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TITLE: Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy
FORMAT: 10-Inch Picture Disc Record
GENRE: Black Metal
LABEL: Diabolist Services Cult

In 1996 a band by the name of The Stone To Flesh was born out of the far desolate lands of Serbia. In 1997 their first recorded demo "Serbian Woods" was relaized and later the band changed the name to simply THE STONE. Over the last 15 years of the bands existence they have continued to forge some of the best music within the black metal genre and always in the old vain, without compromise! In 2008 a deal was struck with Diabolist Services for release of a special vinyl for the band and in January/March 2008 the band entered into Draft Studio and recorded 4 tracks for what would result as "Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy" 10" MLP. This vinyl available from Diabolist Services was meant not as just another release under the bands catalog, rather from the moment the deal was made with DSC the idea was to release something that would define the band and their 15 years of warfare for their die hard fanatics, something that held a deeper meaning. The band decided to re-record two old tracks from the bands past, two tracks that stood out were "Za korak paklu blize" (originally appeared on debut album "Some Wounds Bleed Forever" 2000) and "Vihor paganske osvete" (originally appeared on "Unveiled Evil" demo 1998 and then again on 3rd full length album "Tragom Hromog Vuka" 2003). Both these tracks on the 10" MLP have been re-recorded, new versions exclusive for DSC, they have not and never will be released anywhere else. The new versions of these two songs are not only faster, heavier, and more brutal, but they also contain the best sound the band has ever captured during recording...and released on vinyl!!!! The band also wanted to record two cover tracks for this special ritual on DSC, so they recorded "Aggressive Perfector" (originally recorded by SLAYER) and "Jama Pekel" (originally recorded by MASTER'S HAMMER) to seal the deal, thus the title of this ritual "Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy" was choosen. A highly recommended Black Metal release


1. Za Korak Paklu Bliže
2. Vihor Paganske Osvete
3. A. Perfector (Slayer Cover)
4. Jama Pekel (Master's Hammer Cover)