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Monument Of Depression CD
The new album of Belarusian Kult PAGAN "Monument of Depression" CD. An evil atmosphere and depressive tunes are classical for PAGAN. Occult messages. 8 pages black white booklet with lyrics and photos filled with Darkness

Tasteless Revenge CD
Legendary Filipino DeathThrash guerrillas finally smeared across CD. Contains out-of-print EP, demo, and unreleased anthems to Metal, arson, and massive amounts of violence!!Dirty, raw, pure, ugly, un-tuned fucking Thrash!!!

Infinitas Barathrun "Split" CD
Pagan Hammer returns with a new split with fellow North Carolina one-man project Nox Eternus! Pagan Hammer crafts three tracks of mesmerizing snowcovered ambient black metal while Nox Eternus puts forth four tracks of spacey, haunting black metal. Not to be missed! Pro CDr limited to 150 hand-numbered copies on Nokturnal Transmissions

Basic Instructions For Dying CD
Swedish death metal. This CD contains unreleased materials recorded at various sessions. Pounding drumming without blast beat, strong guitar sound and dark atmosphere. This is really heavy and intense death metal that should be so

Born To Be Buried Alive CD
All new studio tracks of Swedish death metal madness! Thrashing, low end death metal straight outa the same book as Dismember, Unleashed, Grave, Seance & Exhumed! 5 new tracks, bonus live track & video footage... killer release!

A double CD with all four of Paganizer's releases. Fans of early Grave, early Entombed and other such classics will definitely approve of this as it is a great tribute to those bands only with more modern production allowing for a more punishing and crunching heavy sound to beat your ear drums... a ton of awesome material for one super low price

Death Forever CD
Some of the best Death Metal tracks Unleashed in the band's discography, brutal as fuck! If you like bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED (early), here will find the extreme elements of a PANZER DEATH METAL MACHINE! PAGANIZER is here and will make you die forever... a DEATH FOREVER! 3 bonus tracks never released before!!!

Paganus CD
Paganus full-length features 4 tracks of vicious extreme Doom Metal clocking in at almost 50 minutes! A raw
Extreme heaviness filled with crushing riffs, "doomy soundscapes", wicked vocals and lots of negative emotions…
Recommended for fans of Burning Witch, Khanate, High on Fire, Neurosis, etc... Released on Total Rust

Cult traditional doom metal from MD! Re-issue of the 1997 demo, re-mastered with bonus tracks and rare cover art

PALE DIVINE are one of the brighter stars in the contemporary doom firmament. Heavy, 70's flavoured doom with the onus on songwriting, and fluid wah-wah drenched solos. A modern day equivalent of the wondrous Pentagram. Re-release of the out of print debut album on Game Two Records w/ two lengthy live cuts in time for their Euro tour. The wonderful CD will fully satisfy all fans of the genre. For fans of PENANCE, TROUBLE, ST. VITUS and PENTAGRAM

Hate Demo 2003 CD
Brutal Philadelphia area Death Metal that kills

Riven CD
Technical yet brutal Death Metal from the Czech Republic

The Autumn Enigma CD
Melodic progressive Death / Black from Sweden for fans of DIMMU BORGIR and EDGE OF SANITY!

Rare, underground thrash metal from Las Vegas! For the first time on CD, the band’s classic two ‘80s demos reissued, plus a ton of bonus live tracks, all remastered for 80 minutes of metal mayhem. Also includes a DVD with 3 live shows, a 12-page poster fold-out featuring artwork from Bob Coffinrot (The Accused), photos, lyrics, liner notes, fliers and more! Limited to 1000 copies and co-released by M-THEORY Audio (Las Vegas) and Metal War Productions. Essential for all thrash fiends, hardcore headbangers and true Metal maniacs... ORDER NOW AND PREPARE TO THRASH!!!

Sick release of brutal Death Metal from Massachusetts/New Hampshire

Dirty Grindcore From Norway! Parlamentarisk Sodomi is on the loose and this vicious grindcore vigilante is poised to bring about the collapse of Norway’s political landscape through a rampage of rear entry and sexual subjugation of its figureheads, whilst simultaneously destroying all preconceptions of one man bands by ejaculating the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade! This is masterful old school grindcore full of swarming buzzsaw riffing, incredibly powerful and tight as fuck drumming, razor-sharp rhythm shifts, neanderthal bellowing growls, venomous shrieking and more circle pit inducing crossover skank sections than a young Mitch Harris could ever dream of! Parlamentarisk Sodomi is the perfect amalgamation of Repulsion, Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs, Captain Cleanoff, Disrupt, Assuck, His Hero Is Gone and Terrorizer, sounding like a genuine lost gem from the late 80’s but with the freshness and individuality to stand above the rest of the new wave of old school grinders! Features 15 rabid politically charged attacks of the most cruel and sarcastic kind, taken from the 2006 and 2007 demos having been re-mixed and 3 of which are brand new songs to give you the most blissfully excruciating reaming of your life... essential!

1st band is Polish Parricide who is playing gore grind with a little funny image. Next band is also from Poland. Incarnated plays old school death metal with extremely distorted Sunlight guitar sound, and LG style howling vocal. Last band is Japanese bizarre death metal Reexamine who playmiddle tempo based old school death metal with strange riffs like Disharmonic Orchestra, and mixture of gutteral vocal/screaming. Released on Obliteration Records

Old school Crossover / Thrash Metal from Texas, USA. Features members of D.R.I., Dead Horse, & Verbal Abuse

Blasphemous Communion CD
Gut-fucking, ruthless, and Blasphemous Death Metal domination! Complete fucking old-school offensive, like being ritually murdered by Repulsion & Autopsy! Completely re-mastered with bonus track... a fucking sick release!

Surgically Hacked CD
Gore Crushing Brutal Blasting Grind Death Metal from CA USA includes Dave Astor former member of The Locust / Cattle Decapitation. Surgically Hacked has 10 songs, and cover art/layout by Mike Hrubovcak (Visual Darkness)

21 Years Of Doom, Death & Darkness CD
Awesome compilation collection of songs from Peaceville's classic releases

Direct from the 1st Master comes the original version of The Road Less Travelled. The band actually recorded that LP twice, the latter version was released on Lee Dorrian's label. This is the 1st "shelved" version never heard until now

Upon A Pile Of Bones CD
Hailing from Italy, Pentothal Sodium make their punishing debut on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with a devastating EP entitled "Upon A Pile Of Bones". Taking the dark, obscure atmospheres of classic Death/Doom like Asphyx and dISEMBOWELMENT, Pentothal Sodium seamlessly weave influences of old school Swedish Death Metal into their mix which results in a crushing concoction of oppressive annihilation. "Upon A Pile Of Bones" consists of three powerful tracks clocking in at nearly 32 minutes, full of brutal chainsaw guitars, sudden tempo changes,
haunting vocals and blasting drums. Majestic Death/Doom for fans of Anathema, Autopsy, Coffins, Divine Eve, dISEMBOWELMENT, Esoteric, Evoken, Hooded Menace, Interment, Katatonia, Morgion, My Dying Bride,
Novembers Doom, Paradise Lost, Pentacle, Thergothon and Winter. A killer fucking release!

Finally comes the debut album of sinister, brutal and unpredictable Black/Death that has absorbed only the best and right traditions! High quality sound with dynamics of Death Metal along with the speed, manners and fury of Black Metal resulting in an atrocious, cruel and biting cacophony for HIS glory! The old EVIL marches! All shall hail PENTSIGN!

Disturbing Reality CD
Percussor return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the punishing new album "Disturbing Reality". Following up on the mayhem unleashed on "Proclamation Of Hate", Percussor dig deeper into the darker realms of anger, hate and depression... revealing total disdain for the human race! This is old school Death Metal at it's purest form, a journey of raw emotions via musical aggression. For fans of Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, Death, Deicide, Destruction, Master, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Possessed, Slayer, Sodom, Venom and Voivod

Proclamation Of Hate CD
Percussor make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the devastating album "Proclamation Of Hate". Formed back in 1996 out of the ashes of the Afterbirth, the band only had a brief two year run before reforming in 2014. This is old school, pure late 80's / early 90's Death Metal that deals with anger, death, suicide, misery, pain and torment! Percussor is the Latin word for murderer and perfectly fits the musical and lyrical content on "Proclamation Of Hate". The current line-up features the power trio of Jack Carmichael (Afterbirth, Lesch-Nyhan) on Guitars/Vocals, Chris Miller (Afterbirth, Crucifier, Lesch-Nyhan) on Bass and Mark Stainthorpe (Shadows In The Crypt, Lesch-Nyhan) on Drums. Ready for attack, Percussor spare no lives... the onslaught has begun! For fans of Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, Death, Deicide, Destruction, Lesch-Nyhan, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Possessed, Slayer, Sodom, Venom and Voivod

Wings Of Death CD
Debut album of these Black/Speed/Death Metal blasphemers! This is 100% pure fucking evilness for maniacs of Witchmaster, Bestial Warlust, Aura Noir, Gospel Of The Horns, Throneum and Necrovore! Ride the wings of death!

Necrophilharmony CD
Vile, guttural, sick, & brutal-- we dig it! One of the sickest bands to emerge from the Czech Republic! This is brutal and uncompromising DEATH / GRIND blasphemy! 10 tracks including bonus tracks taken from their split with PROPHECY!

Demon Metal CD
The mid '80s are alive... in 2010! Already a cult name in the underground, on their latest "Demon Metal" mini album PERVERSOR take the evil surge of classic German blackthrash and bolster it with chaotic undercurrents of archaic Brazilian bestiality. However, these Chilean troops of doom are no "retro" joke band, as they're more than able to stand ground with modern bands like Revenge and Diocletian in terms of ultraviolence. Fuck your goofy neo-"thrash" - PERVERSOR bleed leather, spikes, and SATANIC METAL!!! Yet another killer release on Hells Headbangers!!!

Evolution Unto Evil CD
Blackened Death Metal from these masters, a must have CD. 12 rare and previously unreleased tracks, early demo and live studio tracks, including cover versions of songs from POSSESSED, KREATOR, MEGADETH and DEATH. This CD (which clocks in at over 52 minutes in length) also features enhanced CD-ROM features with videos, live photos, etc. and was mastered at D.O.W. Studios in Florida by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL, TERRORIZER, DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST). After six years of silence, PESSIMIST has finally returned!!!

One of death metal's foundational acts, Pestilence began recording in the late eighties and started providing more complex, more musically educated translations of death and speed metal ideas in several classic albums. With 1994's "Spheres" they spent their progressive urge in a highly technical but heavily synthesized album that gained little acceptance among death metal bands; declaring it a loss, the remaining members charged off into fusion bands. Their cult debut album was never before released in Europe and is deleted in the US for years now. It's time to re-release this classic piece of death metal. With the return of popularity of death and thrash metal it's the perfect timing. The CD also includes both demos from '86 and '87. All above mentioned recordings have been remastered to give it an up-to-date sound, although nothing of the orginal sound and impact has been damaged... a must have fuckin' classic!

Child Burner CD
New-born Colombian band with a promising future. These sick young guys play brutal death metal influenced by Retch, Insidious Decrepancy and Dying Fetus, with really groovy, fast, new and brutal riffs! Released on Brutalized Records

Killer compilation featuring up and coming bands from the Philadelphia thrash scene. Featured bands include Rumplestiltskin Grinder, Lethal Aggression, Sacrificial Blood, Total Fucking Destruction, Divine Rapture, XXX Maniak, Trasher, Invasive Command, Rellik, Azure Emote and many more... journey into Killadelphia and thrash 'til death!

Double CD which includes all recordings from '89 to '08 by this mythic finnish Death Metal band. Includes their 6 demos (’89/’90/’95/’06/’07/’08) as well as their min'LP "Fresco Lungs" ('91) with its 2 bonus. A total of 26 songs with great presentation including exclusive interview, photos, liner notes, etc. A true jewel of essential death metal!!

Grind Your Fucking Head In CD
Seventeen more tracks from Southern California’s grind masters. Political and angry, with an earache assault of brutal noise to back it up, Phobia doesn’t disappoint with this ragin’ assembly of power violence tracks and deep vocal growls

Reissued with studio rehearsal bonus tracks. Don't miss out on one of the greatest grindcore releases ever!!!

Blistering Grindcore from both bands. This Split features Phobia from California and $krupel from Germany teaming up on one of the heaviest splits to come out in a long time. In my opinion this is both bands best stuff, 100% recomended!

Pig Destroyer take you on a rampaging journey through an unsettling, psychotic world. Melding an insane musical
attack with similarly jarring lyrical prose and an unmatched propensity to incite! Released on Relapse Records

Utterly brutal Aztec Porno-Gore / Grind / Death Metal attack from Acapulco, Mexico!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome the return of militant Satanic hedonists Pink Mass with the sophomore release "Necrosexual"! Following up on 2016's epic "Slvt Kvlt", Pink Mass continue their mission to sexually liberate and simultaneously destroy all worthless souls of this planet. "Necrosexual" further explores the anals of sexual depravity incarnate, and expands on their trademark style of Death Metal, Grindcore, and Blackened Crust, while continuing to push the boundaries of sexual freedom! This release is strictly limited to 100 copies and is essential material for fans of Midnight, Shitfucker, Nunslaughter, Ghoul, Coffins, Exhumed, The Mentors and Venom

"Lay down your soul for the God's cock and hole!"

Slvt Kvlt CD
With their second release, the unholy Pink Mass aims to sexually liberate and simultaneously destroy all worthless souls of this planet with their own brand of hedonistic blackened grind. Place your faith in filth and join the Slvt Kvlt!!! For fans of Midnight, Shitfucker, Nunslaughter, Ghoul, Coffins, Exhumed, The Mentors and Venom

Killer Thrash Metal from Mexico

Finally unleashed upon the world, The sickest Ultra Brutal Guttural Death Metal from the USA!!! Features sick artwork by Tony Koehl and backing vocals by Wayne Knupp (R.I.P.)... GET THIS NOW!!! Includes outer cover/slipcase

Excellent Thrash Metal from the UK featuring production by Steve DiGiorgio and artwork by Ed Repka!

Stagnation Of Christ CD
Debut of crushing, brutal, Satanic Death Metal from Sweden! Sick deep guttural vocals, excellent blasts and crushing breakdowns. Features members of Butchery & Strangulation. Includes their ultra sick debut demo "Raped By Lies"

Chambers Of Death CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents the debut album from Plaguewielder entitled "Chambers Of Death". The only active Doom/Sludge Metal band from Luxembourg, Plaguewielder incorporate a wide range of atmospheric sounds from Epic Doom to Death/Doom, Funeral Doom, Stoner Doom, Dark Ambient, Sludge and Drone, while also including elements of Black, Death, Post, and Avant-Garde Metal. "Chambers Of Death" features 5 intense tracks totaling 47+ minutes of original, twisted, droning and hypnotic metal loaded with dread and anxiety. Spine-chilling vocals accompany the monolithic guitar riffs and brooding synths that drag you down into abysmal desperation, while atmospheric landscapes engulf you with velvet bass lines and soaring delayed guitars as you enter the theatre of madness. The hypnotizing melodies take you on a journey into the depths of the human condition before your ultimate descent into the grave. For fans of Agalloch, Ahab, Bongzilla, Cough, Disembowelment, Earth, Electric Wizard, Evoken, High On Fire, Isis, Mono, Neurosis, Rosetta, Sleep, Sunn 0))), Swans, Today Is The Day, Ulver, Winter and Year Of No Light

Pretty Little Flower are back with 11 traxx of mosh destruction like AGATHOCLES or TERRORIZER mixed with KREATOR & RAZOR +13 bonus tracks. Another, high quality awesome release from Power-It-Up Records!

Buried Songs: The Early Times CD
Dark and doomy death metal from South America

Timeline Symmetry CD
Excellent Death/Doom Metal from Chile

...From The Eternal Chaos CD
Pogost - is it a churchyard around a church? Pogost – is the churchyard for the bodies of the christians, this is their final abode where they shall decay and putrefy in complete unanimity with each other and in conformity with their defective canons, they all shall be in the ground. Pogost is the churchyard around the church. Raised to the ground, burnt down, and covered with ashes of biblical stories. Pogost is dark desires, unleashed... This is the desire to destroy the world and everything connected with it. Hail everyone with us! Another supremely evil release from Assault Rex

Split CD
Split CD from Italy's Poisoned Skrotum, who play Grind/Punk and DIY Crusters Nagasaki Nightmare!

Compilation Double CD
The first two installments of the Relapse Records Global Assault Series are now available as a 2 for the price of 1 CD set! This deluxe package brings you the bands that have proven to be the cream of the crop of the current day Polish and Brazilian death metal scenes. Features the underground Polish acts Decapitated, Yattering, Lost Soul, and Damnable alongside South American death dealers Abhorrence, Mental Horror, Ophhiolarty, and Nephasth

Disgraceful Supper CD
Brutal old school Death Metal from East Germany in the vein of Dismember and Morbid Angel

Innocent Suffering CD
Old school death metal in the vein of Krabathor, Impending Doom, Coercion, Krisiun, Purgatory and Centinex!

Oppressed Reality CD
Poppy Seed Grinder are up and coming members of the Czech extreme metal league! Brutal Death Metal exponented by hard, Grind and Thrash parts made of guttural vocals/savage guitars. For fans of DYING FETUS and CRYPTOPSY

San Francisco's 2 man guitar/drum unit come forth with their debut album after a great ep on Tankcrimes in 2006. 15 tracks of killer Death Metal, Grind and Thrash. Blast beats and speed picking galore but knows when to slow down and focus on some serious catchy riffs. A must for fans of old Morbid Angel, Terrorizer and Napalm Death, these tracks could seriously fit flawlessly on Earache's '89 "Grind Crusher" compilation! A killer fucking album on Tankcrimes

Split CD
Grinding brutal death metal split!

Waiting To Inhale CD
Poser Disposer are a crossover grind outfit from Saskatoon featuring Mike and Kramer from DFA. They band takes their Beyond Posession style of sound and sets it on overdrive with hyper blast beats. The music is also pretty fuckin' rad. Screamed vocals over rapid beats, crude guitars and harsh melodies, a.k.a. rough and thrashy grinding hardcore punk

Post Mortem have finally returned with a brand new full length of insanity! Artwork and layout by Nev

The 1999 debut from this Icelandic black metal act. Atmospheric, chilling and challenging stuff

Libido Of The Living Dead CD
Mixing up elements of grindcore, sludgy doom, punk/crustcore amongst other, Montreal's President Camacho features members of several bands as The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch, Cortisol, Nourriture and others. They just went back from a mini tour with non other than Brutal Truth! For fans of Unearthly Trance, Warcollapse and Brutal Truth... sick!

Proclamation have returned for the third time to spill the blood of the angel of doom. For most, little needs to be said of Proclamation. By now, their methodology is renowned and respected. For the uninitiated, however, Proclamation arrange and rearrange the structures advanced by the legendary Blasphemy making no attempt to conceal their reverence for the desecrators. Rather, Proclamation seeks to preserve the legacy of this style of black metal at a time when so many less deserving bands seem intent on torturing it. Improving with every album, on "Execration of Cruel Bestiality" Proclamation demonstrate once again their ability to concoct seemingly endless permutations of the archetype, each one more potent that the previous. This is perhaps the finest offering Proclamation has yet delivered. The blasphemic cancer has metastasized once again... another high quality release from Nuclear War Now! Productions

Disgusting Blasphemies Against God CD
One of 2010's most highly anticipated black metal records, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God cements PROFANATICA's position as true legends of extreme Black Metal. The original purveyors of bleeding-raw barbarity and mesmerizing filth, unleash filthy black shit across the album's ten rituals of desecration & destruction, truly becoming Disgusting Blasphemies Against God. Whereas some listeners felt their preceding record was a bit too "clean," PROFANATICA render DBAG in its foulest, most unclean form... unrepentant & unholy, its hymns embrace the characteristic Profanatica Sound and new avenues of sonic degradation. RECOMMENDED FOR MANIACS OF: blood, blasphemy, desecration, perversion... TRUE PROFANE BLACK METAL BARBARISM! JESUS IS DEAD...

The Enemy Of Virtue Double CD
Jewel case DOUBLE CD featuring the entire track list from the vinyl double LP version with detailed track listing and booklet documenting the entire history of the cult. Prepare, as sodomy shall be brought upon the nuns rotting asshole once again!!! Legendary and influential, the Black Cult of PROFANATICA set the example for the first flux of 90's Black Metal. "The Enemy Of Virtue" compiles all of the bands work including the unreleased "Passion Of A Liar" 7" Single, an obscure rehearsal of TOTEN cover songs, and the bands first live performance in 9 years at "The Return of Darkness And Evil Festival 2001". Total of 29 blasphemies with detailed track listing and booklet documenting the entire history of the cult. PROFANATICA vomit on your god and shit on your so-called Black Metal! Awesome!

Profanatitas De Domonatia CD
Easily the best fucking Black Metal album of 2007! Much awaited full length studio album from one of the most influential and original godfathers of extreme Black Metal. Spilling holy fucking blood with 10 ruthlessly scouring Profanatica signature style hymns, "Profanatitas De Domonatia" is a continuation from where the black cult vanished in 1992. Profanatica vomit on your god and shit on your so-called Black Metal! Yet another killer released on HHR

Back To Hatevolution (Discography) CD
Killer discography of Indonesian Death Metal/Grindcore packaged in 7-inch cover! Brutal old school grindcore from Jakarta, this discography release spans from 2000 on and contains more than fifty songs in over 70 minutes from tape EPs, demos, their full length album, splits, and some unreleased, live, and cover songs. An essential collection!

PROSANCTUS INFERI make their highly anticipated full-length debut with Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation. A bewitching epitaph to fallen warrior / drummer Antichristus, Pandemonic Ululations... retains their blackened barbarity of old but moves away from their earlier Profanatica worship toward a sound that's inscrutably, idiosyncratically unique. Primitive and pounding and yet laced with labyrinthine, serpentine structures that challenge the mind while bruising the body, PROSANCTUS INFERI invoke the occult through utterly twisted, wholly gnarled violence. For fans of: early ANGELCORPSE, NECROVORE, RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE, BESTIAL WARLUST

This is visionary esoteric music that remains unpredictable and magickal. Psychedelic and ethereal eccentricities merge against a fluent beat reminiscent of 70's Krautrock, Spacerock and New Age. Unlike his occult Metal commands in Absu, Proscriptor pushes the threshold of eclectic music and expression and proves it through "726." This is the first and only instrumental album by Proscriptor and is an excellent and unique album released on Tarot Productions

The fourth overall full length from PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT is chock full of burly, lumberjack like riffs that chop and smack and thrash all the way until the very end. Descendants Of Depravity is an exercise in brutality, speed, and aggression, sure to please fans of Impaled, Decapitated, and Suffocation. Comes with a bonus dvd (NTSC) featuring a full live set, plus extra video clips! Only the first pressing of this release will contain the bonus dvd, so get yours today!

Il Secondo Tragico CD
Technical Death Metal/Grindcore from Italy!

Psychofagist CD
Extreme, experimental and unstable Grindcore... essential for fans of the Dillinger Escape Plan and Cephalic Carnage!

Butchered CD
Sick Death/Thrash from Indiana... released on Rotting Corpse

Storm Of Resurrection CD
Finally, the 1st official release from this Ultra Sick Brutal Death Metal from Japan! Fucking Great Disc!

Renascence CD
Pure Satanic Misanthropic Black Metal from Germany, cult debut featuring members of Camulos / Andras & Verhern!

Finally available, after 19 years, the mythic 1st and only album from '92 by these finnish masters of dark and heavy Death Metal. A sought after release for which is being paid a fortune on eBay!! Now re-issued with their demo & 7"EP

Brutal, ultra guttural hyper gore/grind in the vein of bands such as DEVOURMENT, BRODEQUIN & RETCH! Forget about the 1st press, this re-release includes new layout, improved sound, and extra tracks from their 2002 demo

Vortex Of Zombified Mortuary Procedures CD
Gargulating US Death metal/grind from these chainsaw abortions for fans of Cinerary, Malignancy and Guttural Secrete!

Necrosadistic Defilement CD
North Carolina's death metallers Putrefying Cadaverment put their debut EP Necrosadistic Defilement under Cephalic Records. The band plays slamming, brutal death metal heavily inspired by Devourment and Waking The Cadaver

Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer CD
It is with utter disdain and absolute repulsion that No Escape Records offers up the partially vaporized remains of Putrescence's second full length anguished call for total death, "Dawn of The Necrofecalizer". This gruesome follow up to 2004's "Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled" features thirteen appalling and completely blasting deathgrind selections, upping the speed and technicality and shortening the songs, this is guaranteed to turn the dance floor into a river of fecal matter, home stilled alcohol and plasma-soaked chunks of gore in record time! Devastating and nihilistic outbursts such as "Asphyxia from Involuntary Submersion in Human Waste" and "Total Liquefaction of Charred Facial Features" affirm acts of unspeakable violence and unconditional vehemence towards humanity. "Dawn of the Necrofecalizer" is the definitive soundtrack to a pneumatic drill burrowed through a decapitated head being flushed down a toilet and is a mandatory propagandist discourse to prepare you for the impending shitstorm... sick release!!!

Sledgehammer Holocaust CD
The next blow to the noggin that No Escape Records will drop is Sledgehammer Holocaust, the fourth album by those 5 genetically deficient Canadian dullards known as Putrescence, and it really will be a stupefyingly ghastly affair featuring 14 peonic paeans celebrating all that is unsightly, unseemly, unpleasant and unruly! None will be spared from these slow-witted yet surprisingly spry ruffians as they clobber your cranium and gnaw at your fleshy bits while creating a mighty racket that could be considered pleasant to folks who listen to ‘music’ like that made by bands such as Brutal Truth, Kalibas, Kill The Client and other such rot, but those people are whackos and their hare-brained opinions are best ignored anyway. This damn debacle sees the light of day on October 31st, and all are advised to vacate Canada for the following two weeks as these gibbering simpletons drag their wretched pimply asses across the country with their incorrigible pals Impaled and Fuck The Facts lest you are forced to bear witness to yet another display of heroic idiocy!

Putrid Pile are back with their most brutal work to date! Features cover art done by the master Tony Koehl!

"The Pleasure In Suffering" keeps the intense and relentless drive of PUTRID PILE's original vision while adding more technicality and insane hooks of the old school death metal that fans of the band have come to know and love

Experience the new sickness and be crushed into oblivion!

Putrid Scum CD
19 songs of of classic, brutal Death Grind from Germany

Sand CD
Sand is the 1st album of Swedish maniacs, Pyramido, and it delivers five punishing tracks of raw Sludge. This old school slab of DOOM is primitive, dirty and gruff! Get crushed. For fans of Fistula, Grief, Coffins, Noothgrush, Graves At Sea...

Oubliette Ontology CD
Grindish Rockin' Death Metal from Finland!