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Easily the sickest, most disgustingly repulsive album cover art ever to grace the archives (untill XXX Maniak came along)! Horrendously offensive!!! No one under 18 will be allowed anywhere near this CD! Not for the faint of heart...

Wake Up On Fire CD
Heavy brutal Crust/Black/DOOM/Death and Grind featuring 2 drummers with cellist. In the "Alternative" vein of NEUROSIS, WORMWOOD, NOOTHGRUSH, etc. Features members of OAK, NUX VOMICA and MOONSHINE

Bloody helvete! We all knew that Norwegian punk-laden thrashers Waklevören had it in them to create an absolute killer of an album, but until "De dødes arkiv" hit the streets, we had no idea just how much of a napalm blast it would create. This, their third release, is their best and most varied yet. It's got the hardcore, fuck-everything attitude they're known for, but it's so strong now that it just oozes from the speakers, leaving no doubt that this is truly genuine metal played with absolute passion. You could maybe class Waklevören as the quintessential anti-supergroup. Comprising members of Red Harvest, Immortal, Aura Noir, Fuck You All and Infernö, they have every right to demand respect but, the fact is, they really don't give a damn. It's obvious in this, their heaviest record so far, that it has been a case of "Let's drink a shitload of beers and jam out some brutal hardcore thrash. If they like it, fair enough. If they don't, who cares!?" There's not much point in trying to single out highpoints on here as there's not a dull moment to be had. And the fact is, that if you're into the kind of filthy vehemence spewed by the likes of countrymen Obliteration or Sweden's crustcore kings Skitsystem, you'll absolutely adore this. It might be a bold statement, but I'd even go so far as to say that this is possibly the best album released that falls under that crusty, punky thrash umbrella. If ever there was an essential album within a particular genre, this is it... an excellent release from the killer label Neseblod Records

Thrash Metal for Norway featuring Aura Noir, Red Harvest and Fuck You All members

Firereich CD
Blackened Death Thrash from Finland featuring members of Thy Serpent, Gloomy Grim and Souldgrind! A slick and polished approach that heightens the old school rage & brutality! Totally heavy density for headbanging and moshing!

The Phantom Blaze CD
Amazing follow up release from this upstate New York band playing melodic death metal. With comparisons to Dark Tranquility and Vesperian Sorrow and the vocals are black-infested, raspy growls. Released on Oak Knoll Productions

8 Songs from Mexico's leaders of Black Fucking Metal! Furious guitar work and blistering drums make this release an instant classic. Handnumbered limited edition of 1000 copies and includes a cover of Troops Of Doom by Sepultura!

Hellish Wrath CD
Infernal Holocaust Dissemination! The complete fucking worXXX on CD... Hellish Black Metal War!!!

Originally released in 1997 and now available again, this is the debut of Germany's committed Hellhammer devotees

This was originally released in the 83' as a very limited cassette tape. Now available on CD!

Sweet Revenge CD
Fast, distorted and brutal Grind! This release contains their split tape with Disgorge from '97, their side of the RAMPANT MURDER 7" split with Egrogsid from '97, live tracks from Japan and bonus video track... sick!

Confrontation Course CD
Fast, aggressive Death Metal from Germany

Crusty, hard-rocking, post-apocalyptic black/thrash from this Michigan band. Total hell!!!

Fumaroth CD
Barbaric, pure Black Metal in the old school way... sick, scary and hyperblasting!

Depressive and cold Black Metal from Germany

Sixteen Tons CD
A masterwork of southern fried sludgecore. The soundtrack to your next zombie beach party. Sixteen Tons churns out a black hole of thunderous, snarling Swamp Doom from acclaimed rebel rockers WEEDEATER (featuring Dixie Dave of confederate metal legends BUZZOVEN). With monstrous production courtesy of Billy Anderson (MELVINS, SWANS, CATHEDRAL), these ten whiskey soaked anthems are heavier than a mastodon in a tarpit. Crusty, wasted, and buried

The newest release from Weekend Nachos, Punish and Destroy is 26 tracks of fucking fast, brutal, straight edge Power Violence Hardcore. They take the raw thrash of bands like INFEST and LACK OF INTEREST and throw in the doom and sludge of EYEHATEGOD to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. CD includes the Torture e.p. plus live footage as bonus, from these suburban Chicago Power Violence worshippers. Completely jock-free power-violence that kills!

Weekend Nachos spew forth some of the most raw and relentless hardcore ever experienced live or on record. This CD release showcases 23 minutes of complete distaste for humanity. These motherfuckers are for real, sick fucking album!

Reissue of this 1990 cult Thrash album + bonus tracks recorded live at the legendary CBGB's

Messages In Blood CD
Reissue of this cult release that includes 70 min of both the Thunderstruk and Looking Death In The Face demos, live gigs from NJ and CBGB's and also includes unreleased tracks. All compiled from 1984 and 1985... thrash!

Whiplash, a very important band in the mid eighties, forcing thrash metal to become the main extreme metal genre at that time, released 3 albums in that period. The first two are by far the best they recorded in the eighties. Anyone who's into eighties thrash will be thrilled that it's finally on CD with the original covers in full on the booklet. This complete package also includes all lyrics from both albums and photos from the band members. Import from Holland

A Little Touched... CD
Brutal Death/Grind from the Ukraine

10 ravishing tracks in the spirit of the best Bay Area scene traditions (TESTAMENT, EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, SACRED REICH). This material competes with world class bands of the new wave of thrash metal without any complexes!

Time Heals Nothing CD
Death/Thrash Metal for fans of Autopsy, Death and Morbid Angel

Naät CD
Crazy and experimental Brutal Death mixed with extreme electronica, very complex!

WHYTE ASH holds members from BURNING SAVIOURS and GRAND FRONTIERS. Classic US power / heavy metal in the vein of METAL CHURCH and HELSTAR. PURE FUCKING METAL! Produced, Mixed and Recorded By Tobias Ljung (Hellgate Studios) and Whyte Ash. Mastering Tobhias Ljung (Hellgate Studios). Coverart by Henry Pyykkö... killer!

Atmospheric yet technical Brutal Death Metal! Deluxe edition with huge foldout booklet

Tribus CD
After unleashing their dominating 2-song demo 'to the masses, Windfaerer have started to bombard the metal world with their intense debut 'Tribus'. Fast, melodic, relentless. The band stays true to being metal while exuding a folkloric edge

Compilation CD
In the year MCMXCIII AB, a profane creation was unleashed unto the unsuspecting masses. Entitled “The Wine of Satan”, this infernal conception united the most uncompromising Black Metal cults of the period under the banner of the Hellenic label Spellbound Productions – owned and run by none other than Magus Wampyr Daoloth of Necromantia. “The Wine of Satan” featured what are now considered legendary acts - Beherit, Bestial Warlust, Master's Hammer, The Black, Mortuary Drape to name but a few. Now, more than a decade later and with the blessing of the Magus himself, Necroterror Records has chosen to release the ultimate continuation of that same Black Metal legacy: “The Wine of Satan: Volume II”. After almost two years of meticulous searching through the dark, dank caverns of the underground for acts worthy of appearing on this legendary compilation, Necroterror Records summoned upon eight Black hordes to make “The Wine of Satan: Volume II” a reality. The cults conspiring to spread His words through this infernal compendium are Bestial Mockery, Code, Funeral Winds, Furze, Hell Militia, Irreverent, Root and The One. Necroterror Records also sought out the one and only Chris Moyen to conceive the blasphemous artwork adorning the front cover of “The Wine of Satan: Volume II” which was mastered by none other than Sakis of Rotting Christ. Awesome compilation!

Incantazione CD
2 tracks of pure Dark Black Ambient for fans of Vinterriket

Brand new creation from Chicago, IL’s premier noise terrorists, WINTERS IN OSAKA, Mixed and mastered by studio member Greg Ratajczak of Plague Bringer, Molded to Crawl clocks in at 36 minutes and features four songs of heavily distorted, powergrinding electronic mayhem. Imagine the bastard child of Napalm Death and Merzbow, Mosquito Control-era Isis on PCP or a Nadja remix done by the devil himself - Molded to Crawl is the soundtrack to your nightmares. Taking shreds of inspiration from grindcore, doom, power electronics, punk rock, noise, and the oncoming apocalypse itself, Winters in Osaka have managed to achieve the damn near impossible and create something truly frightening. Molded to Crawl’s gloomy atmosphere, seething drones and buried vocals evoke a feeling of pure dread in the listener, and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Features guest appearances by Rich Hoak (BRUTAL TRUTH, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION), Topon Das (FUCK THE FACTS), DEATH AGONIES (aka THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE), John Hoffman (WEEKEND NACHOS), and Toney Vast Binder (HARPOON, 7000 DYING RATS)

Debut album of DEMILICH's frontman Antti with DEATHCHAIN members. Pure old school nordic Death Metal in the vein of ENTOMBED, DEMIGOD, CARNAGE, BOLT THROWER, DEMILICH, AUTOPSY, DISMEMBER, OBITUARY... perhaps the most fresh, intense, heavy and "perfect" album since "Left Hand Path"!! A future classic!!

Debut full length from these Black/Thrash beasts from CA

Brand new album! German "in your face" thrash metal! For maniacbangers!

More than 40 Minutes of pure fucking Thrash Metal Mayhem! For fans of Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, and Living Death

Split CD
Split rituals of jehova-crushing Black Satanic Hatred! Unbelievably sick and punishing!

New World Plague CD
New album of this killer Spanish band; 9 tracks of aggressive Black / Death recommended to fans of ZYKLON, MYRKSKORG, BEHEMOTH, FOREST OF IMPALED. An awesome release from quality label Necromance Records

No Peace At All - Thrash Ör Die! CD
Reissue of both demos of this great Satanic Black/Thrash Metal horde!!! Witchmaster takes NO SLAVES! Bewere!!!

Violence & Blasphemy CD
Featuring ex-PROFANUM members, Poland's WITCHMASTER is the ultimate Satanic Black Thrash attack, totally burning their heavy raging 666 into your soul! Their demos were impressive, this full-length album is even better! The sound here on "Violence & Blasphemy" is still raw, yet with improved production-- excellent! The surprising track at the end of this CD is none other than a killer cover of "Ritual" from the cult Canadian pioneers BLASPHEMY!

Here stands on the pyre of many, a primitive, militant bone ripping Death Metal driven from the blackest dirge of Hell!!! Witchrist is the unyielding force of primal metal with raging demonic riffage, battle driven skins of doom and possessed voices uttering madness and decay reminiscent of Archgoat, Conqueror, Corpse Molestation, Morbosidad, etc!

Colombian Kult Thrash Metal!! 2 Demo tapes on CD, total of 22 tracks!! This is REAL THRASH! No Posers, No Religions, No Trends, No Core, No Fun! "We are the occult in the shadows decapitating heads that don't bang"

Extreme headbangability! Their out-of-print mini-album nearly a decade old now re-issued on CD with improved artwork and layout. This is stripped down, old-school evil thrash with a dash of traditional heavy metal. There are no progressive tendencies or any extreme technicality here, only a palpable, raw passion for playing speedy, simple, and above all else catchy blackened thrash! Undeniably infectious, you WILL be humming these riffs after only a couple spins. Look no further if you are into the early work of: Destruction, Kreator, Assassin, Motorhead and Sodom

Into The Deepest Wound CD
From the ashes of Within, Disgorged and Matrikhore, the year 1995 witnessed the rise of this awesome 5 piece. Crushing guitars, guttural vocals, and pounding drums combine for a semi-melodic death metal classic

Quietly, Undramatically CD
Philadelphia-based black metal outfit Woe follows up their acclaimed debut with Quietly, Undramatically. Originally launched as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist Chris Grigg, Quietly, Undramatically features a full band ensemble including a who’s who of underground giants, including members of Absu, Woods of Ypres, The Green Evening Requiem, Infernal Stronghold, and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. This is a must have release for all tru, evil, kvlt black metal fans

This CD will set a new standard for the American Wave of Black Metal! You have ALL been "Condemned As Prey"!

Sedimente CD
Originating back in 1995, Germany's Wojczech have undoubtly become one of the most famous groups on the worldwide grind scene, thanks to a steady stream of vinyl releases over the years. After a decade of existence the band unleashes its long awaited debut album Sedimente and detonates 11 fireshots of nihilistic rage, blast-beat fury and apocalyptic sound. Deranged, frenzied, super-tight metallic grind with hints of crust, thrash, hardcore, death metal and punk, this is GRIND A.D. 2005! Amazing recording production courtesy of Harris Johns at Spiderhouse Studio (Pestilence, Voivod, Sodom, Kreator). Highly recommended for fans of Assuck, Nasum, His Hero Is Gone and other similar artists

Screams Of The Forgotten CD
Black Metal from Germany! Released on Nordsturm Productions

Piss On Everything CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Wolves Attack!! to the roster with their violent debut album "Piss On Everything"! Forming in late 2014 hailing from the streets of Philadelphia, Wolves Attack!! are a vicious five piece who build their music and image around beer, sex, horror and partying. Streamers, urine, blood, alcohol and silly string are often seen flying around the venue when they perform live. "Piss On Everything" is an eleven track barrage of Metalpunk madness that is best enjoyed with a 40 ouncer... so prepare yourself for hostile destruction when these Wolves Attack!! your eardrums! For fans of The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, DRI, Eat The Turnbuckle, GG Allin, Ghoul, Gwar, Integrity, Iron Reagan, The Murder Junkies, Pink Mass, Pulling Teeth, Ringworm, Snapcase, Sparklefight and Wolfbrigade

Re-issue of this amazing Finnish Industrial Black/Doom Metal including 3 bonus tracks

Repulsion CD
Fantastic riffing doom with a little epic touch. Excellent melodies, great guitar work, and superb clean vocals make "Repulsion" to one of the highlights of the Doom Year of 2006. The third album of the Swedes... dig the Doom!

Quasineutrality CD
After 7 years of silence Wormed return with 2 brand new awesome tracks that were well worth the wait... sick!

In the vein of Kill The Client, Phobia, and Magrudergrind come vicious deliveries. They are not quite as angry sounding as Nasum, and who is, yet they get the job done without question. There is the occasional melodic bit like on “Fuck…I’m Drunk”“Lost Swines”, “Good Times”, “Overgrown Asshole”, and “Shitlack” to give a bit of dynamic. Every musician is piling on in their own way. There are no weak links. The guitar brings a heaping pile of crushing riffs and spicy hot flavor without any overdubs. The drummer is consistently abominable while delivering back-up vocals at the same time. The primary vocals are right up there with anything I’ve heard in grind lately. This release goes beyond the enjoyable listen

Mastery Of Creation Demos CD
Ambient/haunting outsider metal from Clay Ruby (Burial Hex, Jex Thoth). Very unhinged and dangerous. Similar to Armanenschaft, Bone Awl, Blood of the Black Owl or the True Werwolf, both musically and in the way black metal is used as a basis to explore more experimental avenues. Very sparse and bleak, rumblings, clanging and tortured cries erupt violently throughout this album. Wormsblood is a welcome addition to the constantly changing face of extreme music