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Gnosis: Never Follow The Light CD
Horror Pain Gore Death welcomes Philadelphia Black Metal horde I Am The Trireme to the roster with the epic album "Gnosis: Never Follow The Light". Few bands can match the ferocity and sheer brutal combination of melodic death and vile symphonic black metal that I Am The Trireme (pronounced "tri' reem") has conjured. Bring forth a relentless, fast paced, crushing wall of blackened brutality with haunting melodies, listeners can expect to hear a searing, dark, aggressive blend of brutality and purely sinister blackened metal that is sure to leave them foaming at the mouth. "Gnosis: Never Follow The Light" is a poignant Passage through the stages of Enlightenment and Ascension

While never claiming to be strictly black metal, I Am The Trireme hold strong to belief of black metal in it's purest form - unencumbered and in direct opposition of ALL religious ties and affiliations. In a time where ideals and strong beliefs have shifted into trends and thoughtless practices, leaving the scene littered with hollow shells in the image of our forefathers; I Am The Trireme sets a course true to their convictions and shines an unapologetic ghostly light through the fog into the beyond. For fans of Agrypnie, Bethlehem, Cradle Of Filth, Dark Funeral, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Dissection, Ne Obliviscaris, Peste Noire, Septic Flesh, Shining and Young And In The Way

The Crucible Of Man CD
Something Wicked Pt. 2! While the 1998 album provided a general overview of the story, Jon Schaffer has been conceptualizing for well over a decade. The saga is being fully brought to life with the release of the back-to-back conceptual albums "Framing Armageddon" and "The Crucible Of Man." While both albums provide answers to mysteries the previous releases would create, the timeliness of the story in today s world is guaranteed to keep people thinking and guessing. Schaffer s ability to convey the central themes and events of the story without always revealing exactly why characters decisions are made and how events come to pass, will keep fans of the saga coming back as future mediums for the "Something Wicked" storyline are revealed. The Crucible Of Man is the culmination of the storyline. The absolute pinnacle of the American Metal Powerhouse s career, and happily the epic return of singer Matt Barlow

Iced Earth CD
An updated reissue of this landmark 1991 debut. Features the original tracks with an improved mix, wrapped in a new booklet featuring new cover artwork by Travis Smith and Axel Hermann. Same as the original, just better!

Night Of The Stormrider CD
Their 2nd album, now sounding even punchier thanks to a remix and looking sharper thanks to new artwork by Travis Smith and Axel Hermann. A new vocalist, intricate detail and orchestral elements make this concept album strong

Tinieblas CD
Id make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new EP entitled "Tinieblas". Hailing from Austin Texas, Id formed in 2012 and play a pummeling mix of early 90's New York and Floridian Death Metal, with inspiration from Scandinavian artists. Technical, brutal and catchy, "Tinieblas" is a crushing aural journey that completely destroys the listener. Not for the weak! This is the 6th entry in the Price Slasher series that delivers high quality sickness at the lowest price possible. For fans of Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Disincarnate, Gorguts, Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Morbid Angel, Origin and Suffocation

After releasing one highly regarded demo and a nearly flawless E.P., Ignivomous at last have endeavored to present their first full album. “Death Transmutation” is the brilliant culmination of their work up to this point. On this album, Ignivomous once again demonstrate their ability lead the listener down claustrophobic corridors and into the hopeless solitude of infinite emptiness with equal precision. Throughout the album, Ignivomous undertake to dismantle the fundamental structure of the universe. The whole is continuously dissected into its elemental components, and the particles are then rearranged into unworldly patterns. Positive and negative combine, and the resultant annihilation emanates throughout the emptiness. In doing so, Ignivomous transmutes the motion of life into the still darkness of death. Where the EP, while being more compositionally advanced than the demo, suffered slightly from less satisfying production, this album more effectively retains the natural sound of the instruments. Furthermore, Ignivomous have pushed their songwriting to a higher level of complexity and intensity than on either of their previous releases. The only influence one hears on “Death Transmutation” is the untainted traditional death metal of the early 1990’s. Do not be misled into believing that Ignivomous are among the many clones that have been plaguing the scene recently with their impotent and dispassionate worship of the masters. Ignivomous truly embody the essence of the genre and “Death Transmutation” is the most complete proof of their worth in this regard... a highly recommended release

Six bands, six labels, from six different countries! This truly is an international grindcore gathering featuring GONER (US), BLOODY ACT OF TERROR (Indonesia), D-COMPOSED (Netherlands), HAEMOPHAGUS (Italy), JIGSORE PUZZLE (Germany) and SPLATTERED MERMAIDS (Sweden). Co-released on To Live A Lie, Corrupted Harmony, Jennifer Grind Records, Bullshit Propaganda, Teriak Records, Extreme Terror Productions and Goregeous Productions

Cado Datur Verbs CD
Latest offering from this ever improving Spanish death metal band. Fans of Avulsed and Suffocation will dig this!

Cado Datur Verbs (promo) CD
Full length CD from Imbrue, hailing from Albacete (Spain). 9 tracks of twisted, technical and Brutal Death metal in the vein of GORGASM, DEEDS OF FLESH, CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS and VITAL REMAINS... rare promo CD version

Damned CD
Some oldsters from Québec are making a return. Immoral Squad (1989-1994) prepared a new album of New York style hardcore mixed with thrash, there’s no need to tell you that they get their inspiration from the old classics. Expect DRI, Agnostic Front and Nuclear Assault mixed together. Featuring members of Fistfuck, Dahmer and Inertiakills. Killer!

Crushing, impious, and battering, this is a must have for brutal Norwegian black metal fans

For Tyrant’s Sake CD
German melodic death metal monguers IMMORTAL RITES has returned with their second album called "For Tyrant's Sake". After some time spent doing live shows and big festivals across their country, the band finally entered the studio to record their most mature stuff yet. This time getting the attention of Sweden's legendary mastermind Dan Swano to master the album. Exclusive digipack version featuring their first release "Beyond the gates of pain" as a bonus!

Masters of maniacal medical malpractice, IMPALED are ready to disfigure fans with their gut-wrenching opus "Death Ater Life". Returning with razor-sharp riffs and heart-stopping heavy rhythms, the band have delivered their 3rd limb-severing medical report. Now featuring Ross Sewage (Ludicra, ex-Exhumed). Released on Century Media Records

Manifest CD
Finnish Nuclear Metal gods IMPALED NAZARENE strike back with their tenth and strongest offering to date: Manifest. From the old-school opening of The Antichrist Files, to the rocking punk mayhem of You Don't Rock Hard, to the grand finale of Dead Return, Manifest is a album that shows no mercy. Signed originally (with their own blood, no less) with Osmose Productions in 1992, Manifest continues the strong relationship between the label and the band

Old School Ghouls CD
2002 release of horror shock rock! Includes a revamped version of Superhuman

2000 release from these shock rockers... includes a cover of Alice Cooper's "Teenage Frankenstein"!

Re-release of Rise Of The Mutants EP and If We'd Had Brains, We'd Be Dangerous album plus 4 bonus demo tracks

Wake Up Screaming CD
Quite possibly the greatest Impaler release to date! Includes of a cover of MC5's classic "Kick Out The Jams"!

100% old school Thrash Metal from Denmark! Impalers burst out of the gates of Hell with their debut album Power Behind The Throne, a strong contender for one of the top albums of 2013. Rooted in the extremity of German bands of the 80's, Impalers are not out to reinvent the genre, nor do they aspire to create something entirely new and unique. This is white hot, nasty-ass speed that will leave you feverishly headbanging... fast and aggressive true Thrash Metal, the way it was meant to be! For fans of Dark Angel, Deathrow, Destruction, Exodus, Kreator, Living Death, Num Skull, Onslaught, Protector, Razor, Sacrifice, Sepultura, Slayer, Sodom, Tankard and Whiplash. A fucking killer album!

Contains the full Giallo demo sessions and the Antefatto split sessions... essential material from these legends!

The dead walk the earth again! With the fresh graves unearthed - the slaughtering assault of Impetigo Live at the Central Illinois Metal Fest has arrived. Every aspect of the flesh-peeling onslaught has been captured and recorded to present to you a one-time show of the undead masters at work. Class is in session, so take notes as Impetigo shows all the new-school how the old-school does it. Live - in your face - and brutal destruction - there is no way out of the pit this time. A must have for the true death metal audiophiles and a lesson in how it's done for our new breed of undead

Inverted Redemption CD
Misanthropic Records presents the debut CD from the band hailing from Brazil. Impetuous Rage play the most extreme and technical Death Metal yet are in the old school vein! Includes a cover version of Hellhammer's Massacra.

Eternal cult to death!!! Released on Genocide Productions

Maleficium CD
Raw Finnish Black Metal for fans of classic Darkthrone!

Crushing, brutal Satanic Death Metal from Italy! Includes a sick cover of Deicide's "Sacrificial Suicide"

Finally released after 17 years! The Original Unreleased ROUGH MIX of ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA. Easily one of the most classic Death Metal albums ever... this material is absolutely essential! Released on Necroharmonic

Includes a cover of Death's Scream Bloody Gore as well as four bonus live-in-the-studio tracks!

Long heralded as one of the heaviest, sickest, and most uncompromising death metal bands in the world, New Jersey's Incantation has forged a legacy of brutality unmatched by any other American group. In 1992, the bands most celebrated lineup entered a then unknown Trax East Studios with a then unproven engineer Steve Evetts and emerged with Onward to Golgotha, the most dark and blasphemous death metal record to date. The combination of the inhuman growl of vocalist Craig Pillard, the ruthlessly savage aural malevolence, and pitiless anti-Christian attack was the ultimate musical sacrilege. Onward... redefined the bounds of brutality and blasphemy for the entire genre of death metal. This is absolute brutality!!! Includes a free DVD with three full live sets, expanded artwork, and more

Incesticide CD
Aschaffenburg Sickness! Debut CD of fucking Crushing Brutal Fucking Death Metal from Germany

If you couldn't tell from the title, these Midwest freaks serve up some destructive death metal brutality... kill!

Finally available on CD, this is pure old school Death Metal with an ugly/filthy touch

Following the spiral downwards with even more depraved primitive black death the old school way

Fuck off, this is Shark's territory! San Jose's grind violence storm troopin' superstars' complete discography thus far. Their dream destroying DESPISE YOU inspired demo (songs from which have been featured on both 625's Trapped In A Scene and Bay Area Thrash comps), the brutal noise blasting epic Reality Choke 10", the SIDETRACKED split, MASSGRAVE split, uncut live radio show split set with GODSTOMPER, and even a couple unreleased songs. Like EXCRUCIATING TERROR? Like power violence? Then this is a must have record for your raging ass!

Tous Des Aveugles Discography CD
INERTIAKILLS was a grindcore band from QUEBEC formed from members of HUMAN GREED, SHITFIT, SEIZED, IMMORAL SQUAD. They released a 7" called "Trop tard", a split 7" with SEIZED and they appeared on some compilations. It's fast, dirty and primitive. For fans of old school grind like NAPALM DEATH, ASSUCK and DAHMER

Infäme CD
Crust rockin d-beat with Japanese influenced hardcore with many melodic parts from Spain

The Ascension Of The Abysmal Aberration CD
Infected Flesh return with ultra brutal Grinding Death Metal

Sick fucking Death/Grind from Italy!

They Just Wouldn't Listen CD
Killer Swedish style Death Metal!

This Will Decay CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unveil the newest album from Miami, Florida's melodic Black/Death Metal desecrators Inferion entitled "This Will Decay". Formed in 1995, Inferion have refined their intense sound and present their finest work to date. This epic fourteen track, 55 plus minute majestic masterpiece is a vicious onslaught of Blackened Death Metal that crushes bone and penetrates flesh with the precision of a newly sharpened blade. Superior production quality tears through the many deep layers of this album to reveal complex lead guitar work, a wide array of vocal approaches and the relentless hyper blast of Carlos Delgado. "This Will Decay" solidifies Inferion's rightful place as one of 2014's purveyors of the most vile underground music available. For fans of Anata, Angelcorpse, Behemoth, Belphegor, Burzum, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Deathspell Omega, Deicide, Dissection, Dodheimsgard, Enslaved, Goatwhore, Immortal, Nachtmystium, Noctuary, Satanic Warmaster, Silencer and Vital Remains

Freedom By Death CD
The most austral technical death metal band of the planet. For fans of Death (Symbolic era), Cynic or Atheist. Infernal Doom comes from Punta Arenas, a cold and extreme land in the end of the world that makes their music a special touch

Split CD
Chaotic split desecration from Singapore's most brutal Black/Death Mastema hordes! All-new tracks of christ-fucking goat worship in the true bestial Southeast Asian vein! A blood-filled skull raised in praise of the Impiety War Gods!!

Necrophorus Humator CD
Brutal old school Death Metal!

Finally available again!!! Infernal Majesty's album "None Shall Defy" was the main influence on late 80's and 90's Death Black Metal. This cult album has finally been released on CD including 2 bonus tracks... cult album!

Perhaps one, if not the most promising force to emerge from Japan lately, with their incredible form of intense, straight-in-your-face slamming brutal death metal the American way, these Japanese sickos will surely please fans of bands like DEHUMANIZED, SUFFOCATION, SKINLESS & DYING FETUS! Features impressive cover artwork by Tony Koehl whose gory artwork has splattered covers for INTERNAL SUFFERING, GORATORY, MALIGNANCY and more

Excommunicated CD
Fuck trends! Thrash metal? Death metal? Black metal? Grindcore? Punk? How 'bout this; take all those elements and create a totally exciting and fresh sound that kills from beginning to end! This is underground violence unleashed like a machine gun to the face at close range! This rare imported version also includes 3 killer re-recorded bonus tracks!

Awesome collection of the first two albums from these Norwegian filthy thrashers! A must have for fans of Sodom, Desturction and Kreator this is a thrash metal gem! Features members of Cadaver, Beyond Dawn, Lamented Souls

Comprising out of print EPs, compilation tracks, the 2005 Überthrash live performance and the infamous 1995 'Massacre In Hell' demo, this is the beersoaked dream of every Infernö fanatic!!! Fucking killer collection!!!

Split CD
Infinite Missiles opens up with their own brand of face-melting, ass-kicking Thrash: Carnivore meets Black Flag Meets Municipal Waste in one hell of an ugly bar fight. Before you'll have time to pull your cheekbones out of your throat, Talk Sick Earth comes roaring in to fill in any of the punk gaps Infinite Missiles might have left. Pissed off rant vocals in the style of Vio-Lence, complete with the 'fuck you' attitude and with enough energy to fry your speakers... fuckin' killer!

Trails Of Obliteration CD
Finally a proper release of the first INFLICTION Album from 2002, previously only available in limited quantities as CD-R. Rough, brutal Texas Death Metal is what you'll get here. Fast blasting parts alternate with slam and grooves

Sepulchral Monument CD
Fast Satanic Black Metal from Sweden, amazing debut CD release

Sunrape CD
At last it comes!!! After two years almost legendary Czech INGROWING comes again to make a sacrifice on Cult of Grind's altar!!! Totally grinding, scattering and highly explosive bomb of extraordinary gauge is made of twelve C4 slices and two detonators!!! High sound quality, extremely fast ass blasting drums, steam-rolling strings and excellent vocal suicides - that is "Sunrape"!!! Let's get sunraped!!! Just 100% GRIND!!! Released on Obscene Productions

Reissue of brutal Death Metal from Texas with 2 new tracks and enhanced layout, remastered for a killer sound. with ex-members of Infernal Dominion and Braced For Nails... total Satanic Death! Released on Ossuary Industries

Deduced To Purgatory CD
Melodic Death Metal from Mexico with outer cover/slipcase

A long overdue reissue of the incredible demo by one of the most criminally unknown bands of the last decade, featuring five tracks of raw old school death metal obviously well versed in the schools of Autopsy and Incantation, and Australia's Abramelin/Acheron, Necrotomy and particularly diSEMBOWELMENT, this is right up there with recent death metal titans like Dead Congregation, Funebrarum and Ignivomous. Monstrous death metal with primitive 80’s style grindcore, ominous doom metal and a fractured, almost abstracted approach and the sprawling instrumental centrepiece Mysteries evokes the unnerving audial menace of Supernova-era Today Is The Day, with its unsettling construction of discordant, jagged doom and an obscure found monologue that gives it an even more sinister and disturbing effect

Synthetic Umbilical Supremacy CD
Colombia strikes back with INNERHATE, a load of pure and catastrophic Brutal Death Metal which will detonate all around the world; but beware, you might not survive the grotesque biological effects of such flesh-eating bacteria, the fast-paced drumming, the two virulent voices, and the corrosion of lethally infesting riffs. Be prepared to welcome a new superior species that will reign supreme in a bizarre mutated world. ABORTED and VADER fans buy it immediately!

The Red Chambers CD
Debut album of the norwegian outfit Inquested. This is thrash metal that recovers essence from bands like Metallica, Forbidden, Megadeth or Exodus with some death metal influences a la Arch Enemy or Carcass and classic heavy metal feeling. Precise rythm section, clean vocals and some harsh ones, and an amazing musicianship level. A great debut!

Into The Infernal Regions... CD
Deluxe Digipak CD with parchment paper pages and metallic foil stamping. Basically a CD size version of the deluxe double LP. ESSENTIAL cult Satanic masterpiece from the second wave of 90's Black Metal. Unlike many imposters from the same era, Inquisition is the true embodiment of Satan with a unique and characteristic style of Black Metal crafted over the past 20 years. Into the Infernal now boasts a much better sounds quality (mastered for the very first time), all new cover artwork painted by Antichrist Kramer and one of the most notable deluxe packaging/layouts in the history of the label & bands' discography. Hear a true black metal classic again, or for the first time

INQUISITION, possessors of one of the most distinctive black metal sounds around, returns after a ominious, three-year slumber in the stygian depths with their highly anticipated fifth album, "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrososm." Revolving, as always, around the core duo of vocalist/guitarist Dagon and drummer Incubus, INQUISITION create fog-thick, utterly mesmerizing blackness with only two instruments and voice. "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm," amongst a discography already lined with classics, evokes blackest magick and esoteric mysticism, inducing trance-like states in even the sturdiest constitution - hail the "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm"! Recommended for worshippers of INQUISITION!

Efigies De Maldad CD
Debut CD from this old school death/thrash band formed back in 1988. Making their epic return to the scene they unleash this piece of obscure death thrash metal with pure raw underground extremeness the slays everyone!

Grindzilla CD
Maurizio (Wargore) and his freaks release their third full length dedicated of Brutal Grindcore. Dismembering
and aggressive soundscape to grind your mind/body into dog meat! Released on Subordinate Productions

Split CD
Awesome split of intense, harsh pure grindcore!

Spawned in 1985, in the seamy underbelly of the fertile Bay Area Metal scene, Insanity took extreme death metal one step further than their peers, Possessed and Death. Their rehearsal demo was traded heavily throughout the underground and the band was gathering a cult following when things derailed in 1987. The death of guitarist/vocalist Joe DeZuniga left remaining six-stringer Dave Gorsuch to pick up the pieces of the band. Multiple attempts to resurrect the band had varying measures of success throughout the early 90s, culminating in the release of Death After Death on the now-defunct MBR Records. The band disintegrated again shortly thereafter. After Napalm Death covered an Insanity track, and a new line-up has been assembled, the time is right to properly reissue the Insanity material!

Illusion Of Silence CD
InSomnius Dei, being best described as an ambient doom/death experiment, started as a one man project by Songwriter Mark Kelson. Mark is better known as Guitarist/Vocalist for The Eternal & previously for his roll in Cryptal Darkness

Germany's nastiest Stenchcore for fans of Axegrinder, Amebix, Napalm Death and old Bolt Thrower!

A career-spanning collection of material that showcases New York's Internal Bleeding's technicality and lyrically compelling metal, including out-of-print and unreleased tracks as well as the brand new song titled Alien Breed!

Sick NY Death Metal with a ton of groove

Onward To Mecca sees the band finding even more groove and brutality than showcased on their previous effort. Indeed, Internal Bleeding have created an album that is sure to transcend both the Death and Hardcore genres. This release is sure to please fans of Suffocation and Dying Fetus to bands like Glass Casket and The Buried And Me

Classic album of brutal fucking Death Metal from NY!

Vagina CD
Fucking sick Noise/Grindcore for fans of XXX Maniak and Meat Shits!

Volatile Beings CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome In The Fire to the roster with the new album "Volatile Beings"! Hailing from Pennsylvania, In The Fire consists of members of Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Total Fucking Destruction, and Azure Emote. "Volatile Beings" is the pummeling debut release from this powerful act, featuring eight tracks of pure intensity. Blending Thrashing Death and Blackened Doom, In The Fire mix cellar-dwelling screams from the incinerator with pulverizing riffage, affixing speed and groove with crucifying conviction. "Volatile Beings" features album artwork courtesy of Mike Hrubovcak (Mortician, Pathology, Mortal Decay, Six Feet Under, Monstrosity) of Visual Darkness. For fans of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Death, Vektor and Revocation

Apostasie CD
Old-School French Black Metal in the highly-skilled Nordic-influenced vein of old MAYHEM; blasting grim stormy atmospherics like early [old] EMPEROR without keyboards. Existing since Y2K, "Apostasie" is INTO DAGORLAD's new full-length debut album, following a split-album with CORTEGE FUNEBRE, and two earlier demos. Worthwhile veteran French brutality ranks well alongside ENDSTILLE and KOLDBRANN. Distributed by Twilight-Vertrieb

One of the earliest bands from Finland, this is the Karthago reissue of Ironcross's 1982 debut. Very much in the vein of the NWOBHM sound, this reissue adds 7 bonus tracks of songs recorded between 1985 and 1989. Another kill album!

Second album from Finnish band Ironcross. Though all three of their albums are hard to find in their original formats, this one is next to impossible to locate. Thankfully Karthago Records have resurrected it, adding 6 bonus tracks

Metal Ages CD
From the ashes of Maniac butcher arises a new metal assault of a long forgotten metal past... this is traditional, classic 80's Heavy Metal releases that is a must have for fans of Motorhead. Get ready and prepare to face the Iron Fist!

Chainsaw Gynecology CD
Masterpiece of brutal yet technical death metal for fans of Beneath the Massacre, Skinless and Necrophagist

Zit Stalo Luchshe CD
Sick blend of Hardcore/Death/Thrash/Grindcore from Russia