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TITLE: Sanguine Scales
GENRE: Death/Thrash Metal
LABEL: Possession Productions

True Death/Thrash Metal from Belarus! Belarus in spite of stereotypes is known not only by odious and distinctive Black Metal but by truly great Death Metal. Original Death Metal! Let's remember the Legend - THRASHER who gave the birth to the whole Metal scene of Magiljou by its Nitzschean Death Metal. the really legendary EXHUMATOR, the first ones who broke the "iron curtain" and released its splendid songs on Western label. DECAPITATION from Hrodno who were in ability to kick the asses of American stars by their own musical skills. VELD from Vitebsk who have recently clanked by their unique style on the CIS underground stages... DANGER, EVTHANAZIA, DEEP SORROW, BLEEDING, FRODMORTEL, DISMAL INSANITY, DECOMPOSITION and more really talented bands... time (damn it!) has gorged everything and only recordings on the rare tapes from past times remain... But... Motherfuck!!! It was really refreshing to get demo-CD-R "Contaminated surgery" of DISGOD from Minsk. True Metal barge through dynamics killing time and trends!!! Those few raw tracks were catchy and unforgettable. And it was a little bit scary - will we hear the full-length and will the band be able to progress in that own direction? And now... With undisguised ecstasy we inform you: debut album of DISGOD "Sanguine scales" is out now! And it's just killer!!! True Death/Thrash Metal of old school tempering but forged by new blacksmiths. Not for the sorrow of the days gone but for the present!!! All skeptics can just fuck off: Bestial grin of true Metal is what we BELIEVE in! A classic underground release sure to please!


1. Rising hate
2. Spasm
3. Grind peace
4. Undercover enslavement
5. For the transient
6. Mirror of mors
7. Stabbin’ with a nail
8. Ghouls
9. To shoot to be
10. The killed
11. Sharp
12. The ancient dreamer