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TITLE: Forgotten Race
GENRE: Thrash Metal
LABEL: Reaper Metal Records

Formed in Cleveland Ohio in the mid '80's Decimation was one of Cleveland's early thrash legends. The band released three demos before most of the members gave up on their metal ambitions. The first demo, 1987's "Armed to the Teeth" is a true metal classic and one of the best demos to ever come out of Cleveland. Featuring buzzsaw guitars and bar dives from hell songs like "Tachophobia" and "Lethal Actions" showed the Bay Areahad nothing on these Cleveland Rippers. Vocalist/Guitarist Jeff Charest would eventualy be replaced by Jim Lippucci (vocals) and Dan Goodrich (guitar), Both of Parma, Ohio HC legends "Domestic Crisis". They quickly released "The Dark Embrace", a four song demo that while not as aggressive as "Armed to the Teeth" showed growth musically. The band went on to record "Rat Race" a five song demo that reflected the bands growth musically and demonstrated that the lineup had truly solidified into a technical metal beast bent on demonizing the rust belt. Unfortunatelyinternal conflict eventually tore the band apart and "Rat Race" would not immediately see the light of day. That all changed when Reaper Metal records rescued the group from absolute obscurity with the release of "Forgotten Race", A Cd anthology collecting all three demos remastered from the original source recordings along with restored artwork and lyrics. Though not one of Cleveland's best known bands, Decimation holds a place in Cleveland metal history as one of the towns first and mightiest true thrash masters!


1. Infernal Destiny
2. Dominance And Submission
3. Lethal Actions
4. Tachophobia
5. Destitute
6. Never Forgiven
7. Deception of Faith
8. Silenced In Time
9. Party's Over
10. King of Rats
11. Let Us Prey
12. Sea of Deceit
13. Sermon
14. Mere Image
15. Offering
16. X-tinction