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TITLE: Moshin' ní Thrashin'
GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Regurgitated Semen Records

Santa Cruz's Uzi Suicide charge through 56 tracks of grinding, blasting, brutal powerviolence with songs about Pride Fighting, things they hate, playing powerviolence straight forward fast hardcore not unlike a more punk Infest. It stands as a last will and testament to one of the best recent bands to emerge from the Bay Area fastcore scene. CD contains: demo, all 7"s, split 7" with Pretty Little Flower , comp.tracks + unreleased stuff! A must have essential Discography!


1. Humanity Stripped Away Like Nathan Jones After A Six Pack
2. I Don't See Fit
3. Birdseed (I Steal)
4. Oh, Oh, Yeah, Yeah, We're A Jam Band
5. Lampshade Head
6. Nathan Jones Strips While Drinking A Six Pack And Listening To Asshole Parade
7. Krokops High Kick
8. Rumble, Young Man, Rumble
9. Jeffrey Dahmer Vs. Clamtron's Black Shit Storm
10. Your Fancy Gear = Fake Rappers Bling
11. The Jackhammer On Bone Pt. 1
12. Peter Young
13. I Won't Mosh In Your Dojo If You Don't Start Fights At Our Show
14. Cross Contamination
15. Your Diet, Your Concious (Spirit Fingers Go)
16. Vegan Thrash Punx (Family Night Is Go)
17. Vegan Thrash Punx Part Deux
18. Void, Boycott & Recycle (But More Importantly, Reduce & Reuse)
19. Glenn Danzig; Homo ='s Awesome
20. Sicky Two Guns ='s Gay Satanic Henry Rollins
21. Gulf Coast Ultimate Taint Fighting
22. Babboons, Bafoons & Killer Raccoons
23. Shreddy Krueger: Ebaby Massacre 2000 (Raver Killers Are Go!)
24. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
25. Watch Your Mouth
26. My Very Own Spazz Song
27. R MC 390
28. Ciggy Smokin Girl
29. Positively Productive
30. Keep Your Mouth Shut
31. I Tried
32. Sick Visions
33. Mosh Part Two
34. Spock
35. Train Crush Junkie
36. Train Crush Junkie
37. Brutal To The Max
38. Watch Your Fucking Mouth (demo)
39. Brutal To The Max (demo)
40. I Tried (demo)
41. Sick Visions (demo)
42. The Ripper (demo)
43. Happy Happy (demo)
44. My Very Own Spazz Song (demo)
45. Train Crush Junkie (demo)
46. Unholy Thrash Brigade
47. Oil War
48. Rape
49. R.B.G.H.
50. Blast Beat Fun Haus
51. Building Up Endurance In The Circle Pit So We Can Out Run Retail Security
52. My Teacher Taught Me The Wrong Fucking Alphabet
53. Uzi Suicide And The Temple Of Puke
54. San Luis Obispo Is A Shoplifters Dream
55. Weird
56. We Steal Everything
57. Homophobic Hero
58. Grambo Vs. Clamtron 2020
59. Born To Fucking Consume
60. 2088
61. Dogs Do
62. Whipping Dangrrs
63. Jesus Fucking Sucks ...Well Maybe Jesus Doesn't Suck But The Church Sure Does