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TITLE: Split
FORMAT: 7-Inch Record
GENRE: Death Metal
LABEL: Nuclear War Now! Productions

GRAVEYARD Finally, after their acclaimed MCD “Into the Mausoleum” released back in 2008, spanish Death Metal masters GRAVEYARD are back with brand new stuff!. Waiting for his debut full length, soon to be released, the Spaniards join the Nuclear War Now! Horde and release a Split vinyl together with the amazing german/American Death Metal combo DEATHEVOKATION. GRAVEYARD don’t give a shit about what has happened in the extreme metal scene in the last 15 years, they just focus on the legendary bands that forged in fire the Death Metal signature on the extreme metal music. Acts like ASPHYX, CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, FUNEBRE, CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER or EDGE OF SANITY would be proud to notice about how influential they have been on GRAVEYARD’s development and way of thinking. Death Metal was supposed to be raw, brutal, dark, gloomy and evil. Basically, that’s what GRAVEYARD is about, ˇThat’s what REAL Death Metal should be!. DEATHEVOKATION Being around since 2005, California ’s best kept secret DEATHEVOKATION represents the real meaning of Death Metal, the Old School Way . After a few underground releases, DEATHEVOKATION released back in 2007 one of the most solid Ancient Death Metal albums released on the last 15 years, “The Chalices of Ages”, an instant classic. No matter what you think about high class productions, DEATHEVOKATION with its first full length delivered an amazing album with a brilliant production full of mid tempos and dark passages all around. With such a monicker, cult names like CARNAGE or DISMEMBER will come immediately to your mind, but nobody can’t denied how a big influence Death Metal masters like BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH or MASSACRE have been as well in the DEATHEVOKATION’s development. Enjoy their brilliant contribution to this Split with GRAVEYARD until they release their second full length... awesome release!


1. What Dwells Beneath

2. Darkened Domains