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TITLE: Teenage Giallo Grind
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
LABEL: No Escape Records

The twitching corpse of Gruesome Stuff Relish’s debut full length rises from its sodden and maggot-ridden resting place with a dose of Trioxin bumblingly administered by No Escape’s unskilled and unlicensed practitioners of medical quackery and back-alley voodoo! ‘Teenage Giallo Grind’ is a wild and perilous 30 track ride down uncharted rivers into the heart of darkness where machete-wielding cannibal savages and gut-munching zombified corpses rule the jungle with a taste for human flesh, carnage and rancid, primitive goregrind! These 3 Spanish sickos create a panic-stricken sense of dread, tension and terror as they recreate the most depraved and horrific examples of classick cannibal and zombie exploitation flicks through sheer murderous sonic force! Gruesome Stuff Relish bow at the altar of Carcass and Impetigo and channel the spirits of their grisly forefathers as they once again lay down this monstrous offering of chainsawing riffs, skull splitting drumming and stomach churning vocals, including 5 crushing and sadistic bonus tracks from the ‘Split Your Guts’ 3 way CD with Gorerotted and Gronibard! You are now a prisoner of these 3 cannibal gods, and the only mercy you can hope for is to perish before the feast begins!! A must have CD for your collection!!


1. Coming Back To Life
2. Grand Guignol Cannibale
3. L'Aldila
4. Savage Men... Savage Beasts
5. Bizarre Sacrifice
6. Enchanted Bodies
7. Zombified Crowd
8. Cannibal Freakout
9. Skull Collectors Of Borneo
10. The Gruesome Horror Begins
11. Jungle Rites
12. Kwaheri
13. Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool)
14. Black Demons
15. Malignant Virus Infection
16. Deep River Savages
17. Somewhere At An Altar 2
18. Jungles of The Matto Grosso
19. Voodoo Ritual
20. Zombie Wizard
21. Last Men Alive
22. One More Victim
23. Mondo Chelano (The Naked Truth)
24. In The Cold
25. Lost In The Green Hell
26. El Lamento De Los Zombies
27. Prisoner Of The Cannibal God
28. Cinema Verite Style
29. Eaten Alive
30. It's The End Of The World (As We Know It)
31. Faces of Death (bonus track)
32. Wild Party: Cannibal Freakout II (bonus track)
33. Nightmare City (bonus track)
34. The Cave of the Cannibal (bonus track)
35. The Three Mothers (bonus track)