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O Joio CD
GrindCore with Death Metal and Crust influencies from Brazil. Mixed and Masterized by William Blackmon (Gadget)

Nothing Positive, Only Negative CD
Facedowninshit melds the ethos of hardcore and punk, the sincerity of blues, and a forceful urgency to create their own unique brand of southern fried dirt metal. On NPON (Nothing Positive, Only Negative), the trio delivers honesty that resonates in every word, every D.I.Y-till-I-die riff, and through every last beat of the drums. Ugly, crude, ragged, and raw, NPON is Facedowninshit's manifesto and a new call to arms for the international extreme scene... killer!

Faggot CD
Queer shock cabaret stars from MN release a rabid grizzly bear of an album, spewing filth and lo-fi wretchedness. Including ex-members of DETESTATION and RESIN, they mix grungy 60's garage rock, 3-chord RAMONES style punk, and anything else the band wants. The live experience is wildly unpredictable aside from regular features like dildos, male and female go-go dancers, fake blood, sodomy and the like. Sure to offen some and please others

Blessed? CD
The 3rd album from Swedish doom metallers entitled "Blessed?" is another progression from their previous "Sorg" album from '06. With this 9 tracker, the band steps further towards a unique mixture of doom metal, progressive and with influences of Swedish folk music. This is close to a masterpiece, mixing CANDLEMASS with HEDNINGARNA, but always with a heavy approach, and 1 foot in the 70's doom scene !! An excellent release from Record Heaven

Fall Of Eden Promo CD
Metalcore from the Philadelphia suburbs

Chains In Transmission CD
Atmospheric post-modern Sludge from Malaysia!!

Bullet(in) CD
Killer Death/Grind!

Volume II CD
Fantom is a cult Hungarian UG band from 1987 - '90. It's not a simply tribute album! Each band plays a Fantom cover and 2 - 4 original songs on this release. Featured bands: DÖG (Hun), DRÜNKEN BASTARDS (Hun), FUNEBRE (Hun), RAVENDARK'S MONARCH (Bra), SACRIFICAL DAGGERS (Fin). Comes with full six page booklet packed with info

Adventum CD
Sophisticated superb black metal, second album of this well known Spanish black metal band

Epic and evil, FATHER BEFOULED instill fear upon the Christian scourge with Morbid Destitution of Covenant. A haunting mixture of INCANTATION inspired blasphemous brutality, this release will envoke the goat like none before!

Awesome new generation Grindcore from Finland, megafucking fast blasting drums, highly technical approach and screaming vocals. Very reminescent of ROTTEN SOUND, NASUM, GADGET and similar manic fast Grindcore acts that estabilished a new way to blast and thrash in the last years. 18 ultra-blasting trax. Definitely recommended!!!

With Fire CD
The long wait it over! Feast Eternal's first brand new album since 2000's, "Prisons of Flesh". "With Fire" is a relentless album that tops most of the death metal released today. Prepare to be consumed! Released on Open Grave Records

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to welcome Feral to the roster with the long awaited release of "Forever Resonating In Blood"! Feral hail from Canada and perform Black Metal that deals with celtic occultism, clairvoyance, the esoteric and mental conflict. Following up the debut concept album on 'Darkness', "Forever Resonating In Blood" focuses on 'The Will' and constant flow of 'Enlightenment'. Blessed with haunting leads, menacing progressions and secrets from the Abyss, Feral evokes a truly monstrous storm which explores the roots of Heavy Metal and expands on the demonic ecstasy trademarked by this Canadian beast. For fans of Agalloch, Burzum, Death, Dissection, Emperor, Inquisition and Weakling

Insignia CD
Insignia is now available again with an improved layout and 3 live bonus tracks from the Symbols era

Originally released in 1992, Fester's first album is a prime slice of that rare creature known as Norwegian Death Metal. Bringing in elements of black and thrash, 'Winter of Sin' gets the reissue treatment with a bonus live track... killer!

Flesh Perversion CD
Out now on Razorback Recordings! FESTERED is pure "blood and guts" DEATH METAL done the old-school American way! Imagine a mix of Death "Scream Bloody Gore", Autopsy "Mental Funeral", Master from 1985, Slaughter(Canada) "Strappado", and the morbid feeling of the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and you get an idea of what this is all about! Nothing modern here...and no triggers or polished production. This is simply dirty and raw DEATH METAL the way it should always be! Artwork was drawn by the cult underground artist Drew Elliott, who drew the classic album art for the very first Necrophagia album cover, along with cult EP covers for Goreaphobia, Amorphis, and more! Mixing and mastering once again provided by Patrick Bruss (Impetigo, Cianide, etc). Features the lead singer of Father Befouled!

Shadows Of Extinction CD
Fiends At Feast hail from Santa Cruz, California and terrorize humanity with their debut EP entitled "Shadows Of Extinction". This recording captures the unique sound combining the dissonant heaviness of Death Metal with venomous melodic Black Metal. The prominent bass presence incorporates elements of Jazz and Classical which counter-point the grinding guitars and thunderous drums. Acoustic instrumentation is also implemented, adding to the cold and sinister atmosphere that is textured on this recording. The lyrical content takes an introspective slant on traditional satanic and anti-religious subjects as well as the exploration of apocalyptic themes. This release is a must have for fans of artists such as Dissection, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Immolation and Morbid Angel... awesome!

Towards The Baphomet's Throne CD
Fiends At Feast return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions continuing their legacy of Blackened Death Metal and Satanic blasphemy! "Towards The Baphomet’s Throne" is an album that builds on the foundation set on their previous effort "Shadows Of Extinction", but also expands the prominence of Black Metal passages and venomous extremity. Focused songwriting, sharpened musicianship and no comprimising results in blistering riffs, transcendental melodies and deadly, haunting atmosphere. Various textures and styles of instrumentation are showcased as well as a more refined production that still maintains the grim rawness that Fiends At Feast possess. A must have release for fans of Dissection, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Immolation, Immortal, Marduk, Morbid Angel and Watain. An awesome album!

Purgatory Rites "Split" CD
When Worlds Collide: Fiends At Feast and Tragic Death join metal forces for a devastating split album entitled "Purgatory Rites"! Both bands bring to the chopping block their own unique take on the fusion of Black and Death Metal, with each of their sounds complimenting each other, creating an aural experience of occult blasphemy and frigid darkness. Fiends At Feast return to Horror Pain Gore Death with a sound of vicious hellfire and unrelenting aggression, featuring vocals that conjure up apocalyptic prophecies and sacrilegious zeal. Tragic Death hail from Madison, WI
and harness the desolate cold of the frozen north to create songs that are hauntingly melodic,
bringing to mind perilous journeys with awe-inspiring landscapes of nature and thought.

Fiends At Feast strive to create music that builds upon a foundation of Old School Death and Black Metal influences, while also infusing contemporary ideas and originality. Imaginative, dark, evil, passionate musicianship with distinctive satanic lyrics and imagery. For fans of Dissection, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Immolation, Immortal, Marduk, Morbid Angel and Watain. Tragic Death are a power trio that play 'Apocalyptic Metal' style; an amalgam of Black Metal, Thrash, and Death Metal. The result is anunrelenting sound that not only crushes with it's brutality, but also hypnotizes with a transcendental atmosphere. The vocals are introspective without compromising any aggression or venomous dictation that's characteristic of Black Metal. For fans of Rotting Christ, Dissection, Immortal, Enslaved and Deathspell Omega

This obscure Italian band returns 20 years after their debut! Killer old-school thrash metal in the Motorhead vein

The epitome of black folk metal. One would think that Finnish polka and metal should never mix, but goddamnit, Finntroll makes it work! Truely an unbelievably and unique listening experience!!! Released on Century Media Records

Fourth and farewell release from these grindcore veterans. Pure crust/grind featuring members of Dahmer!!!

Split CD
Fistfuck feature former members of Dahmer, and are the current kings of Canadian grindcore while Aberrant play brutal devastating Grind. For fans of CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH and DAHMER... released on the label Grind-It! Records

Devour All You See CD
Hailing from the outskirts of Killadelphia, Fisthammer play extreme yet melodic technical Death Metal that destroys! Devour All You See is the intense debut album from these devastating warriors of metal, full of brutality, passion and conviction. Apocalyptic lyrical themes complement the musical atmosphere, resulting in a grim barrage of despair with mind blistering riffs, intense blast beats, ripping solos and fierce vocals... killer! For fans of Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Decapitated, Dimmu Borgir, Dying Fetus, Gojira, King Diamond, Lamb Of God, Necrophagist, Nile, Origin and Setherial

Thick & painfully heavy sludge from Ohio - this is about as down tuned and nasty as this slothful and hateful genre can get. Not for the weak! 8 tracks in 60 minutes audio anxiety torture session recorded by the veteran Paul Hamman of legendary Suma Studios in Painesville, Ohio. This ain't no bullshit, Fistula has been going for for almost 10 years and their latest 10” For a Better Tomorrow is already a classic among those who had the opportunity getting it... killer CD!

On this recording, Corey Bing played guitar, did the vokills and got Bahb Branca on bass, Nate Linehan on drums and Scott Stearns for additional guitars. Fistula's fans are always surprised when they release something because they can't expect nothing from theses guys except something heavy and dirty but it's always different. For this new release, the old school metal influences like Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Autopsy are really interesting and new from theses guys. It's Brutal, full of hate and old school for sure! Stricly limited edition of 500 in DVD cases on Choking Hazard

Destroying Your Beliefs CD
Debut of corrosive, extreme Black Metal from Peru. Include bonus demo for an hour of total satanic madness!

March Into Firelands CD
Features killer artwork by Juanjo Castellano (Incantation, Anal Vomit, etc) across 12 pages with lyrics, photos, etc. Layout is exactly the same as the European Primitive Reaction pressing. Prepare to March Into Firelands - FLAME are here to burn you straight to hell! A cult name in their native Finnish scene, FLAME summon forth triumphant epics of gnarliness that are equal parts ancient blackthrash and just-as-ancient bestial metal. And now, six years after their Into the Age of Fire debut LP, FLAME return with the highly anticipated March Into Firelands, proving that their unholy conflagration's as potent as ever dynamic yet immediately headbanging, rooted in the old ways yet never recreating anyone's past glories... feel this FLAME and take this torch! Played by members of Adorior, Barathrum, Urn & Hell Spirit. Recommended for diehards of NIFELHEIM, early VULCANO, AURA NOIR, and old DESASTER!

Behind A Side Of Times CD
The 10th of February the fourth release of Marche Funebre productions was issued. It`s re-edition of one man band FLEGETHON from Baikonur town (Russia) under name Behind A Side Of Times. 4 track aproximately 80 min. of funeral doom ambient in the best traditions of genre. lyrics are based on works of H.P. Lovecraft. A very unique release

Necropolis CD
Dark Death/Thrash with atmo influences and M50 from GURKKHAS to vocals!

Scarecrow (Special Edition) CD
Flesheaters III make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the energetic album "Scarecrow". This Halloween prepare for the ultimate in Horror Metal; a very interesting and intense combination of Death/Thrash with a healthy dose of Black Metal and Punk elements. Flesheaters III are a force to be reckoned with a fresh sound that is rough, heavy, fast, raw and melodic. "Scarecrow" is complete horror, terror and destruction! Special Edition CD includes 4 bonus tracks recorded live at Selviytyjät fest in Jalasjärvi, Finland 2012. A must have release for fans of Bludwulf, Danzig, Disfear, Driller Killer, Entombed, Genocide Superstars, GG Allin, The Lurking Corpses, Marduk,
The Misfits, Motörhead, Nasum, Offspring, The Ramones, Samhain, White Zombie and Zeke

Walking The Aether CD
Doom/Thrash Metal, imagine a cross between Machine Head, Iron Maiden, Sacred Reich and Slayer!

Killing Absorption CD
Morbid Angel meets Mortician! These lunatics from Ukraine really push the death/grind genre into higher spheres

May God Strike Me Dead CD
Ukraine's reigning kings of brutal technical death core have returned! Killer release

Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization CD
Let the dissection begin. The Brazilian Splatter Goregrinders are back. "Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization" is easily Flesh Grinder's sickest work to date. This new carnage has 16 gruesome tunes entirely based on the trash movie "Bad Taste". A blood-slashing production by Ciero (Krisiun, ROT, Torture Squad) will make your ears and brain melt in this new goregrind extravaganza. Fans from Dead Infection, General Surgery, early Exhumed, Blood Freak will dig this vomitous delicious. Buy now or your fresh meat will be served on a tasty rotten burger with a delicious pus sauce!

New Orleans based Flesh Parade march forth with a musical intensity matched only by the most extreme exponents of pure grindcore. Buzz-saw guitars and pummelling blast-beats break into massive grooves while unbelievably harsh vocals bark out rabid interjections. An essential release for your grindcore collection, get this album now!

Blue Skies Laced With Pesticide CD
Fleshreaper return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the full length album "Blue Skies Laced With Pesticide"! Hailing from Tampa Bay Florida, Fleshreaper perform corpse thrashing, raw Death Punk from the grave. Following up on 2016's album 'Casketastrophe', "Blue Skies..." features fourteen tracks of intense, catchy and vile, horrific madness! Fleshreaper consists of Tony Anderson from Generichrist and Doomsilla, as well as current/former members of Massacre, The Crucifucks, Human Sufferage and Bandwhore. A must have release for fans of Abscess, The Accused, Dwarves, The Lurking Corpses, Violation Wound and Zeke

Split CD
Killer split of brutal, old school Death/Grind from Germany! Clocks in at over 67 minutes total

FLESHROT from UK stab, fuck and kill all in their path with their slaughtering slam infested devastation. Soaked with blood, pus and puke, every orifice will be infected and riddled with the disease of a Traumatic Reconfiguration, the band's debut out this winter on Deepsend Records. With their deranged toilet sewage vocals and down-tuned death mosh, Fleshrot has the chops to stand alongside underground bands such as Devourment or Disgorge yet still appeal to the more popular death metal of Whitechapel or Aborted. Another amazing release from Deepsend Records

In The Bathroom CD
Latest Foetopsy CD and the last recorded drum work by Jon Engman. This may be a 3 piece train wreck from Milwaukee, but the fastest Bullet Train would be dusted by this whirlwind. Ultra grinding, blurring speed and devastating breakdowns

Aqui E O Inferno CD
Finnish Brazilo-thrashers are finally back with a new album! Cover artwork by Sugi

The most brutal 4 X volume in S.B.L history..4 blasting death/grind bands with new tracks exclusively for S.B.L... featuring Formless Terror of Macedonia, Genocide of Mexico, Stillbirth of Germany and Infected Flesh of Spain. Expect nearly an hour of brutality and smashing Brutal death and Grindcore... you have been warned!!!! Killer Brutal Death!!!

The Beginning 1993-1996 CD
Collection featuring ALL their recordings from 1993 to 1996 (Re-Issue + Remastered Unreleased Tracks and Demo songs now compiled on one FULL LENGTH disc!). Lots of unreleased songs! Limited to 1000 copies with stamped number for each copy. For all fans of early Celtic Frost, Napalm Death and Obituary!!! This compilation feature all the classics and rarity. JIZMARK demo-1993, ORIGINAL RECIPE demo-1994, FILTH demo-1995, 4 unreleased songs from 1995, Plus the unreleased K.S.P. demo recorded in 1996. This CD is an import version from China!!!

The Bone CD
A perfect mix of Old-School Grind|Punk|Death|Thrash from Ohio, USA. Taste this killer CockTail based on S.O.D. , M.O.D., D.R.I., TERRORIZER music with strong touches to UNLEASHED, VENOM and Early CELTIC FROST sounding. 9 songs & 8-pages Full-Coloured Booklet in the old school feeling design. Released on Ukragh Productions

Eternal Rot CD
Brutal Grind veterans from Ohio! This is ultra Heavy Death Metal with sick, deep guttural vocals

Seven Ply Discography CD
Skateboard thrashers from France come back to destroy with the discography that collects it all. Fast punk hardcore with some mosh parts and crunchy vocals... tied in with lyrics about thrashing and skating, with DIY and raw recordings! Listen and shred the deck, comes packed in a 7" jacket with some stuff from Frankie’s history

It Comes From The Grave CD
Death, Alcohol, Drugs & Satan! "It Comes From The Grave" marks the debut full-length release from Spain's vile, twisted beasts known as Freakhate. This is utterly disgusting Death/Doom Metal available for the first time in the United States via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Exclusive limited edition pressing featuring alternate artwork. Heavily inspired by Abscess, Autopsy, Celtic Frost, Coffins, Divine Eve, Eyehategod and GG Allin... fucking sick!!!

Freevil Burning CD
A true metal assault from Sweden with powerful guitars, thundering drums and monstrous vocals. A festival of insanity and adrenaline, a total obliterating sequence of orgasmic metal power. Featuring members of Denata, Witchery, Seance

In Cold Blood CD
Melodic Thrash Metal from Northeast England! FR8's music direction has evolved over the years and the band are producing more and more impressive material than ever. Taking inspiration from bands such as Fear Factory, Soilwork, In Flames, Metallica, Megadeth, Stampin' Ground and Sepultura to name a few, the four piece add their own unique style of old school heavy metal with brutal efficiency. An excellent release from Casket/Copro Records in the United Kingdom

A deserted summer camp. A bloodcurdling scream. A decapitated head. So ends another life. So begins...FRIGHTMARE! Their debut "Midnight Murder Mania" CD is 10 songs of gore-soaked "stalk & slash grind" from the forest infested wastelands of Oregon! Get ready for the most cranium crushing sledge hammer whacks and rapid nailgun blasts, while insanely catchy riffs cut deep like a rusty machete through your neck. A veritable orgy of blood-slashing horror! What this album does to your ears is almost as terrifying as what it does to your brain!

Blown Away CD
Latest album from these German masters of death!

Hatespawned CD
Debut CD of sick Death Metal from Germany

Assclown CD
South Philadelphia grindcore sickos Fuck Face are back from the depths of your mother's rotten asshole! Punishing brutality at its best, Assclown delivers everything grind has to offer with devastating speed and extreme aggression, plus a stage show that is on par with the antics of The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza. Features a guest appearance from Dan O'Hare of Total Fucking Destruction. Absolutely must be 18 years old to purchase, open at your own risk! A must have release for fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt, The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Blood Duster, Brutal Truth, Call The Paramedics, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Throatplunger and XXX Maniak... prepare to fucking die!!!

17 songs of Alkoholic black/thrash metal mayhem from Lithuania!!. Includes CARPATHIAN FOREST, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and FANARAI covers! For fans of SATANIC WARMASTER, INCRIMINATED, DESASTER and PEST

Brutal Death/Grind from Russia

After 18 years F.U.C.T. (Forever Ungratical Corinaric Technikilation) returns with a brand new full length /retain To The Aggro) DIGI CD, available now through Abyss Records / Cheap Shite Records. 15 tracks of amazing Crossover Thrash metal mixed with Sludge and Doom elements, for fans of bands like Melvins, Eye Hate God, old C.O.C., Sleep, ect.... F.U.C.T. is from Nashville, TN and brings forth a unique style Metal unlike no others and will soon gain strength once again in the underground with "Retain To The Aggro" and bringing back the classic sounds of thier debut CD "Dimensional Depth Perception" from 1990. Check these guys out and step into the unknown realm of the mind!!!

Near to mighty Graveland, Fullmoon (formed back in 1993) are one of the monuments of Black Metal!

Funeral were formed by Eric Cutler when Autopsy split along with sometimes Autopsy/Death member Steve Digorgio. The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable" with Eric's trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout. Comes with booklet filled with lyrics, liner notes, rare photos and more! This is a truly obscure gem of mid nineties Death Metal that we are proud to finally bring out of the darkness

The debut album of the French Ultra Sick Doom Metal band Funeralium (including members of Ataraxie, Hyadningar and Mourning Dawn) contains 6 l-o-n-g songs for almost 80 minutes (!!!) of torture Doom Metal! Hysterical sick screams, deep grunts, old school doom riffs and totally necro atmospheres. Forget everything you think you know about disturbed music and prepare yourself for a totally fucked up experience! This album redefines the genre... released on Total Rust

Funeral Moth CD
Dark weird doom from Japan. This is their first EP, which includes re-recorded versions of 2 songs from first demo released as a tape limited to 300 copies. Extremely slow druming, mixture of dark riffs and eerie melodies. Their music is different than the "heavy and loud" doom, there are many dynamics in their music. Extreme doom for depression!

Porn Afterlife CD
The 3rd album from these sick, Death/Pornogrind maniacs from Italy! "Porn Afterlife" is their most heaviest, guttural, downtuned and slamming release yet! 20 tracks of brutality with titles such as:"Cumming Into The Cunt Of The Dead", "Raw Fuck", "Leprous Pimp" "I Spy Camel Toe" and their sickest, most perverse album cover yet... fucking sick!

Sexperiment CD
2nd full-length album out now from these Death/Grind maniacs from Italy!! 13 tracks which are even heavier and sicker than "A Chainsaw In The Cunt!" featuring song titles such as:" Vaginal Cannibal", "Whorehouse", "Kobe Tai" and more

Arising from the exploding Russian doom underground, Funeral Tears is a one-man band from Nikokay Seredov, a prolific musician, and clearly an impressive one judging by this album. 'Your Life My Death' is best described as melodic funeral doom, five lengthy tracks clocking in at nearly 51 minutes. Limited to 1000 copies only... killer album!

Vile old-school death metal with a sleazy psychobilly gloss! Features guest vocals from legendary man of the Death Metal scene Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx, Pestilence, Bolt Thrower, Hail Of Bullets, Death By Dawn). Don't miss this!