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Star Condemn'd CD
Swedish Death Metal with an early 90's feel in the vein of Entombed, Carnage, Dismember, Bolt Thrower and Grave!

East West Blast Test CD
The concept: veteran grind musicians Dave Witte (Burnt by the Sun, Human Remains) and Chris Dodge (Spazz) devise an unconventional alliance, accomplishing the recording of a CD via back-and-forth tape-trading. Built on 27 rapid-fire drum flurries layered with an amalgamation of jazz-noise, thrash, weirdness, power-violence and good ole' punk rock, East West Blast Test is a malleable masterpiece that is at once percussive, progressive and utterly proficient

Fuk You, It's Eat My Fuk 3-Inch Mini CD
At long last, the trimphant return and final insult all in one sleazy slab! "Fuk You, It's Eat My Fuk" features the explosive final recording by the notorious Wart Hog in all his deranged glory before his violent passing. This is ugly, old style punk rock for fans of pure perverted debauchery. If you can stomach G.G. Allin, The Mentors or The Dead Boys, make sure to cheat, steal or sell your ass to make this vile chunk of trash yours... it's all you fucking deserve!!!
Pressed as a unique 3-Inch Mini CD and includes bonus tracks from the Eat My Fuk/Abscess split 7-inch

Drunken scum punk rock for fans of G.G. ALLIN and early VENOM. Very explicit lyrics! Features members of the US death/black metal scene. It's rumoured they're from Autopsy, Abscess, The Ravenous and Von... FUK YOU anyway!

Braaiiins CD
Solid sophomore album mixing the best elements of thrash, grindcore, and death metal

The Great American Bash Your Head In CD
Eat The Turnbuckle! The kings of ultra violence make their long awaited Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with "The Great American Bash Your Head In". Hailing from the hostile city of Philadelphia, Eat The Turnbuckle are the reigning death match rock and roll champions. Consisting of Chubb Rock, Shlak, Jag 13, Beerdust, Hook and TGO, these maniacs have over 100 years of combined musical experience from artists including The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Call The Paramedics, Crack House, Fuck Face, Hellblock 6 and Javelina

"The Great American Bash Your Head In" is a no holds barred, light tube smashing, panty dropping, thunderous drum pounding, fork to the face stabbing, alcohol swilling, table destroying, guitar riff shredding, foreign object wielding display of mayhem! Recorded by Dan at Panther Pro and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this is the 5th entry in the Price Slasher series that delivers high quality sickness at the lowest price possible

Catch the most electrifying band in sports entertainment on their European 2016 tour culminating in a performance in front of over 80,000 people at Wacken Open Air in Germany! For fans of Abdullah The Butcher, Atsushi Onita, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, The Berzerker, BJW, Bruiser Brody, Cactus Jack, CZW, ECW, FMW, The Iron Sheik, IWA, Mr. Pogo, Necro Butcher, New Jack, Paul Heyman, Sabu, The Sheik, Terry Funk and W*ING. It's a new world order so get the tables as Eat The Turnbuckle will make you humble, taking you to suplex city and making sure that invader #1 must die. HUSS! HUSS! HUSS!

Elevation Into Disintegration CD
Ebolie are a Sydney based grindcore band who combine the booze-fuelled shit-taking and humor of Blood Duster and Volatile (as seen in the almost Gronibard-esque track Queer Eye for the Metrosexual) with the metal groove of Napalm Death, and the passionate rage of premium grind bands such as Nasum and Fuck.. I’m Dead . Released on Grindhead

Reconstruction By Force CD
Nice release of Melodic Death Metal from Chicago... released on Rotting Corpse

Grind, Suffer, Dreams CD
For all fans of Old School Death Metal! Second official full-length release of one of the best Ukrainian death metal acts. CD contains 9 original tracks + cover-versions of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Slayer! Exclusive design as slip-case and pit-art for collectors! The monsters are back!!! A killer release on Metal Scrap Records

Passivity Causes Genocide CD
One of the sickest bands of the Italian brutal scene, Eden Beast's first full lenght "Passivity Causes Genocide" is a real sound massacre! Ultra guttural vocals, hyper blasting tempos and head smashing groove will lead you in a whirlwind of sickness, soundtrack of a collapsing reality where dark presages take form and come to haunt your sleeps

Their Finest Hours Double CD
Double CD set featuring the complete discography from this Swedish NWOBHM band that came out of the ashes of EPIZOOTIC. Maybe the most important Swedish metal band for the Swedish metal scene in the early 80's. This features also some nice bonus tracks. 1000 copies, and will not be re-pressed, so act fast. Heavy metal thunder!

Equilibrium Sickness CD
Excellent experimental Funeral Doom Metal from the Ukraine

Badz Jak Metal CD
Debut album of this vintage Thrash Metal band from Poland formed back in 1987! Absolutely essential album for any true thrash fan. This is classic old school Polish Thrash Metal in vein of Dragon, Kat, Hammer, Geisha Goner but also for fans of Germany's Assassin and Tankard, as well as Exciter! Released on Time Before Time Records

Sexually Offensive CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Chicago sickos Elbow Deep to the roster with the new album "Sexually Offensive"! Formed in April of 2004, Elbow Deep began playing an original and unique style of Grinding Death Punk Shock Rock. After going on hiatus in late 2005 to start the band They Die Screaming, Elbow Deep returned in October of 2008 to continue their vile brand of sickness to the masses. "Sexually Offensive" showcases twelve tracks of high energy comedic Death Metal with elements of Grindcore, Punk, Thrash and Doom. Prepare yourself for abrasive carnal grotesqueries gone wild! "Sexually Offensive" was recorded / mixed / mastered by Scott Creekmore (Broken Hope, Lupara, Num Skull) and is easily the most obscene release on HPGD since Throatplunger. Absolutely must be 21+ to purchase! For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Blast, Anal Cunt, Autopsy, Birdflesh, Cannabis Corpse, Crack House, Dying Fetus, GG Allin, Gorerotted, Impaled, Lord Gore, Macabre, The Mentors, Nails, Nekrofilth, Pig Destroyer and Skinless

Trash Party "Split" CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions brings together two of the world's most offensive bands for an explosive split album of extreme debauchery! Elbow Deep return to HPGD with four new tracks of original and unique Grinding Death Punk Shock Rock. Following up on last year's full length "Sexually Offensive", Elbow Deep pull no punches on "Trash Party" and present their most vicious material to date. The Mentors finally make their long awaited Horror Pain Gore Death debut with four tracks destined to make El Duce proud. The sleaze kings of rock are back and better than ever on "Trash Party", dealing with important life topics such as sex, drugs, alcohol, women and even the legendary god El Duce himself. A must have release for fans of Anal Cunt, Antiseen, Birdflesh, Cocknoose, Crackhouse, Eat My Fuk, Gardy Loo, GG Allin, Gwar, Impaled, Macabre, The Meatmen, Nekrofilth, Plasmatics and Wendy O. Williams. "Make Music Dangerous Again!"

Through a haze of ever-bleaker dopesmoke the black titans of underground doom, Electric Wizard, rise from the unholy grave once again! With their new LP Black Masses the legendary Dorset bongsmokers delve deeper into the dark world of the occult and narcosatanism. Down, down further into drugs and hate, to the sleazy shadowy world of the blackest masses to the true inspiration of the heavy metal art... Lucifer!!! With Black Masses, Electric Wizard return to the true source of all that is heavy and evil, this is their 'Lucifer Rising'; a mind-melting hallucinogenic nightmare of drug paranoia and misanthropic death wishes.... All in the name of Satan! This is the domestic version on Metal Blade!

Beneath Silent Faces CD
Depressive and melancholic black metal ala Xasthur! More misanthropic madness from the isle of Australia. The last Elysian Blaze release (Levitating the Carnal) had a very distinct sound, which was akin to Frankenstein making Xasthur out of body parts from Dick Dale. Here the gloomy surf guitar is replaced with a metallic slice of overdriven guitar distortion. Up there with Striborg as one of the bleakest things to Come from Australia (Besides Crocodile Dundee III)

Experience eight insane musical nightmares guaranteed to please splatter grind maniacs worldwide! Embalmer's festering classic There Was Blood Everywhere contains both the Relapse 1996 7" of the same name, and the band's 1993 Rotting Remains demo, both remastered and available on CD! One of the most classic Relapse Underground Series releases of all time, this is absolutely mandatory listening for fans of ultra-blasting, gore-worshipping death metal topped with some of the most vile and extreme lyrics in existence... essential fucking death metal!!!

Embalmer return with their long-awaited debut full-length!

A Severity Divine CD
Second full length album of this German powerhouse! 9 new songs (& one videoclip) of brutal Death Metal, combining the best of old school Death Metal and modern blasting Death. Catchy riffing, blasting drums and powerful deep vocals

Emberland CD
Brutal assault of Death Metal from Russia

Dark Conspiracy CD
Symphonic dark black metal with various vocals from black metal battle screams to deep death metal growls!

Death Metal for fans of Deicide, At the Gates and Belphegor

Dreams Left Behind CD
Melodic and progressive death metal featuring ex-members of Naglfar, Edge Of Sanity and Opeth

The Debut full-length CD of one of the most promising Macedonian Death Metal bands is OUT NOW. Pioneers of Satanic Death Metal are finally back to take the European throne!!! Released on Darzamadicus Records in Macedonia

Chieeses Christ CD
Grindcore from Guadalajara Mexico, from the ashes of Hidrophobia 3 members from Emphysema. Blazing old school grind in the vein of AGATHOCLES but keeping that punk rock sound. Politically incorret lyrics with two voices, including a cover from Hidrophobia "Satanas les da mas" Yaki late lead singer from Fallas del Sistema played guitar

Paradise Of Putrefaction CD
Poland's Enclave unleashes a writhing Black Metal hell-beast with their debut album. Released from Inferna Profundus Records this is furious Black Metal hymns of destruction with mystic keyboard atmospheres... Hail Satan!

Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD
From the darkest abyss comes U.S. death metal/doom band ENCOFFINATION, whose album entitled “Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” is released by Selfmadegod Records. Formed in 2009, ENCOFFINATION is the sepulchral embodiment of rancid death. Crushing, suffocating death metal doom of the lowest caliber. Named for the ritual preparation of the dead for burial, ENCOFFINATION exists below the plane of mortality; deep within the realms of death and decay. Slowly they lurch forth with their educated form of blasphemy, occult, and ritualistic expulsion of the holy from the earth. This is the first full length from this amazing two-piece band, which is comprised of Ghoat on vocals, guitar, and bass (also in Festered) and Elektrokutioner on drums (also in Decrepitaph, Festered, Tombstones, Beyond Hell, Scaremaker). The follow-up to their After Their Temples Descend Below The Earth 7-inch, released earlier this year, this Georgia/Texas-based duo attacks with the 8-song Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, featuring over 30 minutes of cryptic metal influenced by early US bands like INCANTATION, DISEMBOWELMENT, and MORPHEUS DESCENDS

Terror Inside CD
Ugly french speedcore for fans of 80's thrash featuring the new member INTERCEPTOR! Raging blackened madness !

Curse Of Underground CD
The latest & last full-length of this Japanese one-man Industrial Black Metal act. This is the posthumous work of Chaos9, who was the mastermind of EDM and committed suicide in 2008. Sustaining its typical method, grim & cold BM effectively blended with Dark Ambient / Industrial elements as heard on "Ruin" released by Blackmetal.com, in this album EDM emphasizes its background of Dark Ambient more strongly than ever before. Comes packaged in a DVD case with DVD-sized cover & booklet... this truly a very nice imported release from Sabbathid Records in Japan

Corpsporation CD
Brutal death metal from Russia

The Parlympik Sessions CD
One of the sickest acts ever to emerge from Norway, Endwarfment aren’t just obsessed with everything midget related and differently abled (or “Diffenately Abledd” as they say), they also play some of the most jaw-droppingly brutal grind you’ve ever heard. Featuring names like Osama Bin Askeladden (Vicotnik / Fixit) and Rutger Konto Eide (Czral / Aggressor), Endwarfment are here to turn everything upside down, and dwarves in particular. Ltd. 1000

Melancholic Doom metal from Peru. For fans of MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA, KATATONIA and WINTER

Derevelation CD
Crushing Death Metal with members from Misteltein, Visceral Bleeding and Ominous! Recorded in Flatpig studio

"BELOW THE LIGHTS" is a genuine masterpiece from Extreme Metal Pioneers ENSLAVED. Pushing the boundaries even further the band portrays elaborate avant-garde and progressive elements making it their most innovative and massive album so far. ENSLAVED has a history of being at the absolute cutting edge of Extreme Metal since the early 90’s, when Norwegian Metal took it first steps towards worldwide recognition. Always being a step ahead, ENSLAVED has been regarded one of the most quality extreme bands in the scene and have released album that are now considered genre classics, such as, "Vikingligr Veldi", "Frost" and "Monumension". Even the departure of both R. Kronheim (guitars) and Dirge Rep (drums) have not altered ENSLAVED’s creative patterns. In fact, the remaining and original line-up of Ivar P. & Grutle Kjellson, added a new lead guitarist Arve Isdal which only gave the band renewed inspiration and energy. "BELOW THE LIGHTS" is a journey downwards, into darkness. Melodic, epic, roaring, pitch black, addictive and full of energy this is an album of sheer brilliance. An essential album for all true black metal fans

Ente are one of Ecuador's pioneer Death Metal bands, their powerful live shows and their brutal recordings let them to receive excellent comments (both noational and foreign) about the originality in their compositions apart of keepind the classical Death Metal influences ala Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. Irritating guitar riffs, visceral gutural vocals and merciless drum breaks are melted with the lyrical work that faces without excuses the human emptiness, its path to destruction and the irreverence as a weapon in this system of chaos. Essential for fans of the old school!

Clandestine CD
Second album of crushing Swedish death metal from the originators. "Sinners Bleed" is a genuine pulverising classic which still feature in the band's live set today... an essential album of Swedish excellence every metalhead should own!

Crucial Strikes With Attitude CD
Play fast ...or die! The 1st full-length album from Rostock`s Grind Crew after nearly 14 years of existence. 23 bullets of pure thrashing Hardcore- Grind with a lot of breaks and a definitely great production. Better protect your fucking ears!

Preemptive Strike CD
Prepare for war, gore and a trail of bloodshed! Entrenched rise out of the trenches of New Jersey to deliver their devastating debut album Preemptive Strike upon the masses. Completely unrelentless old school Death/Thrash Metal that delivers a non-stop audible assault that attacks the listener. Influenced by artists like Ghoul, Sodom, Entombed, Sepultura and Repulsion, Entrenched attain a unique sound with a dual vocal attack, raw crunching guitars, a veritable blitzkrieg of solos and thrashing yet groovy drums that will have you moshing like a maniac! For fans of Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Dismember, Hail Of Bullets, Jungle Rot, Marduk, Napalm Death, Panzerchrist and Terrorizer

Twin's Contraception CD
Killer Full Length of Best Ukrainian XXX Grind/Crust band [Lysychans'k, Ukraine]. 'A must have' for fans of GRONIBARD, AHUMADO GRANUJO, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, REPULSION, TERRORIZER, ULTRA VOMIT,

Malformed Conscience CD
Epi-Demic make their explosive return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new album "Malformed Conscience"! Following up on their 2015 split "Passages To Lunacy" with fellow Canadians Solanum, Epi-Demic once again display their violent and uncompromising Crossover madness... even more loud and abrasive than before. "Malformed Conscience" is an 11 track pulverizing Thrash journey through a tortured and agonized consciousness, guaranteed to snap your rotting neck and leave your mind broken! For fans of Beyond Possession, Broken Bones, Crumbsuckers, Excel, English Dogs, Ludichrist, Stormtroopers Of Death and Wehrmacht

Third effort by this Memphis, Tennesee band. Not only is Epoch Of Unlight continually improving their already intense death/black techical sound, but this time they've also managed to weave in more memorable melodic passages as well. One of the top US bands in the genre this is one album that is not to be passed over, excellent material!

Everblasting Struggle CD
Amazing debut album from Epping Forest. Their music brings reminiscences of the Scandinavian essence that provides the listener with an intense trip throughout the ten tracks and all their darkest Norse, Egyptian and classical Greek mythology. Blackened Death Metal band with Corpus Christii members! An excellent album on Unexploded Records

6 tracks of the BEST US styled Black/Death metal from Florida. Think MORBID ANGEL meets OLD MAN'S CHILD

Konstrukteur CD
Konstructeur is Absu guitarist/bassist Equitant's solo project. But it's not metal. Nor dark ambient. Or ritualistick okkult conjurations, as with another Absu side project, Equimanthorn. Nope. It's, like, Electro. As in, retro '80s synth beat stylings. All cold and mechanical and dark and driving. Teutonic, Kraftwerk worship, full of robot rhythms

Zeit CD
Zeit is Absu guitarist/bassist Equitant's solo project. But it's not metal. Nor dark ambient. Or ritualistick okkult conjurations, as with another Absu side project, Equimanthorn. Nope. It's, like, Eelectro. As in, retro '80s synth beat stylings. All cold and mechanical and dark and driving. Totally Teutonic, Kraftwerk worship, full of spacey atmospheres

17-song compilation CD presenting this defunct Swedish death/doom band's finest works. Features 6 more songs than the vinyl version, co-released on Morbid Wrath Records and Necroharmonic Productions. Essential fucking material!!!

Human Fields CD
Ferocious old school Death/Thrash! Eternal Oblivion make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the monster album "Human Fields". Harking back to the golden age of Thrash Metal, Eternal Oblivion take influence from artists such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Overkill and Slayer, but also a healthy dose of Chuck Schuldiner's legendary Death. Fast chugging riffs, minor-key tonality and overall aggression occasionally interrupted by melodic interludes and emotional guitar solos. Dark, heavy vocals feature lyrics covering religious and political topics, as well as good old fashion Metal violence! For fans of Bathory, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Forbidden, Hammerwhore, Hirax, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, Sacrifice, Sodom, Tankard, Testament, Toxic Holocaust and Witchtrap

Decomposing Salvation CD
Eternal Ruin is the supreme killing machine from the east coast, brings the murderous first full length with pummeling blasting riffs, unique and slamming breakdowns, that leave the listener paralized and feeling violated. Mastered by Scott Hull (Visceral Sound), layout design by Joel Sta (Arsebreed / ex-Pyaemia), cover art by Jon Zig, Jason Netherton (Misery Index) appeared on lyrics and vocals of "Infection of the times". No reason that you don't try to get this!

Black Metal in its purest and classic form! A ravaging assault craving for mercy

Split CD
Arizona's most extreme crushing Death/Grind band, Evicting the Testicular Squatters, meets NY's Fecal Corpse resulting in total fucking chaos and intense gutteral smashing!!! Released on Kitchen Vomit Records

Bestial finnish Black Thrash in the vein of Sarcofago, Blasphemy and Urn. Punishing old school demonical blasphemies from Lahti Metal Hell! US Re-Issue, be ready for the Desecration !! Released on Crush Until Madness Records

Some of the very best real thrash around these days! Not to be lumped in with the latest craze of crappy thrash polluting the underground. Features 13 tracks of demonic driven speed metal with a raw hardcore attitude... this is an absolute must have for releases for all fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill 'Em All" era). GET THIS!

Dawn Before The Dawn CD
Melodic black metal crossbred with metallic hardcore, think a melting pot of Cradle of Filth and Coalesce! This CD release has great packaging and a killer production, featuring members of Divine Rapture and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

Dominion CD
Debut CD of technical brutal Death Metal influenced by old Cannibal Corpse, Internal Bleeding, and Deeds Of Flesh!

Speed / Death / Black Metal CD with Foldout Poster

Storm Of Annihilation CD
The second album of this Mexican death/black monster.. crushing!

After over 4 years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, DEATH, and CELTIC FROST. Embrace the Devil's music as EVIL INCARNATE lead the people to Satan, lead them to hell and burn them!!! Another totally killer fucking release from Hells Headbangers Records

Merciless Revenge CD
Old school primitive thrashing Black Metal in vein of Venom, Pagan Rites, Mayhem, Hellhammer, Sarcofago and Manowar!!! Feat members of Slugathor, Kill, Church Bizarre, Pagan Rites, Evil Angel and Anxious Death

Suicidal Rebirth CD
Original and Grim Black Doom Metal from Iran!

We Are The Grim Throng CD
Debut album from this obscure Chicago, Illinois, USA-based aggressive black metal band! Pure old-school thrashing black metal madness, tons of diversity and a great raw-yet-audible recording... an excellent release on Battle Kommand

The resurrection of '80s act Piledriver, with original vocalist Gord Kirchin leading a new crew... includes bonus DVD!

The book has been opened... and the horror is unleashed! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents the brand new CD release from Ex Dementia: In The Chapters Of Horror. Faster, thicker, catchier and more unrelentless than ever before, Ex Dementia spew forth brand new tracks of pure old school sickness. Also included is a cover of SOD's Kill Yourself and two live tracks. Features sickening artwork by Jeff Zornow and punishing, top notch production

The Red Mass CD
Ex Dementia are back from the grave with their long anticipated full length release of ear-splattering Death Metal!
"The Red Mass" shows a side of Ex Dementia that is more vicious and unrelentless than ever heard before. Features artwork by gore master Jeff Zornow, a cover of Venom's "Welcome To Hell" and guest appearances by Chris Reifert (Autopsy/Abscess), Ross Sewage (Impaled), Admiral Nobeard (Swashbuckle) and Parasitic Tim (Splatterhouse).
For fans of Abscess, Autopsy, Carcass, Engorged, Exhumed, Ghoul, Impaled, Impetigo and Splatterhouse!!!

Debut album featuring 8 songs of ear-splattering death metal madness! Also includes artwork from Ross Sewage of IMPALED and Jeff Zornow of CRYPTIC MAGAZINE! Influences range from AUTOPSY to REPULSION, recommended!

The Butchery CD
The most respected extreme death metal band from Chile with his third album full of evil metal invasion

One of the best Brazilian Thrash Metal Bands ever! Includes a cover of Power Thrashing Death originally by Whiplash

Goregrinding metal gods EXHUMED have awakened from their slumber and delivered unto us 'All Guts, No Glory', their first new record in almost eight years. 'All Guts, No Glory's 11 choice cuts of grinding death metal combine the raw ferocity of their legendary 'Slaughtercult' album with the wild ambition of 2003's'Anatomy Is Destiny'. As crimson concertos such as Dis-assembly Line, As Hammer To Anvil, and Funereality illustrate, 'All Guts, No Glory' kills!

The undisputed masters of Gore Fucking Metal blast back with Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated, a collection of cover songs that hearken back to their filthiest roots (tracks by bands like Master, Siege, and Unseen Terror) as well as build upon their latter-day metallic sensibilities (as evidenced by their renditions of Metallica and Led Zeppelin tunes). Veering away from the band's obvious musical reference points Exhumed explore some unexpected and obscure paths. Taking punk, thrash, grind, crust, doom, death metal, and straight-up hard rock songs and thoroughly butchering them to fit into the band's blood-splattered paradigm, the band members showcase not only the breadth of their influences and abilities, but their firm grasp on the gore metal genre... this is a must have release for all Exhumed fans!!!

A putrescent platter of musical malignancy! 13 blood-soaked tracks of pure aural carnage to please the starving legions of the dead! Includes a cover of Sodomy And Lust originally performed by Sodom... essential sickness!

Exhumed offer up 2 new songs and a Napalm Death cover and Ingrowing does 2 original songs and a Regurgitate cover. Pressed on a unique 3-Inch Mini CD... killer fucking release! Pick this one up today before they are gone forever

Bloodcurdling Tool Of Digestion CD
Cadaverious Necrosy Death from these Italian Skeletons. For fans of Suffocation, Disgorge & Decrepit Birth

Featuring a rotating cast of players from seminal bands such as Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Human Remains, and more, Exit 13 pioneered a new age for extremity, merging death metal's intensity with the urgency of the most fervent socio-political hardcore of the time. 'High Life' is the definitive Exit 13 release; a remastered, double-disc set that includes nearly all of the band's out of print Relapse catalogue with expanded artwork and packaging... essential!

Volume four delivers a brutal barrage of classic underground metal! Long out-of-print 7" tracks from Exit-13 (Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth EP / Unique PA grind-rock), Phobia (All That Remains EP / Blasting grindcore), Goreaphobia (Omen of Masochism EP / Twisted death metal) and Amorphis (S/T EP / Raw, brutal death tracks originally slated for a 1991 split with Incantation) will give extreme metal fans a taste of the formative Relapse years

Outsourcing Morality CD
The debut album from this politically-charged grindcore massacre. For fans of Assuck, Phobia and Nasum

Exit Wounds CD
No Escape Records presents the debut full length offensive from Poland's masters of total grinding chaos and violent sonic psychosis! Exit Wounds stampede through 30 tracks of their ruthless and primal grindcore that is even heavier, faster, more intense and more deranged than the terrifying “17 Wounds Of Exit” MCD! This barely controlled cacophony is an avalanche of barbaric chainsawing riffs crossing the sociopathic hardcore of Cripple Bastards with Warsore’s detuned regressive grind, frenzied and inelegant drumming like Yacopsae gone feral and starved of any concern for the safety of itself or others, and utterly throat shredding vocal abuse spanning strangulated howls, animalistic snarling, pestilent retching and menacing barking. This unblinking chronicle of agony and degradation includes a brutish Retaliation cover and a blurr-grind take on Haymaker’s classic ’Another Shit Movie’! Truly, truly savage!

Another Lesson In Violence CD
"Black magic rites on this black evil night/begin with a slice of the blade..." All the original members of Exodus are back - LIVE - captured at this raging reunion show! Recorded before an over-sold crowd at The Trocadero in San Francisco, this crushing live set reunites Paul Baloff, Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt and Tom Hunting once again for twelve raging tracks with a sound quality superior to that found on any of their previous records! Features songs from their legendary debut album Bonded By Blood, plus select tracks from Pleasures Of The Flesh and one precious gem, "Impaler," written By guitarist Kirk Hammett (now with Metallica) while he was still in the band. An essential piece of metal for any thrasher!

Exploder CD
A fantastic collection of impossibly catchy hard rock, fist-pumping riffs and choruses the size of China. Fusing the melodies of H.I.M. and Sentenced with the muscular heavy metal power of Danzig, each track is killer metal!

Conflict CD
Traditional Thrash Metal reminiscent of the Bay Area times, but with Chinese lyrics! Thrash til' Death!

Hatecult CD
Grindcore on its maximum state of violence and agression! For fans of Napalm Death and Nasum!

Expulsion from The Netherlands plays guitar-oriented thrash metal: raging, highly aggressive with their own musical approach. Blending influences from the late 80’s speed and thrash metal and early 90’s death metal, combined with high-pitched guitars, over-the-top ‘string-skipping’ - guitar riffs and unrelenting energetic power! ‘Wasteworld’ is Expulsion’s debut album, containing highly explosive songs and two short spherical pieces with lyrics on the subjects of the foolishness of political and religious ideology and the guaranteed catastrophes of utopianism. Recorded at Soundlodge Studios (God Dethroned, Dew Scented, Sinister etc.) Artwork by Jon Zig (Suffocation, Cryptopsy etc.)

Vomiting The Trinity CD
Fast, raw, aggressive, heavy & brutal old school Death Metal with slight elements of Thrash Metal present through out

Compilation of Southeast Asian bands featuring Ababil, Asphyxiate, Dead Theory, Disinfected, Flames Of Dignity, Jihad, Mayat, Panic Disorder, Prosatanica, Rejex, Siksa Kubur, Spermblast, Tormentor, Torture Incident & Total Rusak

The End CD
A gateway to the dungeons has been opened, and believe me you don’t want to be absorbed by it. Be prepared to run from (or perish suffocated by) the stink of the EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH!. ERF has been working for some years now in the powerful underground Colombian scene as a serious and intense BRUTAL DEATH METAL band …and hell yeah, these guys have made us bang our heads! With a groovy and crushing extreme style the band has finally released -through BRUTALIZED RECORDS- their long awaited first full album after 2 previous successful promos, and several apparitions in compilations all around the world. Deep-low, gory, sick vocals, catching yet brutal riffs, and non-stoppable drumming machinery grinded into a bizarre human decadence lyrical concept will surely blow out your minds. Welcome to the garden of putrefaction and rot in peace! A real must-have for flesh eating sickos!!! Sick!

Containing 19 tracks, Law Of Retaliation sees Extreme Noise Terror return to their roots with politically and socially aware lyrics set to a musical assault of brutal, grinding, hardcore punk. ENT are till going strong after over 20 years

Ðàçáóäèâ îêåàí CD
Heavy metal with progressive influences

Remnants Of A Cannibalistic Debauchery CD
Texas is known for spawning some of the sickest death metal bands around... and Exulcerate is no execption! Playing absolutely sickening brutality similar to their death metal neighbors Prophecy and Devourment. Featuring members from Putrilage (RIP). Top notch production and horrifying artwork... A MUST HAVE!!! Released on Comatose Music

An Ending To Revelations CD
Demos from 1993-1997 from this intense Black Metal band. A must have for fans of Marduk, Mayhem and 1349

Blasphemous Hierarchy CD
Latest release of intense American Black Metal... released on Rotting Corpse

Infernal Dominatio CD
Debut release of pure armafuckingeddon soul raping Black Metal! Released on Rotting Corpse Records