression, CTP return without a label backing their corruptive asses, but with an improved attack nevertheless. Fans of drunken beatdown hardcore like No Redeeming Social Value, Bad Luck 13 or anything inspired by G.G. Allin, or anyone more into crack-smoking references than the state of the nation, you just bought a fucking record...or stole it online. I wish the big labels like Ferret, Trustkill and Metal Blade who sign pseudo-hardcore bands by the dozen would wise-up and throw some dough at some psychos like this; maybe help bring some filth, edge and fucking balls back to the genre. Buy this fucking CD you pussies!

Sacrilege Of Humanity CD
CALM HATCHERY, death metal quintet from northern Poland, featuring past and present members of DEAD INFECTION and TEHACE have just released their new, second album. "Sacrilege Of Humanity" is technical, brutal death metal inspired by such genre leaders as NILE, MORBID ANGEL, DECAPITATED, IMMOLATION

Long awaited return from one of the top UK acts of it's genre. Formely signed to Major East West and seven years later, they produce a raw mix of bludgeoning death and industrial discovering metal. Includes a Celtic Frost cover and re-recorded version of Witch Hunt. Corporation$ is a must have release for all fans of old school death metal!

Cancer return with their long awaited full length that sounds like a modern day Death Shall Rise... awesome!

Volume five of the Relapse Singles Series delivers a brutal barrage of classic underground metal! Long out-of-print 7" tracks from Mortician (Mortal Massacre; brutal, horror-glorifying death/grind), Candiru (Disadvantage of Surprise; weirdo electro noise rhythms), Afflicted (Wanderland; Swedish death with a hint of melody) and Mythic (Mourning in the Winter Solstice; bleak, punishing doom/death) will give extreme metal fans a taste of the formative Relapse years

Black Stigmatized CD
Traditional Teutonic Black Metal! Brutal, yet still classic sounding Orthodox BM in the vein of French MUTIILATION blended with a Nordic version of MORBOSIDAD (who are thanked in the liner-notes); definitely a unique and utterly creative attack, and definitely recommended for diehard purists craving true Underground Black Metal. "Black Stigmatized - The Order of Worship and Death" CD is the first full-length album by German CAPITIS DAMNARE, following three demos dating back to 2003, plus a [4-way] split-EP with SARIN, NECROPLASMA, and DOM DRACUL in 2006. A new split-EP with Holland's HERETIC was just released in November 2008 by Unholy Black Art. Limited-Edition import CD from Aural Offerings, France; manufactured in Germany, and distributed by Twilight-Vertrieb

21 blast of long-awaited brutal GRIND from the far corners of Australia!!! Grindddddddddddddd!!!

Choice Cuts CD
At last the wait is over for 'Choice Cuts' the mythical album from the gods of gore. As a band Carcass set an entirely new genre into motion with the release of their debut 'Symphonies Of Sickness', subsequently going on to sell 200,000 copies of their landmark 'Heartwork' album. Often imitated but certainly never bettered! This album contains 13 of the bands most impressing tracks throughout their career, culled from their 5 full length studio albums, which in turn are all a must have. This release also includes 2 full Peel sessions from 1989 and 1990 as well as a comprehensive booklet including an in-depth interview with drummer Ken Owen. A killer fucking collection from Earache Records!

This sick release contains the "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" demo 1987, Rehearsal 1988 and the "Symphonies Of Sickness" demo 1989!! 21 tracks of pathological grindcore!! This release is strictly limited to 1000 copies

Expanded edition of this classic slice of grindcore history from seminal UK act Carcass. Their horrifying debut "Reek of Putrefaction" defined a genre and a million imitators! This new limited edition comes in a deluxe digipak featuring extra gore laden artwork and exclusive bonus footage. This limited edition also contains 13 unreleased bonus tracks from the "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" demo! A totally essential piece of grindcore history, pick this up now before its gone!

Illinois gore masters return with the brutal follow-up to "Morgue Mutilations". A brutal slab of pummeling death
laced with neck snapping blast beats. If you aren't yet familiar with CARDIAC ARREST, they will soon be a
must have in your collection... an hour of the sickest Death Metal today! Released on Epitomite Productions

16 Years Of Anal Addicts CD
Anal addictors from Singapore Cardiac Necropsy return with the new compilation celebrating their 16th anniversary of the band titled "16 Years Of Anal Addicts". This CD contains the entire discography of sick Cardiac Necropsy that was taken from their demo, splits and EPs from 1993 to 2007. Total insanity with trembling sick porn / gore / grind and death metal in vien of early Napalm Death, Carcass, Disgorge blend with the intense sexual conversation!

True Blasphemy CD
10 tracks of ultra fast, pulverizing and blasphemous Colombian brutal death metal at its best! In the vein of MENTAL HORROR, INTERNAL SUFFERING, DISGORGE (Mex). Features killer cover artwork by Zig... an excellent release

Preparation Of The Daddy's Steak CD
Finally available again the 1st full length "Preparation Of The Patients For Examination" and mini-album "Daddy's Steak" on one amazing Disc! 36 tracks in all and includes a Video as a bonus. Sick Brutal Death/Grind! A MUST!!!

Firedemon CD
As cruel and merciless as a rabid pitbull set loose in a nursery school. Sweden's Carnal Forge rule the throne of hyperspeed! Featuring members of In Thy Dreams and Dellamorte. For fans of Slayer, The Haunted, and At The Gates

Please... Die! CD
The third album from Sweden's full-force thrashers. With a minor line-up change that adds ex-Rosicrucian/Slapdash member Lars Linden on bass, the sonic impact is increased while some catchy melodies find their way into the maelstrom. As vicious as neo-thrash metal can get. Start giving away your personal belongings, it's time to die...

Strange Cannibale CD
3rd full-legnth album by these Italian Grindcore horror masters! This CD is Very reminiscent of Mortician's "Chainsaw Dismemberment" album. Contains 23 downtuned, ultra-brutal song structures & growling vocals along with Italian horror/gore movie intros throughout the album... this release is set to be the most brutal release of the year!

This Swedish Death Metal fever is coming again to revel all the human filth. A genuine display of the most pure form of intense brutality. Mastered by Dan Swano, who has worked with Katatonia, Bloodbath & Edge of Sanity, the material is ready to crush the masses and your weak ears. For sure this CD from CARVE is a genuine display of the most pure form of intense brutality. A true essence of what Death Metal should be, taste it now! Released on Black Hole Productions

No Victim CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to unleash the brutal, all female Death Metal squad Castrator! Consisting of an international line-up of prolific performers, Castrator's members hail from Colombia, Florida, Mexico, Massachusetts, Sweden, and Norway. The debut EP entitled "No Victim" is an unmerciful musical experience and pure tornado of devastation. Already creating a buzz in the underground scene, Castrator are the essence of violent, lacerating, emasculating Death Metal... the perfect soundtrack to domination! Features a guest solo from Bob Vigna of Immolation. For fans of Abnormality, Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Cerebral Bore, Death, Derketa, Dying Fetus, Incantation, Krisiun, Merlin, Mythic, Nuclear Death, Obituary, Sinister, Suffocation and 13

Pain Performance CD
Sick Death Metal from Estonia in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Aborted and Gorgasm

The Carnival Bizarre CD/DVD
The legendary Cathedral album where their stoner rock trappings push to the fore against their Doom origins to create the trademark Cathedral sound we all know and love! With 'Vampire Sun' and 'Hopkins (Witchfinder General)' still live favourites today and a guest appearance by TONY IOMMI of Black Sabbath on 'Utopian Blaster' this is simply a must have album! Combined with this is the 'Our God Has Landed' DVD which features one of Cathedrals earliest ever recorded shows from the 1992 'Gods Of Grind' tour and all 8 of their Earache promo videos spanning the bands career

Endtyme CD
The Brit quartet return to their raw doom laden classic sound

Dimension 303 CD
Three years after their crushing debut album, Denver's cantankerous trio return bringing their sophomore release Dimension 303. Following-up to the band's vicious trademark sonic assault, the album lays to waste eighteen intense, kick-to-the-face hypergrind bursts of relentless auditory damage. Catheter plays violent, catchy grindcore seething with crust, punk and sludge elements dusting the final product. Powerful production and superb musician skills just complete this grind entity, making Dimension 303 a monstrous masterpiece from one of the most proficient and dedicated grind acts around... features artwork couresty of maestro John Santos. A fucking awesome follow-up album

Finally brand new Catheter's full length is here. This has 18 songs of brutal masterful Colorado grindcore bulldozer in the vein of Phobia, Repulsion and old Napalm Death plus some sludge parts like Eyehategod or 16. The CD contains also 10 more tracks from "Headfucker" 7" and live cuts from their gig at Bluebird Theater '02 that are not on US pressing. Additionally they played three cover songs by Napalm Death, Repulsion and The Accused. "Preamble To Oblivion" bring us big dose of good-sounding and well-played grind at the highest level of brutality and technique which places these Denver, Colorado thrashers on the top of American scene . This is one release that is not to be missed!

Split CD
Denver's Catheter delivers eight brand new songs of fresh grindcore that takes influences from punk to hardcore to metal. F.U.B.A.R. from Holland does fifteen short and speed blasts of high energy grindcore with powerful sound. A double dose of fast, merciless grind that will burn your loudspeakers.. you've been warned! Don't miss this one...

The Death Throes Of Christianity CD
Sophomore release of raw, punishing, antireligious hostility growled from the swamps of Louisiana

Treatise On The Abyss CD
CATHOLICON rises from Louisiana's darkest swamps to unleash the most atrociously delicious album ever heard, an outburst of hatred, a storm of blasphemous fury, the epitome of brutality. Two years have passed since "The Death Throes Of Christianity", during that period, CATHOLICON skillfully sharpened its own original style which take the best from Death Metal and Black Metal. That perfect alliance is the ultimate weapon CATHOLICON uses to eradicate the reign of god. Temples, churches and mosques will collapse and suffer unto that violent, fierce, ravaging piece of Art

Old school Death Metal meets old school Hardcore, for fans of Hatebreed & Six Feet Under

The Horror Cult CD
Awesome release of gore obsessed technical Death Metal that is dark and intense!

This out of print CD is the vibrant pulse of the woods... the building up/breaking down of life as is exists within the crippling and organic churn of the funeral doom genre. Over 45 minutes of inspired woodland doom will find your thoughts with a yearning for the rise and triumph of the woodlands... the worlds glorious return to the primordial

Reincarnation In Gorextasy CD
Cenotaph return to the underground scene completely reborn and drenched in pure savagery. "Reincarnation..." displays eight tracks of relentless death metal that goes straight for the throat. Far surpassing their previous offerings in every way this Turkish assembly have eradicated all useless frills leaving only a thick layer of gory filth for you to feast upon. Comes wrapped within a heinous graphical depiction of the musical atrocities within courtesy of Par Olofson

Official re-release of the long out-of-print and very sought-after debut album by the legendary Swedish band, originally released back in 1992, with a whole new layout designed by Eduardo M. (Aceituna Gráfica / Feretro Records) and a retro-interview to Mr. Martin Schulman himself conducted by Eduardo de Leon Alejo (Supposed To Rot 'zine). The CD will also include two of their demo tapes, namely "Under the blackened sky" (1993) and "Trascend the dark chaos" (1994), as bonus tracks for a total running time of over sixty minutes of sheer and unadulterated Swedeath

With two new members, Centurian unleashes their second full-length album of technical, uncompromising death blasting

After several years of being sold out, Cephalic Carnage's hydro Grind debut CD is back in print to pollute your lungs and corrupt your inferior mind! All new remastered edition with bonus tracks and extended booklet... this is the rare imported version on Subordinate from Italy and not the more common edition. Essential fucking material!!!

Awesome CD collecting hard to find singles released a long time ago by Italian label, Headfucker Records. If you missed the original 7"s, here you get them all remastered in a killer digipack sleeve. 17 songs of the most brutal and fierce Death/Gore/Grind at its most savage form. Get this killer release today from Dracma Records before it's gone!

Crash Test CD
Filled with 13 powerful hard grind metal core turbo songs with attractive rhytms, vocals and guitar sound. This stuff has got some untypical and renewal elements. CD comes with a bonus multimedia track and mini-booklet with lyrics

Forces Closing Down CD
Second album from these brutal Grindcore Czech legends

Germ Of Error CD
Intense Grindcore with hints of Hardcore and Death Metal. No intros/outros/bullshit! Uncontrolled fury and aggression

Limited edition 1-time pressing - comes in a slimline jewel case. The Danish abomination of Cerekloth come slithering with an album teaser in the form of a 3 track EP on both 7 vinyl & CD format. Presenting an exclusive version of Halo of Syringes that will be the most obscure track on the forthcoming and yet untitled debut album. This release also holds a final and slightly re-arranged version of Shattered Hourglass (Previously only released in rehearsal format) as well as an exclusive instrumental named Detaching. Extremely dark and unsettling new material from Denmark's best kept death metal secret, finally unleashed upon mankind with a powerful production and stellar artwork. Killer fuckin' stuff!

No bullshit Death Metal the way it used to be played. Nothing fancy or technical here, just simple, catchy, non compromising, evil death worship recorded at Necromanteion Studio (Funeral Winds, Infinity, etc). This CD edition has the correct sounding audio (master audio to vinyl output sounded dodgy), and features an improved layout/artwork plus an exclusive track not available on the 7". Played in the fucking graveyard by members of Victimizer and Karnarium

Fast, raw and crusty Grindcore from Germany!

Chalice Of Black Flames CD
Amazing debut 3 track EP from this Melodic Black / Death Metal band from the Sweden, mixed & mastered by Dan Swano @ Unisound Studios!!! For fans of Dissection, Opeth, old Katatonia, and Unanimated... killer!

Texas Black & Death Metal Compilation, very RARE! Two tracks from each of the following: Masochism, Scattered Remains, Disfigured, Blessed Agony, Blood Of The Lamb and Abythos. An excellent release from Spine Farm!

Hate Crew Deathroll CD
Highly anticipated new album by Finland's masters of power/death metal. Like any other Children of Bodom release, this will not disappoint. Tons of keyboards, death/thrash metal oriented guitar riffing and tons of shredding malevolence!

True, real metal at its truest and realest. No drums will go unpounded. No guitar solos will go unsquealed. And no brains will go undamaged. Are you tired of having to push elderly people down the stairs or hit yourself in the face with a sledge hammer just so you can get your fill of true, real Metal? Well, fear not, for this CD contains the anthemic, majestic, rousing, stirring, victorious power hymns of Children of Nar as well as the relentless, merciless, ominous, cacophonous death growls of SARS the Attack! If this isn't in your collection, you don't know what heavy metal is!!!

It's Time To Face The Doomsday CD
Comes with a 10-page booklet featuring lyrics & band photos. Listed on FenrizDarkthrone's TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2010 . It's Time to Face the Doomsday... and CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are here to meet the apocalypse head on! Taking only the dirtiest, gnarliest aspects of nuclear-powered thrash and crushing crust-punk, on their debut album these angry Italian gangsters spray paint a desolate, blown-out portrait of the future... and then commence to D-beat the debris into ashes. Features eight sleazy motorcharged anthems to the earth's impending doom and not-so-inevitable rebirth! For diehards of VENOM, ONSLAUGHT, DISCHARGE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and ANTI-CIMEX

The Original Soundtrack CD
Choosing Death aurally illustrates long-time extreme metal journalist Albert Mudrian's book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore. This 20-track monster of a CD features classic tracks from Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Death, At the Gates and many more in addition to exclusive, never-before-heard songs from Nihilist (pre-Entombed), Suffocation and Pig Destroyer. Choose Death!! An essential piece of metal history

Trilogy CD
Satanic Black Metal from Poland with a lot of originality, re-mastered cult demo "Epitaph of Christ" from 1992!

The debut EP containing 5 hymns of Pure Intense Melodic Unholy Black Metal from Indianapolis, Indiana. CHRIST BEHEADED features members of THE GATES OF SLUMBER, DEMIRICOUS, SUMMON THE DESTROYER & others. Each track on this amazing debut EP offers something to remember this band by as well as leaving each listener with the thirst to hear more. Heavy Melodic guitars rhythms & great leads, amazing drumming and sick vocals this release will crush the Holy trinity and reign forever in the Black Metal scene of today... released on Abyss Records

Drink... Drink The Blood! CD
Spanish murder machine CHRIST DENIED is ready to strike back with another dose of Christ hating brutality
at its best! Features one of the sickest vocal patterns ever, courtesy of Dave Rotten (AVULSED) and includes
covers of GOREAPHOBIA, PYREXIA and INFERNAL MAJESTY tracks... brutal as fuck! Get this now

Christ Hate CD
Self-titled debut release of Kansas-based, gut-ripping, vicious, supercharged black metal hypershred. CD in jewel case with 18-panel foldout poster in a cardboard slipcase... a killer satanic and anti-Christian release on Negativity Records

Algedonic Awakening CD
After self-releasing a couple demos with different line-ups, Chronaexus is debuting their first full length album. Depressive, Symphonic, Ambient, however you'd like to label them into a Black Metal subgenre, Chronaexus definitely delivers that creepy, cold, grim and ugly old-school style that we know you love! For fans of old BM like Satyricon, Ulver, Bethlehem, Darkthrone and newer BM like Leviathan. An awesome release from Buriedinhell Records

Formed in 1988, CIANIDE's vision was to create the heaviest Death Metal in existence... and they DID! Their 6th full-length album is yet another classic under their bullet belts! Expect no frills and no bullshit, only a continuation of the death, doom & destruction maniacs have come to expect over the last 20+ years! This Metal NEVER bends motherfuckers and always remember, CIANIDE KILLS!!!! Another excellent release from Hells Headbangers Records

Death/Doom veterans Cianide return, staying true to their initial intentions to create pure and heavy doom death for those who can appreciated things the old school way! Cianide is one of the few bands left out there today with credibility and believability. Never abandoning their roots yet always evolving. Cianide is a prime example of what METAL is all about: staying the course while moving ahead and always remaining DEATH HEAVY. Metal Never Bends!

The Last Days Of Ouroboros CD
Cinis prove that young Polish death metallers can't be ignored. Eight massive, crushing songs without any redundant ornaments. Intense destructing sound will possess you. "The Last Days Of Ouroboros" is a story about self-destruction of humanity, heading towards inner doom. About foolish enslavement by the progress, and thoughtless worship of the cross. About life without any values, and shallow existence of men down on Earth. A sick fucking album!

The Brazilian death metal reached a new level with CLAWN's debut cd. "Deathless Beauty of Silence" is mortal and intense, everything was made to punish your mind and turn your brains to liquid. Expect no mercy just pure aggression, ripping riffs, furious vocals and obsessive female drum work. This sick sewage trio explores death in a blasphemous way, all in a top-notch production and mastered by Scott Hull (Nile, Pig Destroyer, Suffocation, etc.) . For freaks into Obituary, Morbid Angel and Incantation. Fuck the speed. Say hello to brutality. A new path on Brazilian death is open!

Pestilent Formation "Split" CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unleashes the most brutal underground Death Metal bands active today, each offering two new exclusive tracks on one sordid slab of death! Lasse Pyykkö, the man behind Claws (Hooded Menace, Phlegethon, Acid Witch, Vacant Coffin) performs classic Scandinavian Death Metal in the Finnish style... reeking of putrid filth! Grave Wax is a collaborative effort between Kam Lee (Death, Massacre, Bone Gnawer), Brian Forman (Unburied) and the Riddick twins (Excrescent, Yamatu, Fetid Zombie) who conjure their own brand of old school Death Metal. This is the first entry in the Price Slasher series on HPGD that delivers the high quality sickness at the lowest price possible. For fans of Abhorrence, Acid Witch, Cemetery Urn, Cenotaph, Crematory, Death, Disastrous Murmur, Dismember, Entombed, Funebre, General Surgery, Hooded Menace, Immolation, Incantation, Massacre and Nihilist

Insane death/grind with a technical edge! For fans of Cephalic Carnage, Nasum, Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth

Excellent album from these Dutch commandos! Brutal, extreme grindeath!

One of the most well-rounded split albums ever, both bands complement each other well, as their styles vibe together perfectly. We have five songs from the Grind-Sludge lunatics CLITORTURE with unbelievable fast parts mixed with slow Sludge-Doom. Their songs are short (typical of grind) but they are well structured, making the most of it with constant riff and tempo changes. The vocals mix low, well-pronounced growls, with a maniacal high-pitch, this band is so dense and heavy, you won’t even notice they don’t have a bass player, they offer a truly unique and extreme listening experience. Next we have the ultra heavy Death Metal of GOREALITY, probably the best in the MASS-Death area. The style is a suffocating kind with lots of blast beats, slam riffs, an emphasis on technical skill and excellent vocals. Their songs manage a good length without becoming tiresome, around five or more minutes. This is a great album overall. Both bands manage to shine without overshadowing the other. This is certainly worth your time and money

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this crushing three way split of Death Grinding mayhem! Coathanger Abortion kick off this split making their HPGD debut with a brand new track of brutal Death Metal along with three covers. Next up on this brutal banger is Sacrificial Slaughter who make their epic return to HPGD with four brand new tracks of American Death Thrash. Rottenness make their HPGD debut to close out this killer release, showcasing two brand new tracks of brutal Death/Grind as well as two cover songs. "The Hate Divide" is a must have release for fans of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Pungent Stench and Disgorge

Featuring "Opus(sy) IV", "Cocktales" + Bonus trax." packaged in a Double DVD case

The Miracle Of Death CD
Digging down to the roots of Thrash & Black metal combined with eerie subject matter of horrific tales from beyond the grave. Coffin Birth is litterally an exhumation of the almost forgotten corpse of old school metal, and "The Miracle Of Death" has proven that death is only the beginning. Highly recommended for fans of King Diamond & Mercyful Fate!

Perpetual Penance Double CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to unleash the new Coffins double CD collection "Perpetual Penance". This is an essential compilation of Coffins vinyl only and split release tracks from artists including Noothgrush, Macabra, Sourvein, Warhammer, Disgrace, Hooded Menace and Stormcrow. Coffins continue their devastating legacy of ancient torture with this 96 minute presentation of bone-crushing Death/Doom sickness! Features original artwork by Uchino himself and showcases out of print/hard to find vinyl tracks from the following outlets: Southern Lord, Decibel Magazine, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Forcefield Records, Break The Chains, A Pile Of Dirt Music, Doomentia Records, 20 Buck Spin and Hydro-Phonic Records. For fans of Abscess, Acid Witch, Anatomia, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Disma, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Mythic, Venom and Winter

20th Aniversary 2CD Retrospective! To mark the 20th anniversary of the inception of the band, Coitus release a fully remastered, 40 track double disc retrospect cd through Underground Movement. Initially formed in 1989 amidst the sqautter/punk scene of North London, the band saw several members pass through the ranks including Pete 'Lippy' Lyons, formally of Antisect, Martin Tyan, later to form Screamer and Pato Duffy, now sadly passed away. The band settled on the stable line up of Skinny-Bass/vox, Alien Drums/vox, Mik Guitar/vox and embarked on a chaotic journey, which saw the band tour all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, releasing several recordings along the way. Coitus finally split in 1996 but have been sporadically reforming since 2000 and will play a handfull of live dates to support this release. Fans of Celtic Frost, Amebix, Deviated Instinct, Discharge and even Chaos UK will enjoy this!

Worldwide Extinction CD
Inspired mainly by American death metal from the '90s, this Italian band plays crushing death with ability and talent

Not A Gleam Of Hope CD
Massively depressing Russian Doom Metal!

Total Thrash Attack! Debut album from this killer Mexican band... Kill The Posers!

After The War... The Wrath Continues CD
Brutal Death Metal from Cuba! Formed in 1994 this is the first pro release which includes 2 videos

Healnoevil CD
Complete Failure unleash a scathing assault of hardcore fury! Grinding tempos fuse with crust-ridden riffs to create an all out aural assault. Unrelenting as it is memorable, there is no doubt CF represent endless violence and despair

Sexual Transmission: Simpex Slam CD
Composted play brutal Death Metal with elements of Pornogrind/Hardcore elements

Condemned offers a strictly brutal death-grind assault, with digusting guttural vocals, grinding blasts, and equally technical and crushing riffs. Distinct song writing, worth comparing to Disgorge. You will not hear a more devastating combination from any new band around. Mastered by Colin Davis (Imperial Mastering studios), Guest vocals by Levi (DISGORGE), Sam (PARASITIC) and Shawn (INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY). Total sickness from Lacerated Enemy!

Demos'lition CD
Colombian Kult Grindcore! Their legendary Demo '90 - '91 and Demo '03 (featuring Alex of MASACRE on vocal)for a total of 31 songs. For early fans of NAPALM DEATH, SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD and old school Grind Noise!

Total War! Thrash Metal from Germany featuring the original vocalist of Witchburner

Relapse Records' ongoing sampler series, Contaminated, arrives at its sixth edition with yet another double-CD, packed full with a positively exhausting 39 tracks. But perhaps even better than the talent represented here -- culled from the crème de la crème of the label's impressive roster -- is the amusing decision to list it as catalog number 6666 -- nice touch, fellas! Silly though this observation might seem, it corresponds nicely with Relapse's resilient and ongoing pursuit of extreme metal's ever-expanding outer fringes. Contaminated 6.0 is easily the most varied of the series, bringing together acknowledged death and grindcore heavyweights (Nile, Mastodon, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Today Is the Day, Suffocation, etc.), numerous examples of doom/stoner rock (Pentagram, High on Fire, Alabama Thunder Pussy), classic and post-hardcore acts (Cryptic Slaughter, Burnt by the Sun, Disfear), progressive metal (Neurosis, Alchemist), and even the indie-approved noise rock of Unsane and Harvey Milk. In short, Contaminated 6.0 is what every sampler should be: a marketing tool, yes, but one that acts as both an excellent window to discovery

CONTROL DENIED, the progressive heavy metal brainchild of legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its first and only album The Fragile Art of Existence (’99) to massive critical acclaim. The Fragile Art... is the sound of traditional metal stepping into a new century; an album where the experiences and inspirations of trail-blazing, world-class musicians coalesced under the watchful eye of one of the genre’s master craftsmen. Remastered, repackaged and featuring over an hour of previously unreleased material (extra tracks and early demos), this is the definitive edition of this timeless classic. Limited edition 3 CD set includes 2 additional bonus discs filled with over two hour’s worth of previously unheard bonus material! Limited to 1,000 copies, available through Relapse mailorder only

Only The Strong CD
Throughout the history of Underground Death Metal many recordings are regarded as classics that will be forever sought after by avid fans and collectors alike. The Only The Strong CD will be one of them. This incredible Death Metal which brings back the styles of early MORBID ANGEL and SUFFOCATION, but with a breath of savagery and more modern techniques will be sure to conquer the ears and stereos of all who listen. Make way for a new force in the wake of a great resurgence of the Southern Death Metal scene. This is not weak poser garbage, this is True Death Metal at its finest. This is CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN. On the defunct Forever Underground Records, get this while you can!

Classic Heavy/Speed Metal!

Alongside the band’s early ‘90’s counterparts ‘World Without God’, Convulse’s first proper full-length, helped pave the way for a new generation of death-metal extremity. Now re-mastered, repackaged, and featuring their legendary ‘Resuscitation of Evilness’ demo as well as rehearsal tracks and a cover of Venom's "Countess Bathory"

A Splendid Chaos CD
Back with a new female vocalist, this death metal band from Italy plays their music with extreme precision, melody, interesting twists and a compelling atmosphere. Excellent stuff! Released on Italian label Punishment 18 Records

Technical brutal death metal from Canada. Will appeal to fans of Suffocation, Devourment and Willowtip bands

The Art Of The Fucking Corpses CD
Entire 1993-2003 Discography of this Italian Death Metal bands releases with 7"eps , Demos , Rehearsals & rare Releases! Contains tracks from Enthralment 7" ep 1994 , Enthralment demo 1994 , CORPSEGOD " Opinion Abour Sarrow " MCD , CorpseGod rehearsal 1995 , Promo 1996 tracks and Mini Cd " A Puzzle Of Flesh " from 1999

Splatter Deluxe CD
Unforgiving goregrind from this cult Italian troop! Includes a cover of Deicide's "Oblivious To Evil"

War Of The Toilet Gear CD
Founded back in 1994, undisputed Italian brutal death metal kings CORPSEFUCKING ART unleash their 2nd full length album to date. "War Of The Toilet Gear" showcases their most thunderous and lethal material to date trailblazing the most extreme paths in the genre into a gory, yet hilariously funny lyrical attack. As the band states: "A new cake will be on the tables of the housewives, don't ask us about the ingredients...". Features a totally awesome yet hilarious cover artwork and wicked layout designed by Chris Moyen (INCANTATION, IMPIETY, BEHERIT, DESASTER, etc.)

Pure inventive Death Metal the way it should be! Odd time signatures and progressive passages, alongside brutal vocal work! Intense Death Metal drawing influences from greats DEMILICH, INCANTATION, ATHEIST and MASSACRE!

Olidous Operettas CD
The Doctors are in.....SANE!!!! Olidous Operettas is the anything-but-sweet science of three genuinely demented medical professionals scrubbing in for an intense vivisection of the Carcass body of work. The County Medical Examiners descant the insalubrious and re-regurgitate giblets of gratuitous gore-grind, creating all new symphonies of sickness for the next generation of pathological practitioners. Cutting soon in an operating theater near you!!!!

Ravaging The Pristine CD
New project with ex-members of Dying Fetus and Misery Index, brutal death/stomp grind mastered by Eric Rutan!

The Hits Just Keep On Coming CD
Die inside the Crack House! Hailing from the slums of hostile city Philadelphia, Crack House is dirty... Crack House is abrasive... and Crack House is a relentless straight forward assault. Fast ugly Crossover, with Hardcore Punk undertones and a brutal, dual vocal attack. Degenerate, no frills (or morals for that matter), up your ass and into the gutter Thrash Metal, full of rancid topics found only in a drug filled dilapidated abando. Features members of Eat The Turnbuckle, Javelina, Call The Paramedics and Bitchslicer. For fans of Abscess, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Dwarves, The Exploited, GG Allin, Impetigo, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke

Co-released with Buriedinhell Records and Useless Christ Records

Crack House make their drug-induced epic return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the soon to be classic live record "Still Alive!" Eleven garbage influenced tracks recorded live in an abandoned building in north Philadelphia, then engineered at the studio like the classic Kiss "Alive" album... but this sure as fuck ain't Kiss! This is the third release from everyone's favorite shitshow Crack House, a massive four piece, duel vocal, Thrash Grind attack that refuses to overdose and pulled it together to bring you a full live set. Features songs from the debut EP "The Hits Just Keep On Coming", the full length "Today Seems Like A Nice Day For An Overdose" and new unreleased tracks for you to spread like a diseased hooker going bareback... this is fucking crack rock and roll!!?!!! This release is strictly limited to 100 copies and is essential material for fans of Dwarves, The Exploited, GG Allin, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke

Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) DVD
PAL REGION 0 FORMAT ONLY. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS IF IT DOES NOT PLAY IN YOUR DVD PLAYER. IT IS NOT NTSC FORMAT. Includes the unedited video, and excerpt of the album track Serpent Tongue with exclusive animated footage, photo gallery, and band history. This is a must have release for all Cradle Of Filth fans, old and new

Death's Construction CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes Lawrenceburg, Kentucky's Created To Kill to the roster with the new album "Death's Construction". Formed in 2005 by Steve Forbes and Greg Brewer, Created to kill play old school brutal Death Metal that is uncompromising and intense. "Death's Construction" is a satisfying platter of hostile, unrepentant Death Metal that stands out in the underground scene. Hellbent on mutilating and grinding the listeners eardrums, Created To Kill are on a mission to crush the false and pummel the weak... "Death's Construction" is a proper release of sadistic, sheer brutality! For fans of Aeon, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Devourment, Dying Fetus, Guttural Secrete, Hate Eternal, Malevolent Creation, Mortician, Skinless, Suffocation and Viral Load

Brand new full length from this Kentucky based Death Metal band! Brutal sickness!

Absolutely fucking pummeling, no bullshit, in-your-ugly-fucking-face GRINDCORE!! Re-issue of the Saudi Arabian grindmeisters' 2007 demo. Total fucking Oldschool grind holocaust in the vein of Nasum and Brutal goddamn Truth

Pumpernikel CD
Do you wanna a something unusual, freaky and non-standard? This kind of funny ass-kicking shit is definitely for you! A sarcastic joke from Polish Grind'N'Rollers based on SEPULTURA, SOULFLY pumping rhythms, GWAR idiotic themes, and maybe even with some PUNGENT STENCH scoffing samba will force you dancing & relaxing. You'll LOVE it or HATE it. No any middle opinion can be here! 19 songs, Video Clip & 12-pages Full-Coloured Booklet of a crazy design

Black Death Cult CD
Pre-Conqueror/Revenge Satanic death metal with J. Read on drums. Contains the Demos “Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Lalpor” 1993, “Hail The Rise of Med Pe Gal” 1994 and “The Flames of An Elite Age” 1995... an excellent collection!

The Vile Vortex CD
Hailing from California, Crepitus play unique Death Metal that is full of atmosphere, darkness and mysticism. Ominous undertones of ambient evil take you on a journey into the realms of the unknown. The Vile Vortex features modern technical prowess along with old school tradition, incorporating icy dual guitar harmonies, rumbling bass, pounding drums and screams from the deep Abyss. Beware and prepare for Death! Recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cryptopsy, Death, Decapitated, Deceased, Decrepit Birth, Deicide, Dimmu Borgir,
Edge Of Sanity, Entombed, Hypocrisy, Nocturnus, Pestilence, Sepultura, Slayer, Suffocation and Vader

CREPITUS /crep·i·tus/ [krep-ét-ús]
Noun: A grating sound or sensation produced by friction between bone and cartilage or the fractured parts of a bone.

Revolution Evilution CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unleashes Italy's Crepuscolo to the masses with the debut album "Revolution Evilution". Formed back in 1995, the trio of Crepuscolo have perfected and honed their craft. "Revolution Evilution" consists of 11 granitic tracks in the vein of old school Swedish Death Metal, with various influences from the USA metal scene. From their deepest entrails, the band march on playing what they like and not what the mainstream imposes. This albums explodes with thunderous, distorted guitars that are characterized by a powerful mid-range guitar tone that destroys all hope of silence and peace... massive bass guitar crushes like a tank while metal hammer drumming marks the time on the anvil of the space-time continuum. Melody is not sacrificed as elements such as the twelve string guitar frame the great fabric of sound. For fans of At The Gates, Autopsy, Cemetary, Deicide, Dimmu Borgir, Dismember, Entombed, Entrails, Illdisposed, Kataklysm, Napalm Death, Obituary and Slayer. A killer slab of Death Metal!

Freakery CD
Exalting all that's perverted and aggressively imbecilic, Cretin combine blasting proto-grindcore and congenitally deformed death metal in an inbred sonic ambush. Freakery sodomizes the senses with a lo-fi grind aesthetic, and begs you to enter the strange, freakish world of Cretin! A killer fucking release on Relapse, grind your fucking head in!

Fast and vicious metal from members and ex members of Dying Fetus and Misery Index... sick!

The Luster Of Pandemonium CD
The Luster of Pandemonium” is an explosive performance of brutal grinding death metal that is steeped in psychedelic technical chaos. Over 50 minutes of chaotic blasts and mindfucking technical riffs! Released on Deathgasm Records

Age Of Vandalism CD Box Set
A deluxe digipack boxset featuring remastered versions of ALL the Cripple Bastards’ tapes released from 1988 to 1993 plus an incredible amount of unreleased tunes drawing the complete history of the Bastards on tape. This will include the four official demos, the split 7” with Violent Headache session (with extra unreleased tracks!), the whole 1988-1991 collection, all side projects, and basically HOURS of unreleased noise including pre-Cripple Bastards thrash from 1986! A jump back to the late 1980s/early 1990s ultra-DIY noisecore spirit made of tape traders, cult labels like TNT & Records / Psychomania, and ear-damaging bands releasing zillions of tracks on lo-fi demos, not giving a damn about studio productions and “I can’t hear the snare”-type pedant asses. 1,036 SONGS IN TOTAL—YOU ARE WARNED!

Obscene Productions is proud to provide you a special re-edition of this masterpiece including over half an hour of bonus material (their whole Obscene Extreme 2003 set with an incredibly tight and powerful sound, the best CB live mix ever) and a completely new packaging FEATURING unreleased pics of the infamous granny torture snuff session that brought the bastards to a long trial in Italy. For any die-hard fan of this immortal Grind/Hate mafia commando...

Italy`s Legendary Grindcore Cripple Bastards` new full length album. They are one of the most popular bands to come out of Italy in the Punk/Grind scene. Formed in 1988, they formed CB to keep the Italian HC spirit of bands like Raw Power, Negazione, and mix it with the extremism of grindcore. They have released splits (30 released, since 1993) with bands like Eyehategod, Corrupted, and 3 full length albums. They sing in Italian, the language similarities resulted in following in Spanish/ Portuguese speaking countries like Mexico, Spain, and Brazil as well. Their albums have been very hard to get hold of since the label, Necroplis Records went bust, but the last album, “Despaerately Insensitive” have been pressed over 13000 copies worldwide, not including digital downloads. The Double DVD, “Blackmails and Assholism” released in 2007 have sold 1000 copies in Italy alone! This is a killer fucking album!!!

Re-release of Cripple Bastards' first studio album, a classic grind album thats been sold out for almost a decade now

Crisis' entire remastered discography from 1978-1980,complete with a 12 page booklet featuring exclusive photos from Douglas P.'s private archives. During the heady and turbulent days of late 70’s a groups of young London punks started to build up a name for themselves, not only through their music but also for the leftwing stance the group took. Actively recording under the name Crisis, they took the basic stripped down elements of punk and presented them in a more musical display of song, which relied as heavily on the lyrical content as the music itself. Whilst not producing the raucous output of thrashing guitars and screamed vocals, Crisis’ sound was more subdued and clearly put together, which could lead to comparisons to earlier records of bands like the Clash. However there was a darker undercurrent that ran throughout their music which sits more closely to the likes of Joy Division than their punk counterparts. After releasing three 7” singles and a mini album, Crisis, like so many other politically motivated punk bands of the time split up and the band members went their separate ways, which is where things really start to get interesting. You see, along side Luke Rendall and Lester Jones who would go onto goth super groups Theatre of Hate and Sex Gang Children , Crisis also contained two of the most important characters that proved pivotal in the foundation of the neo-folk genre many years later, Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford who were to go and form Death in June (and later for Tony, Sol Invictus). Because of this connection to both Death In June and Sol Invictus, Crisis does have an important roll to play in the history of industrial and neo-folk genres, even if the music itself is a million miles away. ‘Holocaust Hymns’ offers up a complete rundown of Crisis’s recoding career including the aforementioned 7”’s and LP as well as a small number of alternative outtakes and live tracks, so this is likely to appeal musically to those who have an interest in early punk releases. For the rest of us, it acts as a very interesting achieve piece that offers a glimpse into the very earliest foundations of Death in June, a group that would later go on to shape an entire genre of music and a plethora of groups

Like Sheep Led To Slaughter CD
Crisis manage to once again offer another true original full of head-spinning songwriting complexity. Fully showcasing the band’s (dis)harmonic balance of dark art metal and experimental hardcore the music implores relentless waves of primal energy and unmitigated brutality! The result is a cathartic sonic experience fully embraced by the apocalyptic lyrics of Karyn Crisis, who once again, delivers an impressive array of contrasting, insanely captivating unique vocals!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this masterpiece of terror and despair to the metal world... an international Death Metal assault, four bands showcasing twelve hymns of horror! First up on this full length album of slaughter is Cropsy Maniac who hail from Owensboro, Kentucky and play a new breed of horror influenced Death Grind. The brain child of Kevin Reece, Street Trash Travis Ruvo (ex-Blood Freak) and Aaron Whitsell, this recording features guest vocals/lyrics by Rob Fornicator and Sly Fondlecorpse. A must have for fans of Frightmare, Impetigo and Blood Freak

Next on the chopping block is Burial Ground who hail from Belgium and present three tracks of old school Horror Metal! A mix of old school Death Metal, Black Metal and a touch of Doom Metal featuring guest vocals by the legendary Kam Lee (Death, Massacre, Mantas, Grave Wax). You better hide on the Last House On The Left because Burial Ground have the Mark Of The Devil! For fans of Asphyx, Autopsy, Bone Gnawer, Celtic Frost, Daemonia, Dario Argento, George Romero, Goblin, Jesus Franco, Joe D'Amato, Lucio Fulci, Massacre, Necrophagia, The Ravenous, Ruggero Deodato, Six Feet Under and Umberto Lenzi

The third killers on this split are Grave Wax who return to Horror Pain Gore Death foaming at the mouth, ready to Spit On Your Grave! Fronted by Death Metal's foremost growler Kam Lee, Grave Wax feature the macabre twisted musician combination of Mark Riddick (Fetid Zombie), Mike Riddick (Yamatu) and drumming skills of Brian Forman (Unburied). Three new tracks of old school, full body horror sickness! Essential for fans of Abhorrence, Acid Witch, Cemetery Urn, Cenotaph, Crematory, Death, Disastrous Murmur, Dismember, Entombed, Funebre, General Surgery, Hooded Menace, Immolation, Incantation, Massacre and Nihilist

The final nail in the coffin comes from Severed Limbs who make their Horror Pain Gore Death debut on this brutal release. The brainchild of the prolific Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Revolting), Severed Limbs is brutal Death Metal from Sweden in the Dutch and US style. Gore themed lyrics and imagery, no bullshit... all killer no filler! "Four Paths To Horror" features killer artwork by the talents of Mark Riddick. For fans of Banished from Inferno, Bloodgut, Carve, Demiurg, Down Among The Dead Men, The Grotesquery, Humanity Delete, Johansson & Speckmann, Megascavenger, Paganizer, Putrevore, Revolting, Ribspreader and Those Who Bring The Torture

Old school intense thrash metal from Ohio! Reissued digi-pack version of their 1st MCD with 2 demo tracks and a video track as bonus. Tight pounding drums,solid razor sharp riffing, and strong howling vocals! Bang your head now!!!

Get ready to be hit in the face with an iron fist of thrash metal insanity... after ten years of several EP and demo outputs, Crucified Mortals release their first full-length album. Comprised of eleven horror tales transcribed into metallic hymns the album continues the bands' own appalling sound with arguably their best material to date. A truly unique style of well-played and evil fucking thrash with hints of death metal that showcases a diverse range sure to satisfy the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Hammer the nails & thrash 'til fucking death! FOR FANS OF Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Rigor Mortis (Texas), Deceased & Carnivore

4 maniacal bands bring you rehearsals, demo's and brand new exclusive tracks... sick! This is the way a split should sound... Crucifier tracks include rehearsals prior to "Stronger Than Passing Time" recordings, while Throneum present brand new exclusive tracks. Sathanas present totally new material including an Acheron cover while Bestial Mockery bring forth brand new and never before released tracks of pure blasphemy! Released on Time Before Time Records

Threnody Of The Crucifix CD
Brutal Blackened Death Metal with CHURCH BIZARRE / VICTIMIZER / DEMON REALM members! Previous Live album "Caught Live In Varde" was released in 1998. Limited-Edition import from Aural Offerings; made in Germany

Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes Brazil's blasphemous Black Metal bulldozers Crucifixion BR to the roster with their debut album "Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ". Formed in 1996 in the Rio Grande by Lord Grave War and DarkMoon, Crucifixion BR finally unleash this beast of brutality, a release full of pure hatred, raw energy and intense aggression. With the aim of creating original, diabolic Black Metal, a heavy influence of 80's Thrash Metal and Death Metal are thrown into the mix further expanding Hell's horizons, and also re-animating the Brazilian scene. With the combination of powerful riffs and brutal blasts by a talented female drummer, the result is the sheer essence of evil! "Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ" was mixed and mastered at Hurricane Studio, a renowned studio southern Brazil... follow Crucifixion BR's path into the Obscure Arts! For fans of Astarte, Bathory, Behemoth, Celtic Frost, Dark Funeral, Deicide, Emperor, Hellhammer, Krisiun, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Sepultura and Venom

Le False Utopie CD
Old school Hardcore from Italy!

The comeback 3rd album of these dutch veteran Thrashers with a stunning production and a bunch of great songs filled with killer riffs, intense and relentless compositions with an awesome compositive sense. Lovers of SLAYER, early PESTILENCE, REVENANT... beware!! Another killer release from the killer label Xtreem Music

Circular Saw Fetish CD
Classic Brutal Death / Goregrind from Germany! CBT meets Mortician

Total war metal! Epic, majestic riffs backed by bombastic blasts, with a cold as steel vocal attack

Fused in crossover music that bears its dominance through a collection of punk and prescient metal riffs, Cryptic Slaughter (along with D.R.I., C.O.C. and the contributions of punkers like Discharge and The Exploited) built up the genre of thrash music from haphazard crossover to a science of more terrifying, instantaneous music. Deluxe, remastered reissue includes their Life in Grave demo from '85 and a live songs from '88 in Houston

Breath of dissent pulses forward alongside blasting drums in a cadence of desperate angst borne on a spit-tinged vocal barrage. Deluxe, remastered reissue includes the Stream of Consciousness rehearsal from '88, a live track from their final show with their original line-up and more live tracks from '88 in Houston... a must have classic thrash release!

Valley Of The Dolls CD
Excellent, unique and legendary material from the 90s. Superb display of death/doom metal for every fan of the old Polish scene. This material has been remastered in Studio Spaart and features new cover art. Additionally the CD contains a bonus video from S'THRASH'YDLO 1994 in Ciechanow. An awesome release on Psycho Records

Apocalyptic Extermination CD
Easily one of the most cold and demonic black metal releases to ever come out of the US! Blistering guitar assaults and rasping vocal attacks will leave even the most critical black metal fanatic devastated... pure crushing blackness!

Excellent release of Death/Thrash Metal!

They Called Me Mad CD
The moonlight shines into the secret shafts & awakens The CRYPTICUS once more! After 3 years sequestered in the unholy secrecy of the Filth Chamber, Patrick Bruss has unearthed the dreaded sequel to his first album... A supernatural symphony of sickness, madness & obsession whose title must serve as a warning to all mankind: "THEY CALLED ME MAD"! 12 new tales of terror that delights the insane! Banned by the P.M.R.C. & protested by Colorado Mental Health officials, only RAZORBACK RECORDINGS has been brave enough to temp the Horrors From Beyond by unleashing this degenerate masterpiece upon an unsuspecting public! You've been warned! Imagine Poe and HP Lovecraft locked up while jamming early DISMEMBER, DEMIGOD, ABHORRENCE(Fin), DEMILICH, GRAVE, etc. !

New version of this reissue with original artwork! Canadian extreme death metal that is absolutely punishing

Complex fast death metal, masters of the genre! These Canucks blast you in the face with unrelenting brutality.
This CD is one of the greatest death metal releases ever! Imported from Displeased Records in Holland

Contains all the single and split tracks done between 1993 to 2000 by these bizarre Japanese grinders, with loads of never before released studio sessions/demo tracks as a bonus.. all must hail Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ!

Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep CD
CULTED discharge an oppressive strain of esoteric doom so blackened that it conjures visions of a world reduced to ash and rubble. This doom envelops everything around it, darkening places light might otherwise strike... killer!

Of Death And Ritual CD
On the ‘Of Death and Ritual’ mini-CD, CULTED explore even more minimal and brooding darkness. Running almost 30 minutes and including a cover of SWANS “Whore”, ‘Of Death and Ritual’ marries the quartet’s droning depths with an almost hypnotic repetition to create another touchstone of modern-day doom. Highly recommended release!

Cult of Daath play raw and primitive black metal. “Slit Throats and Ritual Nights” is a backlash against modern typical mindlessly fast black metal. Heavy, raw, and evil! Each song is a memorable journey into ritualistic darkness with extremely depraved lyrics... a highly recommended release for fans of old school, true black metal!!!

Human Pinata CD
Extremely aggressive low ended Gore Grind with many elements of Death Metal & Hardcore influences present

This awesome 3 way split CD combines 3 of the best gore/porn grind bands in Europe. HYMEN HOLOCAUST (NL) is a groovy goregrind side project of Cliteater, the 3rd release of H.H. this time more into the groove than highspeed attacking. CUNTGRINDER is german cult Porn Deathgrind, after 5 full length albums this is their first split release on a label. SATAN´S REVENGE ON MANKIND are the new german groovegore kings featuring technical songstruktures!!!

Conceiving Abhorrence CD
From the land Gein and Dahmer, Wisconsin Hategrinders CYANOSIS have been cultivating the seeds of hate since 1993. Fans of old-school death metal, and fans of new school technical death and grind will feast off this sonically pummeling slab. Murder inspiring lyrics, ultra brutal riffs, proficient bass lines with multiple finger techniques, guttural and shreeking vocals, mid tempo pummeling slams, NY style blasts, hypergrind, it's all here. If Fleshgrind, Autopsy, and Cryptopsy had a blood soaked orgy, the bastard child would result in Wisconsin's CYANOSIS! Recommend release

Listening to Traced in Air, it isn't some massive evolution from Focus. However, everything about the band has been tightened in the 15 year layover, and the album is far smoother and more focused, resulting in a much more listenable and flowing affair. The incredible riffs and solos are back, and the vocals are far better. This is no the typical death metal band everybody knows, this is for sure a great act of expression, and act of magic becoming music... awesome!

The third installment from our underground assault series! This time the focus is on the Czech republic, with offerings from Imperial Foeticide, Negligent Collateral Collapse, Contrastic, Intervalle Bizzare and Fleshless! Fuckin' killer!