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TITLE: Perverse Depraved Indifference
GENRE: Death Metal
LABEL: Pathos Productions

Their debut full length CD! Sometimes we just don't need bands to come out with something original by mixing a bunch of disjointed ideas and other genres of music into our beloved genre of Death Metal, sometimes we just need a band to totally school us on how to execute the most brutal death metal in the world with all the conviction of an old school alcatraz lifer. There is little originality to be found on this recording and none of what you will hear hasn't been attempted before; "attempted" being the key word. The difference between GOREALITY and other similar bands is in what each member brings to the table. Top-notch musicians with skills in the techniques of writing and performing the kind of aural experience that just leaves you in awe, this has all the right blends of influences melded into this brutal cannibalistic stew and you are ready to be delighted and chuffed. To sum up the experience of this album would be to say that what you get here is extremely brutal, undeniably barbaric, intelligent hack n' slash Death Metal with incredibly sharp, clear, loud, in-your-face heavy production all performed at a level far above the competition. I am telling you now as a fan that's heard it all before but still finds himself reaching for his Tomb Of The Mutilated, Effigy of The Forgotten, World Downfall, or Into The Grave discs when he needs a fix of top shelf sickness, that Perverse Depraved Indifference stands up perfectly well to any of those classics and many others from death metal's glory days... this record holds up to those!


1. Perverse Depraved Indifference
2. Abomination Within
3. Predatory Pedophiles
4. Inner Divinity
5. Against The Crusade
6. Man Is God
7. Psychotic Dementia
8. Zombified