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TITLE: Sledgehammer Holocaust
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
LABEL: No Escape Records

The next blow to the noggin that No Escape Records will drop is Sledgehammer Holocaust, the fourth album by those 5 genetically deficient Canadian dullards known as Putrescence, and it really will be a stupefyingly ghastly affair featuring 14 peonic paeans celebrating all that is unsightly, unseemly, unpleasant and unruly! None will be spared from these slow-witted yet surprisingly spry ruffians as they clobber your cranium and gnaw at your fleshy bits while creating a mighty racket that could be considered pleasant to folks who listen to ‘music’ like that made by bands such as Brutal Truth, Kalibas, Kill The Client and other such rot, but those people are whackos and their hare-brained opinions are best ignored anyway. This damn debacle sees the light of day on October 31st, and all are advised to vacate Canada for the following two weeks as these gibbering simpletons drag their wretched pimply asses across the country with their incorrigible pals Impaled and Fuck The Facts lest you are forced to bear witness to yet another display of heroic idiocy!


1. Machete through head like knife through butter
2. Sledgehammer holocaust (shit and bone infused)
3. Malefic and uncontrolled demolition of the living
4. Eye sockets venting black, rotten blood
5. Gutted, coated with malignancy and re-emboweled
6. Forced to ingest caulking up nose and down trachea
7. The super flying off a roof happy show
8. Moonlight illuminates limbs forced into impossible directions
9. Ukulele players drugged out machete attack at the flea market
10. I am your flesh
11. The slabby and crimpy ascension up the snivelling shit
12. Halved and preserved for further ritualistic abuse
13. Hillbilly savants: quiet dignity and delicate relationships
14. q: mutilated with chainsaw? a: split with maul and cannibalized