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The Coming Of Genocide CD
'The Coming of Genocide' combines the beginnings of the band with their 2003 demo and the stunning follow-up EP in 2004. Ulcerate creates whirlwind of chaos and technicality for fans of Spawn of Possession, Gorguts, and Immolation

Into the Pit qualifies as a juggernaut of North American speed metal. With its thundering bass, fast drumming and a wealth of Mastodonian riffery, the boys have clearly learned from their elders, and learned well. A killer album!

Thrash Metal from Canada in the vein of Slayer and Sacred Reich!

The official debut release from Ultralord, featuring members from Fistula, Rue, Rune and others. This album simply slays. Heavy, punishing, disturbing and unapologetic. Full of rage and vengeance, this is a killer doom/sludge album

Slut Decapitator CD
Pure blasting Death/Gore Metal featuring a sick 12 page booklet with exclusive artwork from underground artists MARK RIDDICK! A throwback to layouts created by the masterful Vincent Locke of CANNIBAL CORPSE cover art fame

Heavy metal doesn't get much more traditional-sounding than Underdog, and this, their second album, is the epitome of the early/mid '80s German metal sound. Originally released in 1984 and reissued by Old Metal Records

1st album by this danish band of ultra-heavy Death Metal with influences in the vein of ROTTREVORE, MYTHIC, very early GRAVE, CREMATORY (swe), AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN... One of the best albums of 2010!

Deathmosphere CD
Melodic Swedish death metal by way of Colombia. In the tradition of At The Gates, this has it all, great melodies, blasts beats, harsh vocals and solos, with any breakdowns or clean vocals. Cover art by Dark Tranquility's Niklas Sundin. As of late, Underthreat is on hold while members play in Blaze Bayley’s band. An excellent release on Barbarian Records

Die Funfwindstrasse CD
Symphonic metal with both progressive and neo-classical tendencies from the Ukraine

A Deceitful Calm CD
Classic sounding Swedish Death / Black Metal in the stormy, dark and atmospheric vein of early DISSECTION, DAWN, SACRAMENTUM, DARK FUNERAL, early NAGLFAR, EMBRACING, VINTERLAND, VARGAVINTER, and GATES OF ISHTAR-- all now considered as the 'Old-School' of mid-90's Swedish Black Metal! UNDIVINE features IN AETERNUM and WITHERED BEAUTY members! Limited-Edition import CD from Aural Offerings Records in France

Electrocution CD
UT gives no quarter in their spiritual war and forges their own sonic path with the awe-inspiring Electrocution

The Trident CD
On their Relapse Records debut The Trident, New York's Unearthly Trance explore the mind's third eye, putting to sound the heavy, doom-laden thoughts that are buried deep in all psyches. Unearthly Trance deliver chilling, hostile vibes taken straight from the mind’s cold steely abyss with a merciless strike. With The Trident, Unearthly Trance has embraced its past and fused it together with a new and exciting sense of momentum. The Trident is the result of a band that has never been more focused and determined. Unearthly Trance are set to bring on the mental apocalypse

UNEARTHLY TRANCE summons forth V; an electric, urban funeral drone and their most epic full-length to date. With V the trio has come full circle; combining the expansive leanings of ‘Electrocution’ and ‘The Trident’ with the sparing, brooding doom of their earliest works. The unwavering dedication to their principle’s/craft has yielded some killer metal

Scales Of Existence CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Unendlich to the roster with the malevolent new album "Scales Of Existence". Hailing from the wasteland that is Baltimore Maryland, Unendlich is the sole creation of of multi-instrumentalist Michael Connors Jr., whose writing style retains the chaotic aggression of Black Metal balanced by injecting melody throughout his works. "Scales Of Existence" is a journey seen through a nihilistic existence, the vices used to cope, and the resulting aftermath. Unendlich appropriately means "infinite / without end" in German, and is a brutal barrage of Black Metal full of memorable riffs and precise drumming. "Scales Of Existence" is also charged with a palpable, raw anger due to a sudden and unexpected death occurring during the album's creation. For fans of Inquisition, Burzum, Satyricon, Marduk, Gorgoroth, Dissection and Rotting Christ

Thanatophobia CD
Unendlich make their epic return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the newfull length album "Thanatophobia". Drawing on the power of their forefathers in the US and Scandinavian scenes, Unendlich weave forward-thinking melodic black metal. "Thanatophobia" features tracks like 'Oblivion Of Time' - a vitriolic start riddled with blast beats and atonal guitar work to make even stone-faced black metaller headbang. Those who spun the previous EP will be familiar with 'Already Dead' and its unexpected Ulver-like cleans, but there’s plenty more to dig into here. The needling melodies on 'Death Rights', for instance, a track which explodes from the first note riding on choral chants. Unendlich present a variety of tracks, with each sounding pristine, including the bass which drives 'Becoming Fire' - a tip to the legendary Magnus ‘Devo’ Andersson who mixed and mastered the affair. Lyrically, "Thanatophobia" deals with the reliance on religion as a mechanism to satisfy the human ego’s desire to attribute meaning to one’s existence and pacify the feelings of discomfort in the unknown... in life and in death. For fans of Inquisition, Ulver, Satyricon, Marduk, Gorgoroth, Dissection, and Rotting Christ

Grind Killers CD
Selfmadegod Records is more than proud to announce the signing of legendary grindcore band UNHOLY GRAVE, hailing from Japan. The brand-new studio album entitled "Grind Killers", which including 23 tracks recorded live in a Dutch studio in September 2008 during Unholy Grave’s European tour, and remastered in February 2009. Expect merciless and raw grind that is very characteristic for this classic Japanese political band! A must have for every grindcore freak!

Nice Looking UNHOLY GRAVE Digipak CD featuring 19 new tracks recorded in 2006. Includes Ramones and Stupids cover songs... excellent release of Japanese cult grind!!! This release is limited to 500 copies worldwide

Terroraging Crisis CD
In 2004, the 12th anniversary of UNHOLY GRAVE, we wanted to make the album that compiles all the past releases. We did the recordings with DIY spirit, and this album "Terroraging Crisis" was completed. Back then, a German label wanted to release it, but it got postponed for various reasons. After all, this album is going to be released by the new label "GRINDFREAKS" established by Takaho, the vocalist of the band. The album was remastered at a studio in Osaka by Chew of CORRUPTED. This album was finally completed as the very "RAW GRINDCORE" sound. The album contains 20 tracks, including a cover song of REPULSON whom Takaho respects... another killer UG release!!!

Follow up to the incredible Vol. 1. More classic Grindcore singles originally released by Italy's Headfucker here remastered and coming in a cool digipack sleeve. 15 fast and brutal tracks released by FOAD Records in Italy

Renascendo Das Cinzas CD
Long running Porto Alegre, Brazil, powerful punk/hardcore gets their 1st full-length release out after 12 years! If you are into power and fast hardcore with pulverizing Brazilian-punk styled vocals, D-beat+roll flavored guitars, Crusty-trash bass lines (Gustavo from Gritos de Alerta) and earthquake beats, you will love UNIDOS PELO ODIO. Their 21 songs range from the modern crusty-hc to punk rock going to d-beat and thrash in a killer record!

Re-issue of this legendary Swedish death metal band's debut album. Digitally re-mastered with all new layouts and liner notes plus 7 bonus tracks their rare And The Laughter Has Died 7", early demos and previously unreleased material

Awesome 4-Way split CD of sick, brutal Death Metal! From Lacerated Enemy Records

The Path To Ruin CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to welcome old school Death Metal beasts Unnatural to the roster with their pummeling debut EP entitled "The Path To Ruin". Hailing from the badlands of Chicago, Illinois, Unnatural feature former members of underground legends Morgue and Temporal Bleed. "The Path To Ruin" showcases five tracks of crushing, old school, heavy Death Metal in it's most pure and brutal form. With simplicity comes brutality, no trends and no modern bullshit... just gore drenched unholy Death Metal the way it was meant to be! For fans of Bolt Thrower, Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Cianide, Coffins, Deicide, Grave, Krabathor, Master, Morgue, Obituary, Possessed and Six Feet Under

Release Date: April 8th 2016

Italian brutal Hardcore/Metal with Grind elements... features an Anti-Cimex cover!

Of Pure Blood & Evil Pride CD
Excellent Black Metal from France similiar to Bathory, Gorgoroth, Satanic Warmaster and Svest

Reanimation Of Hate CD
Pure fucking Death/Thrash Metal with growling female vocals

Dancing With The Demigods CD
Very unique Gothic Metal from Chicago... released on Rotting Corpse

Scribings Of A Forgotten Soul CD
Gothic/Doom Metal from the USA for fans of Nightwish, Type O Negative and Paradise Lost

In Skinless Form CD
Technical Death Metal in the old vein, reminding great albums like DISINCARNATE – ‘dreams of the carrion kind’, GORGUTS – ‘erosion of sanity’, SUFFOCATION – ‘effigy of the forgotten’ while also baring some of the twisted Incantation riffing. Recorded by Flemming Rasmussen who has produced masterpieces like Metallica’s ‘master of puppets’, ‘ride the lightning’, ‘justice for all’ as well as Morbid Angel’s ‘covenant’, the sound is clean, thick and devastating but it still sounds very alive and not clinically over-produced. Over 25 minutes of true Death Metal, comes in luxurious digipack strictly limited to 500 copies. A truly awesome release on Nuclear Winter Records!

Santa Cruz's Uzi Suicide charge through 56 tracks of grinding, blasting, brutal powerviolence with songs about Pride Fighting, things they hate, playing powerviolence straight forward fast hardcore not unlike a more punk Infest. It stands as a last will and testament to one of the best recent bands to emerge from the Bay Area fastcore scene. CD contains: demo, all 7"s, split 7" with Pretty Little Flower , comp.tracks + unreleased stuff! A must have essential Discography!

Uzomi CD
Kick arse album mixing pure THRASH, CRUST and CROSSOVER with two insane vocals (ThrashOldPunk & GrindCore screams). For fans of S.O.D., C.O.C., CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, UNCURBED, LETHAL AGGRESSION and HIATUS!