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TITLE: Back To Hatevolution (Discography)
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
LABEL: To Live A Lie

Killer discography of Indonesian Death Metal/Grindcore packaged in 7-inch cover! Brutal old school grindcore from Jakarta, this discography release spans from 2000 on and contains more than fifty songs in over 70 minutes from tape EPs, demos, their full length album, splits, and some unreleased, live, and cover songs. An essential collection!


1. Intro
2. Physical and Mental Torture
3. Mystical Media Exploration of The Backward of Human Thought
4. A Design For Destruction
5. Nature Warning For Human Extinction
6. Arise
7. The Wait For Death
8. Underground Bullshit
9. The Arrogant
10. Siap Saji Siap Mati (Tersanjung Cover)
11. Empty Head Temperamental
12. Grind Your Soul Green Your Earth
13. War Against the New World
14. The Braindwash System of National Education
15. Emo No More
16. The Broken of Your State Like My Broken Songs
17. Lost Hope
18. Universal Ideas
19. Di Bawah Penghisapan Negara (Live)
20. George War Bush (Live)
21. Intro
22. Dibawah Penghisapan Negara
23. 1...2...3... Let's Rock
24. Born Live Death
25. George War Bush
26. You're The State, You're The Leader
27. Buta Hati
28. Investors Asshole
29. Kontaminasi Otak
30. Discrimination
31. Polusi... Erois... Ambisi
32. Manusia Tak Lagi Berarti
33. Born To Opress
34. Hulu Ledak / Nuisance of The World
35. Terror and Violence
36. Zero Army
37. Bad Day of The Judgement
38. Forest Destroyer
39. No Compromise To Zionist
40. Final War
41. Pengecut Bangsat Pecundang Biadab
42. Buruh Wanita
43. Yang Kultus Yang Bodoh
44. Bullshit Propaganda
45. Akhir Zaman
46. Subversive Tendencies
47. Be Yourself
48. Capitalist Victim
49. Kiss or Kill
50. Badai
51. Imperialism Burning
52. Busuk Sebelum Maut
53. DIY or Die
54. Hancurkan System
55. Stigma