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This 66 minute DVD of hateful orthodox Black Metal, highlights shows from 2004 in Kiev (UA), Moscow (RU) and Minsk (BY). DVD design by Thurios and V. Grechko. Featuring Thurios of HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KINGU, and DRUKDH

Slaughter Of The Soul CD/DVD
The all time classic from Swedish Death Metal gods At The Gates with a bonus DVD featuring exclusive live footage from "The Slaughter Of The Soul" tour in 1995. and making of documentary... a must have for all swedish metal fans!

The ‘Dark Crusades’ CD/DVD set features the band in their raw glory, & includes an extensive collection of rare home and live footage from this first, classic Autopsy era, 1988 – 1994, chronicling the band’s rise through the death metal ranks and displaying why they still remain one of the most respected bands in the genre, having inspired acts such as Entombed & Bloodbath, as well as a whole new breed of death metal bands... But there is only one AUTOPSY!

Mental Funeral 20th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD
SPECIAL 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE 1991 ALL-TIME DEATH METAL CLASSIC – INCLUDING BONUS LIVE DVD & EXTENSIVE LINER NOTES! One of the early breed of US death metal acts, Autopsy formed in 1987 in San Francisco, & released 4 albums on Peaceville Records - beginning with the classic debut ‘Severed Survival’ in 1989 - before disbanding in 1995, with members going on to form Abscess. Autopsy triumphantly & officially returned from the grave after a 15 year hiatus with the 2010 EP, ‘The Tomb Within’, along with a trio of festival headline appearances. This was followed by the release of the band’s fifth studio album, ‘Macabre Eternal’ in 2011, to great acclaim, as well as more live festival performances throughout the US & Europe. ‘Mental Funeral’ was Autopsy’s second studio album of brutality & depravity - originally released back in 1991 - & this special edition marks the album’s 20th anniversary with the inclusion of a bonus DVD featuring 2 previously unseen shows from Rotterdam (1990) & San Pedro (1991) straight from the band archives, as well as extensive liner notes in the booklet, with the core trio of Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, & Danny Coralles describing their thoughts & reflections on each track. ‘Mental Funeral’ is rightly hailed as one of the greatest albums ever with its twisted structures & raw production, & over the years Autopsy has remained a highly influential act to a whole generation of bands such as Darkthrone, Entombed, Dismember & Bloodbath

Split DVD-R (with professional poligraphy and menu) with oldest Peruvean Black Metal and Brazilian War Metal bands! Two live shows + clip of DIE HUMAN RACE + photoslideshow. Official DVD release on Dead Center Productions

Various Artists DVD
Black Mark has collected top names and top tracks for the die-hard metal fan that just cannot get enough of metal ! 10 tracks of pure metalmania ! Get it today and watch clips by some of the top Black Mark bands! A totally killer DVD!

Inferno Of Sacred Destruction CD/DVD
Comes with a 20 page booklet featuring artwork for each track and a live DVD in Helsinki with multi-angle footage & soundboard audio. This HHR pressing is the exact same as the Osmose Productions European pressing. In 2001, BLACK WITCHERY decimated an unsuspecting scene with their "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" debut. Four years later came another strategic strike against the weak 'n' false with "Upheaval of Satanic Might." Now, as anticipation reaches a fever pitch, BLACK WITCHERY return to claim their crown as the unrivalled masters of unrepentantly barbaric blackdeath with "Inferno of Sacred Destruction." More caustic, close-minded, and crushing than ever, this unholy black/death speed trinity create an unholy conflagration guaranteed to devour and destroy even the most battle-hardened underground warrior! Recommended for maniacs of BLASPHEMY, ARCHGOAT and REVENGE

BLOODBATH OVER BLOODSTOCK presents Bloodbath live & in the flesh & was filmed in August 2010 at the famed Bloodstock festival - one of the UK's leading metal events. This DVD offers a pummelling set of ferocious brutality featuring numerous classics & fan favorites from the band's whole catalogue of releases in an unrelenting death metal attack, including songs from 2008's highly acclaimed tornado of blasphemy, THE FATHOMLESS MASTERY. BLOODBATH OVER BLOODSTOCK comes with a wealth of extras, featuring bonus footage taken from Party.San festival in 2008, as well as extensive band member interviews. A high quality release from Peaceville Records

This DVD captures Blood Duster, on stage, in the back of vans, in hotels, and backstage all across Australia. It's not high tech nor big budget, but it's fucking Blood Duster!!! Get this amazing DVD now you fucking CUNT!!!!!!

Contains 2 complete live sets including one from the legendary Gods Of Grind tour filmed at the Astoria, and taking in 17 classics from the period 1989-1992 in all. Truly a classic DVD release and a must have for any Carcass fan

Legioes Do Abisma Ato I DVD
Old school destructive Black/Death recorded live on October 13th 2007 including a Sarcofago cover!

The Carnival Bizarre CD/DVD
The legendary Cathedral album where their stoner rock trappings push to the fore against their Doom origins to create the trademark Cathedral sound we all know and love! With 'Vampire Sun' and 'Hopkins (Witchfinder General)' still live favourites today and a guest appearance by TONY IOMMI of Black Sabbath on 'Utopian Blaster' this is simply a must have album! Combined with this is the 'Our God Has Landed' DVD which features one of Cathedrals earliest ever recorded shows from the 1992 'Gods Of Grind' tour and all 8 of their Earache promo videos spanning the bands career

Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) DVD
PAL REGION 0 FORMAT ONLY. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS IF IT DOES NOT PLAY IN YOUR DVD PLAYER. IT IS NOT NTSC FORMAT. Includes the unedited video, and excerpt of the album track Serpent Tongue with exclusive animated footage, photo gallery, and band history. This is a must have release for all Cradle Of Filth fans, old and new

Compilation DVD
Awesome collection of music videos from bands worldwide including Nunslaughter, Disdained, Castrum, Wilkolak, Dimentianon, Nocticula, Redrum, Kinetic, Moonfog, Scratching Soil, Paganfire, Quo Vadis, Xerion, Loits, Cremaster, Rigor Sardonocious and Barbarous Pomerania! Killer DVD compilation released on Dead Center Productions

Disrupt Dead Box Set CD/DVD
Box set contains the Unrest reissue, The Rest, a DVD with 4 live shows, and a 52 page booklet!

The resurrection of '80s act Piledriver, with original vocalist Gord Kirchin leading a new crew... includes bonus DVD!

Citizen Brain CD/DVD
Finally "Citizen Brain" the highly anticipated debut album from Irish Thrashers Gama Bomb is amongst us! This is high octane classic Thrash mixed with high pitched classic metal vocals and a healthy obsession with our recent pop culture spanning comics, films, video games and of course music! The limited edition comes with a bonus 30 minute DVD which features footage of the band recording "Citizen Brain" in Grindstone Studios and playing live... awesome release!

The New Age Of Terror CD/DVD
These eleven new songs continue Hirax's legacy of pummeling, epic-power thrash-attack crossover. 1980s style crossover delivered in 2005 by a band that has been doing crossover for 20 years! New shit to satisfy any nostalgic headbanger. Limited edition version which includes a DVD with 100+ minutes of awesome super rare live material

This DVD documents the history of these shock rock pioneers with concert videos as well as videos and a special bootleg section that covers the band from 1983-2003. You will bare witness to the bloody, high energy entertainment that these ghouls are known for. So pull up a tombstone, light the jack-o-lantern and get ready to be blood splattered!Volume 1 of the ongoing series of classic death, thrash and heavy metal tracks set to videos featuring scenes from classic horror and gore movies! True underground art, this sickening splatter platter includes the following music(k) videos; GORGUTS – Rottenatomy (from "The House By The Cemetery"), IRON MAIDEN – Prowler (from "The Prowler"), DEATH – Killing Spree (from "Killing Spree"), WHIPLASH – Power Thrashing Death (from "Silent Night, Deadly Night"), IMMOLATION – Burial Ground (from "Burial Ground"), LETHAL AGGRESSION – Drunk with Murder (from "The Hollywood Stranger Meets The Skid Row Slasher"), EMBALMER – Blood Sucking Freaks (from "Blood Sucking Freaks"), MUNICIPAL WASTE – Deathripper (from "Slaughter High"), BAD LUCK 13 RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA – Homicidal (from "Violent Shit"), GRIM REAPER – See You in Hell (from "Night Of The Demons"), DISMEMBER – Pieces (from "Pieces"), OMEN – Die by the Blade (from "Edge Of The Axe"), AUTOPSY – Slaughterday (from "The Emerald Jungle"), AMULANCE – Violent Victory (from "Slumber Party Massacre"), OBSESSION – Desparate to Survive (from "Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers"), WRATH – When Worlds Collide (from "Chopping Mall")

Volume 2 of the ongoing series of classic death, thrash and heavy metal tracks set to videos featuring scenes from classic horror and gore movies! True underground art, this sickening splatter platter includes the following music(k) videos; DISINCARNATE – Beyond the Flesh (from "Doctor Gore"), POWERMAD – Slaughterhouse (from "Slaughterhouse"), ABSCESS – Open Wound (from "Three On A Meathook"), LETHAL – Programmed (from "Class Of 1999"),CANNIBAL CORPSE – Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains (from "Mortuary"), BULLDOZER – Cut-throat (from "Cannibal Hookers"), THE DEAD MEAT – Face the Meat (from "Lunch Meat"), HELLOWEEN – Victim of Fate (from "Christmas Evil"), DETERIORATE – Agonized Display (from "Buried Alive"), INFERNÖ – Torment Her (from "Snuff"), BSOM – Combat Command (from "Night Of The Zombies"), OBSESSION –Methods of Madness (from "Sleepaway Camp 3: Unhappy Campers"), BROKEN HOPE – Gobbling the Guts (from "Make Them Die Slowly"), TANKARD – Zombie Attack (from "Zombie"), MASTER – Funeral Bitch (from "Gorotica"), HELLION – Run for Your Life (from "The New York Ripper"). An awesome DVD for all true horror and metal fiends of the world!

Volume 3 of the ongoing series of classic death, thrash and heavy metal tracks set to videos featuring scenes from classic horror and gore movies! True underground art, this sickening splatter platter includes the following music(k) videos;CANCER - Blood Bath (from Blood Feast), INTERNAL BLEEDING - Inhuman Suffering (from Video Violence), SLAYER - Criminally Insane (from Criminally Insane), MENTORS - Peepin' Tom (from Peepin Tom), MORTA SKULD - Consuming Existence (from Cannibal Holocaust), SODOM - Outbreak Of Evil (from Massacre at Central High), NECKTIE - Hostages (from Victims!), BLÜDWÜLF - The Horror (from Brain Damage), SLAUGHTER - Fuck Of Death (from Nekromantik), TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Thrashing Death (from Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence), SEXCREMENT - Menstrual Money Shot (from Street Trash), SAVAGE GRACE - Into The Fire (from Terror), SUFFOCATION - Infecting The Crypts (from City of the Living Dead), KREATOR - Pleasure To Kill (from Driller Killer), SEPULTURA - R.I.P. (Rest In Pain) (from Offerings), VENOM - Don't Burn The Witch (from Superstition). An awesome DVD for all true horror fans!

Volume 4 of the ongoing series of classic death, thrash and heavy metal tracks set to videos featuring scenes from classic horror and gore movies! True underground art, this sickening splatter platter includes the following music(k) videos; MASSACRE - 'From Beyond' (from Zombie Lake), NUM SKULL - 'Off With Your Head' (from Deliria), SICKENING GORE - 'Covered In Blood' (from Color Me Blood Red), ANVIL BITCH - 'Anvil Bitch' (from I Spit On Your Grave), BENEDICTION - 'Violation Domain' (from The Headless Eyes), DESTRUCTION - 'Mad Butcher' (from The Mad Butcher), THE ACCUSED - 'Grinning Like An Undertaker' (from The Undertaker And His Pals), BLOODLUST - 'Chainsaw' (from Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers), LORD GORE - 'Morgue Whore' (from Nekromantik 2), NUCLEAR ASSAULT - 'Radiation Sickness' (from Nightmare City), POST MORTEM - 'Ready To Die' (from Opera), ZNOWHITE - 'Sledgehammer' (from Rocktober Blood), OPPRESSOR - 'As Blood Flows' (from Sleepaway Camp), FORBIDDEN - 'March Into Fire' (from The Burning), CELTIC FROST - 'Dethroned Emperor' (from Caligula: Untold Story), OVERKILL - 'Death Rider' (from Don't Open Till Christmas). An awesome DVD for all true horror and metal fans of the world!

20 Years Undead DVD
This DVD documents the history of these shock rock pioneers with concert videos as well as videos and a special bootleg section that covers the band from 1983-2003. You will bare witness to the bloody, high energy entertainment that these ghouls are known for. So pull up a tombstone, light the jack-o-lantern and get ready to be blood splattered!

Long heralded as one of the heaviest, sickest, and most uncompromising death metal bands in the world, New Jersey's Incantation has forged a legacy of brutality unmatched by any other American group. In 1992, the bands most celebrated lineup entered a then unknown Trax East Studios with a then unproven engineer Steve Evetts and emerged with Onward to Golgotha, the most dark and blasphemous death metal record to date. The combination of the inhuman growl of vocalist Craig Pillard, the ruthlessly savage aural malevolence, and pitiless anti-Christian attack was the ultimate musical sacrilege. Onward... redefined the bounds of brutality and blasphemy for the entire genre of death metal. This is absolute brutality!!! Includes a free DVD with three full live sets, expanded artwork, and more

Excellent DVD-R (with professional poligraphy and menu) 3 live concerts + photoslideshow! Most scanadalous Satanic old-school BLACK METAL from Russia! Their gigs contains pretty obscure and brutal performances... an excellent DVD

Mandatory first MASTER album finally available again! Original mix with favorable UN-triggered drums and all solos included. Two full live shows on bonus DVD. DVD contains: Live Drieluik, Zaandam, Holland, December 1st, 1990. 10 tracks, 50 minutes and Live Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany, December 13th, 1990. 10 tracks, 60 minutes!

Mandatory second MASTER album finally available again! Remastered for improved impact and two full live shows on bonus DVD. DVD contains Live Simplon, Groningen, Holland April 29th, 1992. 10 tracks, 60 minutes and Live Donkey Shot, Heemskerk, Holland June 5th, 1993. 10 tracks, 50 minutes. Killer imported version from Holland!!!

Limited edition dual disk CD/DVD with the classic death metal debut Altars of Madness on the CD side and Live Madness '89 on the DVD side for the first time ever on DVD. Blistering live set featuring the original lineup filmed November 14th, 1989. This is a perfect reissue for one of the most legendary death metal albums of all time!

Blessed Are The Sick CD/DVD
Please note that the DVD side of this dualdisc is region free and NTSC format, meaning there will be no issue with the region. High quality limited edition redux version of MORBID ANGEL’s classic second album ‘Blessed Are the Sick’ which in addition to the original album, now boasts a brand new exclusive one hour documentary discussing the recording and release of the album, and highlighting the band’s rise from underground heroes to worldwide flagbearers for the Death Metal scene! Featuring new interviews with band and crew this offers up the most intimate and detailed examination of Morbid Angel yet released and all housed in a deluxe multi panel digipak. Massive follow up to "Altars of Madness". The band had a lot to live up to but managed to deliver an album full of atmosphere and darkness. David Vincent never sounded so demonic again. And now it has been remastered and includes the bonus video 'Blessed Are The Sick', liner notes by Trey Azagthoth and many unseen photographs... an essential fucking reissue!

Heretic CD/DVD
As always with Morbid Angel, you need to expect the unexpected. And as always with Morbid Angel, you can be sure that whatever they conjure up, it will be immense. Such is the case with 'Heretic', where, stripped to a three piece, primal rage and unerring precision combine to slaughter the competition. Equal parts homage to the past (especially on 'Stricken Arise', harking back to the halcyon days of ('Altars of Madness') and brave new world (the up tempo war dance of 'Enshrined By Grace), this album is perhaps more focused than 'Formulas Fatal to the Flesh' and less sludge-infested than 'Gateways to Annihilation. Includes bonus DVD, don't miss out on this release from Earache Records!

Frozen Alive DVD
A chilling live show filmed in Poland, the concert includes new/old tracks with bonus material and backstage antics

Rare, underground thrash metal from Las Vegas! For the first time on CD, the band’s classic two ‘80s demos reissued, plus a ton of bonus live tracks, all remastered for 80 minutes of metal mayhem. Also includes a DVD with 3 live shows, a 12-page poster fold-out featuring artwork from Bob Coffinrot (The Accused), photos, lyrics, liner notes, fliers and more! Limited to 1000 copies and co-released by M-THEORY Audio (Las Vegas) and Metal War Productions. Essential for all thrash fiends, hardcore headbangers and true Metal maniacs... ORDER NOW AND PREPARE TO THRASH!!!

Descendants Of Depravity CD/DVD
The fourth overall full length from PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT is chock full of burly, lumberjack like riffs that chop and smack and thrash all the way until the very end. Descendants Of Depravity is an exercise in brutality, speed, and aggression, sure to please fans of Impaled, Decapitated, and Suffocation. Comes with a bonus dvd (NTSC) featuring a full live set, plus extra video clips! Only the first pressing of this release will contain the bonus dvd, so get yours today!

Relapse Records Video Collection DVD
Includes videos from Mastodon, Nile, Neurosis, Suffocation, Burnt by the Sun, Dying Fetus, Burst, Today is the Day, Dysrhythmia, Amorphis, Skinless, Alchemist, The End, Cephalic Carnage and vidnaObmana. Region 0 NTSC DVD

Relapse Records Video Collection DVD
Includes videos from Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Suffocation, Nile, Pig Destroyer, Cephalic Carnage, Origin, Zeke, Today Is the Day, Nasum, Exhumed, Amorphis, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Skinless, Alchemist & Trial of the Bow

Live Double DVD
The finest moments of the Relapse Records Contamination Festival have been captured on this deluxe 2 DVD set! Featuring electrifying live performances from your favorite Relapse artists (Neurosis, DEP, Mastodon, High on Fire, Pig Destroyer, Cephalic Carnage, Today Is the Day, Burnt by the Sun, Alabama Thunderpussy, Bongzilla, The End, Dysrhythmia, Daylight Dies and 27), this high-energy set brings the excitement of this now-legendary weekend... yeah!

Napalm CD/DVD
A blistering collection of 3 brand new songs + 3 Napalm Death covers! Also includes a bonus DVD

BEWARE - VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK: this DVD is in PAL format. Newer DVD players & computers may play this fine although if unsure consult your player documentation before purchasing. Features 2 live shows recorded in Japan during 1992 and 2000. Both with excellent visual & audio quality, especially when considering the technology limitations of the time. Also includes a band photo slide show from 1984-2004 plus a 66 minute audio CD with many previously unreleased tracks. The Sabbat lineup on these two live shows was: Gezol (bass/vocals), Temis Osmond (guitar/vocals) & Zorugelion (drums). Over 159 minutes of Sabbatical Blacking Metal! Don't miss out on this one!

Live show recorded in Santiago, Chile on August 7th, 2004. With 15 tracks of furious cult thrash, performing songs from all their classic albums! Chile import! Includes interview, gallery, bonus footage and Spanish subtitles. ALL REGIONS

Remastered with bonus DVD! A legendary classic US Thrash release with extensive booklet filled with lyrics, discography and liner notes. This CD / DVD set contains the classic "Vision of Misery" record plus a DVD with a live show from 9/19/02 containing 12 full tracks AND a behind the scenes featurette from L'Amours 1990 with live clips!