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Total Monster Armageddon CD
An atomic blast of solos and boaming roars of destruction, Kaiju unleash their debut disc! 9 tracks of crushing Death Metal featuring artwork By Jeff Zornow, Adam Geyer and Lucio Holocausto. Includes the demo "The Gods Are Angry"

Mantra For The End Of Times CD
Neoromantic Mystical Avantgarde! Kalki Avatara supports the speeding of the end of Kali-Yuga process. Every vicious and corrupt act is just a step nearer to the rebirth. Every effort to save the debris of our civilzation is a waste of time. The righteous shall preserve uncorrupted his virtue, his honour, his solitude, and he shall not conform nor fight evil, but let it act undisturbed. Kalki will give birth from the ruins to a new mankind. We are awaiting... a very unique release

Angelplague CD
Kalopsia make their explosive debut on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the crushing new album "Angelplague"! Forged back in 1999 in the wastelands of New Jersey, Kalopsia weave together the blasting intensity of American Death Metal with Scandinavian melodies and homegrown breakdowns. "Angelplague" is Kalopsia's third album and the most ferociously heavy effort to date, featuring a lineup comprised of members/ex-members from artists from such acts as Ruinous, Funebrarum, Hammer Fight, Abacinate, Deteriorot and Dysentery. Frenzied fretwork, brutal groove and old school blasting brutality make "Angelplague" the perfect pestilential soundtrack to scorch the earth and blacken the skies! For fans of Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Jungle Rot, Kataklysm, Malevolent Creation and Suffocation

Tamakin Viela CD
Finnish Rock N Roll on Firebox records. Lyrics are in Finnish but the music Rocks!!!!

Forever In Darkness CD
Another pitch-black grume of Darkness has appeared from the Abyss once opened by Possession productions. Newest album of the absolute leaders of Russian Black Ambient scene. Much horrific and grim now. Somekind of alternative soundtrack for the "Darkness" movie released as Digi-CD. Listen in total fucking absolute Darkness ONLY!

Cult 1993 debut album of esoteric occult black doom, in its first U.S. release. Dark despair and hypnotic melancholy!

Inner Scars CD
Neuropsychic Grindcore from Belarus!

The persistent dissolution of the cosmic order precipitates the onset of eternal recapitulation. An awareness of this imminent cycle of destruction and rebirth affords one the ability to reach into the penumbra of the impending chaos without fear. The sound of Kerasphorus contains the seed of this power. It is a sound that violently propounds its triumphant heresy throughout the halls of Heaven. Being the new project of P. Helmkamp (Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, Revenge), those familiar with his work will find familiar traces in the vocal and bass performance on this EP, but will also witness the unfolding of new dimensions within his work. This is largely due to the collaborative nature of this project. Helmkamp conceived and composed these songs in conjunction with guitarist, B. Wolaniuk. Adding further definition to the work, the legendary J. Read (Cremation, Conqueror, Revenge, Axis of Advance) was recruited as a session drummer to lend his demonic warfare percussion to this recording as well. Emanating from this combination of talent is the most important work of Occult Black Metal to emerge from the U.S. in years. “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” presents an entirely new sound that, while clearly operating within the schematic of modern Black Metal, also incorporates unexpected elements arriving at a sound at once militaristic and metaphysical. Thematically, “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” is steeped in myriad strains of esoteric thought, but is presented with a vigor and severity that is uniquely contemporary and uniquely North American. It is infused with an Occult sensibility without getting lost in its own mysticism. It is intelligent, but avoids self-indulgent and pseudo-intellectual posturing. Indeed Kerasphorus demonstrate a groundedness in their approach to Black Metal that is peculiar and engaging. In this work, one finds a blueprint for confronting apocalyptic ruin with potency and fortitude. As the serpent coils and constricts its body about the universal axis, the blood is drained from the world and the sun occluded and blackened, the universal holocaust begins and, by some, it is welcomed. Yet another awesome release on Nuclear War Now! Productions

First Two Years Discography CD
Cape Cod’s own snotty punk rockers are back with some more carnage! This features the first 7", the demo, the soon-to-be release second 7", and some stuff that will only be on this disc. While keeping the same snotty and fast punk ‘tude, these guys throw in some more metalic riffs and melody, with two new members... packaged in a slip sleeve

Killing CD
Debut album of melodic yet brutal Death Metal with Thrash elements

Death Kill Metal CD
Pure fucking Death Metal! Second outcome of our cooperation with GRUFT PRODUKTION. Debut material by KILL. Prepare your ears for a fucking attack of total Death Kill Metal. Six murderous songs plus a cover song of gods from Cannibal Corpse. Massive, dynamic, medium tempo metal with a deadly sound. Discover a real killer inside yourself...

2nd full length by this legendary Death Metal act from Florida!! 16 years after their latest recording, the band is back heavier than ever with their well known brand of old fashioned Death Metal influenced by bands like SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, INCANTATION, BOLT THROWER and MORBID ANGEL. Another killer release on Xtreem Music!

Choose And Decide CD
The stunning debut album of the german sextet, formely known as ENSLAVED. 10 roaring pieces of industrial sounds & grooving death metal, made to give hell a rumble. The Devil noticed them, and so shall you! Comparable to SIX FEET UNDER, later BENEDICTION and NAPALM DEATH but adding occassional keyboard parts a la FEAR FACTORY!

Ebony Veiled CD
Atmospheric death/doom metal from Lebanon!

Unholy Graveyard CD
Blasphemous, morbid, dark Death Metal act for fans of Azarath, Sinister, Suffocation, Immolation and Bolt Thrower

Behind The Blackest Tears CD
With a sound as large as their reputations, and some of the best songwriting metal has seen in years, Jamey Jasta and Kirk Windstein’s KINGDOM OF SORROW new album ‘Behind the Blackest Tears’ is destined to become a genre classic!

Kingdom Of Sorrow CD
Boasting a line up that includes members of such influential metal bands as Hatebreed, Down, Crowbar, and more, the infamous Kingdom of Sorrow has been unveiled. The brainchild of vocalist/Hatebreed mastermind Jamey Jasta and riff-master Kirk Windstein, Kingdom of Sorrow tears through an 11 track barrage of some of the most punishing, straight-up metal in years. KOS is the incredible next step in the careers of two of metal’s most-celebrated warriors

Harm CD
After 9 hard years of existence, the long awaited debut album of the Israeli Doomsters The Knell is finally out! "Harm" has been mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and contains 7 tracks for more than 50 minutes of heavy, thick and beefy Death/Doom Metal. This album is not a tribute for the nineties and the glory days of the genre, but a proof that Death/Doom is still kicking in the twenty one century and even more relevant than ever. Doom on!

Skeletal Remains CD
Old school Heavy Metal from the 80's collecting material recorded between 1984-1989. King Fowley approved!

Sophmore releasing of slamming Death Metal brutality from Norway... for fans of Devourment and Waking The Cadaver

Exalt CD
This is some crushing shit - roaring vocals, majestic droning riffs mixed with ferocious midpaced crusty hardcore & sludge. For fans of Cult Of Luna, Neurosis, Doomriders and From Ashes Rise... a totally killer release on D7I!!!

Kraken CD
This is crushing stuff, each song a compact three-to-four minutes filled with gruff, roaring vocals, majestic droning riffs and quieter, almost Slint/Godspeed-like parts, bursts of ferocious midpaced crusty hardcore, slow pounding sludge riffs

Classic old school Death Metal from Peru! Re-release of Kranium’s first Demo Tape from 1992 plus 3 bonus tracks

Apocollapsys CD
Thrash metal with techno-elements in the Pestilence vein!

Ultra- nihilistic Black Metal chaos in the old vein of Profanatica, Blasphemy, and Bestial Summoning... The sound of war kills you relentlessly. Features Cryptic Winter of Judas Iscariot on drum-hell. Also features the production assistance of Akhenaten from Judas Iscariot. This is extremist and frightening Black Metal done in the most extreme way possible and is the first release of Cicatrix, a new label formed under the wings of Red Stream... a killer release!!!

This split features exclusive tracks from both hordes. Krieg offers material with doomy oppressive atmosphere, while Portugal's Morte Incandescente summon forth harsh, crazed black metal ala Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest

The first cacophonous death metal assault by these Brazilian blasphemers! Hits you like a sudden chest explosion! Faster than any band alive! Features their trademarked unrelenting drum work and sadistically technical guitar riffs. Digitally re-mastered with new photos, featuring scorching Sodom & Kreator cover tunes as a bonus... killer!

Drowned In A SwampHeart Of Evrope CD
Digipak CD of cult band from Belarus KRUK Drowned In A Swamp Heart Of Evrope. This Cd is a reedition of two mini-albums of the band who determines its genre as True Lightless Metal of Death... an awesome release!!!

Endkampf CD
Atmospheric Black Metal ...it’s a weird ritual in the lost place somewhere among the marshes... ...it’s what the KRUK expresses absolutely... ...twilight Forces & Energies hiding behind the boulders and under the turf... ...carpet swaying over quag... ...pain after which nothing remains... ...blind fury of Harvest & menacing procession of shadows through midnight forest over hills... ...mysteries in the Dusk of our territories... ...we are forever... True Lightless Metal of Death

...Failure To Comply CD
Krullur return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new release "...Failure To Comply"! Hailing from Houston Texas, Krullur are scene veterans that play a modern aural assault of Speed/Death/Thrash, combined with Hardcore/Punk overtones and a lethal dose of Progressive/Hard Rock. "...Failure To Comply" is full of crossover crunching rhythms, blasting aggressive drums and wailing angst filled lead solos. This release features six new tracks of pure sonic mayhem plus a re-recorded version of Endless Evil from the 1990 demo "Enormity" as a bonus track. Order now and receive a free copy of Krullur's previous release "Grounds For Termination" on CD while supplies last! For fans of The Accused, Agnostic Frost, Doom, DRI, Exodus, Extreme Noise Terror, GBH, Kreator, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Sarcofago, Slayer, Sodom and Terrorizer

Dutch-Crusties are back, first time on CD, all their recordings from 1996 to 2006, 37 tracks total, includes: "Murder Rhytms" double 7", "As we laugh in a state of fear" TAPE, split 7"s w/ SPINEBENDER, DISTROY, GRITOS DE ALERTA, BLOOD I BLEED and the HERESY Tribute cover song. Angry dual vocals, intelligent political lyrics, vicious crustcore with an thrash and grind touch sure to make you happy. Killer fucking release from Terrotten Records

Second CD of aggressive Evil Thrash/Death/Grind

Kulto A La Bestia CD
Old school Death/Thrash Metal ala MASACRE + SARCOFAGO from Bolivia!

Epidemic CD
Kuru’s pummeling brutality is sure to please fans of Krisiun, Suffocation and Nasum. The guitar work on “Epidemic” is a non-stop bombardment of riffing mayhem. Demented brutal grinding death metal for your demented mind!

First, and long waited, full length from Sweden's Kvoteringen comes challenging all that Neo Crust hype: no epic and worked out melodies or whatever those bands do nowadays, just the best and flawless in your face raw PUNK sound. Memorable riffs mixed with vocals that hit us like bombs against economic politics and humanity’s earth destruction