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Dawnbringer CD
Grim Heavy Black / Thrash Metal featuring 9 tracks & includes a killer Celtic Frost cover of “Emperor Return”. This album is dedicated to all the Maniac Head Bangers. For fans of Celtic Frost, Bathory, Darkthrone, Venom, Motorhead !!!

Six Pack Witchcraft CD
Old School Head Banging Blackened / Thrash Metal from the U.S., DIGI CD E.P. features 5 NEW tracks of Hellish Rock N Roll for the devil’s soul. For fans of Celtic Frost, Bathory, Darkthrone, Venom, Motorhead !!! An excellent CD

The latest macabre opus of horrifying old school death-infested grindcore from Spain’s infamous horror grinders, in the tradition of Repulsion, Autopsy, Nihilist, Napalm Death, Darkthrone and Massacre! Masterfully resurrecting the morbid vibe and sinister atmosphere that these classic bands emitted, ‘Mundo Cripta’ blends in the most noxious elements of Machetazo’s already formidable legacy: the filth-encrusted grooves and dirgey riffery of 'Carne de Cementerio', the rabid skin-flaying grind savagery of 'Trono de Huesos' and the doomed cryptic darkness and deathly occult metal of 'Sinfonias Del Terror Ciego' into a blasphemously putrid monolith that towers above all! Buy this CD now!

Nathicana CD
Ex-Nasav members return with four new symphonies of darkness, evil and metal. These songs are played in Nasav's own style since Magan is formed from the same musicians... awesome Black Metal from Mexico thats not to be missed!

Maggot Casket CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Maggot Casket to the roster with their debut self-titled album "Maggot Casket"! Kentucky's Maggot Casket present a brutal slab of Death Metal which focuses on horror and the grotesque, dealing with topics such as digging up a bride at the cemetery, experimenting on corpses, a zombie apocalypse and that fucking black van that keeps creeping through your neighborhood when the teenage girls get off the school bus. "Maggot Casket" features 8 tracks of savage, remorseless and unmerciful metal mayhem that is not for the faint of heart... feel them crawling! For fans of Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Coffins, Eyehategod, Incantation, Monstrosity, Noothgrush and Repulsion

Incredible Discography CD of Brutal Fucking Death Grind from the Netherlands! Including the "Zombies From Tha Hood" CD, The Split w/ Evokers, the split w/ Funerot, split w/ Meatyard and 4 unreleased tracks as a bonus!!!

Zombies From Tha Hood CD
Debut release of sick Death Metal from The Netherlands!

Splattered Manifestation "Split" CD
Ultra Sick Hard to Find split CD of Brutal Fucking Death Grind from The Netherlands & Brazil! Great Shit!!

Occult, Extreme and Brutal Death Metal full of hyperblasts for fans of Angel Corpse, Krisiun and Vital Remains

The Polish fiends' 1989 debut album reissued on CD with 7 bonus tracks! Fans of the old school will feel the murderous energy that Magnus gives with "Scarlet Slaughterer. A not well known must have classic death/thrash release!

This 24-track, 22-minute blasterpiece showcases two of the most ferocious newcomers to the grind/powerviolence scenes in many years. MAGRUDERGRIND bring the scathing, thrash/crossover influenced grinding mayhem while SHITSTORM terrorize with gruffer, speed/death metal-tinged destruction together creating one of the most abrasive split albums ever conceived. These two young trios manage to walk in the same shoes worn by grind greats like DISCORDANCE AXIS and PIG DESTROYER, both delivering absolutely pummeling performances with only the use of guitar, drum and voice. No bass players are needed for songs this fast and absolutely relentless... and no heavyness is compromised with each band's best recordings to date and fantastic mastering by West West Side. Top it off with totally sick artwork from BARONESS' John Baizley, this split is undeniably destined for full-blown "classic" status

Rare demo from pre-ABSU member Proscriptor McGovern released onto CD format... MAGIKAL CULT BLACK DEATH!

Progressive Power Metal from Singapore!

Cross Species Transmutation CD
Some of the sickest and most brutal death/grind emantations you will ever hear, with some bizarre twists thrown in. Features Mortician's Roger Beaujard and some of the best, sickest cover artwork in ages... an awesome release!

A classic album in the gore/death metal underground, this is a work of brutal, sick, old-school ugliness. Drumming handled by Mortician guitarist Roger Beaujard. Brutal grinding death metal, finally back in print... total sickness!

Motivated By Hunger CD
Prepare yourself for the unabashed brutality and sheer destructive power known as Malignancy. Highly technical, with crazed riffs and unpredictable rhythms. Featuring Roger Beaujard (Mortician) hitting the skins with apt skill... sick!

Cosmovision CD
Evil as hell Black/Death Metal from Peru

L'appel Du Neant / Le Froid Du Nord CD
Killer release of Canadian Black Metal D-Beat! A compilation CD featuring 2 demo tapes from 05-06 and bonus tracks

Demo anthology from vomitchunk creeps Mandatory. Following in the footsteps of legends such as Unleashed, Nihilist and Dismember this material will not disappoint those who prefer the ritual of old school early 90's Death Metal. Includes all demos including "Divine Destruction", "Curse Of The Undead" and "Where They Bleed". This anthology would'nt be complete without the hard to find "Mangled To Shreds" demo either in it's entirety. Includes covers by Razor and Repulsion as well. This is a 100% must own for fans of Carnage, Dismember, Unleashed and Asphyx!!!

...Where They Bleed CD
Fans of old-school Swedish death will find much to love about this German band. Influenced by the likes of Asphyx, Grave, Entombed, Pestilence, Carnage and Morgoth. Includes a Razor cover... fucking a fucking killer release!

Barbarians CD
The first full length from Czech Horde Maniac Butcher originally released over 10 years ago in 1995. Now re-released with a bonus track... fierce raw aggressive black metal that doesn't fuck with gay keyboards or wimpy female vocals

Cerna Krev CD
Real fucking Black Metal, not for pussies!!! Cerna Krev is the fourth full length masterpiece from Maniac Butcher. Expect nothing but fast, raw, brutal black metal with relentless blasting and chainsaw like guitar onslaught and a violent wave of harsh vocals. Cerna Krev is very harsh and brings a big "Fuck You" to all unorthodox black metal bands

They return after 10 years with their 7th album... intense Czech Black Metal

Originally released on Slap A Ham Records, this Man Is The Bastard CD includes 53 tracks of classic Man Is The Bastard mayhem. This release is a collection of splits, 7" EPs, and previously unreleased material created for those that can't find the vinyl. Man Is The Bastard were a double-bass heinous barrage of hardcore on the forefront of the early powerviolence scene, although they used plenty of experimental noise ideas. Members of the band have also been in Pissed Happy Children, Pillsbury Hardcore, No Comment, Bastard Noise and more... an essential release!!!

Diabolical Psycholust CD
Newest fucking full-length desecration from the Borneo tyrants of virgin-raping psychopathic Black Metal sleaze!! The most vile and fucking punishing Mantak sex crime to date, essential degradation. Hail the Borneo Chaosmakers!!!

Polymorphous Perversion CD
Reissue of psychopathic Malaysian Black Metal full length. Contains "Dark Borneo Art" cassette EP as bonus!

The latest and greatest Crust/D-Beat/Grind offering from both Midwest bands. MTC has a female vocalist that sounds like a demon about to disintegrate your genitals. The Skuds are a three piece that have taken grind and crust punk to a new creative level. World and personal politics are the general theme of the lyrics from both bands. For fans of Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Napalm Death, Excrement of War, State of Fear and Wartorn. Great production quality

Sacro CD
Colombian Death God, MASACRE's kult album "Sacro" album re-issue with bonus trax including live track!!

Aztec-themed technical death metal chaos

Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness CD
The 2nd album from Oakland California's THE MASS further refines the band's unique brand of malevolent indie-thrash, oozing a crawling heaviness not apparent on earlier releases. Crushing, epic, and melodic...moving beyond the hyperkinetic seizures of City Of Dis, here THE MASS whip out blazing, staccato riffs and multifaceted vocal attacks that knife through complex structures and sludgy, epic elegies, as wicked saxophone melodies interweave with angular crunch and creepy nocturnal post-rock. Like a stuttering, bat-winged Bay Area thrash metal outfit arming itself with Louisville/Chicago schooled math-thug asymmetry, pounding dirge-core, and fierce,evocative jazz flourishes while lobbing some whopping bonged-out grooves, THE MASS continues to evolve its cryptic heaviosity... sick!

Classic French Death Metal! Their 1991 album re-released with 7 bonus tracks, Chilean output! Comes with liner notes and new artwork. Anyone like rather original sounding old Death metal in the Asphyx, Death, Possessed, Nihilist traditional should really get this one. Recommended as hell! Includes 5 rehearsals and 2 live recordings

Recorded live while on tour Europe in 1991. Old School Death Metal!

Re-issue of the Death Metal classic that defined the whole Florida sound...brutal guitars, brutal vocals and brutal drumming from a selection of the scenes forefathers (past Death members) & includes Inhuman Condition EP as bonus

The mysterious recording so many fans have talked about, and so many others never knew existed, the long lost MASSACRE 1990 studio demo with previously UNRELEASED songs is now unveiled! Kam Lee (original voice of DEATH/MANTAS) together with NunSlaughter Records and Hells Headbangers have unearthed this long buried casket originally not for the public. Written during 1989 - 1990 and recorded with Massacre's temporary "SECOND COMING" line-up before the "FROM BEYOND" album. These songs retain the classic MASSACRE sound and horror appeal as expected from this genre defining band! Enter this tomb and revel in The Second Coming... essential material!!!

Dublin Bay Area Thrash! Of all the bands currently playing "retro-thrash," none do it with the authenticity of sound like Mass Extinction. New MCD features 3 lengthy tracks firmly in the vein of "Extreme Aggression"-era Kreator, "Bonded By Blood"-era Exodus and early Forbidden. Recently toured in support of Exodus... a killer release that is not to miss

Mandatory third Master album finally available again. Remastered with 6 bonus tracks (Final Word demo/tracks from split 7" with Excision). Includes lyrics and extensive 7 page exclusive interview. For fans of heavy, face-ripping music

Faith Is In Season (15th Anniversary Edition) CD
Official 15th Anniversary Edition reissue of the classic Master album "Faith Is In Season"! Master is the most well-known project of bassist, vocalist and songwriter Paul Speckmann. Prominent in the early Extreme Metal underground as one of the first Death Metal bands, they are also one of the most influential artists alongside Death and Possessed. Master helped invent the genre of Grindcore as well, expanding on a heavy influence of Motorhead, Venom and Slayer. Originally released by Pavement Music on April 7th 1998, "Faith Is In Season" marks the true return to brutality for the band. Thick bass reproduction stands out on this raw, muscular recording as well as lyrical content that is full of visceral emotion and antisocial resistance. This sixteen track beast clocks in at close to 54 minutes of pure terror, sheer madness and primal rage! Features an all new layout and alternate enhanced artwork... bow down to the Master! For fans of Asphyx, Autopsy, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Cancer, Entombed, Grave, Malevolent Creation, Mantas, Massacre, Morgoth, Obituary, Pestilence, Repulsion and Sinister. A mandatory piece of Death Metal history!

Mandatory first MASTER album finally available again! Original mix with favorable UN-triggered drums and all solos included. Two full live shows on bonus DVD. DVD contains: Live Drieluik, Zaandam, Holland, December 1st, 1990. 10 tracks, 50 minutes and Live Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany, December 13th, 1990. 10 tracks, 60 minutes!

Mandatory second MASTER album finally available again! Remastered for improved impact and two full live shows on bonus DVD. DVD contains Live Simplon, Groningen, Holland April 29th, 1992. 10 tracks, 60 minutes and Live Donkey Shot, Heemskerk, Holland June 5th, 1993. 10 tracks, 50 minutes. Killer imported version from Holland!!!

Back in late 1984 Paul Speckmann/Master got signed by US label Combat, and recorded what should've been their 1985 debut full length. But due to insuperable differences the contract got torn up, the recordings were never finished/released, and Paul went on with his re-installed band Deathstrike. After its re-union, Master signed with Nuclear Blast and recorded several stunning albums in the 1990's. Now, almost 20 [!] years later, the original 1985 album recordings are dug up from the vaults to be immortalized on CD! This release includes demo tracks as a bonus

Mind CD
Take Napalm Death, but make the music more death metal ala Melvins, and you’ve got Mastic Scum’s Mind. Yeah, Napalm Death keeps making album after album of great grind, especially this late in their careers, but for our money, we’d take Mastic Scum over them. Sure, the style won’t be credited as theirs, but this long-running German group’s material is heavier, more brutal, and in the end... more metal. Like a run of a gold medal skier, all the member’s performances are executed with such confidence and conviction that comes through in the aggressive, edgy music that features super infectious grooves, resulting in a deeply satisfying experience. Also includes a CD-ROM video track!!

Putrified Vaginal Infibulation CD
Perverted, sick and twisted Porno-Brutal Death Metal from Colombia. Killer, fast and putrid-aberrations-inspiring riffs; amazing and monstrous mixture of voices which will make your ears bleed, and an unstoppable drum-hecatomb. This grotesque combination of Colombian Brutal Death Metal will help, with no doubt, to consolidate a growing scene that is becoming more respectable, solid and macabre. Two depraved tracks from their Promo-2005 included!

Cadaveric Displays From The Funeral Double CD
The morbid coffin of MAUSOLEUM has been opened and out from its foetid confines lurks... "Cadaveric Displays From The Funeral"! This abhorrently horror-choked two disc collection is the final word in that Johnstown, Pennsylvania doom-horde’s 'Zombiecult Death Metal' gospel. It scrapes from their dreadful and disgusting slab 2003’s "Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish Ghastliness" and 2011’s "Back from the Funeral", 7” tracks, demo and live recordings, and worshipful cover tributes to those vile elder gods, AUTOPSY and IMPETIGO. You will puke out your mortal guts as you attempt to swallow all of this utter monstrosity of 31 tracks, clocking in at over 2 hours! Buy Now or BEWARE...

Great Autopsy Worship Death Metal! Limited edtion European pressing with bonus tracks on Goryfied Productions!

Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia!

For true Black Metal fans only! This is a studio recording of the De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album, but with no vocals and Varg "Count Grishnack" Vikernes on bass. This is a must have release for all fans of Black Metal... killer!

The porn drenched Brutal Death Gore Mongers are back! This amazing CD features all their best and most brutal 7"s and split 7"s recorded. The 1st Vol. in a 4 CD set which will include everything the Meat Shits have ever recorded, along with never before released tracks (100's of them). Sick 12+ page booklet including all the incerts, cover art, everything from every Meat Shits release ever releases... a truly incredible release on Sevared Records!!!

Decadence CD
Symphonic massive black metal in veins of Graveworm, Cradle of Filth. Recorded in famous Hertz studio in Poland

Eight evolving compositions of unsettling death industrial in the Cold Meat tradition. Blends dark atmospheres with mechanical rhythms to create nightmarish, horror-influenced soundscapes... a highly recommended album on Release

Dër Mëkanïk Grööves CD
This project has been trapped under ice for several years and is a one-off recording by members of Lydia Laska/ex-Dismal Euphony, Gehenna etc. Imagine black metal taking acid with 70s proggers like Van Der Graaf Generator and having sex with Black Sabbath, this may well have been the result. ‘Der Mëkanïk Grööves’ is a trip into uncharted territories of BLACKENED SPACE DOOM via the excellent unique label Duplicate Records based in Norway

Third Melechesh album containing 10 tracks. It is an amazing effort which of the Extreme and Mystical. This album presents the band's Mesopotamian /Sumerian Metal in a more aggressive and intricate manner. It was recorded at Andy LaRocque's Los Angered Studios in Gothenburg- Sweden and mastered by Attie Bauwhaus in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Ron Woodall graphic designer for movies such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc did the cover art. The CD version includes an Enhanced multimedia section featuring a trip to the world of Melechesh (Lyrical overviews, wallpaper, photos, glossary of terms, video clip for the track ' Genies, Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights ', this track is originally from the previous album. USA version contains a Celtic Frost cover "Babylon Fell"... killer!

Fragments Of Democracy CD
Mental Coma make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new album "Fragments Of Democracy"! Hailing from Denmark, Mental Coma play old school aggressive Thrash Metal anno 1983-1991 in the vein of Sepultura, Dark Angel, Kreator, Slayer and Testament. "Fragments Of Democracy" displays intense, hard hitting speed with high tempos, blazing guitar solos and angry vocals which tell the real horror story that is the human condition. Lyrical themes revolve around politicians and the wealthiest people of the world exploiting the rest of the planet as slaves, without the world knowing it. Mental Coma have successfully crafted an album that is a fast, non-stop assault of punishing, authentic Thrash which holds nothing back... turn it up! For fans of Artillery, Demolition Hammer, Destruction, Exodus, Laaz Rockit, Morbid Saint, Municipal Waste, Num Skull, Sodom and Whiplash

Psycho-Penetration / Creado Quia Absurdum CD
Brutal Death Metal from the Ukraine on Imbecil Entertainment

Old school Death Metal... the way it was meant to be! True Death Metal IS alive in the United States. This is the long awaited CD debut from Mental Funeral featuring 5 tracks of sick, repulsive, pus-filled hymns of rotting death. Includes a cover of Autopsy's classic "Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay". The first 200 copies are limited edition Digipaks. Essential for fans of Abscess, Autopsy, Cianide, Coffins, Death, Dismember, Divine Eve, Impetigo, Lord Gore and other gods!!!

For My Your Blood For Satan Your Soul CD
Long awaited second full-length album of this old South American horde formed back in 1993! Expect only maniacal, occult and deviant old styled Black Metal inspired by Parabellum, Ancient Rites, early Emperor, Sarcofago, Venom, Necromantia and Mortuary Drape! Peverse Devilworship!!! Another awesome releases from Time Before Time Records

Insipid Emaciation CD
After almost 2 years in the making, Jim Haras is ready to unleash his monster. 9 unrelenting tracks of blasting black metal, wrapped in warped vocals, unusual samples and some industrial elements. Stellar black metal riffs that brush with melody and catchiness while always keeping the buzzsaw going. Comparisons to Merlot could include ‘Philosofem’, Aborym, Vondur, but in a unique own way. Modern black metal for a modern blackened world... an excellent CD!

Catch Thirtythree CD
It is impossible to talk about experimental or avant-garde metal without mentioning this truly groundbreaking Swedish act. Mixing ultra-complicated rhythmic patterns with massive riffs and aggressive growls, combining many styles of metal to create their unique style. Manic low-tuned riffs repeated in seemingly endless loops, desperate aggressive growls and drum patterns from another dimension... another excellent modern release on Nuclear Blast Records

Jack Is Dead (1999-2004) CD
50 songs including 3 unreleased tracks, split with Fuck the Facts, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Needful Things, Krush, Irritate, Noisecore Freak, Glaucoma, Septicemie, Dahmer, Rot, and Neuro-Visceral Exhumation. Includes full EP Shot to Death

Obsessive Compulsive CD
New studio album from this Grind machine ! Best studio work ever... for fans of DAHMER and NAPALM DEATH

Metalbolic Records first CD compilation showcasing all of their current bands, plus many other sick black/death metal bands from around the world! 14 tracks of chaos plus awesome cover art by Corpsehead Graphics!

The vicious new volume in our CD compilation series "Metalbolical"! 18 Tracks of Pure Blasting Metal!

Digipack version! First it was the drill, then the chainsaw...and now the bulldozer!!! Metalucifer unleashes pure heavy metal once again, and for the first time on a studio full-length since 2001. Fucking Heavy Metal...HEAVY METAL!!!

Methadrone is a solo project from Craig Pillard, who was a member of Incantation and plays bass in Evoken. Under the moniker of Methadrone, he dives into murky waters of impenetrable sonic depth created by heavy, torturous guitars

The Karelian band METI BHUVAH with their debut opus presents us a 13-song album of primitive and raw BM. The religion of ILDJARN is alive! You think it’s easy to write simple songs? Perhaps it’s really easy but not everyone can animate their rage this way! Frenzied vibe! Storm on the Onega! This CD pressing is strictly limited to 333 copies

Karelian METI BHUVAH deliver a new masterpiece! 13 tracks of the blackest foul malice as cold razors tickle the veins of common basis of human degeneration. Observations, visions and violent vomit. Difficult to imagine what the follow-up could be as the style is rather manifold and it seemed really a difficult task to create at least 30 minutes of such material. As time showed they coped with the task perfectly! I think that this new portion of dirt will enrapture fans of the style and those ones who appreciated the first album... an awesome example of quality modern black metal

Vengeance Rising CD
Female fronted 80's inspired Heavy/Thrash Metal! Canada's Minax rip through the gate with their debut release "Vengeance Rising". Young, hungry and pissed off, Minax have captured the glory days of Bay Area Thrash along with a strong influence from traditional Heavy Metal acts like Judas Priest, with more denim and leather than Halford himself.
A killer slab of Heavy Fuckin' Metal! For fans of Artillery, Exodus, Forbidden, Grim Reaper, Overkill, Saxon and Slayer

Relict CD
Fast, technical, brutal Death Metal similiar to Vader and Morbid Angel

10 Tracks of Columbian Grinding Madness!!!!! Sick and twisted Grind that rapes your ears!! Incredibly tight, chock-full of insane gravity blasts and wicked riffs. In the vein of Purulent, Carnal, & Ancient Necropsy!

Exile Of Fear CD
Melodic Death Metal meets brutal Thrash! Imagine a mix of In Flames, Iron Maiden, Shadows Fall, At The Gates and Converge and then you will have Minion... this band is also a side project featuring members of the band Morser

Occult Philosophy CD
Re-release of their demo plus bonus track... legendary Russian Death Metal!

Yesterday's Grave CD
Re-issue double disc of progressive, melodic Death Metal from Finland! Very melodic and catchy in the style of modern Finnish bands but with a vibe similar to older Sentenced... this is an awesome double release from Firebox Records

The long-awaited 1st full-length album of an Oriental Pagan Black Metal outfit from Japan, Misogi (Misogi is a kind of purification rites). Cold & fierce Black Metal with many Japanese folk melodies and also with Thrash-influenced riffs which make their sound more solid than those of ordinary Pagan Black Metal acts. In addition, in this work the main players, Touko (ex.Mortes Saltantes) and Yomituti (Quest for Blood, ex.Magane), collaborate with some guest players (male / female vocals and Kagura flute) to make their sound more psychedelic & hallucinating. Their sound would not be fully understood in the narrow context of "Black Metal with Japanese atmosphere." It's rather an attempt to establish one of the extremes of Pagan / Folk Metal in broader sense. A totally unique listening experience on Sabbathid Records

White Roses, White Coffin CD
Mistress Of The Dead is one-man project drenched in mystery & produces mystical, esoteric, Funeral Doom Metal of extra high quality. Delicacy for admirers of Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Until Death Overtakes Me and Nortt

Spain's melodic metal masters Mistweaver have created a killer album of excellently composed, raging fantasy inspired melodic metal in the vein of Ensiferum crossed with epic sounds of Blind Guardian. Released on Deep Send Records

4-Way split of sickness from Spain, Portugal and Poland! 29 tracks of crushing Death Grindcore!

... On The Slab CD
11 tracks of ultra heavy and dark brutal Death Metal! Includes the 2000 demo as bonus tracks

Split CD
Two of the most advanced technical, melodic Death Metal bands collide on this severe split. Molestation hailing from California and Limb ER from the Netherlands come together for a double motorized, highly precise tech Death attack!

Wyoming's biggest electronerdz return with their strangest and strongest project yet. 10 tracks lying somewhere between avant-garde metal and experimental grind to eerie ambience and carnival music. Throw in bizarre lyrical themes on top of that, and you have "Haunted Lullabies..." Mastered by Jim Plotkin for the highest quality sound experience. This should appeal to fans of Monastat 7, Old Lady Drivers, Mr.Bungle, Naked City and Skinny Puppy

Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle CD
"Why did they have to go to ruin..." Mononofu is now lamenting "Pride of the defeated" in place of the defeated who was not able to leave one's own name to war-torn history. Real SAMURAI invasion "Mononofu" plays 6 tracks of unmerciful Death / Black / Thrash Metal. A truth of cruel war-torn history here... real SAMURAI invasion from Osaka, Japan

The White Crematorium 2.0 CD
Not just some basic re-issue... The band decided to totally RE-RECORD the album and also has added videos! It is absolutely amazing. If you have never heard THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT imagine early Nile and early Kataklysm brilliantly tossed together and maybe even more "brutal". Finally available, ready to serve this slab up to the brave!

Unofficial re-release of their second full length "Taste Our German Steel" and "We Are At War!" from their split with EVIL. MOONBLOOD was formed in May of 1993 by OCCULTIIS, NECROMANIC and L.O.N.S under the name DEMONIAC. In Sept. 1990 GAAMALZAGOTH joined the horde. Their style was melodic Black metal. In January 1994 LONS & NECROMATIC were thrown out because they were fakes,according to the rest of the band and they managed to release a demo around the same time. In June of 1994 they changed the name to MOONBLOOD. After some rehearsing, they released another demo around July 1994, it was limited to 166 and sold out quickly. In December of 1994 another demo was released, NOSFERATU on UNHOLY BAPHOMET RECORDS. In March 1995, they released GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES limited to 333 copies. The band also has a split EP with NEMA and also have plans to release an LP/MC on MAJESTIC UNION RECORDS limited only to 666 copies. Some of their influences include DARKTHRONE, SACRIFICE, RAZOR, EVIL, AZHUBHAM HAANI, TUMULUS, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, etc.

Slaughter Of The Fatstock CD
Brutal Death Metal from Slovakia

V: Havitetty CD
Finland's MOONSORROW continue their reign as forerunners of the folk/viking metal scene, crafting triumphant sounds of epic proportions. This is definitly an essential release for fans of bands such Thyrfing, Finntroll and also Agalloch

Limited edition dual disk CD/DVD with the classic death metal debut Altars of Madness on the CD side and Live Madness '89 on the DVD side for the first time ever on DVD. Blistering live set featuring the original lineup filmed November 14th, 1989. This is a perfect reissue for one of the most legendary death metal albums of all time!

Please note that the DVD side of this dualdisc is region free and NTSC format, meaning there will be no issue with the region. High quality limited edition redux version of MORBID ANGEL’s classic second album ‘Blessed Are the Sick’ which in addition to the original album, now boasts a brand new exclusive one hour documentary discussing the recording and release of the album, and highlighting the band’s rise from underground heroes to worldwide flagbearers for the Death Metal scene! Featuring new interviews with band and crew this offers up the most intimate and detailed examination of Morbid Angel yet released and all housed in a deluxe multi panel digipak. Massive follow up to "Altars of Madness". The band had a lot to live up to but managed to deliver an album full of atmosphere and darkness. David Vincent never sounded so demonic again. And now it has been remastered and includes the bonus video 'Blessed Are The Sick', liner notes by Trey Azagthoth and many unseen photographs... an essential fucking reissue!

Guitarist Erik Rutan joins the fold! This is non-stop clean cut Death Metal from start to finish. This album includes "Where the Slime Live" and the experimental "Hatework". An essential album in the history of US Death Metal!

Heretic CD
As always with Morbid Angel, you need to expect the unexpected. And as always with Morbid Angel, you can be sure that whatever they conjure up, it will be immense. Such is the case with 'Heretic', where, stripped to a three piece, primal rage and unerring precision combine to slaughter the competition. Equal parts homage to the past (especially on 'Stricken Arise', harking back to the halcyon days of ('Altars of Madness') and brave new world (the up tempo war dance of 'Enshrined By Grace), this album is perhaps more focused than 'Formulas Fatal to the Flesh' and less sludge-infested than 'Gateways to Annihilation. Includes bonus DVD, don't miss out on this release from Earache Records!

Grind Up Your Ass CD
Killer Grindcore from Japan! Released on Half-Life Records

Nuclear Vaticano CD
Bestial fucking cult demos, splits, and rehearsal chaos from Chile's elite Goat Metal terrorists!! Complete fucking nuclear savagery, definitely not for fucking posers, goth sissies, or trendfags. Limited to 999 lethal fucking doses

Hell And Damnation CD
South American Old School Death Metal featuring Alex of MASACRE. For SARCOFAGO, MASACRE Fans!

Very involved Death Metal that incorporates some Thrash Metal & Black Metal elements done in a old school vibe

Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno CD
Despues de casi 5 anos de silencio total, las legiones bestiales han resurgido. On December 25, 2007, the notorious Tomas Stench assembled his horde of maniacal priests of darkness to desecrate the day the bastard Nazarene son was born unto the whore of Bethlehem. Recorded in Mexico with a new line-up, the third Morbosidad album is heavily influenced by Brazilian deathrash masters such as the mighty Sarcofago, Sextrash, and Holocausto, yet is still undeniably Morboso Metal. One of the most sacrilegious and blasphemous records in the NWN! catalog, “Profana La Cruz del Nazareno” achieves a primitive savagery and violence never heard before on any Morbosidad recording. And finally, the only artist whose dark visions are sufficiently unholy to adorn such a long-awaited release, the notorious Chris Moyen was summoned by the Morboso Kult to produce another masterpiece of goatworship for the cover of the CD

The Eye Of Gorsha Dimmas CD
Excellent Thrash Metal From Malaysia!

California's Morgion created metal for kings straight from the sacred halls of Doom. Dark, hypnotic, majestic, and thoroughly elegant, Morgion crafted crushing compositions that burned themselves into the collective psyche of fans of sullen and somber metal the world over. This collection compiles all of Morgion's Relapse recordings, including 7 unreleased studio, demo, and rehearsal tracks. Bask in the everlasting glow of Morgion's epic, imperial metal!

The definitive 2CD collection from one of Europe's leading death metal acts. Contains 15 songs from all their releases plus the legendary "Pits of Utumno" demo, 3 rare tracks, 4 promo videos, and 2 live tracks. All of this is rounded out by a 20 page booklet detailed with the history of the band. A must have collection released on Century Media Records

Ripped In Half "Split" CD
Two of the most disturbing South American death/grind bands come together on this insane split CD!

Rise From The Void CD
Excellent Black Metal from Finland

Experiment In Blood CD
Old school death metal in vein of Six Feet Under, great debut CD of Russian death metal horde!

Cadaver Art CD
New 2005 album from NJ death metal legends!

The Age Of Eclipsed Humanity CD
Murderous insanity from these Slovakian newcomers! Brutal Death Metal in the vein of DISGORGE's "She lay gutted"! Inhuman vokills, lots of tempo changes and catchy riffs with a powerful sound! Cover artwork by the great Deather

Surface CD
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Awesome old school Death Metal from Milwaukee... punishing!

Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence CD
Totally vile and disgusting Black Metal/Punk from Italy!

The Hacked Up for Barbeque/Zombie Apocalypse era is widely considered by Mortician fans as the apex of the bands recording and touring career. These cult classics and are finally available together for one low price for the first time!

House By The Cemetery / Mortal Massacre CD
2 classic underground albums together on 1 CD! Mortician is hands down the HEAVIEST DEATH METAL BAND ON THE PLANET!! For the sickest, most powerful death metal around, look no further - Mortician slay!! BUY OR DIE!!

Murderous Ritual CD
Extreme Death Metal with untouched amounts of fury, hatred and skilled technique!
Genocide Productions presents this true murderous ritual in association with Misanthropic Records

Canton, Ohio's Mortifier bring 8 tracks of raw thrash metal, influenced by Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, early Metallica, etc.

Embrace CD
The second full length from this czech outfit. 11 tracks of pure and honest old school death metal, highly influenced by the early european scene. Plenty of power, melody and intensity, sounding at same time catchy and aggressive; knowing how to give variety to its music this recording presents as the perfect continuation of its debut album "Redemption", placing Mortifilia completely into the top of the europen death metal secene. With no doubt an album that shouldn´t be missed by any fans of bands such as Dismember, Unleashed, Centinex, Entombed, Gorefest or At The Gates. This is an album that recovers the essence from old death metal, and will not disappoint true death metal fans

Killer female fronted, aggressive Thrash Metal from Canada featuring the lead singer of Minax!

Posers will die! Hailing from the Canadian wasteland known as Edmonton, Mortillery are on a mission to deliver true Thrash Metal to oppress the masses with their debut album "Murder Death Kill". In a scene that is oversaturated with retro acts, Mortillery stand out with their holocaustic riffage, raw energy and dynamic female vocals. Drawing influence from a wide range of artists such as Judas Priest, English Dogs, Warfare, Broken Bones, Iron Maiden, Crucifix, Slayer, W.A.S.P. and early Metallica, the unstoppable force of Mortillery is reminiscent of the glory days of Bay Area Thrash as well as the primal aggression of intense hardcore/punk. A must have for fans of The Accused, Anthrax, Death Angel, Destruction, Detente, Discharge, Razor, Sacrilege, Sentinel Beast, Tankard, Toxic Holocaust, Violator and Znowhite

The Ancient Disease CD
Mountain Grave is a metal collective scattered across the United States with the mission to deliver maximum cosmic riffage! "The Ancient Disease" lyrically follows the multi-billion year journey of an intergalactic contaminant from a distant star. From collapsing nebulae, and an 8th dimensional stellar exploration to an eventual zombie apocalypse, each song being of a different extreme metal genre and containing a unique lineup. Prepare to fly along an ageless celestial path to ultimate destruction through sinister atmospheric thrash, black and death metal. Also included is the video for "A Necromance" which is already becoming a cult classic among hessians. Features members of Pizza Face, Theophagy, Lorenguard, Antica Arcana and Partiac Arrest. A killer release for fans of Annihilator, Bewitched, Carcass, Cradle Of Filth, Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Forbidden, Immortal, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Morbid Saint, Nachtmystium, Nocturnus, Obituary, Pestilence, Sepultura, Testament and Toxic Holocaust. Fucking rage!!!

Massive Structural Collapse CD
To boldly continue to go where no band has gone before... Mountain Grave return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with a masterfully crafted modern cosmic Death/Thrash dream! Weaving vicious riffs through multi-dimensional atmospheric terror at blistering speeds, "Massive Structural Collapse" effortlessly punches it's way through your speakers and throws you in the cockpit to experience action packed interstellar insanity. This album marks the melding and also completion of the sound / story from "The Ancient Disease" EP, released back in 2012 on HPGD. Mountain Grave successfully combine the raw drama of Star Trek along with the warm cinematic impact of Star Wars, resulting in a fusion of Extreme metal glory! For fans of Carcass, Death, Death Angel, Havok, Insanity, Legion Of The Damned, Mithras, Morbid Saint, Nocturnus, Pestilence, Testament and Vektor

Blinded By Hate CD
Apocalyptic! Vengefull! Infestful! From the toxic shores of New Jersey comes this brutal debut from Mourning. Rockin' rhythms, bone-shattering harmonies, screams of the dying and growls of decaying bodies. Features members of Bloodthrone, XXX Maniak, Vile, Monstrosity, Dislimb, and Divine Rapture! Released on Ossuary Industries

The Sullen Sulcus CD
High quality Death/Doom Metal from Ireland

For The Fallen CD
Two years after the band's self titled album, Mourning Dawn is back with eight new pieces of despair and not less then 70 minutes of their unique painful Black/Dark Metal. The production is freezing, the material is slower and with the guest vocals of Jonathan Thery (Ataraxie, Hyadningar, Bethlehem, Funeralium), this is definitely the sickest effort of this suicidal French band so far. Recommended for fans of Weakling, Shining, Deinonychus, old-Katatonia & Bethlehem...

Mozergush CD
This killer new Ukrainian band gives us 8 epic tracks of blissfully heavy fuzzed-out stoner doom sludge! Mixing huge grooving 70's stoner rock riffs with thick, crawling slow doom and muscular sludge, they coat it all with a thick film of dark and eerie psychedelic synths and effects for a killer record brewing up the best of Bongzilla, 'Let Us Prey'-era Electric Wizard, Zombi, late Neurosis, Iron Monkey, Kyuss and of course Black Sabbath! An awesome release

Extreme Brutal Slammy Death Metal with members and ex-members of SKINLESS, WASTEFORM, INTERNAL BLEEDING... one of the most BRUTAL bands from NEW YORK. Co-released on Nice To Eat You and Sevared Records

Debut Release of crushing Mexican death metal

Mugwart is definitely sludge, but they have a bluesy, catchy rockin’ feel that makes their music less torturous and more fun than most of the more extreme bands in the genre. But make no mistake about it, this shit is heavy!!!

Putrilogie CD
Hyper speed and agressive, brutal Death Metal with some electronic parts that will make your head explode!

Brutal death/grind! Recorded by Juan Urteaga of Vile at Trident Studios. Includes a cover of Death's Zombie Ritual!

Rise Upon The Highest Fence CD
Furious hardcore/punk the way Converge re-wrote the genre. Intense riffing mixed up with some in-your-face sludgy Isis-esque break downs! A must have for fans of Converge, PG99, Curlupanddie and Isis. Released on D7I Records

Autopsy fans rejoice! This is total Autopsy worship featuring members of Dismember, Nihilist, Entombed, General Surgery, Regurgitate, Carbonized, Merciless, Disfear, Morbid, Rape Pillage And Burn, Dark Funeral and more!!!

Recorded back in 2001, this split CD displays the early musical career's of many Philadelphia area musicians. Mykado hailed from Havertown, PA and played an aggressive metalcore style featuring Mike Armine currently in Rosetta, Evan Wall from Bloody Wall Of Gore, Josh Mahesh from Set Ablaze, Consenting Adults, Chidren Of Nar, Sars The Attack & Throatplunger, and Dan Dalton currently drumming for Consenting Adults. Sorrows End hailed from Baltimore, MD and played melodic yet heavy metal in the vein of later Death and Iron Maiden. Their half of the split features catchy riffs and intricate drumming without getting overly technical and still keeping melody... this is an awesome rare split!

Dutch My Minds Mine unleashes 48 tracks taken from all vinyl output released through the years delivering unbelievably fast devastating high speed octane grindcore reminiscent of old S.O.B., Brutal Truth, early Napalm Death and Heresy. Powerful production, blasting drums, and growling/screamed vocals. The CD compiles three split seven inches, debut Unseen World 7", split 10" with Head Hits Concrete, two compilation tracks, and an unreleased live set

Descend CD
Finnish funeral doom, their latest album in nice digibook, A5 size. Also comes with a booklet!!!!!

The Bloody Path Of God CD
German veterans return with their latest opus of blackened death metal

In Sadness Gloom CD
Progressive doom metal from Russia that was originally recorded way back in 1996... a one-hour journey through darkness and melancholy that definitely has its place in the grey days of the year. For fans of My Dying Bride

Vanished Pantheon CD
Marvelous third album by this Brazilian Doom/Death band finds them branching out into more experimental waters without losing their grip on the heaviness that makes them so enjoyable. An absolutely killer release on Firebox