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Unsheathe And Grind "Split" CD
Powerful CrustGrind from Hungary versus HardBoiled GrindCore from France

Combining stunning, technical musicianship with catchy and intelligent songwriting (not to mention a great production job by Jim Morris), Jag Panzer's brand of power metal rises above their peers' adequacy simply because they realized long ago the importance of delivering material that satisfies them and their fans first. Thane To The Throne takes the Colorado metal machine's sound into further dimensions, this time via a concept storyline based on the Shakespearean classic Macbeth. Filled with brilliance and top-notch musicianship (listen to Chris Broderick's flamenco-inspired classical guitar piece 'The Downward Fall' and 'The Prophecies [Fugue In D Minor]' which was performed by the Moscow String Quartet as examples), this album solidifies Jag Panzer as a power metal forerunner. Released on Century Media

The sixth offensive in Relapse Record's Global Assault Series inflicts catastrophic corruption via four of Japan's leading underground purveyors. Incongruous insanity from Senseless Apocalypse, Muga, Realized and Swarrrm assails the listener, mixing two parts intensity with one part inanity. The Japanese Assault awaits! Prepare for destruction!

Fruher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut CD
Translating to In Former Times All Was Not Well, this release by Germany's death-by-grind killing machine compiles all the band's output from their formation as a 2 man dorm room project in '98 up to the demos for the Fertigmensch CDEP. Proudly unremixed and unremastered, these 30 or so songs, topped off by their awesome Slayer medley, showcase the development of one of the most elusive and promising bands in the international extreme scene. An awesome release!

Jesus of Nazareth (a.k.a. Shit on Command, ex-members of Blower and Enemy Soil) take an insane approach to music and churn out insane true electronic grind (like the Agoraphobic Nosebleed ""Altered States"" MCD) to kill your ears! This Bastard sounds like Enemy Soil with Atari Teenage Riot and Merzbow mix. Excellent Artwork as well, yeah!

The JUCIFER's songs on this split are probably the heaviest stuff from this amazing duo. The 4 songs are really different but very heavy, forget the nice voice of the cute girl on the other albums, you'll only find a demented and crazy girl who scream all the way!! SHOW OF BEDLAM from Montréal are also a band led by a demented girl. Can you imagine SAINT-VITUS with JARBOE on vocals? S.O.B. are a heavier version of this crazy proposition. That's the new band from the guys of SEIZED and TOWARD DARKNESS. For fans of MADE OUT OF BABIES and BATTLE OF MICE

Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten CD
In the last few months Akhenaten surprised Red Stream with the recording of an unexpected MCD, "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" which shows a brutal and unrelentingly sinister corner of this musician's vision. Unleashed by Red Stream almost without warning to the industry or fans, this is an example of the band's unwillingness to conform

Under The Black Sun CD
6 live songs from their final show ever during the Under black sun fest

The 4th album from Kansan Doom-Prog juggernauts JUMBO'S KILLCRANE. Leaner, darker, and far more crushing than their previous releases, The Slow Decay finds the Killcrane in an altogether apocalyptic frame of mind, unleashing subsonic frequencies that resonate with the decay of ages. Their monstrous riffs are more angular than ever, but this new manifesto also delivers soaring, stygian melodies that earlier releases only hinted at. Haunting and heartbreakingly heavy, the trio wind together barbed-wire hooks that snarl themselves around snail's pace rhythms and tarpit riffs

Jungle Rot has the imagination and brutal power to create solid, old-fashioned death metal with an interesting twist. Using a doom-like pace to drive its compositions makes for an effective, brutal and painful monstrous style... sick!

Jungle Rot continues its legacy of uncompromising, straight-forward aggression on this evocation of war! One of Chicago's longest running bands proves their staying power. Produced by Chris Djurcic (Origin, Enforsaken, Fleshgrind)

Imported version! Uncompromising, straight-forward aggression on this evocation of war. One of Chicago's longest running outfits proves their staying power once again... produced by Chris Djurcic (Origin, Enforsaken, Fleshgrind)