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TITLE: Vagina
GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Humanos Mortos Productions

Fucking sick Noise/Grindcore for fans of XXX Maniak and Meat Shits!


1. Bitch I'm Drunk
2. Bea Arthur Porn Party
3. Castrated Corpse
4. Basement Sex Slave
5. Endless Sadistic Torture
6. Boiled Skulls on the Stove
7. Bloated Strangled Corpse
8. Slut Honey
9. Unregistered Sex Offender
10. Fat Dirty Pink Pussy
11. Cumwhore
12. Bi-Curious George
13. Scrotal Skin Ski Mask
14. Sean Hannity Scat Fantasy
15. Fag-Filled Furnace
16. Crossing Cocks With Koppel
17. Triple Cock Piss Shower
18. Eating John Stamos' Pussy
19. A Bloated Corpse Basted With Semen
20. The Libertine
21. Knee Deep in Maggots and Corpses
22. I Have Been Told You Have A Fine Ass
23. I Came I Saw I Came
24. Hotel She-Male Threesome
25. Bra of Amputated Breasts
26. Fuck Oprah
27. Women the Other Worthless Meat
28. Marry Me Bitch
29. Bound Gagged and Beaten to Death
30. Waking Up To A Warm Glass of Piss
31. Spermsoaked Tranny Whore
32. Cokewhore Concubine
33. Emphesemic Granny Tranny
34. You Are Nothing But A Cum Rag
35. Pimp Ass Gimp Mask
36. Eruption of Putrid Digestive Juices
37. Pre-Teen Piss Princess
38. Granny Whore Hand Job
39. A Backyard Full of Buried Hookers
40. Exhumed and Sexually Assaulted
41. A Mouth Stuffed With Cocks
42. A Moment Alone
43. Kill Her
44. Shit-Smeared Fag Corpse
45. The Upside-Downing of the Cross
46. Worm-Eaten Severed Heads
47. Gagged With Piss-Soaked Panties
48. College Pussy
49. I Will Kill Every Motherfucker In This Place
50. I'm Naked
51. Molested Hipster Bitch
52. I'm Going to Fuck Your Kid
53. The Bludgeoning of the Cow
54. I Stabbed Your Fucking Husband to Death
55. Tongue My Ass
56. I Fed My Wife Through A Woodchipper
57. Randy Is A Faggot
58. I Ditched My Bitch In A Ditch
59. Pussy Gristle
60. I Like My Women Like I Like My Eggs - Beaten
61. God Help Me
62. Twenty Two Stab Wounds
63. Deviant Sex Acts
64. Hidden Track