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Named after one of the most imaginative and infamous key roles in the Israeli occupation, D9 is as merciless as this monstrous bulldozer, ramming reality in its' forehead with their post apocalyptic hectic predictions, directed towards the Israeli state and the worlds' systematic moral corruption, fueling their fury with an offensive portion of old school hardcore punk, and generating this boiling wrath into an original crushing blend of sly grindcore and bare boned power violence hostility, with a fair amount of devastating sludgy riffage and obscure electronic noise intervals to make their squashing sound even more quirky and disturbing. Recommended if you like Dropdead, Pig Destroyer, Man is the Bastard, Burmese, early Facedowninshit, Capitalist Casualties, Dystopia and Siege! A killer release not to be missed

Infernal, blasting death metal from Italy. 8 tracks of dark and brutal blackened death metal which influenced by Vomitory, Marduk, Deicide. The most highly anticipated Vrykoblast Productions release for year 2008

Suffering Upon The Throne Of Depravity CD
Debut full length of bone crushing brutal Death Metal from Serbia! Cover art by Zig and include bonus tracks

Setsuna CD
Daggra, the emissaries of dark technical Grindcore, bring their poisoned sound to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with their second full-length album "Setsuna"! Comprised of musicians spread across Texas, Daggra have spent the last several years crafting a form of Grindcore that is equal parts furious, acerbic, and technical, taking cues from a variety of influences such as Gridlink, Antigama, Pig Destroyer, 324, Agents Of Abhorrence as well as the human condition as a whole. Setsuna translates to “a moment/instant”, and it is an exploration of the transient moments have the most significant impacts on life and existence. This album also serves as the swansong for the band's longtime original vocalist, who delivers a final performance akin to raging aural wildfire. With maniacal drumming and razor-sharp riffs to complete the calculated chaos, the introspective vitriol of Setsuna burns fiercely, leaving only a smoldering heap in its wake

Split CD
Damage Digital is a nervous GrindCore band with HardCore influenced from Japan with dual male and female vocalist. 5 unreleased songs. Abortion is old and cult band from Slovakia and plays true GrindMinceCore. 2 songs + cover song from Impetigo (Boneyard)...pure Extreme GrindCore!!! Cover art in DVD Slim Case, this is an awesome split!

Black Arrows Of Hatred CD
Fast Black Metal with Pagan touches... Mexican edition with bonus tracks and alternate artwork

Evilution CD
Ingenious, crushing, buffeting death/thrash metal from Germany. This album will change your view on the present day "metal" scene. Fans of MORGOTH, PROTECTOR or MASSACRA will want to have this album on the shelf!! One of the greatest, most positive surprises in the year 2009!!! This album will kill you!!! Released on Psycho Records

When The Ravens Fly Over Me CD
Fast, atmospheric Nordic-influenced modern Black Metal with acoustic parts, but definitely with a lot of grimness!

Pagano CD
Awesome doom metal for fans of Candlemass and Memento Mori... lyrics in Spanish!

Reign Of The Fallen One CD
Excellent release of Black Metal from Latvia!

Aurora Borealis CD
Bleak Art Records presents Dark Forest's debut album, Aurora Borealis! Over 70 minutes of majestic and intense Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal, before only available from the band itself, now released with enhanced artwork, real drums, and the "Demo 2005" as bonus tracks. Immerse yourself in tales of battles, high seas and Dark Forests!

Los Muertos CD
Killer Death Metal from Malaysia!

The cult demos from 2002-2003 finally spewed onto compact disc... these are some of the most fucked up, unstable, and visceral Black Metal rituals EVER fucking recorded. Strictly limited to 666 copies so get yours today!!!

Darkthrone return with their 15th album!

Impulse 80 CD
Brutal Death Metal from the Ukraine similar to Deeds Of Flesh and Suffocation

Scandinavia has been know to put out some of the most brutal and divers music in the last decade. Now here comes Dauntless. Hailing from Helsinki Finland, "Execute the Fact" is not ala At The Gates or Soilwork, these guys are paving there own way with sheer utter slamtastic brutality. How much.... I AM STILL MOSHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Glorifying old school Thrash and Death Metal all at once with a fuck load of attitude. The band has been in existence since 1991 and are now on the Finnish label Firebox Records. Raging guitars, brutal vocals, and a drummer who attacks like a rabid dog. There is more than enough testosterone on this record. Put Machine Head and Aborted in a blender, you get Dauntless!!! Are you excited yet... you will be go to there site and be prepared to have your fucking head ripped off

Hate Takes Its Form CD
Denmark's death metal masters Dawn of Demise. The band's debut album, Hate Takes Its Form was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Mercenary, Nightrage), combines the renowned NY death metal sound of early-Suffocation with the massive technical chaos of present day Aborted, a perfect blend of technicality and heaviness. With a top-notch production that will bury all non-believers both sonically and musically, Hate Takes Its Form this fall

Invention:Destruction CD
Their third opus of (sub)sonic aural deconstructivism. The Day Everything Became Nothing simultaneously destroy and reinvent the gore/groove grind conventions to create a simplistically complex model for widespread devastation. Invention : Destruction features guest vocalists from Fuck... I’m Dead, Mors Principium Est & Damaged. Killer!

Following on from their ribcage rattling debut “Le Mort”, The Day Everything Became Nothing return with a hammering EP to fill every one of your orifices with their oozing goregrind stench. “Slow Death By Grinding” features 3 brand new songs of their mammoth bottom end grinding groove obliteration, a gored up cover of Satyricon’s rock opus “Fuel For Hatred” and a fist pumping ‘live’ track recorded in 2004. Join The Day Everything Became Nothing as they sink lower into the depths of self destruction and submit your useless, feeble, violated body to a Slow Death By Grinding!

Can't Get Us All CD
This 11 song debut album bridges heavy and pissed off hardcore, punk rock and death-n-roll. Raw, yet catchy and energetic, these are tunes that could attract fans of Entombed and Integrity as well as Tragedy or even Damnation AD. Fast, angry and discontent, these anthems are sinister and with a hard groove throughout. The lyrics inspire listeners from an "us vs. them" perspective. No triggers, no overproduced radio friendly bullshit. They aren't out to please anybody: just to play music as it was meant to be played, inspiring people to scream their lungs out and go berserk

The Ultimate Cremation Pyre CD
Virginia Beach, Virginia's THE DAY OF THE BEAST have returned with their third full-length album, the masterfully chaotic THE ULTIMATE CREMATION PYRE. This newest offering is undoubtedly their best yet, blending thrash and death metal into a perfect storm of an album that bludgeons your ears from start to pummeling finish. You'll find hints of Sodom, Death, Dissection, The Crown, Morbid Angel, and Carcass with an overall aggression that is uniquely their own. The raw, powerful production mastered by James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament, Cancer) and razor sharp performances make this a profound and powerful chapter in what will undeniably be THE “BEAST” LEGACY. For fans of Aura Noir, Defleshed, God Dethroned, Vader and Witchery

German Porn Grind Kult is back!! New album!

Ritual Executions CD
The second full length album of the Australian band The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy/stoner doom. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this DC Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essence and horrific otherworldly feel of their music... awesome!

Old school blackened Death/Thrash Metal from the Ukraine

Culled from the darkest corridors of abyssic ruins comes the first full length release by Greek death metal demons, Dead Congregation. Not only does this album live up to the high expectations that were set for this band following the release of their excellent 2005 mini album, Putrefying Consecrated Ground, this album sets a new standard for metal in general. Originally having released a handful of recordings under the name, Nuclear Winter, Dead Congregation have since evolved into one of the most innovative and powerful bands in the underground. Refusing to be confined to a narrow conception of death metal, Dead Congregation delve into obscure recesses to conjure up a sound that is unique and yet still adheres to the fundamental pillars of death metal songwriting. While Dead Congregation draw most heavily on brooding and evil North American and Finnish style death metal such as Immolation, Demigod, and Incantation, they also incorporate other extraneous influences to produce a sound that cannot be directly attributed to any of their predecessors. Listen, for instance, to the monumental last track in which they deftly and subtly employ elements of 1990's Swedish black metal to accentuate the climax of the album. With this album, Dead Congregation have taken chances by experimenting somewhat with the death metal format. However, this album is not an experimental metal album. Dead Congregation do not besmirch the history of death metal with any sort of pretentious artistic vision. Instead they find themselves merely tweaking the formula just enough to produce novel results. Ultimately, Graves of the Archangels is nearly unrivaled by any death metal album released in the past decade and few bands in the history of metal have ever produced such a profound combination of technical agility and emotional depth. Listening to this album it is clear that its creation provided a cathartic channel for the release of an obscure malevolence and darkness that possesses the members of Dead Congregation. A killer fuckin' release from Nuclear War Now! Productions

Underground 80's Death Metal finally exhumed from the vaults! Includes all 4 demos and 2 live bonus tracks, remastered and available for the first time on CD! Comes with a deluxe 18-page booklet featuring deatiled liner notes

Displaying The Art Of Carnage CD
One of the sickest outfits to emerge from the U.S. underground scene. Fans of early Cephalic Carnage will rejoice

Hymns Of The Sick CD
Finally re-issued! Classic debut CD by DEADEN, the brutal and insane American horde; "Hymns of the Sick" was originally released in 1997! Imagine a combination of crushing Death and grinding Thrash styles from bands like LIVIDITY, ROTTREVORE, old DYING FETUS, etc... certainly mandatory for diehard fans of classic USDM brutality!

Diassociated From Reality CD
Insane grinding ferocity from the windy city, DEAD FOR DAYS return with their sophomore effort. Disassociate picks up miles from where they left off, with a much more mature effort. Fantastic productions fuels this aural assault and will leave you flattened as they crush you into oblivion. Imagine a mix of Origin and grind masters Napalm Death!!!

Kill Division CD
Dutch Deaththrashers return with aggression! Remastered reissue with full 2006 gig as bonus tracks

Poland gory grind gods are back with hyper blasts and bulldozing beats with destructive riffs and inhuman vocals!!!

Awesome imported digipak version from Selfmadegod Records with bonus track and two videos!

Poland's gory masters are back!!! 8 songs (20 min.) of crushing songs to destroy your mind! The highest level of brutality which is irresistible. Undisputed Gods of Grind still in great form!!! Released on Obliteration Records

Human Slaughter... Till Remains CD
Originally released back in 1997, the long out of print CD consisting of Dead Infection’s classic demos is available again. Compiled on one disc, the demos "Start Human Slaughter" (1992) and "World Full Of Remains" (1991) are an essential part of extraordinary musigore history. Newly remastered and repackaged with new artwork and full lyrics, the "Human Slaughter... Till Remains" compilation shows the path to shocking pathological brutality and sickness, just like Carcass, General Surgery, Regurgitate and others did before. Dead Infection has contaminated hundreds of bands across the globe, and now it’s their turn to do it again, thanks to Selfmadegod Records' reissue. Essential material!!!

From Beyond The Dark CD
Tokyo death metal featuring members of Sadondeth, Worm, Intestine Baalism, Azathotth. After 11 years they formed in 1997, finally they unleashed the first album! Intense 2 beat riffs with thrash metal feeling, blast beat tornado, totally killer middle tempo riffs. Occasionally they use technical passages, which makes accent in their music. Impressive harmonies by 2 lead guitars. Mixing the elements of death metal and thrash metal, they deliver us intense old school!

Melancholic old school, heavy doom rock fronted by Nuria, a blues type of female vocalist and featuring doom maniac Dopi of Spanish Machetazo. Besides two own compositions already showing a special blend of their influences, the band added special covers of some of their heros: Coven, The Coffinshakers, Abscess and Pentagram. A great debut in beautiful digipack packaging (artwork by Alonso Urbanos), now we can be curious about their full length planned

Blackened thrash metal for fans of Kreator, Testament and Sodom. Killer album! Released on Rotting Corpse Records

The Triumph Of Death CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Dead War to the roster with the debut EP entitled "The Triumph Of Death". Hailing from the unholy mountains of Santa Cruz California, Dead War bludgeon listeners with a punishing mixture of blackened Death/Thrash Metal. Incorporating elements of classical music and actual samples of war atrocities, "The Triumph Of Death" is purely old school in every aspect of the term. Morbid melodies are highlighted by aggressive tremolo riffs, sick blast beats and fierce guitar solos complimented by powerful production. For fans of Atheist, Death, Deicide, Gorguts, Hate Eternal, Marduk and Morbid Angel

Progressive Thrash Metal from Russia

Courage To Expose All CD
Japanese assassins of old school Thrash! Deaflock make their HPGD debut with their sophomore album "Courage To Expose All". Full of passionate anger and aggression, Deaflock destroy the listener while maintaining an emotional yet intense roaring sound. Never too brutal or traditional, this album exposes the darkness of mankind through the power of the riff, displaying thrusting vocals straight from the soul. For fans of Carcass, Dark Angel, Destruction, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Kreator, Megadeth, Rage, Scorpions, Sodom and Voivod. Crisis is coming... you have been warned!

Descend Dethrone CD
3rd release of Brutal Death Metal from Canada

Human Double CD
DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its legendary fourth studio album Human (?91) to massive worldwide critical acclaim. The album?s complex and progressive music and introspective lyrics marked a massive stylistic change away from the more primitive early material for the group, and Human went on to become one of the most influential metal records in the history of the genre. Now remixed under the watchful eye of longtime DEATH producer Jim Morris, Human 2011 represents the fully-realized version of this epic album. Now remixed, remastered, repackaged and featuring over an hour of newly unearthed and previously unreleased early demo tracks, Human 2011 is the definitive edition of this true metal classic

DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its legendary fourth studio album Human (?91) to massive worldwide critical acclaim. The album?s complex and progressive music and introspective lyrics marked a massive stylistic change away from the more primitive early material for the group, and Human went on to become one of the most influential metal records in the history of the genre. Now remixed under the watchful eye of longtime DEATH producer Jim Morris, Human 2011 represents the fully-realized version of this epic album. Now remixed, remastered, repackaged and featuring over an hour of newly unearthed and previously unreleased early demo tracks, Human 2011 is the definitive edition of this true metal classic. Limited edition 3 CD set includes 2 additional bonus discs filled with over two hour?s worth of previously unheard bonus material! Limited to 2,000 numbered copies and available through Relapse mailorder only... fucking killer!

DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its final studio album The Sound of Perseverance (’98) to massive worldwide critical acclaim. The Sound of... is the masterstroke of one of metal’s true pioneers and innovators, and indeed worthy of the worship, adoration, and accolades that announced its original release (’98). Now remastered, repackaged and featuring over an hour of newly unearthed and previously unreleased material(extra tracks and early demos), this is the definitive edition of this timeless classic. Limited edition 3 CD set includes 2 additional bonus discs filled with over two hour’s worth of previously unheard bonus material! Limited to 2,000 numbered copies and available through Relapse mailorder only... get this killer release now!

Death Breath, the death metal purist's bloody-wet dream fronted by Entombed/Nihilist founder (and Hellacopters main man) Nicke Andersson, vomits up the Let It Stink mini-LP. Four brand new songs, covers of Bathory, G.B.H. and Discharge, and 2 videos of the song Death Breath into one twitching mass of old school death greatness. Like a corpse resurrected by the mad doctor himself, Death Breath is the undead embodiment of the true spirit of death metal

Inspired by the recent resurgence in the classic old-school death metal sound, Entombed/Nihilist founder and current Hellacopters front man Nicke Andersson has created Deathbreath, the ultimate tribute band to all that was rough, raw and wretched in extreme metal. Horn-raising death/thrash heroics beget spine-tingling solos as voices from beyond the grave narrate over a relentlessly bombastic battery! No triggers, no pro-tools, and no nonsense; Deathbreath's debut album, Stinking Up the Night (featuring appearances from Jorgen Sandstrom of Grave and Scott Carlson of Repulsion), is the album that old-school Entombed and Repulsion fans have been begging for! Deathbreath comes fucking ripping!

Mutilating The Christian Faith CD
DEATHCRUSH was formed back in the year 2000 int he city of Queretaro, Mexico with the aim of creating a dark, fast and antichristian sound and under this flag, Hector (bass), Xiubnel (guitar), Alex (vocals), Marvin (drums) and Gerardo (guitar) got together and after recording a 3-song promotional demo, they joined forces with the young label Iron, Blood & Death Corporation that later gave birth to an engender called "Mutilating The Christian Faith" with 7 songs full of hate & darkness plus a diabolic Death/Black Metal with the speed of brazilian bands with the darkness of asian groups

Awesome debut of this old school Death Metal band from California!! This album will become an instant classic! For lovers of DEMIGOD, ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, UNLEASHED... Over an hour of a truly anticipated masterpiece!!!

Killer high audio quality demo material from these sick bands! This is simply awesome old school pure death metal from three awesome bands together on one killer, totally cult CD that is imported from Japan. Another must have release!

Bending early SLAYER over a beer crate these Norwegian hellraisers of impurity are ripping it fast in their own twisted way. Brilliant Thrash Metal tracks like 'Total Thrash Assault' or 'Toxic Radiation' will have you whiplashed and thirsting for another keg of beer ! Includes their limited demos, "Savage Poser Hunt" and "Wrath Of The Antichrist" as bonus. Order now or be doomed to eternal hellfire! Hand numbered limited edition of 1000 copies released on Witches Brew

Viral Apocalypse CD

Melodic techno death metal at it's best! The oldest death metal band from the Russian Far East! First official CD release of 1999's demo which was previously available only on tape. Features a sick cover of KISS's "I Love It Loud"

Fucking awesome debut of this motherfucking ravaging Thrash Metal band from Brazil which delivers one of the most hateful, intense and aggressive albums in the last years!! 10 relentless tunes for lovers of DARK ANGEL, SLAYER, RECIPIENTS OF DEATH, KREATOR, VIKING, SACRIFICE and other true old school thrashing maniacs!

For the first time available on CD !!! Mandatory second DEATHROW album finally made available again! Remastered for optimal Thrashing Madness! Includes Samhain's second demo! Approved by: Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, ex-Pestilence): "These two classic albums are about the best German old school Thrash has too offer. Deathrow were pioneers and far ahead of their time. Every self-respecting Thrasher should have these in his collection"

For the first time available on CD !!! Mandatory first DEATHROW album finally made available again! Remastered for optimal Thrashing Madness ! Includes Samhain's debut demo! Approved by: Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, ex-Pestilence): "These two classic albums are about the best German old school Thrash has too offer. Deathrow were pioneers and far ahead of their time. Every self-respecting Thrasher should have these in his collection"

Debut album that includes first demo "Disciples Of The Ultimate Void". The rawest Deathspell Omega recordings, but with their recognizable style... an essential black metal release that is a must have for all true blackened spirits

Released in 2003, these previously vinyl-only recordings are released together on this killer split release from the Northern Heritage label. Clandestine Blaze offers 4 tracks and the great Deathspell Omega offers 3 tracks...

Cult Black Metal split!

Utopia In The Eyes Of A Beast CD
Malevolent, adrenaline filled death metal in the vein of Dying Fetus and Disavowed!

Organic Halucinosis CD
Disgarding the traditional conventions of Death Metal, Decapitated take the genre to a new plateau of invention on 'Organic Hallucinosis'. Progressive in the truest sense, every element is designed to challenge the blueprint in terms of production, arrangement and delivery. Disregarding those who feel the genre is stale, Decapitated's singular vision has found its focus in the most adventurous of ways, leaving the band as the only credible flagbearers of modern Death

Mutilating... Gutting CD
Finnish One-Man extreem Sick/Gore Brutal Death. 21 songs including a cover of DISGORGE... totally sick!!!

Long overdue reissue of this Black Metal classic from 1996 which was limited to 1000 copies. Unlike most of the crap that nowadays calls itself "old school" Black Metal, this album harks back to the amazing atmosphere of Bathory classics such as "The Return" and "Under the Sign of the Black Mark". Many old rare recordings have been added to take the running time to over 70 minutes. Comes with a detailed 16 page booklet... an awesome limited release!

Brand new studio album after a 5 year wait... well worth it!

Their third album, originally released in 1995, has been out of print for years, finally resurrected thanks to Thrash Corner Records. A vicious assault that saw the band on the dividing line between their raw old-school sound and the increasingly melodic sci-fi elements that appear later. Features bonus track "Not To Touch The Earth" (Doors cover)

Official re-issue of DECEASED's first 2 recordings (The Luck of the Corpse and 13th Frightened Souls) plus 4 unreleased bonus songs. Completely re-mastered and featuring liner notes from King Fowley himself!

Long out of print, this re-issue features the remastered album and bonus CD of demos, rehearsals and live tracks!

Luck Of The Corpse (Remastered) CD
True Death Metal from the grave... raw, ugly and proper! Haunting corpses with shrieks of underrated sickness, Luck Of The Corpse is a prime example of just how Death Metal the 80's could get. Despite it's release in 1991 as the first band signed to Relapse Records, Deceased's debut album reanimates tracks primarily written & demoed throughout '85-'89 and easily stands ground with Possessed, Necrovore, early Death, and demo-era Morbid Angel. This is the album that forged Deceased as one of America's pioneering, legendary underground bands... a classic debut that still holds up 20+ years later! Features restored artwork taken from the film Black Sabbath, remastered audio and includes the unreleased 1990 Raw Demo plus a never before heard version of Feasting On Skulls recorded in 1998. Killer!

The first release for Deceased since 2005's As The Weird Travel On, new album Surreal Overdose is set for big things. The long-running metal maestros have kept the faith since 1985, summoning a slew of cult releases and building up an immensely dedicated fanbase that has followed the band merrily into hell and back. Now, at the dawn of 2011, King Fowley and his band of 'bangers have returned! Fowley has returned to the drum kit for this recording, handling both drums and vocals. The band will welcome in longtime live member Shane Fuegel on guitar (replacing Mark Adams who retired from music in 2007), while Mike Smith continues on studio guitar alongside longtime bassist Les Snyder

Complete demo compilation 1984~1990 of DECEASED, one of the oldest and most respected death metal band from USA. Featuring demos, rehearsals(with some unreleased tunes), 3 live shows with great quality and BONUS with their long time lost demo Luck of the Corpse and super rare Evilaxe (pre-deceased) rehearsal. 20 pages enhandced booklet, long interview, as well as liner notes written by King Fowley, revealing the true story behind early days. Limited edition release of 300 and includes Deceased logo patch released on the awesome Chinese label AreaDeath Productions

Deceiver CD
Featuring members of Maze Of Torment / Flesh & Thrown, Sweden's Deciever set out to set the world ablaze with thier debut EP release from Iron Fist Productions. This is fast and aggressive Thrash/Heavy Metal in the vein of Venom, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest and OLD Metallica... get ready to bang your head until your dead!!!

Riding With The Reaper CD
Killer Swedish Thrashing Heavy Metal for fans of early Mercyful Fate and Metallica... open the beer and headbang!

Decieverion CD
Featuring Cazz from CRUCIFIER and GRAND BELIALS KEY! Primal, yet well-played elite Black Metal brutality!

Formed in Cleveland Ohio in the mid '80's Decimation was one of Cleveland's early thrash legends. The band released three demos before most of the members gave up on their metal ambitions. The first demo, 1987's "Armed to the Teeth" is a true metal classic and one of the best demos to ever come out of Cleveland. Featuring buzzsaw guitars and bar dives from hell songs like "Tachophobia" and "Lethal Actions" showed the Bay Areahad nothing on these Cleveland Rippers. Vocalist/Guitarist Jeff Charest would eventualy be replaced by Jim Lippucci (vocals) and Dan Goodrich (guitar), Both of Parma, Ohio HC legends "Domestic Crisis". They quickly released "The Dark Embrace", a four song demo that while not as aggressive as "Armed to the Teeth" showed growth musically. The band went on to record "Rat Race" a five song demo that reflected the bands growth musically and demonstrated that the lineup had truly solidified into a technical metal beast bent on demonizing the rust belt. Conflict eventually tore the band apart and "Rat Race" would not see the light of day. That all changed when Reaper Metal records rescued the group from absolute obscurity with the release of "Forgotten Race", A Cd anthology collecting all three demos remastered from the original source recordings along with restored artwork and lyrics. Though not one of Cleveland's best known bands, Decimation holds a place in Cleveland metal history as one of the towns first and mightiest true thrash masters!

Prepare For Self-Destruction CD
Excellent melodic Death Metal from Germany with Black and Thrash elements!

Festering, Rotting, Dripping Terror! CD
The debut release from Shepherd of Rot Records. A killer compilation for a low price!

From The End To Inseminate CD
Taking influences from such Metal greats as MORBID ANGEL, BEHEMOTH, IMMORTAL, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, NILE and DYING FETUS, DECONFORMITY blends both the sinister sounds of Black Metal and the brutality of Death Metal along with elements of Thrash into a beast all their own. The result is punishing Death Metal laced with nihil post-apocalyptic hurls. Includes an awesome 12 page booklet... killer release on Pathos Productions

Beyond The Cursed Tombs CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! DECREPITAPH has returned with a thunderous, overshadowing sound that sums up their second album, "Beyond the Cursed Tombs"! Heavier than their debut, they bring you an onslaught of darkly morbid, chaotic tracks of pure doomy Death Metal, including songs such as "It Shrieks From Below", "Haunted Mausoleum", "Catacomb of Ghastly Souls", and more hymns from hell! This is the most dank, creepy, and HEAVIEST album ever to be released on Razorback Recordings. Prepare to be possessed by the dark cloud of putrid decay again!

Sadistic slayings soaked in reverb! Chainsaw guitars tearing your flesh apart! The gates of hell have been opened and DECREPITAPH is your grim reaper awaiting your death! Finally unearthed is the dark and sinister debut full-length CD from DECREPITAPH! 10 demonic rituals of barbaric DOOM/DEATH METAL from beyond the grave! "Condemned Cathedral" exhumes the horrific atmosphere created by the origins of the genre while also giving you a sound of their own. This is the ultimate in murky, down-tuned, inhuman death metal that is the soundtrack to your own burial in HELL! Fans of WINTER, MYTHIC, ASPHYX, DISEMBOWELMENT, INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE, COFFINS, SADISTIC INTENT, early-DEATH, DECOMPOSED(UK), and other rotten minions of classic DOOM/DEATH METAL...rejoice!

The Enemy Within CD
Swedish heavy/power metal at its finest! Dedication strikes back with their second album "The Enemy Within", 3 years after their debut ("Reflections of Time"), full of storming riffs, melodies and power metal hymns! Recorded at Black Lounge Studios by Jonas Kjellgren (Katatonia, Scar Symmetry, Centinex, Steel Attack, Carnal Forge etc.)

The 1998 death metal classic reissued... a Technical and blasting US death from California!

Trading Pieces CD
Brutal Death Metal from California. Remixed & Remastered version

The Stench Of Redemption CD
Emerging from seemingly endless controversy re-energised and re-focused, the legendary Deicide hit back with their most confrontational album in years. 'The Stench Of Redemption' bristles with the defiance and confidence borne of a new line up (welcoming Jack Owen and Ralph Santola to the band), a new desire and a new common purpose. Crammed full of anti-christian invective supported by a barrage of blast beats and grimly direct riffing Deicide 2006 plays with the enthusiasm and intensity that puts every young pretender band to shame. The addition of fluid, melodic leads will surprise many - but the aggression and violence inherent in each track will please all those who want only one thing from Deicide - the ultimate Death Metal sound. This is as good as it gets people, a highly recommend album!!

Filipino Antichrist CD
Deluxe 10-panel fold-out digipak w/ metallic gold print & alternate layout/artwork from jewel case CD! The ultimate annihilation in audio torture is now at hand! In this time of over-saturated bestial metal, Deiphago blaze their own barbaric trail of Satanic Metal with the most punishing, primitive & bestial attack of 2009!! With a background of demo tapes throughout the 90's & their debut full-length endorsed by the Ross Bay Cult, the Filipino Antichrist's succeed in making this hi-speed attack even more rewarding than before. No wannabe Fallen Angel Of Doom, no wannabe The Oath Of Black Blood, no Angelcunt or even War Cult Supremacy. Just pure uncompromising, unconventional violence: this is bestiality. Deiphago are the true beasts. Fuck off to the false! Total blasphemy brought to you by Hells Headbangers

The Storm Before The Calm CD
Bay Area thrash metal warriors Dekapitator strike back with death strike #2, The Storm Before the Calm. A sharper, more traditional thrash metal attack that their early work, The Storm Before the Calm impacts with all the subtleties of the Armageddon itself. Nine nuclear metal offensives bursting with razor-sharp staccato riffing, nerve-severing vocals, and full on battery of classic metal are delivered w/ the neck-snapping fury of the masters of the genre. Dekapitator are the formidable new leaders of the thrash metal renaissance. Thrash til Death! Another awesome release from Relapse

CreHated From No_Thing CD
Surprising yet refreshing debut offering of technical, original and progressive Italian death metal madness recalling PESTILENCE, ATHEIST, BEHEMOTH, MESHUGGAH, CYNIC, DEATH... killer! Released on Punishment 18 Records

Great blend of speed/thrash metal with power and aggression! Why isn't this legendary band more known? Because of their Christian lyrics that cast them in a more inner circle of the devoted Christian metal fans. But they deserve to be more widely heard as they delivery great songs from start to finish incorporating influences from ANTHRAX, PANTERA, etc. This a great re-issue of their 1994 album, with bonus songs and great looking booklet! Get this album now!

Thrashing underground death metal! Sweden srikes again with a massive death hammer. Delve is a new band that has and reformed under the moniker of Verminous, this is a worthy investment for fans of brutal Swedish death metal

Ultra brutal Death Metal for fans of Disgorge and Suffocation!

Faithless CD
Uniquely styled, devastating brutal Death Metal from Slovakia

3rd album of these finnish Death Metal legends!! Intense, crushing & technical Death with Thrash hints of the highest quality, setting new standards with their unique & original vision, this album will become an instant classic... killer!

Re-issue of this true Death Metal classic!! 1st album from '92 of this mythic finnish band that achieved the most perfect balence between brutality, melody, speed, heavyness, darkness, mysticism... An essential work for anyone that really enjoys Death Metal!! Includes their demo '91 "Unholy Domain" and a new design. Released on Xtreem Music

Christ Is A Lie CD
Debut album by a Polish horde from city of Zielona Góra. 22 minutes of infernal and extreme death metal. Nine fast and uncompromising acts. "Christ Is A Lie" contains brutal, aggressive and satanic death metal, blapshemies in every single sound. Twenty two minutes of goddamning hell, no one could stand more anyway... a killer fucking album!

Remembering The Cabalisticae Laments CD
The pioneers of Mexican doom death metal! Includes '95 and '96 demos remastered with new artwork

Demolition Hammer were a thrash/death metal band from The Bronx, NY who have always been cherished and sought-after in the underground. This 2-CD collection compiles their studio albums - Tortured Existence, Epidemic Of Violence & Time Bomb plus demos and video. Re-mastered and with liner notes by John Kevill of Warbringer

Spaced Out Monkey CD
After 9 years the legends of NWOBHM, DEMON is back with a breath taking album. The heavy classic hard rock with symphonic influences will never be better than this. The album has already received super reviews in all the major German rock magazines and it looks like DEMON will make it big this time... an awesome CD on Record Heaven

March Of The Norse (Limited Edition) CD
Most know him as one of the founding members, guitarist and lyricist for the legendary Immortal. Now Demonaz strikes out with his first solo album, March Of The Norse! Aiding him are Ice Dale (Enslaved) on guitars and bass and Armagedda (ex Immortal) on drums. The result is a breathtaking and epic slab of unrelenting and pure 80s old school metal in the vein of Bathory. On March Of The Norse you know exactly what this is – no compromises, just ten timeless and classic blackened and beautiful metal tunes. This is the limited digi with bonus track, don't miss out this!

Joined In Darkness CD
Remastered with bonus track, "The Ode to Eternal Darkness", from the limited edition 7" on Spikekult / Battle Sk'rs and now with an added poster / lyric sheet. "Joined in Darkness" summons forth Death itself with its primal, heavy, and droning atmosphere. Thundering drums, bottom-end heavy guitars and crushing bass create the overall huge, ominous, and oppressive production. Ixithra's corpselike/reptillian vocals are terrifyingly cold and lack any emotion as they command death's destruction. Great artwork, by Michael Riddick, completes the atmosphere with images of human remains, decay, and dusty ruins. Another excellent, high quality release on Negative Existence Records

Glorious digipak double CD of crude, barbaric black metal from this possessed U.S. horde

Catacombs Of The Grotesque CD
Debut album from Mexican death metal outfit Denial! Features members of Cenotaph and Pulverized! Crushing, morbid and dark metal taking you on a path to the abyss! Pure lovecraft worship! Another awesome release on Asphyxiate

Limited edition DIGIPAK CD with 16-page booklet booklet featuring illustrations & lyrics for each song. Following the path of the fallen angel from down under, Denouncement Pyre spews forth from the mouth of the abyss their long-awaited full-length release entitled World Cremation. Delving deeper into the realm of the lawless gods whilst offering primitive blackened death metal far darker and more focused than previously displayed on past EPs and demos. Join or suffer...

...For Death CD
Second album from this Finnish band sees them leaving their associations with funeral doom behind for a sound more focused on a death/black hybrid. Still doom-laden in atmoshere, and still with plenty of slow paces, the symphonic sound of Depressed Mode is growing and mutating, and 'For Death' promises a cool new direction for the band... unique!

Split CD
Depression play groovy, old school Death/Grind from Germany including a BENEDICTION cover! Paganizer hail
from Sweden and play awesome old school, crusty Death Metal. This split also includes 2 video clips... sick release!

Kill It By The Brick CD
Grinding cyber-Gore originality and truly insane recorded art from a one-man weirdo. The name of the band describes the music: sick, fun, brutal, crazy, and mystifying, all at the same time. Harkening back to the old cassette or EP days of MEATSHITS, ANAL CUNT, PSYCHO, etc... this is insane Grindcore from China! Released on Half-Life Records

Awesome collection of female fronted Death/Doom Metal! This CD contains their 1990 Demo "The Unholy Ground", their 7-inch EP on Serpahic Decay, their 7-inch split with Nunslaughter and much more! Released on Necroharmonic

The long-running German death/thrash/black metal diehards release one of their most memorable and impressive albums with 'Angelwhore'. Infectious, interesting, dark and true, this is Desaster at their best! The song Nihilistic Overture features ex-vocalist of Protector Martin Missy... a killer release on Reborn/Metal Blade Records

Process Of Decay CD
An almighty slice of vile, putrifying brutal Death Metal from one of the genres masters. The latest release and another fine notch on the rotted corpse of extreme metal. A must have CD for all fanatics of Cannibal Corpse and Insision

Metal For Demons CD
Thrash Metal from Norway featuring members of Enslaved, Gorgoroth and Borknagar... fun stuff!

Virus Of Violence CD
Bludgeoning and frantic Death Metal is what this Dutch band serves up, Thrashy and energetic, combining blasting intensity and some melodic riffing. Slow churning riffs are also quite common, and almost hint at a Doom Metal influence. Through and through you could say that this is an old school band in nature. The production isn't dirty but the music definitely recalls the glory days, albeit possibly a bit more under control and with a few surprises along the way. This band is energetic, writes amazing songs and really understands the crucial aspects of Metal, an excellent release

Fragments Of Reprisal CD
Debut album of Czech masters of groove slammage with hyper blasting drumming by Tom Corn (Lykathea Aflame). Featuring guest vocals by Joel of Arsebreed, Zdenek of Godless Truth and Fred of Smashed Face. Album includes a brutal cover version of Anointed In Servitude by Interal Bleeding, and a videoclip for A Spiral of Paranoia

CD version with 8 page booklet archiving all EP cover art, lyrics, band photos & liner notes. Australian and antichrist, king of kings, the lords of the wild the legendary DESTROYER 666 are all this and infinitely more, feeding the hellbangers' insatiable need with their long-awaited To The Devil His Due collection. Compiling the band's cult (and long-out-of-print) 7 vinyl releases onto a fiery full-length, To the Devil His Due is perhaps DESTROYER 666's greatest clutch of songs, their most memorable material ever, immediately ingraining and marching forward to victory. Satanic speed metal majesty with which to dominate, fuck, and destroy - To The Devil His Due! Recommended for diehards of DESTROYER 666, because there is only one DESTROYER 666, now and forever... get this awesome collection now!

Nailed CD
A real value for your money: quality silver & metallic foil print on black paper. Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree accompanied by blasphemous Riddick illustrations. Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!!!

Their first opus of Brutal and technical death metal. A must for fans of Deeds Of Flesh, Decapitated, Suffocation

Art Of Extermination CD
Dizzying technical death metal from Africa. Combine the puzzling mathmetal of Psyopus with the powerful death metal of Decapitated and that just scrapes the surface of what 'Art of Extermination' will evoke! Released on Deep Send

Mighty Chicagoland (NOT Texas!) 80's Death Metal available on CD for the very first time!! This is a piece of metal history that must NOT be ignored! Features their previously unreleased "Untitled 1987 LP" along with their 2 cult demos "A Creation of My Ripping Death -1986" and "A Re-Creation of My Ripping Death -1987"! Great metal sound with liner notes, band pics, and 14 tracks total. This is an actual legitimate full color CD, NOT a cheap shitty CD-R!! ALL YOU POSERS WILL BE CRUSHED BY TOTAL FUCKING RIPPING DEATH, ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Conjuring Evil CD
Ritualistic Black Thrash dedicated to the Old Metal Underground. Pure fucking Evil!

The Summoning CD
The Fifth Ritual from the TRUE commanders of Unholy Black/Thrash Metal... fuck the posers!

God To The Illfated CD
Instead of heading down paths already traveled, Devian decided to focus on a more dynamic old school vibe, which is built upon a very catchy combination of melody and aggression as the foundation. Devian gather the best elements of blackened Death/Thrash Metal with strong influences from traditional Heavy Metal. Features members of Marduk!

Apathyphus 3-Inch Mini CD
Brutal Death Metal, combining elements from old school as well as newer bands. This limited edition 3-Inch Mini CD also includes an excellent cover version of Nasum's "Inhale/Exhale"! Another excellent release on Nuclear Winter

At Hell's Deep CD
Old school Blackened Heavy Metal influenced by Motorhead/Hellhammer!!! Features guest vocals by Martin Missy (former vocalist of PROTECTOR)... booklet includes awesome pictures and lyrics. A must have release for all!

Another excellent 2 on 1 release by the master of Blackend Heavy Metal still faithfully sticking to occult NWOBHM / VENOM roots. 'Oath To Metal' or 'Metal Dictator' would certainly be a great soundtrack for your next beer bash!

Metalizer CD
The 3rd CD of these pure Metal maniacs around frontman Devil Lee Rot. New material plus re-recorded older but songs like 'In Hell Where Sinners Burn' which get a fuller, more explosive sound. If bands like RUNNING WILD, ANGEL WITCH and VENOM get your hair flying then you need this! Hand numbered limited edition of 1000 copies

Maboroshi CD
Intense, raw Japanese grindcore/thrash attack at its finest!

Reality's Nightmare Illusions CD
Filthy, old school Death/Doom Metal... raw and primitive! Hailing from Massachusetts, Devoured Fate is the twisted brainchild of Robert Ernest, Ryan Booth and Tom Robie. "Reality's Nightmare Illusions" is a complete funeral for your mind, presenting the unspeakable acts of mad blood fiends and grim grave violators. For fans of Abscess, Anatomia, Asphyx, Autopsy, Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Coffins, Darkthrone, Death, Death Breath, Deicide, Dismember, Divine Eve, Entombed, Grave, Hooded Menace, Impetigo, Incantation, Master, Mausoleum, Obituary, Obliteration, Pungent Stench, Possessed, Suffocation and Winter

Bones Flesh N' Partysnacks CD
Bones, Flesh N' Partysnacks features twenty-six bursts of catchy, groove-laden, punk and gore influenced grindcore. Devoured Flesh Regurgitation blend the neck-snapping rockin' grooves of Regurgitate with Napalm Death style grindcore, infused with crust/punk and L.D.O.H. gore sickness. Depraved rockin' gore/grind for your fucked up ass!

Jilwah CD
Eastern Ritualistic Ambient! From the Kingdom of Bahrain with a culture and history of its own, Dhul-Qarnayn brings forth the ritualism of ancient civilizations with Jilwah. Listenable only for those that are willing to meditate upon the black book of Al-Jilwah, delving into the Ancient Eastern atmospheres. Awesome release on Shaytan Productions

Chaos In Hell / Possessed By Death CD
The return of Florida's masters of bone-crushing Satanic Death Metal, DIABOLIC! Two EPs from these underground tyrants now available on one CD. Supreme Anti-Christian evil for fans of Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, and Hate Eternal

The fourth full-length release from Florida's leading extreme death-metallers, with a revamped lineup and production by Grammy award winner Neil Kernon (Exhumed, Skinless, Cannibal Corpse) Infinity Through Purification perfectly captures the hatred and utter contempt the band feels towards those that pose and stand in their way. Without doubt this is the most evolved and devastatingly brutal Diabolic record yet! Cover artwork by Eric Pertl (Lord Blasphemer)

Beyond The Horizon CD
Obscure Black Metal from Greece!

Forbidden Anger CD
Diary About My Nightmares (D.A.M.N.) was formed in Braunschweig/Germany in 2001. After releasing the first Album “Das Vermächtnis” in 2006 the band entered many stages in Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Denmark etc to spread their songs over Europe. The charasteristics of the music is a combination of fast and aggressive Death metal including melodic and groovy parts what makes the music varied and unique. Supplemented by their female growl- and shout-vocalist Diary About My Nightmares guides you into an angry and unkind world to leave a persistant impression. Now – 3,5 years later – the band is back with their new album “Forbidden Anger” to give a proof of their development during the last years. The album is produced by Jakob “Batten” Hansen (ILLDISPOSED), and is a result from combining experience with constantly progression completed with a persuasive sound and mixed by Ziggy at Zigsound Studios(BEHEMOTH, ILLDISPOSED, MERCENARY, HATESPHERE, SCAMP). A killer fucking album!

DIE HARD hail from Sweden, playing Old School Black/Death/Thrash Metal band that features drummer of the infamous band WATAIN. DIE HARD brings a killer mixture of Black/Death/Thrash with influences from such bands as BATHORY, VENOM, POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, SLAYER and RAZOR. Vocals are reminiscent of old TIAMAT style vocals at times, while also adding in some more higher pitched screams akin to classic RAZOR style. This release will bring you back to the good old days of the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s style metal scene. This CD is one not to be missed!!!

Ripped From V To A CD
One of Australia’s youngest bunches of grind fiends have been steamrolling Melbourne crowds and leaving jaws on the floor left, right and centre for the past couple of years with some seriously brutal and heavy as all fuck goregrind, and now No Escape is finally on the verge of letting the rest of the world experience the vulgar punishment they’ve quickly become so adept at dishing out! This is some sick shit laced with maniacal blasting, chunky filthy grooves, crawling sludged out dirges and horrendous vomit vocals! Die Pigeon Die will surely be at the forefront of the impending goregrind resurgence that will crush the legions of wannabes and never-weres! A recommend release!

Antagonist CD
Brutal Death Metal that is technical yet catchy

Autoconflicto CD
Intense Death/Grind from Spain!

Lapsus CD
Very intense grind from Spain with Hysterical vocals! Difenacum from Spain deliver massive Grindcore with an old school approach to guitar riffs, but also some exits to chaotical melodies & moshing mania! Excellent release

Ear-bleeding Grindcore in the vein of Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Extreme Noise Terror

Debut of Black/Death violence for fans of Blasphemy and Revenge!

Killer full length from these crusty Italian grinders!

Grime! Greed! Gore! Dirty Mike & The Boys features current and former members of Phobia, Gravehill, Cobra Venom, Projeria, Excruciating Terror, Mange, Destroyed in Seconds and more. These sickos play real down and dirty Los Angeles Creep Noise (as "Dirty" Mike Abominator from Gravehill calls it), influenced by the sweet sounds of 80's Hardcore Punk, old school Grindcore and early 90's Power Violence. If there was ever a soundtrack to the seedy shit holes and back alleys of L.A., this is it! For fans of and Raw Power, Siege, Mob 47, Dayglo Abortions, Discharge, RKL, Septic Death, The Geto Boys, Sore Throat, Poison Idea, Circle Jerks, Hellnation, Crossed Out and S.O.B.

Violation Wound were born in a beer and whiskey soaked basement, driven by the burning desire to rip out a dose of 100% real Punk Rock. Nothing trendy, nothing wimpy, nothing pretentious... just quick-fire face melters fueled by aggression and kick ass riffs that burrow into your skin. Violation Wound consists of Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death, Abscess), Joe Orterry and Matt O’Connell and have no interest in the modern, plastic or safe crap that passes off as Punk in these dismal days where haircuts and image are the main focus. They would rather honor the raw, dirty and pissed off ways of the original innovators, while carving out a path all their own. For fans of the Sex Pistols, Circle Jerks, The Exploited, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, Motorhead, The Dead Boys, GG Allin and Eat My Fuk

First Class Elite hail from the Netherlands and exist out of anger from ripoff politicians and the breakdown of Dutch values in general. With a killer lineup that includes Bob Bagchus, Martin Van Drunen and Paul Baayens from Asphyx, FCE is intense Hardcore that harkens back to the days of original, old school crossover. Hard, raw and angry like a wild hog! For fans of Carnivore, S.O.D., Discharge, Nuclear Assault, Backfire and Black Sabbath. Features killer artwork from Nev... prepare for yourself for an onslaught of filth, sleaze and mayhem when Metal goes Punk!

Figli Della Vostra Catastrofe CD
After the split EP's with Wojczech and Disarm, Dirty Power Game are back with intense fury! Hailing from Rome, Italy's D.P.G. assault your ears with a lethal mix of ultracrust a-là Disrupt! Put double speed to your classic D-Beat albums, add 2 classic days crusty voices guttural and histeric and you have DPG. A killer solution for the hopes of humanity!

Realidade Har Ingen Grenser "Split" CD
This long awaited split it now out and ready to destroy! Disarm brazilian fucks are back after so many years on hell breakdown! Complete Crust D-beat attack with social agenda. Eleven storming songs including a SYA cover. International crust spirits! On the other side, straight from Oslo, comes Sound Your Alarm, playing CrustPunk influenced by Hellshock, Doom, Amebix and No Security. Raw riffs with d-beat and gruffy vocals. The band is Dispal, Lille, Anders, Nico and Roy. They even cover Disarm as a salute for Friendship! 8 songs of insane holocaust crust!

After 4 and 1/2 years, the legendary austrian death metal commando kickyour ass with the new killer album! 9 tracks of old school death metal will bomb you away! No compromises, just high energetic brutality! This is a must have!

A Relapse classic is now reborn and then some! Australia's dark devotees of devastating doom Disembowelment deliver the ultimate in doom with their long-awaited 2xCD discography. After Disembowelment have dropped a 5,000 ton granite slab on you, they lift the soul upward with the unorthodox fusion of ambience and atmosphere. Exquisite, augmented packaging highlights Disembowelment's massive musical mystique. An essential release from Relapse!

Brutal Extreme Death metal! Re-issue of their sold out release with 3 unreleased bonus tracks. Features ex-Incantation members from the classic Onward to Golgotha era... sick, heavy as fuck brutal apocalypse!

D-beat defenders Disfear strike back with its long-awaited new full-length Live The Storm. Live The Storm delivers a new-found ferocity and intensity captured by engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Coliseum, Doomriders, Animosity)

The Scandinavian hardcore assault of Disfear utilizes blistering distortion, nihilistic rage and a scorching metallic powerload to bleed the Earth and burn its skies. On Misanthropic Generation, detonating power chords collide with raging rhythms, while the merciless vocals of Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates) explode through the sonic architecture

Scream Bloody Gore!! An asset of old fashion Death Metal torn from the grave while intoxicated on genre pioneering masterpieces like "Severed Survival", "Horrified", "Into the Grave" and "Scream Bloody Gore". Prepare for memorable & heavy tracks of utter horror, pain, gore & death sure to satisfy all deathheads who have the guts to listen. FOR DIE HARDS OF: Repulsion, Death, Autopsy, Grave this is one album that is sure to please all old school fiends!

Impalement And Holocaust Stench CD
Brazilian horde offers up a platter of bloody, vile and unmistakably violent death metal. Evoking legendary SA acts such as Expulser and early Krisiun, while never sounding "retro," This is the pure embodiment of complete aural decimation

Sanguine Scales CD
True Death/Thrash Metal from Belarus! Belarus in spite of stereotypes is known not only by odious and distinctive Black Metal but by truly great Death Metal. Original Death Metal! Let's remember the Legend - THRASHER who gave the birth to the whole Metal scene of Magiljou by its Nitzschean Death Metal. the really legendary EXHUMATOR, the first ones who broke the "iron curtain" and released its splendid songs on Western label. DECAPITATION from Hrodno who were in ability to kick the asses of American stars by their own musical skills. VELD from Vitebsk who have recently clanked by their unique style on the CIS underground stages... DANGER, EVTHANAZIA, DEEP SORROW, BLEEDING, FRODMORTEL, DISMAL INSANITY, DECOMPOSITION and more really talented bands... time (damn it!) has gorged everything and only recordings on the rare tapes from past times remain... But... Motherfuck!!! It was really refreshing to get demo-CD-R "Contaminated surgery" of DISGOD from Minsk. True Metal barge through dynamics killing time and trends!!! Those few raw tracks were catchy and unforgettable. And it was a little bit scary - will we hear the full-length and will the band be able to progress in that own direction? And now... With undisguised ecstasy we inform you: debut album of DISGOD "Sanguine scales" is out now! And it's just killer!!! True Death/Thrash Metal of old school tempering but forged by new blacksmiths. Not for the sorrow of the days gone but for the present!!! All skeptics can fuck off: Bestial grin of true Metal is what we BELIEVE in! A classic underground release sure to please!

Classic! Brutal goregrind from Mexico... if the cover doesn't make you puke, than the musick will! 1999 reissue which include 4 bonus tracks of PURE SCROTUM-SPLATTERING BRUTALITY! This is an essential album for everyone

Gore Blessed To The Worms CD
4th album of this fucking sonic bulldozer from Mexico!! You won't miss Antimo on this album at all!! As brutal, heavy and holocaustic as always but with a more old school Death Metal touch a la DEMILICH, CREMATORY (swe), CARCASS... if you thought that "Necrholocaust" was impossible to top, just listen to this!! Brain crushing!!

The Horror Of It All CD
Disgust have been around the block a few times now, and play a brutal mix of crust/grind, hardcore and Swedish thrash. Their sound just kicks you in the teeth and never lets up, really brutal stuff... excellent riffs, pummeling drums and a razorblade vocal attack with neverending speed! For fans of Disrupt, Benumb, Discharge, Otophobia and Word Salad

DISCHARGE + HELLHAMMER!!! D-beat Black Metal from Spain. Brand new 7 studio trax

A perverted overdose of raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like a fist-fight between Hellhammer and Discharge while Motorhead, Bathory & GBH are being blasted in the background! Played by members of established underground bands

Reason Of Suffering CD
Eight (de)compositions of brutal Death Metal in the vein of early CANNIBAL CORPSE and SUFFOCATION. Crushing and furious music with murderous riffs, killing tempos and a technical touch. One of the most exciting Polish Death Metal bands out today, a really great disc, a must have! Co-released on Ruptured and Sevared Records

James Murphy's complete Disincarnate work... a technical dark death metal masterpiece! Includes lengthy liner notes by relevant people and also rare 'Soul Erosion' demo bonus tracks. A mandatory, essential fucking release!

Taedium Vitae CD
Disjecta Membrae performs inhuman grotesque vomitive doom, driven by the will and desire to create a darker, sicker atmosphere that would at last be faithful to the medieval visions of hell! Funeral Doom featuring member of Funeralium

Ad Majorem De Glorian CD
A well-honed, tightly-executed death metal sound akin to a mix of Nile, Dying Fetus and Cryptopsy, Dismal Divinity impresses further due to their hellish howls being provided by a female vocalist. It ain't goth-metal, folks...

Understand CD
Crushing, unforgiving, relentless, disorienting, rhythmically difficult modern metal aggression... the debut of extreme mindfuck masters! Brutal, technical off the wall metal for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah

Dismember were among those responsible for Death Metal's big breakthrough in the early 90's. This 2008 self-titled release is the band's 8th studio release and continues in the old school death tradition they helpeddevelop. Killer!

Embrace The Dark CD
Ohio's blackened Death/Thrash demons Dismemberment make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the highly anticipated album "Embrace The Dark". A lethal combination of old school and contemporary attitude, Dismemberment do not disappoint. Successfully blending melody, intensity, memorable riffs, pounding drums, catchy songwriting and impressive guitar leads, the result is a crushing release of raw brutality and fury! "Embrace the Dark" was recorded with Travis Lautenschlager at Club Sandwich Studios in Columbus, OH, mixed by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) at Audiosiege Studio and mastered by Dan Randall (Ghoul) at Mammoth Sound Mastering. Features cover artwork by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov. For fans of 1349, Absu, Acheron, Carcass, Death, Dissection, Exhumed, Gorguts, Hate, Immolation, Incantation, Kreator, Marduk, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Origin and Weapon

Nel Mio Mondo Il Sole Non Sorge Mai CD
Are you ready for the new assault of Italian Hardcore? Another band showing the world what the New Wave of Italian Crust is! Heavy and powerful metallicrust filled with melodies and old school Italian anger. Addicted to Sweden! Punks and metalheads alike will appreciate the breakneck pace, furious vocals and politically-charged Italian lyrics

Box set contains the Unrest reissue, The Rest, a DVD with 4 live shows, and a 52 page booklet!

Boston's crust-hardcore kings Disrupt ground out ferocious music in their short but furious existence, establishing a reputation as one of the world's premier hardcore grind bands. Their one-and-only full-length Unrest is a certifiable hardcore classic and, The Rest, the first official collection of all of the bands splits, demos, vinyl-only EPs and previously unreleased live recordings, is an absolute must-fucking-have. Containing over 80 tracks and clocking in at close to two hours in length, The Rest is essential for hardcore and grind fans and cements this legendary bands reputation as one of the finest truly extreme bands in the last 20 years. All tracks remastered/supervised by Disrupt!

Boston's crust-hardcore kings Disrupt ground out ferocious music in their short but furious existence, establishing a reputation as one of the world's premier hardcore grind bands. Their first (and only) full-length Unrest contains 30 tracks of the most savage and powerful punk-inspired grindcore ever recorded. Influenced by E.N.T., Crude SS, Mob 47, Doom and Siege, Disrupt absolutely destroyed the deftly contrived major label hardcore of the time (and today) and set a standard matched by few punk bands since. Unrest is a grating anarchist audio onslaught that will put you in the mood for rebellion. All tracks have been remastered supervised by Disrupt! Get this fucking CD now and grind your head in!

The legendary Swedish underground metal pioneers triumphantly return to the metal scene after 11 years! "Reinkaos" is a masterpiece of ritualistic and black magical concepts best described as Anti-Cosmic Metal Of Death... killer!

The Somberlain CD
The ultimate re-issue of one of the best Swedish black metal albums ever! The album that defined the latter Swedish Black Metal sound, filled with Epic freezing cold guitar riffs, blasting drums & sinister vocal arrangements

The ultimate re-issue of this timeless majestic black metal classic. Absolutely essential!!!

Debut album of brutal Death Metal for fans of Devourment and Dying Fetus. Features cover art from Vincent Locke!

To Wight Shalt Never Shine CD
Avante garde black/death/doom metal from Belarus... interesting!

An awesome anthology release from Tarot Productions, presenting the recorded history of this cult band who haunted the scene in the early '90s. They were short-lived, but their doom-darkened old-school death metal remains highly regarded. Recommended to fans of Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Coffins, Autopsy, Venom, Nihilist, and early Cathedral

Tortured, Raped & Sacrificed To Satan CD
Guttural and brutal death metal from Oklahoma. Inspired by serial Killers, the masters of brutality blast you with immense torture. This grinding death assault is not for the weak at heart... sick stuff! Released on Vrykroblast

Denying With Arrogance Your Pathetic Existence CD
Excellent misanthropic Black Metal from Greece! Compilation rare and out of print material plus live tracks

Ancient Crypt Metal 3-Inch Mini CD
Members of Hungarian cults Vorkuta and Marblebog join together for this display of evil Black/Thrash! This a pro-pressed 3" mini CD that comes with a killer full 4-page booklet, courtesy of the Autopsy Kitchen label

Formed in Valencia in 2005, Domains plays Occult Death Metal influenced by acts such as Miasma, Possessed, Sadistic Intent, Asphyx or Morgoth. Enter the domains of death... towards pleroma! Another excellent release!

Essence Of Brutality CD
Brutal US technical death metal in the vein of Necrophagist featuring ex-Nile / ex-Lust of Decay members

Masochist CD
FINALLY what you have all been waiting for. The long awaited follow up to DTI's "Essence of Brutality" is finally here. "Masochist" offers a more mature effort from shredder Joe Payne (Divine Heresy, Ex-Nile, Ex- Lust Of Decay) and skinsman Jordan Varela (Ex-Lividity, Ex- Lust of Decay and countless others). A perfect blend of technincality and straightforward machine like brutality. Imagine blending NECROPHAGIST and AEON and you would be kinda close. A must have for technical and straight forward death metal freaks alike... a killer fucking release for your sick mind!

War Ritual CD
Bone-chilling black metal from the abyss, spreading the plague of sonic terror! Dominium make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the crushing album "War Ritual". Formed back in 1999, this is a no bullshit Black Metal assault which attacks from the first note to the last... nasty, filthy and blasting. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia (RVA), Dominium plays Black Metal the way it was meant to be played; no sad and dreary songs that have plagued the genre for so long. Just a pure attack of hatred and death... to speak of Dominium is to speak of Destruction. No sanctuary will be left... a declaration of War upon Black Metal itself. For fans of Allfather, Angelcorpse, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Funeral Mist, Immortal, Incantation, Krieg, Kult Ov Azazel, Marduk, Mayhem, Order From Chaos, Profanatica, Venom and Vital Remains. Posers fuck off!

A 14 song compendium of crushing Doom, heavy backwoods psychedelia, and stoned blues sludgery from the infamous Maryland/DC Doom Capital scene, featuring all exclusive,rare and new tracks from CLUTCH, THE HIDDEN HAND (featuring Wino of Spirit Caravan / The Obsessed / Saint Vitus / Place Of Skulls), EARTHRIDE, UNORTHODOX, INTERNAL VOID, BLACK MANTA, LIFE BEYOND, WAR INJUN, CARRION, KING VALLEY, COUNTERSHAFT, NITROSEED, LEVIATHAN A.D., and LOS TRES PESADOS. Since the early 1970's, the Maryland/DC region has been home to one of the most vital and influential underground music movements in the world, helping to define the crushing aesthetic of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock. This compilation features both legends and newcomers of the Doom Capital, and delivers over 65 minutes of thunderous doom rock and blackened riffage from the dark shadow of the nations capital, along with detailed liner notes outlining the history of the Doom Capital scene, and information on each band

DoomDogs CD
DoomDogs are heavy. And we mean HEAVY, as if you could feel the earth crumbling under your feet every time they strike a chord. It’s doom, it’s stoner, it’s 70’s rock and it’s everything you want as long as it throws in the pot catchy melodic hooks and grooves like a motherfucker. For fans of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Earthride... killer!

Doomed consisted of Chris and Danny from Autopsy along with the Boogieman on vocals. The CD contains both 7" EP's they released (for Peaceville collector's club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at Autopsy shows. All tracks appear on CD for the first time.Fans of Autopsy/Abscess should not miss this great collection of filthy punk fuelled death! Comes with booklet filled with lyrics, liner notes, rare photos and more! This is a truly obscure gem of mid nineties Death Metal that we are proud to finally bring out of the darkness... killer!

True pure old-school evil metal from Virginia. This CD collects a variety of tracks from the beginning of their career, spanning 1992-1997 including their two out of print albums, Those Whom Satan Hath Joined and Satanavoid. 20 tracks! DOOMSTONE is a band that thrives on evil metal! Yet another project from metal legend KING FOWLEY

Beyond Salvation CD
Death Metal from Virginia with Thrash elements... on Rotting Corpse Records

Dot (.) return with 2 new face melting downtuned Sludge/Death tracks,from jap cult band. 20 min of pure slow motion Doom/Death like Coffins, Corrupted and Bongzilla. New stuff by the japanese Sludge/Powerviolence Monsters Su 19b, 3 new smasher, incl one 16 min long Sludge/Noise mix assault, that is not for the weak! Killer release from RSR!!!

Split CD
Emo grind versus aggro grind! Holland power! Singapore import!

Killing For God CD
The California punk veterans return with a new full length release. 14 ripping new tracks of early 80's sounding California hardcore in that classic Dr. Know style, showing that they haven't lost their edge or slowed down a bit

Eternal Abyss CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Draghkar to the roster with the compilation "Eternal Abyss"! Formed in Los Angeles California in 2016, Draghkar have been annihilating ears with their uncompromising vision of mystical ancient Death Metal since their inception. Previously available only on Vinyl or Cassette, HPGD presents "Eternal Abyss", a collection consisting of all of Draghkar's material to date, plus five new live bonus recordings. "Eternal Abyss" is 52+ minutes of Death/Doom madness that features new artwork, a new band logo, and a bonus 8" x 10" double-sided full color insert on card stock containing lyrics, original artwork, credits and more. For fans of Abhorrence, Autopsy, Convulse, Demigod, Disma, Funebrarum, Incantation, Mortuary Drape, Rippikoulu and Tomb Mold

Release Date: March 22nd 2019

Short-lived crushing 80's Doom/Death. Members would later move on to Penance, Pentagram (U.S.) & Cathedral. Features the very first DREAM DEATH gig live at the Electric Banana circa 1986 with excellent soundboard quality audio. Songs are mostly from their first demo plus cover tracks of Angelwitch and Celtic Frost exclusive to this live set only. Includes original artwork and ancient unpublished photos from 1986 encased in a factory sealed digipack CD

Black Plague Possessed CD
Intense & Brutal Death/Thrash metal from El Salvador. This release is limited to 500 copies

And The Winner Is... CD
13 tracks of devastating Swedish hardcore played with unmatched brutality and experience. Thick metal-edged guitars backed by punishing d-beat drumming and harsh low-end vocals courtesy of the bands founder. This CD continues to deal out their own brand of raw aggression laced with the harsh realities of life. Pissed off is an understatement...

Cold Cheap & Disconnected CD
This is Driller Killer's sixth full length and it follows the progression that you see in their style when comparing albums not to mention the high levels of kickassitude. This album sticks with their metal infused Scandinavian hardcore sound that their known for as is expected. What really separates this album from the others is that it leans more towards that metal side. More complex fills and solos pull it further away from being thrown in with other hardcore bands. Basically, if you like other Driller Killer releases you're not going to be disappointed by any means... fucking killer release!

The 4Q Mangrenade CD
The 4Q Mangrenade is Driller Killer's latest album and is consistent with their sound as of late. I found it to be quite reminiscent of Reality Bites and Cold Cheap and Disconnected. At the same time this album pulls away from their sound on the last two albums, taking Swedish hardcore in a new direction. As I've said before, Driller Killer's sound is constantly progressing from album to album. Another awesome release from Crimes Against Humanity Records

These guys are really hard to categorize. There's aspects of metal, punk, crust, hardcore, thrash and all that good stuff. I'd definitely say that thrash, punk, and metal dominate. One consistency across the board is that scent of Swedish background and influence you get from good Scandinavian bands. I would definitely say Fuck The World is very comparable to Disrupt or even Doom. Another essential release on Crimes Against Humanity Records

Reality Bites CD
Reality Bites is Driller Killer's fourth full length and has a noticeable style alteration from their release prior to this, Fuck The World, mainly because there seems to be a lot more mid-tempo beats. The fast stuff is still comparable to Disrupt or Doom, but with more thrash / speed metal oriented riffs than Fuck The World. Think D.R.I. or even early 80s Metallica. At the same time, some of the mid-tempo songs like old crust in the category of Extinction of Mankind...

Total Fuckin' Brutalized is a combination of Driller Killer's first two albums Total Fucking Hate and Brutalize. There is a very prominent old Swedish hardcore sound melded with old crust similar to Doom and Extinction of Mankind. The production itself is very different from their other albums, most noticeably the grainier, raw sounding guitar and drums. By no means does this deteriorate from the overall sound, but complements the classic hardcore/crust style that Driller Killer plays. Plus, there's a badass fucking video on this disc that will make you cry! If you're into crust and for some reason didn't care for any of Driller Killer's other releases, you'll definitely enjoy this one... highly recommended CD!

This incredible underground cult are a love or hate proposition...no matter where you stand, there can be no doubt that this, their late 2009 album, is their ultimate statement thus far. Raw, severe, orthodox black metal... excellent CD!

Corroded CD
"Corroded" is much-anticipated debut full-length record by Drugs of Faith from Virginia, USA. The 14-track CD recorded at Developing Nations, continues the band's sound, the best description of which being grind'n'roll, and features their sociopolitical lyrics. Mastered by Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER/AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED) at Visceral Sound and includes HIS HERO IS GONE cover with vocals by JR Hayes of PIG DESTROYER. Video for opening track shot by Handshake Inc. (Today Is The Day, Fuck The Facts, Maryland Deathfest: The Movie). For fans of ENEMY SOIL, ENTOMBED, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, SPAZZ and UNSANE, HELMET, FUGAZI

From the musical battleground of Northern Virginia, in the shadow of Washington DC, the power trio that is Drugs of Faith breaks out with their debut official release. Drugs of Faith, founded by an Enemy Soil original member, bashes through its hardcore rock fused with grindcore songs utilizing dissonant chords and opposition bass, frontal attack drums, and lyrics covering the personal as well as the political landscape brought out by dynamic vocals. Focused yet a challenge to categorize, Drugs of Faith carpet bombs the listener with its innovative, stylistic mix... awesome CD

Druid Lord is torn from the womb! Hailing from the Hellish dungeon of death known as South Florida, Druid Lord unleash sick, punishing, pure old school horror-based Death/Doom Metal. "Hymns For The Wicked" features horrid artwork by Putrid and is lyrically inspired by cult horror movies, tales of dread and macabre figures from history, while musically influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Cirith Ungol, Dream Death, Massacre, Necrovore, Pentagram & Possessed.

Druid Lord is comprised of original founding members of Equinox, metal veterans Pete Slate, Tony Blakk and
Steven Spillers who have played in Diabolic, Acheron, Mythos, Kauldron, Abhorred Existence, Apostasy and Incubus. Prepare for your demise!!! Recommended if you are a fan of artists like Acid Witch, Asphyx, Autopsy, Candlemass, Carnage, Coffins, Dimmu Borgir, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Obituary, Spun In Darkness and Winter

Official digipack reissue printed on reverse board with miniposter and includes two bonus tracks! Originally released on Halloween 2010, 'Hymns For The Wicked' wasn't just another debut album: first and foremost, it signed the brilliant return to form of some of Florida's most seasoned veterans, back to where they belong that is the dirty swamp of extreme metal the 80's way. Death, thrash, doom... Hell, having take part in such seminal acts as EQUINOX, ACHERON, INCUBUS or DIABOLIC, Steve Spillers (drums), Pete Slate (lead guitar) and Tony Blakk (bass and vocals) surely know about them all hence DRUID LORD that works as a kind of combination of all. Owing a large debt to the mighty CELTIC FROST but also to doom lords such as CANDLEMASS and the very early doom/death scene - the intro alone of "Witchfinder" would have made PARADISE LOST circa the 'Lost Paradise' period proud - and akin to what ACID WITCH achieved on their debut, 'Hymns For The Wicked' is an old-school record that isn't nevertheless stuck in the past just for the sake of it. No, DRUID LORD have just to shave off the crap and take the genre back to its natural source. No gimmick, no female vocals, no modern production, just filthy and dirty doom with a death-metal edge, played with conviction, gutso and conviction. Initially recorded as a trio (the band has since been joined by Ben Ross on rhythm guitar), this debut has lost none of its impact and HPGD is damn proud to team up with Doomentia to make this intense piece of dooooom available to the public again, sick! Limited edition so don't miss out on this essential album!

Sentenza Di Morte CD
Fast, dirty, alcoholic Crust/Punk! One of the best Italian acts featuring members of Jilted and Insult for their first full length. Powerful, fast Metallic Crust Core that's a cross between new Hiatus and the early Motorhead. Apocalyptic!!!

METAL MANIACS: 10/10 rating! Baptized in speed and blood, the toxic oil of the 1980's is pumping in the veins of DRUNKEN BASTARDS! With their second album Horns of the Wasted, these hungover Hungarian's blitz the senses with galloping hardcore punk and evil blackthrashing metal, taking all the vilest aspects of the '80s underground and warping 'em into diabolical anthems. Too metal for punk and too punk for metal, DRUNKEN BASTARDS are posercrushing road warriors existing in a no-man's land... and they don't give a fuck as long as they're on the Horns of the Wasted! Expect NO sweetie melodies and NO gushy lyrics, just pure metal exekution straight from fuckin' hell. FOR DIE HARDS OF: Barbatos, Venom, Driller Killer, old Sodom, Broken Bones, Abigail, and early Kreator... fucking killer!

Split CD
Duke Nukem Forever are over the top thrash raging at 100 miles per hour. Plenty of hooks and fast spit vocals that are angry as hell. File them next to Terminal Youth. WPI are a good mix of punk rock ‘n roll with reggae breakdowns and hardcore vocals. Combined with fast, thrash breaks to keep it all mixed together... a killer release on Give Praise

Attics And Catacombs CD
Dust Is Everywhere rises from dismal basements where memories of misery, torment, and madness dwell. Through cobwebs of old, American black metal reemerges with haunting mastery. To enter 'Attics & Catacombs' is to face your nightmares without any possibility of safe return. A must have for fans of King Diamond, Gorgoroth and Sargeist. Our poisoned souls lie shackled in decay, our vision unable to penetrate life's graven mist: Dust Is Everywhere...

Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unearth a deadly split featuring two of New Jersey's most vicious up and coming acts: Dutchguts and Chained To The Dead! First up on the chopping block is Dutchguts who hail from Montclair NJ and play Hardcore Punk/Sludge for fans of Black Sabbath, Bongzilla, Discharge, Motörhead and Sleep. Chained To The Dead reside from northern NJ and play Death Metal created from the ashes of 80's VHS tapes... for fans of Asphyx, Blood Duster, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cattle Decapitation, Demilich, Faith No More, Goatwhore, Gwar, Macabre, Pungent Stench and Suffocation

DYING FETUS is nothing short of a death metal institution at twenty years and counting. On their strictly limited edition History Repeats? mini-album, the trio blast out deadly covers from their influences (Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, etc) and friends (Dehumanized) alike, as well as one brand new track exclusive to this collection... killer!

Septical Stomach-Pumped Remnants CD
8 tracks of pure ultra Brutal Death Metal. The vocals on this CD are the sickest gurgles you will ever encounter, with the heaviest break downs and sickest blasts known to mankind. A must have in any brutal death metalers collection