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Annihilation CD
The devil has sent four young thrashers on a mission to destroy and that mission will be fullfilled with these eleven tracks of old school thrash. Rabid delivers with great energy and won't stop until there has been total Annihilation!

Satanic Zombie Hordes CD
Old school Death Grind from Germany in the vien of old Autopsy, Celtic Frost and Pungent Stench! This release is a compilation of very limited cassette demos remastered digitally at Primitive Studios... sick fuckin' release!

6-Way "Split" CD
60 minutes of unreleased material from Disarm (Italian political Powerviolence/Grind), Bud Junkees (Finnish Stoner-Crust), Alienacja (Polish Grindcore with Death influences), Matka Teresa (Ultracrust from Holland feat. Olho de Gato members), Spleen (Belgium Grindcore/Sludge) and Verge On Reason (German Grindcore a-là Brutal Truth). Punishing!

After ten years with Electric Wizard, Mark Greening (drums and piano) and Tim Bagshaw (bass) quit the band to form Ramesses. Tim is now playing lead guitar and Adam Richardson is the singer / bassist. Ramesses is a psychedelic space blues doom band with massive volume. Ramesses are plenty heavy but they have taken doom to a different place... this is heavy psychedelic drenched doom sound that is more upbeat then Electric Wizard. Sick release!

Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell CD
RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN features TX Kult Death Metal DIVINE EVE member, Micheal on Guitar/vocals, Matt on drums and ex DISMEMBER/GENERAL SURGERY member, Richard Cabeza on bass. This 5 songs debut mini-album "Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell", is without a doubt true and early '90s era Death Metal! Exclusive Asian edition

Devil In Renewed Birth CD
Sick Blackened Death/Thrash from Singapore

The circle of ungodliness marks its return! Proving there's still creative life left in the abyss of uncanny blackthrash metal, on second album Morbid Blood, Greece's RAVENCULT fuck with the paradigm and twist it to their own devilish design. From diabolical thrashing to grim, coruscating gnarliness, RAVENCULT evade easy categorization and channel the forces of uttermost darkness into a unique yet deadly serious soundfield, literally bleeding Morbid Blood, offering all worshippers of the occult new avenues into Death's innermost secrets. Give the Devil his due and submit to RAVENCULT! Recommended for diehards of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, old WATAIN, NIFELHEIM and early FUNERAL MIST. Comes with an 8-page booklet with lyrics & tons of art. Another fucking awesome release from HHR

The grand wizards of gore have congregated for this perverse chapter of sickness! The all-star cast includes Chris of Autopsy, Dan Lilker of SOD, and Killjoy of Necrophagia. More depraved than your worst PCP induced killing spree!

Blood Delirium CD
With their second full-length, this killer gore, twisted horror Blackened Death Metal act shows they are more than just a mere side project! Even more bizarre and sick-to-the-bone. The RAVENOUS presents no less than 11 new classic morbid death metal tracks! Lock up the corpses and prepare for a war inside your mortal mind. RAVENOUS features NECROPHAGIA's Killjoy, with NUCLEAR ASSAULT/BRUTAL TRUTH's Danny Lilker, AUTOPSY/DEATH's Chris Reifert, and other members of ABSCESS, AUTOPSY, and HEXX! An awesome slab of sickness from Red Stream

The follow up to ASSEMBLED IN BLASPHEMY. Sick and morbid Death metal containing the songs Clotted Cryptic Writings, I Drink Your Blood, Apocalyptic Paranoia and Three on a Meathook. Features members of Necrophagia, Autopsy, Abscess, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault and more! Complete and total sickness presented in Digipak form

The 39 minutes of hate-filled, Venom-influenced bile and Hell-hammered thrash rip through your speakers and take you back to the glory days of bullet-belts, faded denim, black leather and cheap cider! Recorded at the renowned Moot HQ Studio in Nottingham. THE TANKS ARE FINALLY ROLLING.....GATHER YOUR SANDBAGS TO DEFLECT THE BLAST!

Split CD
This awesome split features Boston’s brutalizing, pallandromic RawRadarWar and the bleak and punishing heaviness of Denver’s Deer Creek. (RawRadarWar is fronted by former Only Living Witness and Milligram vocalist Jonah Jenkins in his most ferocious persona yet). RawRadarWar occupies Side A with two epic cuts of scathing, rumbling Sludge Doom, plus a track of dark, Ambient Noise and soundscaping. Side B features four desolate doses of the heavy from Deer Creek. CD’s feature two bonus Ambient Noise tracks from RawRadarWar and three “Mammon” Demo bonus tracks from Deer Creek. The CD’s are limited to 1000 copies with original “Doom Tornado” artwork and layouts by Paul Vismara

Unleashing The Shemales Of Vengeance CD
Latest release from these masters of fantastically gorey, horror Grindcore / Death Metal. Features members of Deranged, Splattered Mermaids, Virgin Sin & Carnalist... a must have release for true fans of sickness!

Split CD
Political Crustpunk and ear-shattering-gutteral Grind sicken your senses throughout the final offering from both of these Northern California based bands. A pleasant surprise for those who haven't heard of these amazing bands... sick!

Rebellion CD
Bombastic deaththrash from this Chile! Catchy riffs & growling vocals in a perfect mix of brutality and technicality

Mini album of great Thrash Metal from Spain with insane vocals! They combine araw Teutonic sound with classic, thrashy US style with some hellish Rock N Roll and mid tempo, headbang-inducing riffs! Turn it up and Thrash 'Til Death! HIRAX or NUCLEAR ASSAULT fans will absolutely love this! Hand numbered limited edition of 1000 copies

Sharpened Knives CD
Heavy and powerful old school Thrash Metal... cuts to the heart of the matter!

Carnivorous Erection CD
Sweden's legendary splattergrind masters Regurgitate return after a six year hiatus. CARNIVOROUS ERECTION effortlessly discharges 38 savage splashes of old school grind, recalling the glory days of legends General Surgery, Carcass and Repulsion. Some of the most offensive cover art ever seen by mankind! Released on Relapse Records

Sickening Bliss CD
The highly influential Swedish gore-gods spew forth their long-awaited, fourth full-length album! Sickening Bliss oozes atrocious audio-bile from every orifice via gut-churning guitar gross-outs, bowel-burning bass blurring, pulverizing percussive puking and the vilest vocal vomiting it has ever been your displeasure to experience. 26 tracks of noxious noise that is heavier than yo momma and catchier than her gonorrhea; Sickening Bliss is guaranteed to make you sick!

Peace CD
Monstrous Polish grind/death extravaganza from one of the underground's most extreme and fastest bands! This long awaited release contains brand new tracks, cover versions from BRUTAL TRUTH & NAPALM DEATH, the tracks from their Ablated Records release as well as their infamous, sought after demo material! A MUST HAVE RELEASE!

Faces Of Fate CD
"This is the debut album of the Greek thrashers Released Anger and it really sounds good and promising! Especially if you consider the fact that the whole album was produced by the group without the help of any company. Musically now the band sounds as a combination of the 80s German and the U.S. bay area thrash sound. To be more specific the way that Dinos Zacharis shouts at his microphone reminded me a lot of Mille Petrozza (KREATOR), but their sound is closer to the bay area thrash metal scene. A great job is also done on the guitars and the solos are quite interesting. However, the greatest thing of all is that the album transmits a genuine 80s metal feeling without ever becoming too retro. Lyrically now the band comments on things like the war in Iraq or the drug addiction problems and many other political and social situations of our modern world. If you are into the 80s thrash metal and you search for something new and fresh to listen to, then "Faces Of fate" is a good buy." Include a cover of Whiplash's classic Power Thrashing Death!

Split CD
In 2006 the death metal juggernaut known as COLDWORKER came to life when RELENTLESS and RUIN morphed into one band. On this split album, RELENTLESS fuse the brutality of American extremity with classic European riffing while RUIN take a decidedly more savage approach to the classic Swedish death metal archetype. Pure death-crush!

IPA thrashers Rellik unleash 5 tracks of deadly US thrash metal, the likes of which we have not heard since 1986! Harsh and aggressive thrash with hints of slight 80s crossover influence. This is old thrash played by old thrashers. With drummer Craig Smilowski (ex-Immolation!) and an ex-member of Goreaphobia. A killer release from Metal War !

Killer CD
Import CD from Germany on Iron Glory Records! Cult USA Metal in the vein of HELSTAR; originally from 1986

Spiraling Infinite Chaos CD
Rellik make their long awaited Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the massive album "Spiraling Infinite Chaos". Formed back in 1987 by Matt Dwyer (Violemosh, Masada), this is deadly, old school Death/Thrash Metal with absolutely no filler. Devastating riffs, annihilating drums and intense vocals do not disappoint as Rellik destroy on this crushing album. Features veteran Craig Smilowski (Immolation, Incantation, Goreaphobia) on drums and Darrell Rapp (Vicious Circle) on vocals. "Spiraling Infinite Chaos" was recorded and mixed at Rhawn Street Studios in Philadelphia, PA and mastered by George Bokos (Rotting Christ, Melechesh) at Grindhouse Studio in Athens, Greece. For fans of Autopsy, Celtic Frost, Death, Deicide, Destruction, Immolation, Incantation, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Onslaught, Sacrifice, Slayer, Sodom and Venom

Perversemonger CD
Second release by this Death/Grind band with Insision and Demonical(ex-Centinex) members!

Silencing The Moments CD
Remembrance is a Funeral Doom/Death metal band from France, Lille, counting 2 members : Matthieu Sachs and Carline Van Roos. The obsession with creating depressive and dark music made Remembrance come alive in June 2004. In March 2005, after some months of work, a 4 track demo CD entitled “Among Lost Illusions” is finally released and self produced as a promo format. One month later, TotalRust music shows interest in the demo and the band starts to write new songs to release its first debut album. In July 2005, The recording, mix, aswell as the artwork of “Frail Visions”, Remembrance's first album, are finished. "Frail Visions" offers a desperate Doom/Death metal with sorrowful and gloomy keyboard atmospheres, deep grunts, and heavy but also up-tempo guitar parts. It got released through TotalRust Music by the end of September 2005, Remembrance also contributes to a compilation album : "Asymmetry" which is also released through TotalRust Music. In October 2007 Firedoom Music added Remembrance to the roster. The band and label have negotiated a contract for one album; the much-awaited second full-length Remembrance studio album, Silencing The Moments, was recorded summer 2007 and is currently stated for first quarter of 2008 release

Polis Rouge CD
Awesome album of Progressive Black Metal from Slovakia

Reign Over Inferno CD
Six (six six) crushing, intense death metal hymns, which are in keeping with the roots of old Swedish death ie. Grave, Carnage and Dismember as well as English Bolt Thrower. Take this REPOSSESSION CD, emotions are guaranteed!!!

Repulsion is the band that introduced the world to insane blasting drums, bone jarring distorted bass, and the most vile lyrics imaginable. Originally released in Europe in 1989 by members of Carcass on their Necrosis Records label, Horrified is a genre pioneering masterpiece that has influenced so many death acts, most notably Napalm Death, Carcass, Entombed and Cannibal Corpse. This reissue includes the classic LP, the Excruciation 7", and the elusive demos, plus a bonus disc replete with tons of extras! A totally fucking essential release that everyone must own

Most of the Grind legends have a tribute compilation (or two, three, or more...) but we had to wait 20 years after their first and only album "Horrified" to see a tribute to REPULSION! Okay, they only released one album (but what a fucking album!) and some demos (now available on the Relapse reissue of 2003), but they stayed as Grind pioneers for a lot of people! So, they clearly deserve a tribute album! 22 bands, from Grind to Death Metal, playing well know songs from REPULSION! Let's mention some of them, maybe my favorite ones, starting with GENERAL SURGERY covering "Maggots In Your Coffin", "The Lurking Fear" by GOREGAST, FONDLECORPSE playing "Crypt of Terror" (not their most known song...!), "Repulsion" by MINDFLAIR, "The Stench Of Burning Death" by HAEMORRHAGE, an excellent version of "Decomposed" by CEPHALIC CARNAGE, "Acid Bath" by INHUME, etc. etc. very good bands, doing nice cover versions, and actually there aren't any bad ones (to be honest, the ones by AFGRUND and COLDWORKER are the only average ones, but it stays ok!). One funny thing is the appearance of CRETIN on this tribute! (let's remind that the drummer of CRETIN is the drummer of... REPULSION!! ahah!) About the layout, it looks very good, with that old' good "horrifying" zombie on the cover, with a 8 pages booklet in which each band wrote some words about REPULSION. Nice and sincere!! We definitely got an excellent tribute album here, as good as the "Requiem of Revulsions" tribute to CARCASS released in 2001! Great bands get great tribute albums (sometimes...) and this one is a very good one!!

Cut Open The Aberration CD
Highly anticipated debut CD of guttural, technical death metal featuring members of Infected Dissaray (on Unique Leader), Soils Of Fate, Kraanium & Vomitous. Imagine a mix between Disgorge (US w/ Matti Way on vox) and Demilich!

Endless Sea Of Loss / Bloodline CD
Brutal and uncompromising Death-Metal from Duisburg, Germany. Re-release with the "Bloodline" EP as a bonus!

The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell CD
Old school Death Metal from Italy! Cool stuff here! Fast/mid-tempos songs with great guitar parts, aggressive vocal style and weird touches from time to time... reminscent of early Loudblast style, Napalm Death, Repulsion and Death!

Enticing CD
Debut CD of Brutal Death Metal from Germany

The Execution CD
Brutal Grindcore from Sweden... essential for fans of Nasum

A 115 song discography CD compiling all the songs recorded and released in nearly a decade in a half: the splits w/ Gut, Exhumed, The Kill, Grindwork 4-way split w/ Nasum, Vivisection and C.S.S.O., V/A "Really Fast" vol. 9, and two first classic albums: "The Execution" and "Violence Spreads Its Drape", as well as "Boredom And Frustration/DDD" demo. "Exhuming the Past - 14 Years of Nothing" is unadulterated Swedish grindcore insanity of the highest form and the best style. Devastating, hammering, and relentless: these are proper words to describe the sound of Retaliation. A must have essential grindcore release for fans of Regurgitate, Pig Destroyer, Assück, Yacopsae and Rotten Sound

Retortion Terror CD
Legendary Grindcore guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Mortalized Grindcore) returns to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the crushing new self-titled EP "Retortion Terror"! Following up on the punishing split with Invidiosus on HPGD, Retortion Terror are back and more intense than ever before. Vicious, raw, sick blistering Grindcore from Kyoto, Japan featuring vocalist Kiyo from World End Man... kill the poser Grinders! For fans of Assuck, Discordance Axis, Gridlink, Insect Warfare, Mortalized Grindcore, Noisear and Wormrot

Release Date: September 14th 2018

Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this intense split album between Japan's grinding maniacs Retortion Terror and US Death/Grind destroyers Invidiosus! Retortion Terror make their HPGD debut with 5 tracks of raw, blistering grindcore straight from Kyoto Japan. Featuring legendary guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Mortalized Grindcore) and a mysterious lineup of international grinders, Retortion Terror pull no punches on this split. In 2014, Takafumi suffered a brain infection that made it nearly impossible for him to play guitar, and many thought Gridlink's "Longhena" might be Takafumi's last record. Fortunately, he has beaten those odds; his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, and he has resumed playing guitar and doing karate in spite of what the doctors told him. This is an absolute must listen for fans of Discordance Axis, Wormrot, Noisear and Insect Warfare

Invidiosus also make their Horror Pain Gore Death debut on this devastating split release! Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, Invidiosus perform vicious, anxiety-driven Death/Grind that is absolutely punishing. Invidiosus features current and former members of Amiensus, Rottenness, Violence Condoned, In Defence and Atrum Inritus. The band has spent the last 3 years relentlessly touring Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and the USA, with an upcoming tour of Japan and South Korea (including a festival performance at Asakusa Deathfest). Blending elements of Grindcore, Death Metal and Thrash, Invidiosus brings their destructive, eclectic style out in full force for their HPGD premiere! Essential for fans of Cephalic Carnage, Phobia, Pig Destroyer, and Brutal Truth

"This is Karate. This is Grindcore. If the doctors say bad things, I try spinning back kick" - Takafumi Matsubara

Attack.Blood.Revenge CD
Attack War Fucking Metal! Prepare for another onslaught of chaotic unholy warmetal from an ex-member of the legendary cult band Conqueror. J Read unleashes his new project REVENGE upon the masses through Dark Horizon Records. The music continues in the vein of the mighty Conqueror! Fast and Relentless Superion Attack Metal, The Way it was Meant to Be. This is yet another monumental release for Dark Horizon Records! Rising from the underground we shall have our REVENGE! Includes members of Angelcorpse, Feldgrau, Order From Chaos, Terror Organ, Axis of Advance, Sacramentary Abolishment. This edition features new cover art as well. Released on Dark Horizon Records

Chaos Of Forms CD
Revocation returns with a new album of masterful modern metal in Chaos of Forms. Unforgettable songs bend, stop, twist, and shred at virtuosic levels while exploding with frenetic energy. As future classics Cradle Robber, Dissolution Ritual, No Funeral, Cretin and more show, each aspect of the band has been honed to deadly perfection and brings to fruition the promise that (the previous full-length) Existence Is Futile hinted at. Chaos of Forms proves beyond doubt that REVOCATION are masters of their craft and metal's finest new band. An excellent release on Relapse!

REVOCATION blends world class musicianship with a pronounced technical flair; songs twist, turn, and stop on dime as dizzying solos dance with thrash metals razor-sharp precision. Existence is Futile transcends all of modern metal’s sub-genres and firmly establishes REVOCATION as one of the finest new metal bands of the 21st century

The moment has arrived for the debut full-length CD by REVOLTING! "Dreadful Pleasures" is a 9 song FEAST of horror obsessed splatter Death Metal chock full of catchy, headbanging songs so intense they will stay with you to the grave - and beyond! You've been warned...the Revolter has awakened from its decades long slumber beneath the crypt....and it's NOT happy at all with what death metal and horror has become! It's hungry, and ready to begin its grotesque assault on your senses and show the underground what REAL Death Metal is SUPPOSED to be about! Features amazing full-color artwork by the insane Putrid! REVOLTING brings back the gory-glory days of cult Razorback bands such as LORD GORE and FRIGHTMARE, combined with the sound and vibe of the early 90's Swedish Death Metal masters such as GRAVE and DISMEMBER to come up with their own brand of putrid, rotting, and grotesque HORROR!

Out now on Razorback Recordings! REVOLTING is proud to unleash their 2nd full-length CD! "The Terror Threshold" is 9 brand new songs of catchy, heavy, and twisted Swedish Death Metal, with even more intense riffing, bizarre and darker passages, and even more headbanging horror insanity! This release also includes 8 bonus tracks from the unreleased "Bonesaw Leftovers" MCD, which makes this CD have a total of 17 insane new blood-drenched tracks of Swedish horror Death Metal! Booklet comes loaded with killer artwork and some of the most horror-obsessed lyrics ever! The maniacal-madmen are back...get ready for the feast that is "The Terror Threshold"! Another killer release!

Old school Sweden Death Metal in vein of Nihilist, Grave, Unleashed and Edge Of Sanity released by Obliteration Records in Japan. The band says, "This is the real rancid death of Ribspreader. On this album we have compiled all unreleased stuff we've done of the past years, mostly songs that never made it onto the albums as they were too dirty, raw or just plain fucking ugly. Here you'll find demos for supposed album songs, songs supposed for canceled EP's and splits as well as bunch of live tracks dirty enough to peel your skin off. To get the best out of this brutal slab of filth the legendary Dan Swano has mastered all the songs and made the sound reek of the old Swedish style of Death Metal!"

Greek raw primitive Black Metal performed with diabolic passion!

Brand new split featuring killer Myrtle Beach grindcore band The Right Wing Conspiracy, plus ExMx's new lineup!

Cold & Pain CD
Second album of Russian symphonic death metal with a very deep growl vocals

Human Fear CD
Symphonic mid tempo death metal with very deep growl vocals of BARBARITY member!

Bienvenidos A La Ceremonia CD
Killer Death/Thrash from Argentina

The return of the Kings of deathly Bay Area Thrash Metal, from Japan! A sheer display of power with killer riffs. Compared to other bands who don't, Eddie and Wataru use all six strings on their guitars and literally rip and shred all 24 frets off their guitars! From the opening track, "Perfect Strain," prepare yourself for 35 minutes of assault and battery of the ears and neck! Amazing cover artwork by Joe Petagno. An excellent release from The End Records

Antimonumentum CD
Antimonumentum encompasses a viscous hybrid of experimental influences ranging from stoner rock to industrial. This distinctive amalgamation of styles creates a unique and obscure listening experience that draws you in and pummels your senses with dark and droning textures off-set by haunting ambient under tones... very unique album

Split CD
Split release celebrating the 14 year anniversary of both bands. ROT play sick grindcore and have influence bands worldwide as well as Brazil's DEATH SLAM who play a mix of grind and crust! Released on Life On The Edge Records

Thrash N' Roll CD
The time has come to headbang! The title "Thrash N' Roll" speaks for itself... standing out in the crowd of today's lame thrash wave, Mexico's RÖTTEN (with BLACK TORMENT member) offer 20 minutes/7 tracks of pure raw thrash with strong punk influences. This is a must have for fans of Toxic Holocaust and alike. Break your neck & get it or die!!

Necrogallery CD
Rare debut of Spanish Death/Grind that is fast and intense

This should be banned, just for that front cover alone, *ouch*. Very raw with a high level of distortion, the guitars are murky, vocals are brutal low guttural growls, with great screeches here and there. The moody parts are just that, and are pretty good. Considering the production, this is a fucking great release actually. These guys are good musicians, they write good music and don't try to do anything too silly. Enough said, go and buy, dickhead! On Emerald City

A blistering collection of 3 brand new songs + 3 Napalm Death covers! Also includes a bonus DVD

Aealo CD
Aealo's sound and riffing becomes transformed by traditional female lamenting choirs and ancient reed pipes as well as folkloristic melodies and rhythms into something fresh and fascinating. In combining their metal and cultural heritage, Rotting Christ remain true to the black roots of their founding in 1987 and at the same time strengthen their brotherhoodin spirit with equally individualist groups. An awesome album on Season Of Mist Records

Featuring 10 punishing blows of classic death metal (the George Fischer (Cannibal Corpse) fronted Monstrosity's Burden of Evil and Incantation's Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies) and grindcore (Rottrevore's Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious and Repulsion's essential Excruciation). The third volume of the Relapse Singles Series is guaranteed to give underground music enthusiasts a violent series of blasts from the past! Essential material!

The Royal Arch Blaspheme CD
From the throne of USBM royalty emerges THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME, a nexus between elevated-mind primitivism and black-hole oblivion... A full-length offering channeling praises of Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso. Undoubtedly bearing the distinctive stamp of both depraved minds, RAB spews sine waves of volcanic sonic sacrilege, resulting in a seismic gush of gutted doom chunder, squalling feedback and alchemic terror. Cover artwork by Paul Ledney

CD version of an unreleased split 7" EP... Grind! > Pulversing! > Grind!

Split CD
This split is symbolic of the resurgence of the Czech grind scene whose image has taken quite a beating after several of its flagship bands allowed themselves to be shamelessly influenced by nu-metal and hardcore. Rubufaso Mukufo is the band with members of Cerebral Turbulency. Their turbogrind music will not splinter your skull with a sharp, tinny sound, rather like brutes they will dent it in and permanently deform it as if it were a baby doll's head whose eyes would then roll as much as they want inside the mangled head without annoying anyone. Opitz is the snazzy band with members of Contrastic, a criminally overlooked gem of a grind band. Sounds of the Animal Kingdom by Brutal Truth has remained the biggest influence for the band members, and for a fuller realisation of the band's sound you could infuse some of the hardcore-tinged grind that is comparable to the Pigsty material on the latter part of Pigs Are Back. Awesome split!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome sewer dwelling Death Metal serial killers Ruin to the roster with the vicious collection entitled "Plague Transmissions: Vol. I". Formed back in 1991 in California, not much is known about these miscreants other than the fact that various members of the band were incarcerated and institutionalized, causing Ruin to disband at some point during that year. Rumors have swirled that band members were, and still are, part of some sort of cult... and after lying dormant for fourteen years Ruin were resurrected in 2015. "Plague Transmissions: Vol. I" is a compilation of Ruin's material originally puked out on Cassette and Vinyl, and is unleashed here for the first time on CD format! Totally crushing and unrelenting Death Metal terror featuring cuts from splits with Violation Wound, Anarchus, Ghoulgotha and Thy Feeble Saviour, including covers of tracks originally recorded by N.M.E.and Discharge. This is full on Heavy Death in it's most raw and sickening form... utterly disgusting material not for wimps and only for the sick! For fans of Abhorrence, Anatomia, Autopsy, early Bolt Thrower, Cenotaph, Cianide, Crematory, Demigod, Disma, early Grave, Rippikoulu, Rottrevore and Undergang

Bestial deathrashing black metal puked out of Satan's cunt in the old way.... raw, heavy and sick! Baptized in Hell features both obscure demo tapes "Baptized In The Name Of Satan" & "Bloodstorms Of Hell" and bonus never before released tracks. Killer metal riffs and harsh vocals that pay homage to the greats - Bathory, Darkthrone and Sodom

Excellent German black metal from ex-Nagelfar member

Runemagick return with their best material to date by far... an essential masterpiece of dark Death/Doom!

4th album of dark Death/Doom Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden

Requiem Of The Apocalypse CD
The Swedish Gods of darkened Death/Doom Metal have returned with their 5th studio ablum

Previously only available as an ultra rare vinyl LP in 1984. Unofficial CD release with the original full color uncensored artwork. Features 2 tracks from each band with over 32 minutes of playing time. HELLHAMMER tracks were recorded during the Apocalyptic Raids" session. The only material DARK AVENGER ever recorded was exclusive to this release. RUNNING WILD & HELLOWEEN self released their songs later on a demo tape in "84 with very little circulation

Molesting The Entrails Of The Disemboweled CD
Re-issue of this long out of print and very hard to find classic CD from 2002... ultra brutal guttural death metal!

Emerging from deep in the backwoods of the American subconscious, Arkansas's Rwake represent the dirty south with their intensely unique style of acid-drenched metal. Hitting below the bible-belt in a narcotic-dazed fury of epic proportions, Rwake's thick, tar-black riffing and vicious male/female vocal attack plunge the listener head-first into the abyss as their transcendent melodies and blazing leads raise the spirit to the cosmos. A hostile explosion of hideously impure US metal which emanates an eerie and unsettling vibe, haunting in atmosphere and hallucinogenic in it's effect