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Goons And Masters CD
OBLIVIOUS is a new band from Linkoping, Sweden, who combines heaviness along with incredible groove to a melodic stoner rock with a touch of classic 70's rock n' roll. Influences can be hear from such great bands as FIVE HORSE JOHNSON, DOZER, KYUSS and CLUTCH, as well as heroes like BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM and LED ZEPPELIN

Mighty Cosmic Dances CD
Mighty astral avantgarde black metal from Czech Republic in the vein of Dissection crossed with Ephel Duath

Festival 2000 CD
Awesome compilation given out at the 2000 Obscene Extreme Festival featuring Rotten Sound, Isacaarum, Ingrowing, Cock & Ball Torture, Fleshless, Squash Bowels, Hypnos, M.A.C. Of Mad, Pandemia, Cripple Bastards, Abortion, Din-Addict, Profanity, Lykathea Aflame, Bloodsuckers, Negligent Collateral Collapse, Contrastic, Intervalle Bizarre, Purulent Spermcanal, Comrades, Convent, Laniena Mentis, Alienation Mental, Feeble Minded and Nuclear Devastation

Cosmogenesis CD
Prepare to be amazed by technical metal masters OBSCURA (ex-NECROPHAGIST, PESTILENCE) and their Relapse debut Cosmogenesis. Cosmogenesis is a front-to-back stroke of brilliance that seamlessly fuses modern metals extremity, the upper levels of technical virtuosity, and the symphonic grace of progressive music into a flawless album experience. The band more than justifies their impressive pedigree with what will be one of 2009's best metal albums

Retribution CD
Their debut Retribution is a beastly album blending the savagery of New York death metal with the fleet-fingered fretting of forerunners Death and Gorguts. Now repackaged, remastered, and featuring 3 bonus tracks, Retribution documents the first steps in the journey of one of metals most crucial new bands. Totally essential material from Relapse

Debut of old school death metal for fans of AMON AMARTH, UNLEASHED, DISMEMBER and DISSECTION

Glorification Of The Antichrist CD
An unholy aural assault of Chilean Black/Death Metal. Occidens mixes elements of speed, brutality, and a crushing-blackened atmosphere making this CD a must for fans of Krisiun, Immolation, Blasphemy, and Sarcofago. Also
features the long sold out demo "Descending of the Fire Hordes". Released on Deathgasm Records

Contagion CD
On Oceano's first album, we promised it would be the heaviest, most brutal deathcore album to date, and the band duly delivered. Now, Chicago's finest return leaner, more intense and devastating than ever before, and "Contagion" is set to smash the boundaries of extremity that were set by "Depths"! With the addition of two new guitarists, relentless touring with the likes of Whitechapel, Suffocation and Suicide Silence, and with the fantastic production from Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Municipal Waste, The Acacia Strain), the band's rage is now even more finely-tuned, the breakdowns are even sicker than before, and the most fearsome vocals around just got even more monstrous! The Contagion spreads across America this fall on November 9th! Catch it early at one of the band's many upcoming tour dates!

True, classic heavy metal featuring King Fowley from Deceased

Zavjet Dalekom Snu (Oath To The Old Dream) CD
For those who miss the real essence of Black Metal! Raw, devastating old school black metal from Bosnia & Herzegovina in the vein of Burzum, Immortal, The Stone, Dissection and Satyricon. Comes packaged in an 8 page booklet with lyrics in Bosnian/Serbian language... truly a must have release for all Black Metal fans past & present

Mirror Of Vibrations CD
Odious hail from Egypt and deliver Majestic black metal in the vein of Cradle Of Filth. They make use of numerous oriental elements played with original oriental instruments! An amazing album released on Sleaszy Rider Records

The Empty Eye / Death CD
OF DARKNESS is an experimental Funeral Doom Metal band from Barcelona, Spain,. Their music includes the most representative traits of the genre, along with other varied influences such as ambient, industrial and classical music. Highly atmospheric and deep, their sound is the perfect landscape for their extreme nihilistic beliefs... stellar!

Offal zombies wake up from their foul tomb re-animated by a recording from 2004 and bringing with them cult worship to the early 90s old-school gore death metal! 11 macabre epitaphs of eerie funeral doomy riffs, dismembering chainsaw attacks, thunderous, cranium pounding beats, and slashed throat screams dueling with vomit inducing pitch-shifted purulent gurgles! Far fans of Autopsy, Embalmer and Carcass. Featuring members of Lymphatic Phlegm, sick!

Filicide At Feretory CD
Brutal old school Death Metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Sinister and Suffocation

OLDE CRONE are a psychedelic doom band from the Shire born strong and true to each other out of a glorious haze of weed and Sabbath worship. Their music is classic slow riffing doom combined with elements of spaced out psychedelic rock. High heaviness and loudness factors. Seven songs in over 70 minutes of slow doom madness. Awesome doom!

Religion Of Spiritual Violence CD
Frost Bitten Black Metal From The Arctic Circle! Extremely well written Satanic Black Art that paints a desolate soundscape created by the Northern Wind of malice, churches in ruins, frozen rivers where moonshadows gleam eternally, morbid dwarf trees amongst wastelands of black moss, and pale stars that echo the snowfall... Where the air is drunk with blood of the ancient battles ...Where the Snows are never gone... This is the Cold Northern Soil of Old Wainds

Scalding Coldness CD
The newest creature from the veterans of Unholy Nordic Metal. Pure audial supremacy and dedication to traditions!

Where The Snows Are Never Gone CD
Highly sought after first album - eight tracks of absolutely heavy and ruthless Nordic black metal

Intercorpse CD
Nice release of Brutal Death Metal from New Jersey... released on Rotting Corpse

Merciless Jaws From Hell CD
2nd album by this spanish band of aggressive and motherfucking Satanicspeed Thrash Metal. More intense and faster than their debut, an infernal whirlwind for lovers of bands like SADUS, POSSESSED, KREATOR, WHIPLASH, SODOM...

Total World Domination CD
Hateful and fast played raw German Black Metal in the vein of old swedish acts from the 90s

Top Dollar CD
Philly hard rockers On Top make a triumphant return to Horror Pain Gore Death with the new EP “Top Dollar”! On Top welcome brand new guitar whiz kid Ric Haas (Mach22) to the fold alongside of long standing members Jaron Gulino on vocals/bass and Danny Piselli on drums. On Top are back to their roots showcasing faster tempos, heavier riffs and bigger hooks than ever before. "Top Dollar" features a raw, edgier sound that was recorded by Joe DeLuca at Why Me Recording in Gibbsboro, NJ, and was mixed/mastered by Chris “The Wizard” Collier at CM21 Productions. A must have release for fans of Accept, Dio, Dokken, Grim Reaper, Iron Maiden, LA Guns, Loudness, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Obsession, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Ratt, Van Halen and W.A.S.P.

Top Heavy CD
A modern day answer to vintage metal, On Top are a hard-hitting power trio who deliver dirty rock n' roll with an authentic 80's metal flare! Top Heavy is the sleazy debut album from these Philadelphia rockers who rip it up with edgy vocals, hard hitting drums, dominating riffs and killer leads that will leave you begging for more. Guitarist Alex Kulick restores hope that guitar gods certainly still exist! For fans of Accept, Dio, Dokken, Grim Reaper, Iron Maiden, LA Guns, Loudness, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Obsession, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Ratt, Van Halen and W.A.S.P.

Top To Bottom CD
Philadelphia’s hard-hitting power trio On Top back are back with a brand new EP entitled "Top To Bottom". This release marks the return of Jaron Gulino (Mach22) on lead vocals/bass guitar and Danny Piselli (Fisthammer) on drums, with skilled newcomer Brian Davis on lead guitar. Following up on their killer debut album "Top Heavy", On Top have continued their style of metal with edgy vocals, hard hitting drums, dominating riffs and killer leads. This release raises the bar and showcases the bands evolution, presenting their finest efforts to date. "Top To Bottom" was recorded at Tribe Sound Studios in West Chester, PA, engineered/mixed by Brian Davis and mastered by Chris “The Wizard”
Collier (KXM, Lynch Mob). For fans of Accept, Dio, Dokken, Grim Reaper, Iron Maiden, LA Guns, Loudness,
Megadeth, Motley Crue, Obsession, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Ratt, Van Halen and W.A.S.P.

The Neverending Sun CD
Official release to what was intended to be this Power Metal giant's 3rd album for the Century Media Label. Awesome guitar work by shredder TOBY KNAPP, including revamped layout & liner notes from the guitarist himself

Globální Orgie – Striktní Protokol CD
Grindcore / Brutal Death Metal from the Czech Republic

Discography from this legendary Thrash/Punk band from Singapore!

This second album features a more listenable song structure and incredible production. Artwork is by S.V. Bell

Elements Of Corrosion CD
Extremely technical, barbaric death metal from Chicago that will appeal to all Morbid Angel worshippers. Three of the band members eventually would go on to form the nu-metal band Soil with ex-Broken Hope member Shaun Glass

Life Is Too Short For Learning To Live CD
Harsh doom/death two piece with tendencies towards modern Runemagick and funeral doom acts in the vein of Worship

Ordoxe make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new album entitled "Towards Eternity"! Formed in 1989, Ordoxe hail from Quebec Canada and perform melodic Black Metal with elements of Thrash, Death and Doom Metal. "Towards Eternity" is the fourth album in the Ordoxe catalog and delivers a fierce, judicious mix of dark arts, bliss, grim moods and evil ambiences. For fans of Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Dark Funeral, Destroyer 666, Dissection, Enthroned, God Dethroned, Naglfar, Rotting Christ and Satyricon

Visceral Infection CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome northern New Jersey's Grindcore fiends Organ Dealer to the roster with their punishing debut album "Visceral Infection". Formed in a damp basement in June of 2013, Organ Dealer are a a flash point of sound, 100% full speed and relentless mayhem! "Visceral Infection" is 20 intense minutes of pain, frustration and relief... the sum of experiences only brought on by living in a place like NJ. This is REAL Grind with a Death Metal backbone and an honest representation of what fast, heavy music is when crammed into one tight space. Prepare yourself to have the back of your head splattered against the wall! For fans of Agents Of Abhorrence, Birdflesh, Burnt By The Sun, Cannibal Corpse, Captain Cleanoff, Carcass, Cryptopsy, Death, The Drip, Exhumed, Fulgora, Gridlink, Hayaino Daisuki, Impaled, Lock Up, Morbid Angel, Murder Construct, Napalm Death, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, P.L.F., Rotten Sound and Soilent Green

The Way To Temptation CD
Awesome album from these doomy death metal veterans from Puerto Rico

Killer Death/Thrash! The Orghia project began life in 2006, when five long-time friends decided to join forces, trying to mix the power of the old-school Thrash with the fast and aggressive attitude of the Swedish Death Metal ("At The Gates" In the Summer of 2006 the band released the E.P. "Waiting for the dusk" and this received very positive reviews, and so a year on, Summer 2007 the band recorded the full length "The Dusk", directly produced and mixed by Klas Ideberg (guitarist from Darkane, Terror2000, The Defaced) at Not Quite Studio in Helsinborg. An awesome blend of Swedish Melodic Death and Bay Area Thrash, old school, raucous raw energy, you can feel every listen!

...Better Than Sex!!! CD
Porno/Goregrind from Italy with a mix of slow, slamming songs and gargling vomit vocals along the lines of early GUT, COCK AND BALL TORTURE and fast, blasting ones similiar to early HAEMORRHAGE and GRONIBARD... awesome!

These Are The Flowers That I Love To Smell CD
Groove porngrind in vein of CBT, GUT, GRONIBARD and HAEMORRHAGE! Rare imported version with alternate art

Split CD
This EP features a new, exclusive song each from New York tech/prog metal wizards BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS and shred meltdown duo ORTHRELM, overdosing the listener on spastic complexity and insane instrumental prowess that will liquify your grey matter. Adorned in eye-blazing original artwork from VOIVOD's Away. Released on Crucial Blast

Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat CD
Death Metal titans Oshiego make their triumphant return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the crushing new album "Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat". Following the darkened path chosen on 2013's "The Great Architect Of Nothing", Oshiego are even more devastating than ever before. Merciless riffs, Middle-Eastern stylings, groove and melody combine with an uncompromising old school approach resulting in total sonic torment! Eleven years of Death Thrashing madness culminate in the 8 ripping tracks that make up "Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat" plus a cover of Heathen, originally recorded by Death Metal legends Master. For fans of Behemoth, Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Grave, Immortal, Incantation, Kreator, Krisiun, Melechesh, Napalm Death, Nasum, Nile, Pestilence, Vader and Vomitory. There will be destruction!

The Great Architect Of Nothing CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Singapore's premiere Death Metal masters Oshiego to the label with their sophomore album "The Great Architect Of Nothing". After almost a decade of their depraved existence, the pinnacle of sonic violence and total mayhem has arrived! Terrible certainty has arrived via a nasty mix of brutal riffage and Middle-Eastern stylings ala Melechesh and Nile, combined with an original yet old school Death Metal approach. Eight soul shattering original tracks of groovy, neck-breaking riffs, bonecrushing subsonic bass and primal, warlike exteme percussion plus a cover of Vomitory's 'The Voyage'. A must have for fans of Absu, Behemoth, Deicide, Demolition Hammer, Dismember, Exhorder, Grave, Hypocrisy, Intestine Baalism, Krisiun, Malevolent Creation, Morgoth, Obituary, Sepultura, Vader and Vomitory. Beware as Oshiego plunges the world into complete chaos and bedlam!

Lux Arcana CD
The debut CD of the Italian Ambient artist called Ouroboros, "Lux Arcana." This wonderful modern masterpiece contains 7 pieces of Esoteric Dark Ambient including an unusual cover of Sting's "Russians"... very interesting

Now on CD, this EP from Outlaw Order is a feast of sludge metal anarchy. This is virtually Eyehategod under a different name, as 4 of the 5 members of Outlaw Order have served time in that crusty sludge-doom institution... fuckin' killer!