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TITLE: Holocaust Hymns
LABEL: Apop Records

Crisis' entire remastered discography from 1978-1980,complete with a 12 page booklet featuring exclusive photos from Douglas P.'s private archives. During the heady and turbulent days of late 70’s a groups of young London punks started to build up a name for themselves, not only through their music but also for the leftwing stance the group took. Actively recording under the name Crisis, they took the basic stripped down elements of punk and presented them in a more musical display of song, which relied as heavily on the lyrical content as the music itself. Whilst not producing the raucous output of thrashing guitars and screamed vocals, Crisis’ sound was more subdued and clearly put together, which could lead to comparisons to earlier records of bands like the Clash. However there was a darker undercurrent that ran throughout their music which sits more closely to the likes of Joy Division than their punk counterparts. After releasing three 7” singles and a mini album, Crisis, like so many other politically motivated punk bands of the time split up and the band members went their separate ways, which is where things really start to get interesting. You see, along side Luke Rendall and Lester Jones who would go onto goth super groups Theatre of Hate and Sex Gang Children , Crisis also contained two of the most important characters that proved pivotal in the foundation of the neo-folk genre many years later, Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford who were to go and form Death in June (and later for Tony, Sol Invictus). Because of this connection to both Death In June and Sol Invictus, Crisis does have an important roll to play in the history of industrial and neo-folk genres, even if the music itself is a million miles away. ‘Holocaust Hymns’ offers up a complete rundown of Crisis’s recoding career including the aforementioned 7”’s and LP as well as a small number of alternative outtakes and live tracks, so this is likely to appeal musically to those who have an interest in early punk releases. For the rest of us, it acts as a very interesting achieve piece that offers a glimpse into the very earliest foundations of Death in June, a group that would later go on to shape an entire genre of music and a plethora of groups


1. HOLOCAUST - 1st 7" single 1978
2. PC 1984 - 1st 7" single 1978
3. NO TOWN HALL 1st 7" single 1978
4. WHITE YOUTH - 2nd 7" single 1978
5. UK 78 - 2nd 7" single recorded 1978
6. BRUKWOOD HOSPITAL - 3rd 7" single recorded 1978
7. ALIENATION - 3rd 7" single recorded 1978
8. ON TV - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
9. LAUGHING - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
10 .BACK IN THE USSR - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
11 .AFRAID - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
12 .FRUSTRATION - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
13. RED BRIGADES - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
14. KANADA KOMMANDO - from Hymns Of Faith LP 1980
15. MILITANT- 1st studio demo 1977
16. KILL KILL KILL - 1st studio demo 1977
17. PC 1984 - 1st studio demo 1977
18. UK 78 - alternative version recorded for Step Forward Records 1978
19. RED BRIGADES - alternative version recorded for Step Forward Records 1978
20. ON TV - live 1979
21. BACK IN THE USSR - live 1979
22. FRUSTRATION - live 1979
23. KANADO KOMMANDO - live 1979