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BEWARE - VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK: this DVD is in PAL format. Newer DVD players & computers may play this fine although if unsure consult your player documentation before purchasing. Features 2 live shows recorded in Japan during 1992 and 2000. Both with excellent visual & audio quality, especially when considering the technology limitations of the time. Also includes a band photo slide show from 1984-2004 plus a 66 minute audio CD with many previously unreleased tracks. The Sabbat lineup on these two live shows was: Gezol (bass/vocals), Temis Osmond (guitar/vocals) & Zorugelion (drums). Over 159 minutes of Sabbatical Blacking Metal! Don't miss out on this one!

Sacred Reich were a Phoenix, Arizona based thrash metal band that formed in 1985. The bands interest was in socially conscious and political speed metal. Former drummer Dave McClain went on to join Machine Head in 1995. This reissue is now remastered to sound killer, includes 6 bonus tracks and avideoclip... a must have for thrashers!

SoulS For Sale CD
Sacrificial Blood finally make their long awaited Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut! NJ's Deathrashing Heavy Metal Maniacs return with an all new full length of insanity and mayhem. "SoulS For Sale" crushes the false and is Sacrificial Blood's strongest material to date with 8 original tracks, plus a mystery bonus track. NO FREE PASSES, NO SO-CALLEDS, NO AWESOME IRONY, DTWM! For fans of Autopsy, Cianide, Death, Deathstrike, Deceased,
Frigid Bich, Massacre, Master, Possessed, NME, Post Mortem, early Slayer and Scepter

New Jersey's heavy metal maniacs 'Sacrificial Blood' are thoroughly 'Crushing The False' on this long awaited debut full length. One could just be blunt and leave it at that but have you ever known us to do that ? With a drummer preaching the Glory of Metal accompanied by two ministers of mayhem on bass and guitar these guys look and sound like AUTOPSY playing EXCITER covers and there's hardly a more direct way to go for the throat than that, is there ?!

Split CD
Two U.S. bands unite for an all-out attack of mayhemic '80s-era thrash worship! Sacrificial Blood from New Jersey offer five songs of death/thrash mania, even covering songs by two proto-thrash acts, Tank ("Shellshock") and Oz ("Search Lights"). California's Zombie are already defunct, but their brand of insane thrash will appeal to fans of early Slayer

Generation Of Terror CD
Sacrificial Slaughter return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the vicious new EP entitled "Generation Of Terror"! Following up on their explosive split release with Enfuneration, Sacrificial Slaughter present a relentless battering of pure American Death Thrash once again. "Generation Of Terror" showcases five new tracks of extreme aggression plus a cover of the classic Carnivore track Race War! Catch the band live on their spring 2017 tour with Vader / Internal Bleeding and also at Las Vegas Deathfest. For fans of Asphyx, Autopsy, Behemoth, Cephalic Carnage, Cryptopsy, Death, Exhumed, Goatwhore, Malignancy, Massacre, Misery Index, Monstrosity, Nile, Razor, Suffocation and Vader

Sacrificial Slaughter hail from Southern California and play pure American Death/Thrash Metal! After sharing the stage with bands such as Master, Pestilence and Vital Remains, Sacrificial Slaughter increase the intensity and sheer essence of brutality. These five new tracks are the first new SS material since their 2009 release "Spontaneous Suicide" which was released on Crash Music/EMI

Enfuneration are traditional Death Metal purists from Oklahoma City featuring members of Blunt Force Trauma and Skullpl8. Vicious riffs, killer guitar leads and incredible drumming drive this unstoppable force of true Death Metal madness and primal terror! For fans of Asphyx, Autopsy, Behemoth, Death, Exhumed, Goatwhore, Massacre, Misery Index, Monstrosity, Nile, Suffocation and Vader... a killer fucking split!

Official January 2017 repress, originally released in October of 2011 on HPGD

Reissue from one of Sweden's finest Gothenburg metal acts. Features current In Flames drummer, Daniel Svensson

Double CD including the 4 demos from '84 to '86 plus a rare track on disc one and a full live show from '86 and 7 tracks from an unreleased live-in-studio session from '87. A must-have release by this legendary & unique british Thrash Metal band showing all their stuff from the early Crust/Punk beginnings to their latest Doomy days. 33 songs with exclusive interview, liner notes, photos, discography, etc... an essential fucking release on Xtreem!

Contains the never released "Promo '99", the legendary "Sleeptime" demo '94, and a track for a split with pilish North

Submerged In Manichea CD
The sludging whirlpools of Sadgiqacea (sad-juh-kay-sha) are as deep as the oceans and as vast as the cosmos, equally turbulent and serene. Waves of detuned, ambient guitar paint a dripping psychedelic resonance, while cadences of thundering percussion manifest unbridled, progressive raw energy. Dark and light elements pummel and writhe, creating a harmonious yet chilling aura. Dueling vocals provide a haunting atmosphere and complete the supernatural essence of the overall sound, drowning the listener in a sea of mystifying turmoil. A very unique listening experience that is sure to please fans of High On Fire, Type O Negative, Pink Floyd, Torche, Intronaut, Baroness, Mastodon and similar artists

The most classic death metal band active from Chile bring us their cult demos of the glorious time when the death metal noise ruled the World. Highly recommended if you are into Possessed, Pestilence, Vulcano, Morbid Angel and Death!

Their first album debut plus a never released EP! For fans of Possessed, Pestilence, Sarcofago and Asphyx

Remastered with bonus demos Death To Posers (D.T.P.) and Certain Death plus video clip

After a seven year hiatus, semi-technical thrash/speed act SADUS return to the metal scene with 'Out For Blood,' a vicious and demanding album of searing riffs and instrumental prowess. 'Out For Blood' showcases a modern, groove-laden sound in its production and delivery, yet still deeply rooted in the aggressive style of SADUS' back catalog, a style that was key in the rise of the speed/thrash scene in the mid to late 80s... fucking sick!

Remastered with bonus demo Wake Of Severity, Good Rid'nz videoclip and includes booklet with full lyrics,
discography and liner notes. A classic Thrash Metal release that was out of print for years... gets yours now!

Remastered with bonus DVD! A legendary classic US Thrash release with extensive booklet filled with lyrics, discography and liner notes. This CD / DVD set contains the classic "Vision of Misery" record plus a DVD with a live show from 9/19/02 containing 12 full tracks AND a behind the scenes featurette from L'Amours 1990 with live clips!

Slowianska Duma CD
Elite Polish Pagan Black Metal! ''Slowiañska Duma (Slavonic Pride)'' was originally released in 1999, on Breath of Night (the record-label owned by Ahkenaten of JUDAS ISCARIOT and WELTMACHT). A absolutely killer release!!!

Features the "Medieval Prophecy" 7" EP recorded in October 1988, the "From Dark to Black" promo tape recorded at the end of 1989 and a live recording from 1991. Booklet features old cult photos. Extremely limited and rare release!

Repress of 2 albums on 1 CD of brutal Death Metal... 20 tracks total!

The Demons CD
A great collection of old demos and rare recordings of this masters of traditional BRASILIAN MORBID DEATH METAL. 70 minutes of recorded between 1992-1994, remember the old days of traditional PURE and RAW DEATH METAL. With all the analog magic of the ancient times, Pure metal of death inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. THE ANCIENT RISE!!!

The UnaVOIDable CD
SANCTUS DAEMONEUM's third offering, "The unaVOIDable". Dark and eerie music composed of limitless elements ranging from black metal, ambient, psychedelia, shoe-gaze to trip hop. Lyrics project hopelessness and explore everything that makes life worth leaving. 20 page booklet with lyrics, photographs and art. Fans of Lurker of Chalice, Goblin and Death in June will agree that this albums music is sickly dark, psychotic and immensely bitter!!!

The EP Years & Live Audio Terror CD
This CD contains the tracks from the Split EP's with MAGRUDERGRIND, FUCK ...I AM DEAD, EXHUMED and MECHANICAL SEPERATION and live recordings from the GIANTS OF GRIND FESTIVAL in 2004... awesome!

The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete CD
Saprogenic is a wicked maelstrom of hate and fury. 10 accounts of vicious suffering while in the midst of complete and utter abomination of all. The funeral has begun and it comes to you in the form of The Wet Sound of Flesh on Concrete

Darkness Between CD
Melancholy-laden Gothic Metal and energetic Rock 'n' Roll has been gathered up and melted down in SaraLee's music. In SaraLee's music combine strong melodies, the energy of rock and passion. Stylistically the band occupies territory between rock and metal, with varied influences... when it comes to Gothic Metal, nobody does it like Sara Lee!

Another absolutely amazing band from Texas, USA. Featuring drummer Of DISGORGE (US), and members of SECT OF EXECRATION and IMAGES OF VIOLENCE. Can you imagine a mix between Disgorge and Immolation?

Northern Heritage is proud to finally present the definitive reissue of possibly the single most powerful Finnish black metal album of the late 90's: "Strength and Honour". Combining the satanic aggression of early Finnish black metal with the arising militant pagan awareness, this album was instrumental in the subcultural development of Finnish (black) metal. A reissue was deemed necessary because thousands of copies have been sold in several different editions, but lacking the clarity and perfection of a definitive version. That version shall be available now. Despite being a well-known name these days, SATANIC WARMASTER was known from it's inception as a serious and provocative project. It's musical awareness of black metal tendencies from EMPEROR to MUTIILATION and moreover, awareness of the heritage of ancient pagan traditions both in national resurgence and through the witchcraft of Satan, the adversary, with it's unconscious symbolism to modern heavy metal youth as the destructive energies in man, makes the album concrete and evil. It's possessed with a feeling that makes you think it's mere presence will turn over tombstones and set churches on fire. Halfway through this album, back in '99, this reviewer was turned from skepticism towards modern Finnish black metal, to acclaiming it's potential future existence as a radical artistic force. The truth of this prophecy has since been proved numerous times, by the same artist, and others unmentioned. Whereas SATANIC WARMASTER's demo works presented a rather different style, the spiritual root of the later works must be found in the obscure, almost secret work of BLUTRACHE, whose demo has been dug up from the archives to serve as part of the current reissue. Also the bonus track "Legion Werwolf" from S&H tape and vinyl version is included here. The CD is remastered from the original master tape with a different vision in mind and has better dynamics and definition, yet containing the esoteric power of the original savage production. The booklet includes new artwork, all the controversial lyrics plus an expanded manifesto revealing some of the aims of the artist in originally creating this Carelian Pan-satanist manifestation and a meditation on its consequences and where he now stands in respect to it

Gut-ripping Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal from Alaska with a sulphuric edge. Tracks like "Dawn of the Baphomet", "Sadomasochrist", "Tree of Death" blister with intensity and a frantic confusion that enchants the ears and blackens the soul. Join the filthy hordes who bow down and worship at the altar of the Satanist! Released on Negativity Records

Lords Of Slaughter And Warfare' are at it again and their sophomore campaign demonstrates they mean business. Carried by a chainsaw bass that has been sorely missing in Metal since the glorious days of SLAUGHTER and VOIVOD (though ORDER FROM CHAOS did come close...) and driven by relentless drums, blistering guitar and roaring vocals this most basic of all possible band line-ups rips through the 7 songs of this album like a Demonic 'Possession'. If you like the dark, chaotic and haunting side of Thrash Metal you can't go wrong here! Limited to 1000 numbered copies

Unutterable Horrors CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Scaphism to the roster with the pulverizing new album "Unutterable Horrors"! Hailing from Massachusetts and formed in 2007, Scaphism have been tearing up the Death Metal underground for over a decade with their unique style of Thrash influenced old school Death. Following up on their debut album "Festering Human Remains", Scaphism have joined forces with HPGD for the release of their highly anticipated second album which does not disappoint. "Unutterable Horrors" is an unrelenting onslaught of continuously evolving riffs and pummeling grooves, which provide the backdrop for eight morbidly gruesome tales of terror about the nightmarish things that haunt our dreams. For fans of Blood Red Throne, Brutality, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Dismember, Dying Fetus and Morbid Angel

Doing their pioneering countrymen like Funebre, Demilich and Demigod proud, this brutal death metal band from Finland offers an EP showcasing their sadistic, tortured brand of death. Four tracks exclusive to this EP plus a killer video

A promising young Finnish death metal outfit. Scent Of Flesh brings forth elements of gore-metal with old-school, ripping Scandinavian death metal riffage thrown in to create one hell of an oppressive and frightening experience

AUS Thrash / Powerviolence heroes hand in their final destructive report! A scorching collection of the recorded works of San Francisco pissed-edge power thrashers SCHOLASTIC DETH. Includes all three of the band's ferocious EPs, some compilation cuts, unreleased madness, and a complete radio show. Enhanced CD features a video compilation of live footage from various shows. Packaged with a 28-page booklet full of lyrics, pictures and various information

Scott Hull is already well known in the grind/metal underground for his devestating riffage in Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed; outside of extreme metal, however, Scott has also worked on dark, sumptuous soundscapes and ambient film scores at his Visceralsound lair that have just recently began to appear in recorded form over the past few years. Scott's Requiem CD that came out through Relapse Records earlier this year was one of the first official releases of his film score/soundscape work, and was widely embraced by fans of bleak cinematic ambience and chilling electronic sound sculpture. Crucial Blast is following that amazing disc with a series of limited-edition 3" CDs that each feature a short, 10+ minute piece of fearsome dark ambient music from Scott that showcase his skill at blending blackend Lustmordian drift with terrifying mixing techniques that clot the mind's eye with unnerving, nightmarish sound events. This first part of the Audiofilm Series is a terrifying fug of demonic drone that utilizes delirious stereo panning and slabs of obsidian ambience, and it slowly unfolds over the length of the piece to reveal layers of malevolent black drone and unsettling voices seemingly lost between planes of shadow. Audiofilm I plays out like a wildly hallucinogenic horror film score, and anyone into Scott's previous ambient/soundscape work will find this to be one of his darkest pieces yet. The disc is limited to a single pressing of 1,000 copies, packaged in a tiny 4" x 4" glossy gatefold jacket with stunning full color artwork from artist Seldon Hunt. Recommended to enthusiasts of the isolationist terror of Painkiller’s Execution Ground ambient disc, Lustmord, and Scorn. An interesting and highly unique release

The second installment in our series of limited-run 3" CDs from Scott Hull. Best known for his amazing thrash/grind riffage in the bands Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Scott has been gradually revealing another side of his musical persona over the past few years, an obsession with cinematic soundscaping and dark evocative film scores, mutant electronic textures and pitch-black isolationism that employs brilliant production trickery to immerse the listener in a vibrant, active aural environment. The first disc that we released , Audiofilm I, was a terrifying, lightless driftscape, filled with creepy vocal loops, massive low end ambience, and an all-around horrific vibe that had us comparing it to works from Lustmord, Lull, and the Ambient disc from Painkiller's Execution Ground. But on this follow-up, Scott creates a much more frantic and energetic soundscape, this one alive with minimal bass-shuddering pulses and keening tone manipulations, layered swarms of insectile electronic chitter, swells of shadowy ambience, brain-melting plasma blasts, and vast tectonic drones. A brief (at 12 minutes) but amazing dose of abstract dark ambient/noise that will appeal to fans of Bastard Noise, Astro, and freaked-out 70's sci-fi synth soundtracks. As with the first disc, this 3" CD is packaged in a full color mini folder with awesome artwork/photography from Seldon Hunt

Dark October CD
Aggressive Raw Doom/Death Metal with melodic shades, which make music interesting and unpredictable. Songs are full of feelings of destruction, hatred to mankind, melancholy and tragedy. Beautiful work for doomsters... awesome!

I'm A Cuntsucking Cannibal CD
Killer release from one of the original Porno Grind bands dating back to 1991... 18 tracks of sick, pure perversion! Co-released by labels Alarma Records, Darkroom Productions, Grindhead Records and Roots Active Productions

Socially-aware and totally pissed-off grinding Death brutality from Sao Paolo, Brazil! Complete discography completing 10 years of existence (1990-Y2K); 39 tracks (Including an ANTI-CIMEX and SHITLICKERS cover-songs) of extreme Grind/Crust/Death Metal! An hour-long assault taken from rare EP’s, CD's, demo's, and compilations. Fans of crust legends such as DISCHARGE, ANTI-CIMEX, DOOM and the likes will dig this! Released on Half-Life Records

Scythian 's debut full-length "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is a ferocious tour de force presenting Scythian 's unique brand of Metal; malicious, down-tuned riffs that could have been recorded by Sodom in the mid-80's melt into truly magnificent choir-backed passages reminiscent of "Hammerheart" -era Bathory only to collapse into a frenzied blasting orgy of war, death and desolation; emerging once again from the chaos with some of the most virtuose guitar solos ever to be heard on a Metal recording. Enshrined in a face-melting production courtesy of Leon Macey (Mithras) that perfectly captures the sonic madness as it happens, "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is one of the strongest debut albums in recent years and proves that Scythian are truly a force to be reckoned with... fucking killer!!!

Spiritual Lonely Pattern CD
Second full length of conceptual Doom Metal from Russia

One of the most definitive classics of Floridian black/death metal, technical and melodic without stepping away from the dark and bleak nature of the music. Features members of Kult Ov Azazel, Hatred Unleashed, Cystic Dysentery, Xaphan, Dead Flesh, Extremely Rotten, Cryptic Throne and Vae Victis. A release that is not be passed over... hail satan!

Sectioned's origins are in the UK currently their members are based in Long Island, NY and the Netherlands. Among the band's line-up are Dimentianon members The M (vocals) and Zoltan Valter (guitars). This is quality Death Metal with excellent riffs, impressive guitar solos and some occasional background keyboards which add to the dark atmosphere. Very unique and impressive! This release is a must have if you are a fan of Death, Obituary and early Therion

The Truth Is Out CD
Catchy, pissed off high intensity D-beat crustcore straight out of the 303. Brutalizing through 13 tracks Security Threat combines 80's American hardcore punk and traditional Swedish crust taking influences from such bands like Christ On Parade, Disrupt, ENT, Wolfbrigade. Featuring members of Black Lung and Catheter two of the longest running Denver bands. "The Truth Is Out" will shred your face off. And for all you scum fucks there is a GG ALLIN cover

Sick Deathgrind from France!

Seeking Obscure CD
Taking a huge progressive step in the song writing department compared to the material on the debut split; the
one man Death Metal assualt known as SEEKING OBSCURE advances forward with an aggressive mix of thrash, black and death metal, to create an original reflection on extreme Metal! Taking influence from greats like SLAYER, early
OLD MAN'S CHILD, CANCER, CANNIBAL CORPSE and CARCASS, creating a memorable primitive work!

Wüste CD
Former MAYHEM front man MANIAC, whose band SKITLIV has proved to be a surprising departure from the Black Metal genre for which he was best known for over 20 years, has formed a side-project with fiancé Vivian Slaughter, bass player/vocalist with the Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER, SKITLIV's guitarist Ingvar Magnusson and experimentalist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Unlike SKITLIV, which is a noise/doom amalgam, with Maniacs vocals still firmly rooted in Black Metal, this is noise / darkwave / ambient, with any vestiges of Black Metal pared away

Soldiers Of The Eternal Flame CD
Epic Black Metal from California, Sein und Zeit (German, translates to 'Being and Time') was the main work of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. "The Engineer presses on to the unknown future with a clear message of strength, pride and the reformation of a once proud race of men, whom have been deminished by the one god of the judeo-christian armies and modern social ideas of equality and humility..." . All must hail Sein Und Zeit! 666!

Victorious Rex CD
Cult Los Angeles Black Metal Underground rising! Hails to the diehard minions of the Black Castle horde! SEIN UND ZEIT's essential fourth full-length album, limited to only 1000 CD units self-released by SEIN UND ZEIT's Sein Media in 2009. Atmospheric ['Elite'-oriented] Pagan Black Metal in the classic Nordic-influenced vein of early SATYRICON / BURZUM high-skilled blend. Utterly impressive orthodox execution mandatory for diehard collectors of cult USBM. Highly-recommended for fans of ABYSSIC HATE, BATTLE DAGORATH, LUNAR AURORA, Germany's NAGELFAR, etc

Weird CD
Dark, ethno Ambient from Russia

Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions brings together two of the sickest Death Metal bands in the world for a killer split! Septory are the fastest rising Death Metal band in Russia at the moment. Featuring members of cult Death Metal act Bestial Deform and Black Metal horde Khashm, their brand of traditional yet innovative Death Metal is highly recommended for fans of Deicide, Vader and early Cannibal Corpse. After releasing the "Rotting Humanity" EP in 2006, Septory put out their crushing debut "World War Chaos" in 2008, followed by the destructive "Seductive Art Profane" in 2011. Their strong HPGD debut features a deadly collection of new anthems of evil, old school Death Metal and includes a cover of Bestial Deform's "Three Days Since Dead". An absolutely crushing offering!

Finland's Sadistik Forest is Death Metal four piece from Oulu and includes Markus Makkonen of Hooded Menace on vocals/bass. The band has often been compared to such names as Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Vader, Napalm Death, Sodom and early Sepultura. Relentless, punishing and unforgiving, their aural assault is a concoction of early 90's Death Metal, Grindcore and 80's Thrash. After releasing their self-titled debut in 2010, SF released the brutal "Death, Doom, Radiation" in 2012. This recording features three brand new originals and a cover version of the Seth Putnam's/Thor's collabaration "Throwing Cars at People (On Coke With Thor)". This is the 4th entry in the Price Slasher series that delivers high quality sickness at the lowest price possible. Prepare to headbang!

Arise CD
In their previous seven-year existence Sepultura had steadily established themselves as Brazil's premier metal outfit, but it wasn't until 1991's breakthrough album Arise that they truly captured hearts and minds. Subsequently rereleased with the addition of four bonus tracks-including the band's monumental annihilation of Motorhead's killer track titled "Orgasmatron"--Arise highlights Sepultura's irrefutable kinship with Metallica. The harmonic guitar interplay between Max Cavalera's rock-solid rhythm work and Andreas Kisser's lead lines--on occasions the six-stringed equivalent of a dentist drill--is devastating. Max's tortured vocals and brother Igor's rhythmic battery are marked by sheer, unfettered aggression. Moments of restraint, as on the quite astonishing "Altered State," merely accentuate the band's trademark brutality, and "Dead Embryonic Cells" is coal-black Sepultura. Even with historical perspective, Arise still slays!

Remastered, re-released version with two exclusive bonus tracks! Brazilian thrash metal legends Sepultura's first two releases, 1985's 'Bestial Devastation' (originally released as a split album with the band Overdose) & 1986 debut full-length 'Morbid Visions'. 15 tracks total, including 2 bonus tracks 'Necromancer' (Demo Version) & 'Anticop' (Live)!

Serpent Crown CD
Serpent Crown are a female fronted power trio hailing from San Francisco that play aggressive, ultra heavy riff-driven metal! Skilled guitarist and spectral vocalist Dara Santhai leads the charge on this self-titled debut album which features drummer Will Carroll of Thrash Metal veterans Death Angel blasting behind the kit. Undertones of 80's thrash metal, hardcore and heavy atmospheric rock are prevalent and compliment the rocking yet haunting aural landscape. "Serpent Crown" is an unearthly journey to the dark side with songs of the apocalypse, ruminations of death and destruction. For fans of Baroness, Black Cobra, Black Tusk, Christian Mistress, Crowbar, Detente, High On Fire, Howl, Kylesa, Mastodon, Overkill, Red Fang, Royal Thunder, Sacrilege, Sentinel Beast, Testament and Znowhite. Killer!

Suffering In Humanity CD
Formed back in 1989 (!), legendary Texas' down-tuned trend-crushing death metal machine SEVERANCE has forged a legacy of underground, uncompromising brutality hard to match by other bands. The combination of dark, inhuman growls and the ruthlessly savage, dense and suffocating musical vortex have once again created a death metal masterpiece that is sure to crush all current trends out there... All hail true metal of death! A must have

At The Beginning God Created Fear CD
Early discography of this Polish political grindcore band in the vein of NAPALM DEATH, CROSSED OUT and SIEGE

A Display Of Those Defiled CD
Brutal US death metal. Amazing death metal in the vein of Severe Torture and Spawn of Possession, but bringing something new at the same time and even adding a hint of old school death metal! Includes a Suffocation cover

One Man's Sewage Is Another Man's Sammich CD
The first digital crossover band in the history of extreme music! 22 songs in 22 minutes blurring the lines between bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, XXX Maniak, Accused and Tankard! S.S. delivers with their AIDS bat and strike down all new millennial digigrind in one fell swoop. Mastered for maximum heaviness by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, AnB) and custom killer artwork by acclaimed underground artist Lou Rusconi (Meatshits, XXX Maniak, Splatterhouse)

The Crew CD
SHACKLED DOWN is new band with PIGNATION members in its line-up. This debut is in the US crossover tradition of '80's, comprarable to STRAIGHT AHEAD, SICK OF IT ALL, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, SEPTIC DEATH, D.R.I.

"HOBBS' PLAYED VIRGIN METAL, SHACKLES PLAY SLUT METAL! "After several years of anticipation, the chain gang finally returns with their debut album which is sure to become a timeless classic! Ruthlessly headbanging Supreme Sydney deaththrash in a similar alliance as their old country mates Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs' Angel Of Death & Destroyer 666. For those who crave the Australian sound and the old style of black thrashing metal!

Killer Blackened Death Metal featuring members of Moonsorrow and Impaled Nazarene!

Cryptic Communications CD
From Hell's deepest abyss comes a new alliance, forged in bloodsoaked blasphemy and proclaiming a return to the old ways! Pennsylvania's Shadows In The Crypt summon the deepest demons hidden within the earth with nine hymns to the goat, announcing his vengeance upon the minions of the nazarene. Featuring George Loveland (Decieverion, ex-Crucifier, ex-Invasive Command) on vocals, Stephen Corridean (ex-Evil Divine, ex-Wycked Wytch) on guitars/bass and master shredder Lawrence Wallace! Supreme Black Metal for fans of Horna, Obtained Enslavement, Emperor...

Ashes Of Sorrow CD
Shadowspawn make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the intense mini album “Ashes Of Sorrow”. Hailing from Denmark, Shadowspawn deliver a lethal combination of old school Death/Thrash Metal which blends intensity, catchy riffs, pounding drums and melodic atmospheres. Founded in November 2012 by ex-members of Cinerator and Gods Secret Army, the band has more than 20 years of experience in the underground. “Ashes Of Sorrow” was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band itself. An impressive debut for fans of Asphyx, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Death, Disincarnate, Entombed, Gorefest, Grave, Napalm Death, Obituary, Sinister, Unleashed and Vader

Prey Of Depravity CD
Shattered Eyes combine the "Old-School" type of Death Metal with the "New Death Metal" bringing forth a sound that makes you want to hit the person right next to you. Precise blast beats, killer guttural growls, heavy guitars and ballsy bass. Features guest vocals from Angel of Condemned / Cephalotripsy and Nate from Gortuary... fucking sick!

Corporal Puzzle CD
Brutal old school Death/Grind from Quebec for fans of SUFFOCATION, NAPALM DEATH and MESRINE

Essential fucking Metal! Unofficial release of these long buried demos! SHELLSHOCK was pre-DARK ANGEL, get this piece of history & Thrash til Death! Great sound! This is an actual legitimate full color CD. Ultra rare, limited edition release which contains the uncut versions of Hells On Its Knees (Demo 1984) + Into The Inferno (Demo 1983)

Early Metallica meets S.O.D. & D.R.I.!!! Straight from Liverpool, Short Sharp Shock deliver a raw skate-thrash sound with so much mayhem - it can sink a battleship!! A fucking excellent debut from Earache Records, get this now!

Featuring the underground's most sick and brutal bands: Call the Paramedics, Anal Nosorog, Three Faces of Eve, Waking the Cadaver, The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Cumbeast, Kuru, Funeral Rape, Sacrificial Blood, Amputation, Distorted Impalement, Ex Dementia, Intestinal Disgorge, Mortal Decay, Splattercraft, Knifethruhead, Cemetary Rapist, The Dead Meat, Bonesaw, The Dolemite Project, Captain Cleanoff, Assnation, Waiting Mortuary, Nahurak, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Coaccion, Psychosomatic, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and N.J.D.O.T.S.

Sick Death Metal! Contains both the 'Altar of the Decomposed' demo and the 'Agonizing Torture' demo

Glory To Eternal Fire CD
Raw fast & furious Black Metal from Mexico City! Limited to 1000 copies

Born From The Dark Rib CD
Amazing melodic black metal from Italy similar to Old Man's Child and Handful Of Hate with thrash elements!

Kingdom Of The Grave CD
Sigil join the Horror Pain Gore Death Productions roster with the explosive debut full length "Kingdom Of The Grave"! Hailing from Austin Texas, Sigil successfully blend classic Swedish Death Metal with American crust resulting in catchy, crushing chaos. Keeping true to the old school faith, "Kingdom Of The Grave" is unrelenting in its Death Metal attack which also incorporates raw D-beat aggression complimented by slashing solo's and throat-ripping vocals featuring themes of suicide, police brutality and the occult. For fans of Black Breath, Carnage, Dismember, Entombed, Entrails, Fatalist, Fleshcrawl, Gatecreeper, Grave, His Hero Is Gone, Nihilist and Tragedy

Teabagged At Birth CD
Extreme old school Death Metal mixed with new school gutteral Grindcore soaked in Gore

Taste Of Death CD
Silovanje, the Lords of Northern Rapegore have unleashed their grotesque debut album on Grindhead Records. Hailing from Adelaide and featuring members of the cult grindcore outfit Captain Cleanoff (as well as Kosher Clinic and Apocalypse), Brutal cyber goregrind inspired by Fuck... I'm Dead, Mortician, Disgorge, Gut, Beheaded and Abuse

Evolution? CD
DARK BRUTAL CRUSTY HARDCORE THRASH!!! ATTACK from PORTUGAL!!! The brand new album by Portuguese DIY crust veterans SIMBIOSE! Totally late 80's style metallish crust thrash with heavy down tuned guitars, brutal vocals! This is a must for all nowaday's hellish Swedish hardcore fans and DOOM/ENT style UK crust/hardcore fans!!!

Sparkling Scars Of Intuitivism CD
Raw and cold Black Metal from the Ukraine

Behind Of Eyes Of Hatred CD
For political junkies, a name like Single Bullet Theory has a way of jumping out at you. The SBT is an intriguing (if far-fetched) theory of moderate/centrist Republican Arlen Specter, the four-term Pennsylvania senator who has alleged that President John F. Kennedy and former Texas Govenor John Connally were struck by the same bullet in 1963. And the alternative metal band Single Bullet Theory just happens to be from Philadelphia, which is Specter's stomping ground. Creatively, the band's second album, Behind Eyes of Hatred, is a step forward for the Philly residents -- and it is somewhat of a departure from their previous effort, Route 666. While Route 666 offered some melodic passages, the album was primarily an exercise in sensory assault; on Behind Eyes of Hatred, melody is a much higher priority. Melody was really an afterthought on Route 666, but this time, it is a lot more than an afterthought -- it is a vital, essential part of the picture. Route 666 was much more unforgiving, which isn't to say that Behind Eyes of Hatred (which was produced by James Murphy) is easy listening by any means. Single Bullet Theory can still be quite brutal, but instead of engaging in volume for the sake of volume, they seek to integrate brutality and melody this time. Route 666 was essentially metalcore, whereas Behind Eyes of Hatred is an alternative metal disc that successfully incorporates thrash, hardcore, and punk as well as power metal -- and that appreciation of classic power metal asserts itself on original material as well as a cover of Metal Church's "Badlands." Route 666 was a decent, if limited, debut, but all things considered, Behind Eyes of Hatred is a more memorable outing for the Philly-based headbangers. Awesome!

The Voidance Of Man CD
Antihuman Blackened Doom Metal from England

Born Unspoiled CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Denmark's melodic Death/Thrash devastators Six String Slaughter to the roster with the album "Born Unspoiled". Founded in 2007 by ex-members of Corpus Mortale, Six String Slaughter have 20 years of experience in the metal realm, resulting in a fine-tuned cocktail of old school madness. No poly-rhythmic mathcore riffs or whimpy vocals, just catchy riffs, powerful drums and in-your-face vocals with a no bullshit approach to song writing. Mercilessly mixing death and grind styles with the murderous brutality, SSS is a barbarian band of metal brothers, breaking bones and bursting eardrums! "Born Unspoiled" was recorded/mixed at Six String Studios in Denmark (Illnath, Scarred by Beauty, Impalers, Ironfire, Vira) and mastered by Hertz Studio, Poland (Vader, Behemoth, Hate). Features Anders Lundemark of Konkhra on the track Careless, and also features a killer cover of Brutal Truth's legendary track Birth Of Ignorance. For fans of At The Gates, Bolt Thrower, Dark Tranquility, Death, Deicide, Fisthammer, Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Slayer, Soulfly and Vader. A beast of an album not to be missed!

Ultra Electric CD
The first release on Game Two's SLOW RIDE imprint was an adrenaline-laced full-length from Baltimore's Blues-based, whiskey-drenched, Southern-fried, 70's-influenced Stoner Groove band: Sixty Watt Shaman. Imagine Clutch crossed with Kyuss after a night out with Skynyrd. Sixty Watt eventually signed to Spitfire while this CD gets rave reviews

“Sister Devil” was conceived and executed by the same evil entities that were responsible for VON’s legendary “Satanic Blood” and “Blood Angel” demos. Now 15 years after in was initially recorded, this lost recording by SIXX is presented for the first time. Although retaining VON’s penchant for darkness and repetition, SIXX deviate from the black metal form and opt instead for a sound reminiscent of Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and Samhain... excellent CD!

SKELETAL SPECTRE "Tomb Coven" CD out now on Razorback Recordings! Another Doom Metal masterpiece from the same label that brought you all of the debut albums from Coffins, Acid Witch, and Hooded Menace! An unbelievable tyrant of revenge seeking songs from the darkest depths! The Swedish triad known as SKELETAL SPECTRE, awakens the dead with their debut full-length album "Tomb Coven"! Heavy, thundering DOOM METAL combined with eerie riffing & accompanied by tormented vocals from beyond the spirit world. These catchy tracks will possess you & leave you wanting more! Listen...if you DARE! Features killer cover painting by Adam Geyer. From Sweden, comes SKELETAL SPECTRE...3 ghastly apparitions from the voids of eternal darkness. Their goal is a simple one...to play crushing horror DOOM METAL mixed with other influences and eerie sounds to come up with something they feel is their own. Do you hear the sound of the spectre? It's coming for you... beware of this modern masterpiece of audible destruction

Ass-blasting death inferno!

A compilation of their first 3 records originally released by Distortion Records between 1995-1998. Skitsystem is everything you could ask of a crust band, heavy, fast, brutal, and dark. Included is the Profithysteri 7", split 7" with Wolfpack, and the Ondskans Askinte 10". Nice collection of out of print material also comes with new artwork

Excellent double cd collection featuring ALL their recordings from 1984 to 1991 including the Evilution tape album included here and published on cd for the first time! Lots of unreleased songs!! Released on AreaDeath Productions

Amazing Doom Metal from Oslo, Norway... powerful!

World Wide War CD
Old school blackened Thrash inspired by Destruction, Kreator, Tormentor, Bewitched, Nocturnal Breed and Aura Noir!

Slimewave is, without a doubt, one of the fastest and ugliest compilations ever-assembled. Slimewave brings together 44 tracks from twelve of the most influential and offensive international gore-grind and grindcore bands: ANTIGAMA, BATHTUB SHITTER, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE, MACHETAZO, MUMAKIL, ROT, SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, THROAT PLUNGER, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, & XXX MANIAK! From the high-impact opening assault of Poland’s ANTIGAMA, to the closing of shock-grind kings XXX MANIAK, Slimewave is a relentless assault on the ears and mind! CD features unreleased tracks not on the original split 7"s

Old school Death Metal masterpiece for fans of Nihilist, Apshyx, Grave and Abhorrence... released by Time Before Time

The Deadly Return CD
New album of death grind band a'la Macabre from Germany!

Legions Into Black Flames CD
Satanic Bahrainian Black Desecration. Unholy Black Metal sickness!!

Social Chaos arised in late 2001, formed by members of old brazilian ragers like ROT and F.D.S, and musically inspired by most of the 80's bands such as Anti Cimex, Axegrinder, Rattus, Concrete Sox, Sepultura. This is some of the most raw and agressive music to ever come from Brazil since a long time. Imagine Hellshock covering Sepultura circa Beneath the Remains in a basement infested by rats carring tropical diseases! Eleven songs of pure madness!

Grinder Kaos CD
Brutal grind/noise from Argentina. Released on Disembodied Records

Gone With The Storm CD
Another amazing debut album! These Italians rocks, with passion and many melodies! Gothic metal at it’s finest, in the vein of Charon, To/Die/For, Paradise Lost, Sentenced, Amorphis and Katatonia! Go ahead enter the melancholic trip

This is a CD for all old-school Sodom worshippers. Contains Witchhammer demo and Live In Essex Germany 1/12/84 !

Massacre Through Seduction CD
Söft Dov make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the filthy album "Massacre Through Seduction". Formed in 2011 in New Brunswick New Jersey, Söft Dov play crusty D-beat hardcore anarcho cyberpunk for the modern age... a deathblast of rabid sensuality! "Massacre Through Seduction" showcases 12 tracks of surreal death-crust punk rock engineered & mixed by Chris Pierce and mastered by Joel Grind. Söft Dov features Mark Bronzino of Iron Reagan/Mammoth Grinder/ANS on guitar and Ian Thompsen of Another Social Disease on vocals. For fans of Amebix, Anti-Cimex, Black Uniforms, Chaos UK, Discharge (all eras), Disclose, Doom, Exodus, Gauze, GBH, G.I.S.M., Motörhead, Nausea (NYC), Rudimentary Peni, Sacrilege (UK), Severed Head Of State, Totalitär, The Varukers and Warwound

The incomparable Soilent Green expands on their unique mixture of hardcore, sludge, and swampy metallic blues. Oscillating, intricate guitar work collides with masterful tempo changes and commanding vocals taken to new heights

The Screaming To Survive CD
Blistering Black/Death Metal featuring members of Divine Rapture, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and Evil Divine. Killer!

Into The Sinner Circle CD
Solanum make their highly anticipated return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the new vicious full length album "Into The Sinner Circle". Fresh off of the intense HPGD split album "Passages To Lunacy" with fellow Canadians Epi-Demic, the four piece terror unit known as Solanum continue their reign of devastation, raging straight out of the frozen prairies of their home town Winnipeg. "Into The Sinner Circle" features seven uncompromising lacerations of deadly Crossover Thrash, designed to leave the listener pacing and primed for mayhem. No bullshit, no filler... this is nothing but sick unhinged riffs, adrenaline spiked drums and rapid fire vocals! A must have album for fans of Attitude Adjustment, Broken Bones, Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, Demolition Hammer, Destruction, DRI, English Dogs, Excel, Iron Reagan, Kreator, Lethal Aggression, Ludichrist, No Mercy, Nuclear Assault, SOD, Vio-lence and Wehrmacht

Passages To Lunacy "Split" CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents a pulverizing full length split album from two of Canada's deadliest destroyers. "Passages To Lunacy" unites the forces of the mighty Solanum with the fierce Epi-Demic, resulting in a devastating old school assault... no comprimise, no conformity and no trends! This is pure Canadian Crossover/Thrash Metal murder that displays intrinsic power and relentless attitude. Be forewarned as "Passages To Lunacy" is your ticket to mayhem, confronting your mind with harsh realities, rotten visions and inevitable pain. For fans of Attitude Adjustment, Broken Bones, Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, Destruction, DRI, English Dogs, Excel, Lethal Aggression, Ludichrist, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence and Wehrmacht

Straight out of the metal-city of Dortmund, Germany, the rookies in Solar Fragment are ready to hit the Power Metal world with their debut. A unique, melodic and heavy album that will remind you of bands like Sonata Arctica, Masterplan, Kamelot and Falconer, with melodies that will haunt your mind for a long time! Hail the successors of Blind Guardian!

Sanctus Satanas CD
A Collection of Demos, live and an unknown side project of Lord Morder! 13 trax, over 65 minutes of Satanic Black Fucking Metal! Comes with a 12 page booklet complete with lyrics, photos and more! Limited to 1000 copies!

Soli Diaboli Gloria CD
Young Karelian band that adopted the categorical forms of European Black Metal. I’d recommend SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA to those who enjoy the first albums of GORGOROTH, ABIGOR, DEATHSPELL OMEGA... those, who prefer heavy, fast, satanic and cruel Black Metal with digressions and deep sound. Only impetuous, wild and just devilish vibe! And besides the excellent choice of riffs and malicious atmosphere that are with no doubts the greatest merit of the album, here are present knowledge and pretty good mastery of instruments and vocals... an evil release on Assault Rex

At War With Decency CD
SOLLUBI are a side project from the guys of FISTULA and RAPE X. They play a very original kind of psychadelic / sludge. You'll find the down tempo and the heavy sound of FISTULA with a psychadelic and noisy vibe made by RAPE X. They sound like a tribute band of HAWKWIND made by 16... an absolutely crushing album for all doom fans

Sordid Remains CD
On the fifth of July in 2006, Sordid discharge their debut full-length Sordid Remains on Grindhead Records. Crustier than a pregnant crack-whore with a yeast infection, this is a whirlwind of filthy grind infused crust insanity in the vein of Phobia, Infest and Unholy Grave coupled with some truly sickening cover-art. A must have release for grind freaks!

Gruesome Pillowbook Tales CD
Fast and gory Death Metal from Germany!!! Contains a 8-paged booklet + a videoclip of "Crags to the Infinite"

Split CD
Sore throat with 10 tracks of total noise and 26 blasting noise/grindcore attacks by these brazilian outfits

Blood Has No Limit CD
Killer, remarkable and impeccable production from these Colombian sickos. Dense, fast and clean riffs, blast-beat-drum firing, and high & low gutturally extreme voices which scream the deranged acts of a psychopath, create an unique and original advanced Death Metal style at the level of the most truly serious MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATEPLOW and VITAL REMAINS fans. The gates of the Colombian Death Metal state-of-the-art have been opened and once you’re in there’s no turning back. You are in the assassin’s domain, so start begging for a quick death. Be welcome!!!

Inheritance Of The Wicked Empire CD
SOULLESS hails from Poland, 'Peri psyches' is its second demo. The band offers four tracks of skilled, twisted and furious death metal, inspired by the masters DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL but with a vibe of its very own. A whirlwind of twin guitars riffing, lots of tempo changes and blasts, spacy solos, annihilating vocals and an utterly mesmerizing atmosphere will torment your ears !! It contains a DEICIDE cover ( 'Lunatic of God's creation')!! EXSERCATOR from Italy are the rawer side of the offering, with its mayhemic drumming, lunatic guitarism and some really sick gurgling desecrations ! An obscure, putrid and blasphemous death metal that'll kick for sure every INCANTATION or DISGORGE (mex) worshipper's ass !! Here find its second demo, 'Vehemence of human displeasure'

Black And Blood CD
Soul Remnants make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with their punishing sophomore album "Black And Blood". Hailing from Massachusetts, Soul Remnant's journey further into the darkness... revealing the shattered sound of destroyed souls. Following the road of corpses left by legends like Death, Suffocation, Carcass and Deicide, "Black And Blood" is a transformative concoction; thrashing together elements of Scandinavian Black Metal, old school Floridian/brutal Death Metal and unearthly mind searing guitar solos. The end result is an overflowing cauldron of blood, which spews forth pure bone-crushing madness! The release comes housed in a high quality 6 panel digipak complete with full lyrics and showcases the stellar "Black And Blood" artwork. For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Hypocrisy, Monstrosity, Rivers Of Nihil, Slayer, Suffocation and Terrorizer

Sound Of Detestation CD
Swedens newest extreme music exports waste no time in battering listeners with seventeen bursts of blistering modern grindcore - fusing their home country's signature style of extreme music with hardcore and death metal to produce a brilliantly executed, powerful debut full length album. Couple that with state-of-the-art wall-of-sound production techniques courtesy of Gadget progenitor William Blackmon and you have a jaw-dropping grind release that will no doubt carry huge impact into the international extreme music scene. Fans of modern grindcore; waste no time in familiarising yourself with Sound of Detestation. This is one of the most exciting grind releases to come out of Europe that will see the group deservingly mentioned alongside Gadget, Skitsystem and Nasum. Killer fucking release!

Emerald Vulture CD
An incredible EP from sludge-masters Sourvein! Headed by T-Roy (ex-Buzzoven) on vokills, this slab of bombastic doom noise is set to ignite the South on fire. Recorded by Vince Burke (Beaten Back To Pure / Hail Hornet) in Virginia

Ghetto Angel CD
The second in a series of three EP's by T-Roy and Sourvein, Ghetto Angel finds the band writing more cohesive, decisive songs. Vince Burke once again mans the knobs keeping the band and their material flowing in the right direction. Amazing new art work by none other than Tom Denney. Released on This Dark Reign Recordings

Descending The Astral Plane CD
Spectral Descent make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the crushing album "Descending The Astral Plane"! Hailing from the wastelands of New Jersey, Spectral Descent formed in 2014 by scene veterans from acts such as Blasphemous, Red Dawn and Path To Prevail, with the intent to play pure Death Metal in the ways of the old. "Descending The Astral Plane" is brutal, punishing and devastating... pulverizing the listener throughout the entire album. A must have for fans of Bolt Thrower, Broken Hope, Cancer, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Death, Goreaphobia, Immolation, Incantation, Krabathor, Lesch-Nyhan, Malevolent Creation, Master, Morbid Angel, Morta Skuld, Obituary, Oppressor, Six Feet Under and Viogression

Spetälsk CD
After the success with their debut EP "Perverted Commandment", that was released by Northern Silence in 2005, the swedish black metal band Spetälsk (Spetälsk is Swedish for "leprosy") is back with their first fullength album. It was recorded in Pure Dechristianizing Studios during the winter of 2006 and was mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson(Marduk) at Endarker Studios. Raw black metal with Satanic Slaughter and Terrorama members!

Closer To The Grave CD
The debut release by SPIRITUAL DECAY "Closer To The Grave" is a raw and brutal death metal album, capturing an old school sound. The album has an old styled raw sounding production comperable to many classics of the past. SPIRITUAL DECAY is a Feamale fronted brutal old schood styled death metal band. Raw, Fierce, and Primitive, while incorporating a technichal precision. SPIRITUAL DECAY draw influence from classic acts such as Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Obituary, & Therion... While maintaining a sound all to their own

Amazing pagan Black Metal from Canada for fans of SATYRICON, KAMPFAR and NOKTURNAL MORTUM

This 3-piece slaughter team unleashes ultra-heavy, catchy trashing grind/gore/death designed for fans of IMPALED, HAEMORRHAGE and EXHUMED! Official re-issue with revamped cover artwork, whole new layout and color scheme!

City Of The Sleazehounds CD
USA Illi-noise sleazy Gore Grind Rock with cathy metal riffs! Very unique sounds reminds me of german DEAD + IMPETIGO + finland PAKENI. Featuring 12 songs. 1st full album! Released by Japan's Obliteration Records

"Avskräckande Exemplar" is the release that takes grindcore to the next level. Obscene Productions is proud to present this Swedish frustration and brutality captured in 21 bombarding whirlwinds. Expect speed, expect heaviness, expect groove and foremost, expect to be ripped to shreds! Splitter shows no mercy for the weak hearted!!!

Rotcore CD
Fast and furious hemped rotcore bursting 27 blasts of rage at the light-speed of hate! New-York fucking City’s power violence at its best with tracks coming from various 7'' EP, tapes and comps. A killer release on Bones Brigade Records

Birthright CD
Awesome old-school death metal, the way it should be!! Spun In Darkness features the original drummer of the cult early 90’s death metal outfit Goatlord, Jeff Nardone (who also performs vocals here). Heavy, punishing and truely a head-banger of a record! Suggested to fans of Goatlord, Nunslaughter, Coffins, Cianide, Throneum, etc! Re-issue directly from the band and features bonus track "Autopsy Alive". If you liked their split with Coffins you will love this!

Death/Doom masters Spun In Darkness return with their second full length release and follow up to their split with Coffins. Feast Of The Undead contains 11 bloodsoaked tracks of old school, sick brutality that will bring you back to the glory days of the early 90’s. The horrifying classic sound captured on this album cuts deep and leaves you gurgling on your own blood! Includes a cover of Goatlord’s “Distorted Birth” and a live cover of Obituary’s “Back From The Dead”. For fans of Autopsy, Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Coffins, Dismember, Divine Eve, Goatlord, Grave, Obituary and Winter

Another Match Made In Hell! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions brings together two unstoppable forces of metal for an explosive split album of carnage and mayhem. Spun In Darkness are back from the grave, continuing to forge their path of destruction featuring four new tracks and a cover of Doom Snake Cult's "Carnival Freak Show". Successfully blending early 90's Death Metal with classic Doom Metal, Spun In Darkness are reminiscent of Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Goatlord, Grave and Obituary. Gravewürm create old goat Black Metal from the abyss that is influenced by the likes of Burzum, Candlemass, Hellhammer, Pentagram and early Sodom. Formed back in 1990, Gravewürm make their long-awaited Horror Pain Gore Death debut on this release with their strongest material recorded to date.

Features killer cover artwork and double-sided, full sized glossy lyric sheet by master of darkness Mark Riddick. For fans of Acheron, Autopsy, Bathory, Bathym, Cianide, Coffins, Countess, Crucifier, Deceased, Devil Lee Rot, Dismember, Divine Eve, Inquisition, Necrovore, Nunslaughter, Profanatica, Sadistic Intent, Sathanas, Varathron, Venom and Winter

A new slasher from the polish kings of sonic torture. After many awesome singles, a split cd with malignant tumour and an album like "tnyribal" that came out as one of the most brutalizing grind death-bombs ever heard by human ear, here's the new step in their mission of devastation... A complete return to their gory origins. Downtuned, growled to the bone old-school grind ferociousness with that gore approach they handle with supreme ability. If you loved their split cd this is something very close to it, just with an impressive technical improvement and a ways better production. If you wanna be brought back to a revisited dimension of late '80s gore heaviness... Sick harmonized vocals, corrosive fast drums and pounding full-on-bass guitar erosion... Here you get it all at its best. Viva el polish gore!

Tnyribal CD
Rare debut album from this Polish goregrind band. This reissue is housed in a 6-panel digipak with all new artwork and layout. "Tnyribal" is no doubt one of the most brutal and thus most important grindcore albums of the last century

Infidel Eternal CD
Raw blasting black metal from Tokyo!! Including a secret track.Corpse-painted Japanese BLACK METAL quartet (4 guys) from Tokyo- with live drummer! Like a more Nordic War Metal version of E.D.M., with influences from old MAYHEM and BLASPHEMY! 11 Songs; 57 minutes. Featuring members of DIE YOU BASTARD, ZOMBIE RITUAL...

Starchaser Network CD
Following the success of their online cover tracks, the long awaited debut album from Starchaser Network is finally here. Fans of the following 70s and 80s acts will not be disappointed by this new band's first enterprise: Pet Shop Boys, Genesis, Devo, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and the Egyptian Lover. A totally unique listening experience

Born Into Eternity CD
Think: Early Sabbath. That's what this new Starchild CD sounds like to me, and that's what it'll sound like to you too. If you like early Sabbath -- and you'd better, or you're pretty fuckng lame -- you'll love Starchild, because it's like a whole bunch of brand new early Sabbath songs are being written in the present. This is some extremely spaced out music. Echoed vocals and a heavy, but laid back, vibe dominates the music. The solos are straight out of doom-rock, Iommi hell. With this release, this band has vaulted themselves to the same level as veterans like Sheavy and even St Vitus

Manifiesto De Blasfemia CD
Stillborn play blackened death metal with technical and intricate riffs. A full tornado of blasting, chainsaw guitars, screaming, growling, gurgling, mangle, and last but not least... sinister laughter! Released on Pagan Records

Brutal and vicious Italian Death Metal with Antonio Donadeo (Vital Remains) on drums! This CD also includes video clips for "The Cold Dagger’s Blade" and "Stock of Vengeance". Release on Obskure Sombre Records

Transtorno Obsceno Repulsivo CD
Sick, old school Crust/Grindcore from Brazil!

Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes CD
Bare witness to woeful tales Concerning Old-Strife and Man-Banes! HPGD welcome midwestern Viking Black Metal act Stonehaven, who unleash their 2nd album of unrelenting force, full of pagan violence and tragedy. Let howls of insanity, triumphant viking melodies and fearsome Black Metal deliver you to a time when loss and horror were the fabric life. An essential release for fans of Taake, Enslaved, Drudkh, Walknut, Bathory, Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor and Windir

Bay Area Stormcrow are one of the best stench-core (that's the way it's called nowadays) bands in the world, along with bands like Sanctum, Hellshock or Limb from Limb they have taken Axegrinder, Hellbastard, Prophecy of Doom, Amebix, Bolt Thrower, Deviated Instinct and more, swallowed them and then given birth to an even more brutal heavy sounding hellspawn! Mass Grave hail from Vancouver, Canada, and have beein infesting the scene since 2004 with several records, and each one is always more brutal than the previous one. This is grind and even death metal fueled crust, think of Disrupt crossed with a pneumatic hammer: fast, violent, heavy! Includes 5 bonus songs from Mass Grave!

A split-CD featuring the first ever material of old school thrashers STORMING STEELS from Kedah/Perlis, Malaysia plus rare recordings from the cult early 80s Florida, US deathrashers HELLWITCH (tracks recorded in 1990 & 2005)

Live At Budokan CD
Classic live performance from SOD recorded live at The Ritz, New York on March 21, 1992. Deluxe version that includes liner notes by Billy Milano, Dan Lilker, Scott Ian and Charles Benante! Sgt. D is coming, and your on his list!

Rope, Soap, Tabouret CD
Stranguliatorius make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the filthy album "Rope, Soap, Tabouret"! Born in the stinking primordial land of Lithuania, Stranguliatorius present a raw old school blend of Deathgrinding Doom madness. "Rope, Soap, Tabouret" is loaded with cut-throat crusty riffs, head smashing blastbeats and face-melting growls of torment. Stranguliatorius are thirsty for blood, and hungry for flesh... ready to bash your brains in, then deliver your corpse to the surgeons of the morgue, to be gutted and buried in an unmarked grave! A must have release for fans of early Carcass, Coffins, Anatomia, Haemorrhage, Impetigo, Asphyx, Unleashed, Autopsy and Bolt Thrower

Challenging CrossReich Cowards CD
Supreme fucking Death Metal blitzkrieg!!!!!! Unrelenting and completely fucking dominating, this newest full-length attack from Sturmgewehr666 is a violent pillaging of your fucking senses. Absolute brutal foulness in the vein of Abhorrence and Hate Eternal. YOU'LL FUCKING DIE UP THERE!!! An excellent release on Old Cemetery

Heir Today God Tomorrow CD
In 2006 they release their debut "Bland Ändlösa Fält av Snusk och Hor" at Baphomet Records / Red Stream. Now are they finally back! Recorded in Studio Beast (Tyrant, Arcana, Meanwhile) with Peter Bjärgö. Old school Black Metal!

The Shore Will Arise CD
Stygian Shore hails from Wichita, Kansas, where their main influence and legendary band Manilla Road is from. The band plays an epic metal/heavy rock hybrid, similar to bands from the NWOBHM and also taking influence from legends like Black Sabbath and AC/DC. This release features 12 never-before-heard songs, plus a re-recorded version of "Tidal Wave", which was originally released on their debut EP in 1984. This album was supposed to be released in 1989, but hasn't seen the light of day until now. Comes with full biography, beautiful full-color booklet with lyrics and band photos

Brazilian grindcore warriors on their debut CD after many 7"s and splits. One of the most extreme noise in South-America this decade. Old school grind, think Napalm, Rot and Agathocles, but with their own touch... killer stuff!

Endvolution CD
Catchy, energetic death/thrash with members of Hyades & guest solo by Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmström

Pseudophilosophic CD
Brand new CD of crushing Brutal Death Metal from Russia featuring all new tracks and bonus Video...
100 x better than their debut CD! Co-released on Sevared Records and Butchered Records

Killer debut album from one of Germany's most promising new hopes in brutal Death. Imagine a mix of DISGORGE (US) and GORGASM, salted with enough of their own... this album is fast 'n' brutal Death Metal at it's absolutefinest!

The Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City CD
Legendary death metal icons SUFFOCATION are universally regarded as the best live death metal band in the world. Their very first live-record captures all the speed, intensity, and brutality of one of the most influential bands in metal

New York death metal legends Suffocation are one of the most influential bands in the history of extreme music. The band's final testament, the unbelievably powerful Despise the Sun, is also their most accomplished material. Experience the recording that has been called metal's most extreme moment! A must have for all death metal fiends!

Human Waste (reissue) CD
The first ever CD released on Relapse Records, Suffocation's legendary Human Waste CD is the blueprint by which disturbingly brutal, down tuned death metal has come to follow. A legend is now reborn! With 2 tracks previously unreleased from the Reincremation demo from 1990! This is essential material for all fans of death metal!

Debut of extreme minimalistic suicidal Black Metal. Suicidal Vortex is a side project from Terminal Spirit member EXORD and ex-member (from the SEELENTANZ era) DIS-CONNECTED-MESSIAH. An excellent, solid album

One Of Your Neighbors CD
Technical Death Metal from Turkey for fans of Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse and Hateplow!

The Entropy Formula CD
The return of NY's finest thrash metal juggernauts! Outstanding sophmore album recorded at Blue Meanie Studios (SEPULTURA, OVERKILL, S.O.D.), produced by "His eminence the wicked" (TERROR OF THE TREES, HEMLOCK) and featuring the artwork from the legendary Sean Taggart (S.O.D.,CRUMBSUCKERS). A must album for true fans, as The Entropy Formula will take you to the mighty Thrash Metal golden era once again! Released on Khaosmaster Productions

Founded in 1990, and helmed to this day by sometime Current '93 guitarist Gary Ramon, Sun Dial has created its own unique space in the annals of music history with its renowned, sublime psychedelic rock. The band's catalog has been lauded at by the most storied (Mojo, NME, Rolling Stone, Kerrang) and studied (The Wire, Record Collector, Forced Exposure) publications the world over. Even while mass appeal escaped them, this quiet band from south of London has cast a long, if unassuming, shadow of influence that will resonate for decades to come. Sun Dial'S debut full-length, Other Way Out, is the stuff legend is made of. It's compelling late-60's influenced psychedelia came from out of nowhere and soon became eternal. The power of word-of-mouth, fueled by tremendous press accolades (possibly the greatest psychedelic album of all time. - Mojo Magazine), has since turned the record into a touchstone in the psychedelic and prog-rock communities. This timeless classic has been remastered and repackaged to include liner notes and a bonus CD of demos and outtakes from the Other Way Out sessions previously available on vinyl only

Sun Dial's fourth record, Return Journey, was an altogether different animal than its classic Other Way Out but indispensable nonetheless. Brimming with lush, heavily-layered arrangements, Return Journey highlighted Gary Ramon's burgeoning guitar prowess and refined writing style. More slick and polished than earlier work, Return Journey is a more streamlined, but no less vital and weighty, presentation of an influential cult band in motion. Repackaged with its original artwork by Savage Pencil (Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, The Fall), Return Journey is a crucial piece of history

Sweden's Regurgitate and The Netherlands' Suppository combine for a split of blazing old school grind!

SUPREME PAIN is Erwin, Aad (vocalist of Sinister and Infinited Hate) and Robi (from Slovenian deathmetallers Scaffold). They have created pure death metal with elements of modern sick fast brutality and old school heaviness. Expect brutal death metal sickness. DESECRATE THE FLESH BEFORE MY EYES! Released on Comatose Music

Technical, intense brutal death metal attack from Slovakia republic. For fans of Cryptopsy, Suffocation and Dying Fetus

Morbid Sculpture: Demo[n]ology CD
Louisiana's Sickest - Suture's newest offering..... A collection of the past and present..... It is containing their all 3 demos ( Bloodsoaked, In cryptic Bliss, Deconstructing Anatomy) 2 songs never before released written in '98, 3 quick time video files- 2 live songs from the 2001 Gathering of The sick fest and 1 song from their first show in Gulfport, Mississippi. Thats 13 songs, 8 of which did not appear on their debut full length "Carnivorous Urge to Kill" CD

Lady Vitosha CD
Bulgarian Pagan/black metal band. Includes 2 bonus songs on this USA exclusive version... raw and primitive!

From Finland (which appears to be the new metal capital), Swallow The Sun offers the hotly-anticipated follow-up to their acclaimed debut. Total doom/death perfection, with sorrowful, gothic overtones and sound tighter than their debut

Nuclear Death CD
Old school Hellenic Black/Death Metal inspired by Zemial, Hellhammer, Varathron, Bathory and Sarcofago but also Heptameron/Nocturnal Vomit! Features 4 new exclusive tracks and "Praise the Goat" demo as bonus tracks!!!

Filthy and raw Swedish old school Death Metal, with a hint of the Kaamos/Delve/Verminous vibe, yet a bit darker

Losing The War Against The Sands Of Time CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Synapse Misfire to the roster with the debut album "Losing The War Against The Sands Of Time"! Hailing from Illinois, Synapse Misfire consists of members from Waco Jesus, Helmsplitter, Akasha and Angelust. "Losing The War Against The Sands Of Time" is unpredictable and tormented Black Metal that is a rollercoaster ride of fast, slow, weird, crushing, yet cohesive songs. Synapse Misfire is a combination of Venom on steroids-esque vocals, monstrous guitar tone, a distorted bass sound akin to early Mayhem, and an incredibly talented drummer. A must have album for fans of Celtic Frost, Goatwhore, early Mayhem, Sepultura, Slayer and Venom

Sleeping Thermostats CD
One of the finest acts to come out of Norway in recent years and possibly the release we're most proud of yet! Syracus are like a glimpse into the prog past set in a pop/rock presence. Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Anekdoten, Seigmen, Pink Floyd etc., this five-piece delivers some of the most amazing songs you'll ever hear. Syracus emerged from the disillusioned and superficial suburbs of Oslo, Norway in 1999, and have since claimed the throne of Norway's alternative underground. The band plays melodic and dynamic emo-rock, with a focus on creating atmospheres through sonic noise and frantic screams, as well as whispering frailty. Inspired by a lot of the 90's (and later) alternative rock bands, Syracus combines the edge and moods of their predecessors with a drop of psychedelia and pure, distilled energy that has been so terribly absent from the so-called postrock- or indie-scene the past few years

Urban Rage CD
The third album for this Swedish/Greek band! New Wave of Swedish Death Metal at it’s finest, as it’s includes classic heavy metal elements, like Greeks doing it, plus many melodic lines making this whole album a masterpiece. For fans of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Nightfall, Nightrage and Lordi! Recorded and mixed at Tico Tico studios in Finland