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Fronted by the enchanting vocals of Maria Christopher, 27's evocative rock/trip-hop/pop fusion exists in the space between dusk and dawn, where dreams and imagination collide. Translucent, ambient, enchanting yet ghostly melodies frame gorgeous songs as sublime as they are striking. For fans of Isis, Portishead, Jucifer, My Bloody Valentine, Slint and Swans. Pressed on extravagant, unique Blue/Grey vinyl limited to 500 copies released on Relapse Records

ABIGAIL recorded NME cover songs in memory of Kurt, NME's guitarist. Brian from NME also did vocals along with Yasuyuki. NME was often seen as the "American VENOM" in the 80's. A must have for both Abigail and NME fans!

The third in a five volume series of 7"s that will feature 10 bands in all, this one featuring Abigail from Japan and Nekromantheon from Norway. It's also a limited edition of 1,000 and comes on yellow and red splatter vinyl. A must have for fans of either one of these bands or the Relapse Records scene in general. A killer fucking record!!!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present the classic Abscess album "Horrorhammer" for the first time ever on vinyl! Originally released in 2007 on Darkthrone's imprint label Tyrant Syndicate (distributed by Peaceville Records), "Horrorhammer" features a more stripped down approach for Abscess showcasing a heavy Punk flavor to compliment the pyschedelic Death/Doom chaos. This underrated masterpiece features 12 tracks of filthy madness that is a must have for any Abscess and Autopsy fanatic. "Horrorhammer" was recorded by long time cohort Adam Munoz at Prairie Sun Studios, where Possessed recorded the classic 'Seven Churches' album and features killer artwork from Dennis Dread

This deluxe edition is strictly limited to 150 copies pressed on beautiful heavyweight Ice Blue vinyl and includes an exclusive eyeball ring, eyeball necklace and double-sided postcard featuring brand new commentary on the album from Chris Reifert!

"Drink The Filth And Welcome New Diseases! The Poison Messiah Shall Take You To Another Private Hell, And Is Ready To Exterminate Your Mind... When Witches Burn, The Four Grey Walls Beneath A Blood Red Sun Will Fall Under The Power Of The Horrorhammer. Worship The Hellhole, Honor The March Of The Plague And Bow Down To The Eternal Pyre!"

The classic debut album from Abscess finally issued on vinyl! Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men is an essential release for all fans of Abscess and Autopsy. Harsh and heavy, gut-twisting, ear-mauling, noisy, insanity-soaked musical mayhem... nasty music for fiendish people! This vinyl edition is pressed on urine colored vinyl with shit specks and packaged in a glorious full color gatefold sleeve. Also included in this deluxe edition is a unique magnet featuring the album art, a classic Abscess yellow logo embroidered patch as well as an 11x17 inch poster of unreleased artwork from the Seminal sessions. Strictly limited to 500 copies so don't miss out on your chance to own this masterpiece!

"Behold the belligerent beginnings of Abscess. This is pure down and dirty deathpunk
for true freaks. Prepare to feel the filth!" - Chris Reifert (quote from March 9th 2012)

Available for the first time ever on vinyl! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this deluxe edition of Urine Junkies. Formed out of the ashes of Autopsy, Abscess continued the direction of "Shitfun" with their debut collection originally released on Relapse Records back in 1995. Further developing and incorporating elements of punk rock, hardcore and twisted grindcore, this is cameltoed fuck metal! Urine Junkies is a compilation of their first three studio-demos, in reverse-chronological order: "Crawled Up from the Sewer" (1995), "Raw, Sick and Brutal Noize" (1994) and "Abscess" (1994)... 18 instantly classic, pornofreakographic anthems suitable only for those with a fetish for the sickest extreme metal. Diabolically clever black humor combined with purulent puke-punk, Urine Junkies shows Abscess in their prime as an utterly depraved four man musical freakshow generating scary, sing-a-long anthems. This deluxe edition is pressed on heavy 12-Inch Picture Disc vinyl and includes a double-sided air freshener, set of two name tags and a disgusting urine filled syringe pen. Strictly limited to 500 copies so don't miss out on this!

All new studio material from both bands. Abscess from California will be familiar to almost everyone from their countless releases on Peaceville, Red Stream, Relapse and so on. Featuring ex members of Autopsy, Von etc. the tracks here present a more down/dirty approach than much of their recent output as they Skulldoze their way through four tracks. Bonesaw from the frozen north wastes of Scotland may be less familiar. Featuring ex-member of Death Metal legends Korpse they play old school DM the way it should be while still throwing enough fresh ideas into the mix to keep thing's interesting. Excellent cover artwork courtesy of Chris Reifert wraps the whole thing up with artwork

Limited 7" release from the great Absu. Comes in a gatefold sleeve and features two live tracks: "Prelusion To Cythraul" and "Of Celtic Fire, We Are Born". Recorded April 28, 1997 in Toulouse, a killer 7-inch for all Absu fans!

A musical time machine documenting their rise to ambiguity, providing insight on their influence and underground status as forefathers of early 80's 'crossover'. The Accused's 34 Song Archives 2xLP reveals early teen-punk roots, including early demo tracks of vintage 'Splatter Rock' and the creeping metal-influence! A killer release from Unrest

Brand new 2005 full length album from splatter rock kings The Accused!

Trip out with the unholy bastards of Acid Witch! Raw and dirty fuzzed out psychedelic doom metal from the caves... full-coloured jacket, 3mm spine, logo stamped by metallic foil and 2-sided coloured insert sheet... killer release!!!

Black Metal Terror not quite different from great bands of the genre like Watain, early Mayhem, early Dissection, Deathspell Omega etc. An achievement emanating from the All-Embrasing Death current. The celebration of seperation, the establishment of mundane and macrocosmic slavery, the distortion of cosmic balance... awesome!

1993 EP of Belgian grindcore insanity! Red cover version


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this split 7-inch record from Belgian legends of Mincecore terror, Agathocles, and Italian crusty grinders Degenerhate! This is a relentless assault of bonegrinding sonic violence for true grind freaks only, limited to 100 copies on Black vinyl. For fans of Carcass, Cripple Bastards, Disrupt, Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Looking For An Answer, Napalm Death, Nasum, Nausea, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Unholy Grave

1999 split between Belgium's Agathocles and Indonesia's Grind Buto

These two undergound legends will join forces on a slab of wax for Menace To Sobriety Records. 7MON gives us their harshest material to date, while Agathocles attacks with 8 new grinders. This 7" is strictly limited to 300 copies!!!

Digi-grind terrorists team up with Cleveland cretins on this long awaited split pressed on Yellow/Red splatter vinyl!

Killer split of Grindcore/Punk! Limited edition pressed on Baby Blue vinyl

Intolerance Deathsquads 12-Inch Record
Barbaric Nuclear Black Metal Fucking Genocide... the 2nd full-length abomination

Anatomia; a seldom talked about 3 piece hailing from Japan, comprised of the backbone of the legendary Transgressor - Takashi Tanaka on drums and vocals, and Yoshio Hasegawa on guitar and vocals (both also played in Necrophile, who released a great split with Abhorer eons ago) joined by a friend - Jun Tonosaki on bass duties and vocals. Anatomia really isn’t a hundred miles away from Transgressor, though I detect a much more distinct doom presence here. Slow, miserable droning passages alternate with more upbeat mid-paced sections, neither of which sounding any less heavy and crushing as the other. Any comparisons made with Mental Funeral era Autopsy are pretty much right on the money, just listen to the start of “Suicide” or “Carnal Mutilation” and you’ll see what I mean. I can also pick similarities to Winter, and to a lesser extent Hellhammer. Soundwise Anatomia are heavy as fuck, dense, fuzzed out and viscous. Heavy handed drumming pounds along at a snail’s pace, and seem to rely on following the riffs a good majority of the time. Vocally Anatomia has given an exceptional performance for this style of Death Metal, sickly dry heaving growls trade off with an occasionally more Demilich like liquescent / vomitous approach. The odd pitch shifted gutter gurgle moment makes an appearance too. A cool cover of Autopsy’s “Stillborn” makes for a perfect way to end to the album, which Anatomia completely nail. It does great justice to the original whilst given a slightly thicker, sludgier edge. The overall substance of “Dissected Humanity” coincides with the subject matter accurately. Sordid acts of cannibalism, the undead, morgues and mutilation are in order here. It might sound cliche but it fits their sound like a glove. For some this may take a bit of patience to appreciate, but for Autopsy fans this is a definite must. It’s plain as day that these guys are no newcomers to Death Metal, and along with Coffins are easily one of Japan’s finest exports. Their only full length (apart from a demo, and 3 way split with the aforementions Coffins and Grudge), fingers crossed for a follow up album soon. Updated layout with new cover artwork and hand written texts by Chris Reifert of Autopsy/Abscess

From the ashes of the Japanese death metal godfathers Transgressor comes Anatomia. Anatomia takes several steps back while removing any progressive elements of Transgressor to opt for a stripped down doomy death metal style made famous by bands like Autopsy and Incantation. This 10" contains their debut demo plus an unreleased Repulsion cover played at Anatomia speed. This is a must have release for every old school death metal fans around the globe!

Limited edition hand numbered split 7-inch of sick Grindcore! Volume 3 in the Slimewave series pressed on unique White and Green mixed vinyl, featuring artwork by Mike Hrubovcak. This release is now out of print, buy your's today!

Ever wondered what might happen if two of the baddest, most blood-thirsty bands on the planet would combine forces for one focused assault? Behold the fucking answer! Sink your broken teeth into the most down-right brutal blast of aural atrocities ever captured on wax. Twenty-five year veterans of pummeling punk rock, the legendary ANTiSEEN have only gotten meaner and more vicious with time. You wanna talk old school? These guys built the schoolhouse, burned it down and then taught your sister to boogie smack dab in the middle of the ruins! Flip the platter and gawk helplessly as Kentucky cretins BRODY'S MILITIA bring the burning thrash chainsaw to bear on your flimsy skull next. Die deaf and drooling as waves of evil riffs and ugly solos send you straight to the rawest level of rock n' roll hell. Eye-popping full color artwork by Bill Hauser wraps this bad ass EP and there are a limited number of green colored wax copies available while supplies last! This record is seven inches of vinyl violence guaranteed to induce nightmares and leave scars!!!

Both bands bring a brutal and raw sound to the table! Mixing powerviolence, fast hardcore, grind, and catchy blasts to your ears. Some songs even fall on the tinges of metal riffs while blasting into a more solid grindcore / powerviolence sound, while still maintaining a few catchy breaks to keep everyone on their toes, even touching some punk rock riffs!

Firestorm Redemption 12-Inch Record
Three tracks to slash and burn the metal soundscape before Armageddon is unleashed upon the world. White phosphorous flames reaching higher. Heaven chokes on the smoke. Includes two non-LP tracks: An all-new version of The Undying Fire and cover of Order from Chaos' The Scourge. A fucking killer release from Nuclear War Now!

Vinyl die-hard version of Incendiary, which includes everything in the regular edition, as well as: Picture disc instead of creme colored vinyl, slipcase, full size back patch and vinyl sticker. Fucking killer record from Nuclear War Now!

Asistar_t play alternative rock with female vocals while Somebody Recalled play instrumental art rock

Elements is the final chapter in the story of a band many years ahead of its time. Its complex arrangements fused disparate sounds such as delicate jazz, deep funk grooves, Latin rhythms, flamenco guitar stylings, and samba interludes with blistering metal chops to create music that confused as many as it pleased. A fitting swansong for the unique entity that ATHEIST had become, Elements was almost equally regaled and reviled for the ambitious ideas it put into motion. In the years since the band split Elements has been recognized as a crucial piece of ATHEIST history and a marker for the wider acceptance for heavy, dynamic, progressive metal... get this before it's sold out for good!

Piece of Time is the classic debut that brought Atheist to the front of the international metal scene's collective conscience. Almost six years in the making, Piece of Time combines the bands death metal roots and youthful exuberance with their growing pension for technical composition and performance. Instant classics such as On They Slay, I Deny, and the title track are ever bit as visceral and urgent now as they were upon release. Piece of Time captures Atheist in its formative years, perched on the precipice of greatness, and has emerged as a cult classic

Atheist's sophomore record is what a metal legend is made of. Written with bassist Roger Patterson, who unfortunately never lived to see his work recorded, Unquestionable Presence is classic heavy metal interwoven with jazz and a highly articulated melodic sense to create music of timeless brilliance. Upon its initial release it emerged as the most important technical metal record of its time, and to this day remains a crucial yardstick by which daring, ambitious, and progressive metal records are measured... pick up this classic picture disc before it's sold out for good!

Holy shit!!! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is the only place in the United States you can find this record... for the first time in nearly 15 years, 2 vile new Autopsy tracks were recorded in September 2008 bringing together Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles, and Eric Cutler for another slice of death & decay. These tracks make up this special, extremely limited 7” vinyl release titled ‘Horrific Obsession’, imported directly from the United Kingdom.
This your chance to own a unique and rare piece of Death Metal history before it's gone forever!

Death Metal legends Autopsy return after a 15 year absence with a brand new EP from the featuring 5 unreleased tracks and cover art by renowned fantasy/horror artist Matt Cavotta. This 12" vinyl edition of 'The Tomb Within' comes with a free poster of the stunning cover artwork and is limited to just 1000 numbered copies scheduled for release on September 27th. Californian gore-metallers Autopsy emerged in 1987 and had an almost immediate impact on the global underground Metal scene. Frontman Chris Reifert was already known due to his work as drummer with Florida's highly-respected extreme metal combo, Death, along with Chuck Schuldiner. Autopsy's debut album, 'Severed Survival' was unleashed in 1989 on Peaceville Records and the band went on to become true legends in the death metal scene, recording 4 studio albums in total, before splitting up in the mid '90s. After a 15 year period which saw Chris and Danny heavily involved with their band Abscess, it was time to answer the wishes of fans worldwide and embark upon a fresh spree of Autopsy brutality, so on 19th July 2010 the band entered Fantasy Studios with Adam Munoz to begin a new legacy, with original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler joined by Joe Trevisano on bass. Autopsy are infesting European shores in August with 2 very special and exclusive headlining shows, at Partysan Open Air festival and Norway's Hole in the Sky festival. Very few of these limited edition records are available, so get yours now!

The fifth in a five volume series of 7"s that will feature 10 bands in all, this one featuring Avenger Of Blood from Nevada and Witchaven from California. It's also a limited edition of 1,000 and comes on sky blue and yellow splatter vinyl. A must have for fans of either one of these bands or the Relapse Records scene in general... a sick fucking record!

A match louder than hell! BARBATOS with 2 brand new studio songs of Kamikaze headbangin' metal punk! The full metal warriors of BLUDWULF howl a wicked dose of 80's UK punk, thrash and foreign hardcore to match their bullet belt style. All songs are exclusive to this record, which comes in glossy jacket with insert. Now let's fucking die!

Killer split of Black/Thrash Metal! This release is the first of its kind. It includes two one-sided 5” discs on a new format. This format consists of analog grooves pressed onto a plastic compact disc template. It is to be played on your turntable as you would any traditional vinyl release. (Note that, like many 5” vinyl releases, this may not play on turntables which employ automatic return mechanisms). Buy this unique release before its gone forever!

Split 7-Inch Record
Bastardass bring you stop-and-start thrashy noisy hardcore. Growls and pounding guitars and drums with angry, shouting vocals. All Gone Dead bring you more of a minimal raw noisecore, like Godstomper... screeching and raw

A bestial desecration made directly in Hell! No need to introduce BESTIAL HOLOCAUST from Bolivia who is more Black Thrash than ever and louder than Hell with one track written back in 2000 and recorded late 2007. Now time to flip the record over... A newer band NUCLEAR DESECRATION right after their debut album continues to remind us what NUCLEAR means! Nothing new here, expect a pure war black/ death track as it should be ! Get ready for the nuclear holocaust! Pressed on totally sick half Red and half Black vinyl! Released on Crush Until Madness Records

Beware the Gross Encounters Of The Sacrificial Rite! The Beyond return with a vengeance, continuing their blasphemous brand of crust infused, old school 90's Norwegian Black Metal for fans of Darkthrone, Framtid, Gorgoroth and Toxic Holocaust. "The Sacrificial Whores Of Satan" and "Total Genocide" are two punishing new tracks of torment that take you to hell... and back! The Lurking Corpses make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut and bring on the terror with the very unique blend of Death/Thrash Metal and catchy Horror Punk for fans of Ghoul, Impetigo, King Diamond, Macabre, The Misfits and Venom. Mending violent, gory lyrics with tongue-in-cheek humor, The Lurking Corpses continue to pay homage to their favorite horror films of the past. Features the brand new exclusive track "Midnight Munging" as well as a supremely awesome cover of the Grim Reaper classic "See You In Hell"! Limited pressing of 500 copies on heavy Burgundy colored vinyl and packaged in a thick double-sided glossy cover

Swedish Death Metal combined with German Thrash! Blood red vinyl

Killer split 7' from two of the US' best unheralded doom and death bands

Sick, violent, Thrash Metal hailing from Germany - these dudes love booze & to rage. Black vinyl limited to 400 copies

Brand new split of death grinding madness!

Killer old skull release from 1991! Their demo Menstrual Soup on limited edition super rare picture disc!

2 goregrind acts again. BxH - is a tribute to fulci and italians movies from the 70s, so as you can imagine, its demented and sick and musically close to Lymphatic Phlegm or early-Regurgitate! ExC - is the american answer to old LxDxOxH - 7" period, with their old-school styled sewage coated goregrind. Sick artwork and strictly limited to 500 copies

Split 7-Inch Record
BONESAW’s old-school death metal is fast and raw, with sludgy slow parts and horrible vocals. LOBOTOMIZED offer two tracks of punky death metal, similar to Abscess or maybe even newer Darkthrone. Heavy vinyl with full-color insert

Awesome 6-INCH RECORD! Limited edition of 666 purple wax made for 2005 West Coast tour

Brumm Brumm Boese 7-Inch Record
Debut release from BBB, 16 minutes of German intense grindpunk!

Pressed on Red vinyl, limited to 1000 copies and features two bonus tracks not on the CD version! Brutal Truth returns after 10 + years with Evolution through Revolution, yet another classic in the band's legacy of indispensable records. Evolution through Revolution is Brutal Truth at the height of its powers! For fans of Napalm Death, Misery Index, Nasum, Disrupt, Repulsion and Carcass! This limited edition record is released on Relapse Records

Repressing of this classic split that was long out of print... grind!

With a sleek combination of metallic hardcore, post-punk pummel, artful arrangements and raw, unrelenting power, Burnt By The Sun trailblaze heretofore unexplored musical paths. Car Bomb hail from Long Island, NY and play detonate a vicious blast of wildly technical and progressive modern metal that is relentless and suffocating: vicious jazz-inspired blasts shift into mechanistic, canyon-wide grooves. Schizophrenic, whisper-to-a-scream vocals seem to spiral out of control, only to snap back lock-step into the churning assault! Limited to 600 copies and pressed on Orange vinyl!

Fucking sick new split EP of Brutal Death Grind. Two masters combine on one amazing split... very limited!!!

Brazil meets Greece in this killer split of destructive Thrash Metal!

Awesome split of Death Metal/Grindcore!

Killer split of Italian Crust!

Split 7-Inch Record
Cancer Spreading hail from Modena, Italy and play thrashy crust, heavily inspired by Deviated Instinct while Cruel Storm are from Casena, Italy and play awesome D-Beat for fans of Masskontroll and Anti-Cimex... awesome!

Disadvantage Of Suprise 7-Inch Record
Industrial Metal for fans of Godflesh, Skinny Puppy and Coil! Limited edition EP on Red vinyl

Split 7-Inch Record
Chicago's Death Metal titans unite with New York's up and coming Death Metal war machines for a destructive split 7-inch! Cardiac Arrest play vicious, relentless Death Metal with grinding intensity and neck-snapping aggression. Prepare for riffs that gouge out the eyes, solos that pierce the skin and rhythmic assaults that battery the body. Bulldozer grooves will inflict pain as devastating vocals pummel you with tales of horror. For fans of artists like Death, Terrorizer, Master, Cianide and Dismember. Mutant Supremacy play raw, hateful and uncompromising old school Death Metal that truly kills. Furious riffage, obliterating solos and punishing percussion are in full force with a balance of sheer brutality and depravity. Influenced by a variety of sources such as Slayer, Immolation, Deicide and Sadistic Intent, Mutant Supremacy have been compared to Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, and Bolt Thrower.

This release is strictly limited to 500 copies pressed on translucent Green vinyl... fucking sick!

First legenday demo material on vinyl with new artwork! Limited to 555 copies

This seminal band had already shown what they were capable of on their debut Morbid Tales, already reissued on Earmark (EM200). Here's the follow up to that noise metal monstrosity that made Tom Warrior's combo a total cult among speedsters and death metal heads. With an opening anthem like "Innocence and Wrath," followed by 9 blasting tunes of pure death metal, To Mega Therion is the perfect pagan altar for human sacrifices and invocations for the end of the world. Gatefold reissue featuring H.R. Giger's original masterpiece artwork... get this rare picture disc now!!!

Straightedge power violence duo keeping the fast and violent in check all the way from the land of romance (that's France, bitches). We sold out of their "Live 2008" EP so quickly, they only felt it to be fair to unleash their SLAP-A-HAM bred insanity upon our unworthy asses with brand new tracks from the studio. Clear vinyl

With exclusive tracks from Hell Realm, Cianide, Malas, and Terror Throne

3 brand new studio tracks from the Danish horde which show a new progression in both sound and musicanship. Comes in a hard-gatefold cover. "One of Denmark's finest Black/Death metal hordes. Superb musicanship and a fuzzy and distorted sound, let me rephrase; This is the raw deal, don't expect any polished shit. And these guys knows how to play their instruments. Easily one album that will appeal to fans of older Unpure for example. Church Bizarre has always kept their sound personal and bestial. The perfect mix of Black & Death-elements in their music has truly made them a band that has reaped recognition through-out the underground." - Total Holocaust. Released on Hells Headbangers

Killer split 7-inch presented in a circular shaped cover... long out of print!

CLAWS started in early August of 2008 as one-man project when Lasse (HOODED MENACE / ACID WITCH / PHLEGETHON) wanted to start a Death Metal band highly influenced by the cult Swedish death metal band Crematory from the early 90's, as well as other rotting and cryptic sounding bands such as Derketa, Nihilist, and Incantation. This style of death metal is very rare today and Lasse felt he could have fun writing some very raw, heavy, and utterly haunting songs in this way! Fans of early 90's Death Metal will salivate over this 9 song platter of cryptic darkness with themes of decaying terror, cobwebbed mausoleums, shambling zombies, demonic ghosts, forgotten cemeteries, and morbid creatures that are not of this Earth! Death Metal was meant to be underground and this is what CLAWS is all about...what lies beneath is where Death Metal TRULY lives! Another excellent release on Doomentia Records

Death Metal was meant to be underground and this is what CLAWS is all about...what lies beneath is where Death Metal TRULY lives! CLAWS started in early August of 2008 when Lasse wanted to start a Death Metal band highly influenced by the cult Swedish death metal band Crematory from the early 90's, as well as other rotting and cryptic sounding bands such as Derketa, Nihilist, and Incantation. This style of death metal is very rare today and Lasse (HOODED MENACE, ACID WITCH, VACANT COFFIN, PHLEGETHON) felt he could have fun writing some very raw, heavy, and utterly haunting songs in this way! Full-coloured jacket, 3mm spine, logo stamped by metallic foil and 2-sided insert

Split 7-Inch Record
CBU Play brutal crusty dis-influened hardcore and Raagg play Japanese hardcore in vein of all those bands we love

Cenizas 7-Inch Record
Mexican Lords of Crust and D-Beat return with this 7-inch EP!

Colossal Hole 10-Inch Record (Limited Deluxe Edition)
Coffins make their triumphant return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for a special, one time only pressing of "Colossal Hole" on limited, deluxe edition 10" vinyl! This sickening release features raw pre-production demo tracks from their Relapse Records debut "The Fleshland", and was previously only available as a limited cassette direct from the band. "Colossal Hole" is Coffins in their finest form... even heavier and more punishing than ever heard before!

This exclusive edition features cover artwork by Uchino himself and is hand numbered to 500 copies pressed on
45 RPM Black Night vinyl, packaged with a set of two horror movie style vomit/barf bags complimented by a pair of numbered collectable event style tickets. Pure bonecrushing, terrifying Doom-infested Death Metal for fans of Abscess, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Venom and Winter

WARNING: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Coffins assume no responsibility for health problems
that may arise while entering the Colossal Hole... No Saviour can rescue you from the Hellbringer!!!!!!!!

Old-school Death / Doom Metal LIVES!! Japan's COFFINS have brought back the horrific sounds of this destructive form of metal with their crushing debut album "Mortuary in Darkness"! One of the most supremely heaviest albums ever, guaranteed to bring back memories of the pioneers AUTOPSY, HELLHAMMER, and WINTER! Features morbidly wonderful cover artwork by death metal legend Chris Moyen (BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN, etc). Double LP in gatefold jacket. 2 bonus tracks! Co released on Kreation Records and Parasitic Records

Perpetual Penance Double LP (Limited To 100 Copies)

This is an essential compilation of Coffins vinyl only and split release tracks from artists including Noothgrush, Macabra, Sourvein, Warhammer, Disgrace, Hooded Menace and Stormcrow. Coffins continue their devastating legacy of ancient torture with this 96 minute presentation of bone-crushing Death/Doom sickness! Features original artwork by Uchino himself and showcases out of print/hard to find vinyl tracks from the following outlets: Southern Lord, Decibel Magazine, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Forcefield Records, Break The Chains, A Pile Of Dirt Music, Doomentia Records, 20 Buck Spin and Hydro-Phonic Records. For fans of Abscess, Acid Witch, Anatomia, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Disma, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Mythic, Venom and Winter

Finally available almost a year after it was sent to press. Coffins side is an exclusive studio/sewer hit called Eat your Shit. No one will be disappointed on this one! Lobotomized from Norway contributes with Scumfuck Death Metal on 2 tracks Drinking Beer With Satan and Intrumental Funeral. This 7” comes in a totally high class packaging with printed innersleeve and full color printed thick cartoon cover with a 4 mm spine. Like a miniature LP-release... killer release!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, in partnership with Morbid Visions Music, proudly presents the ultimate, and most collectable, underground death metal split 7” record to be unearthed from the unholiest of graves. Japan’s COFFINS offer up a song in their brand of ancient death/doom metal, followed by American/Belgian MACABRA, who summon a track of obscure death metal in the early 90s fashion. This record comes complete with lyric sheet, logo buttons, 18” x 24” poster, and bone chilling collaborative artwork conjured by Vincent Locke and Mark Riddick. Limited to 100 copies!

Coffins features members of Dot[.] and Church Of Misery so prepare your head for the most impressive, devastating and crushing Death Doom on earth in the form of an agonizing hybrid between Corrupted with early Celtic Frost/Hellhammer. Without any kind of doubt Coffins are one of the heaviest bluntest bands. Otesanek's sparse guitars and slow tempo are akin to Khanate and Unearthly Trance. The pounding percussions bring you back from the suspension of time. This is a brutally crushing heavy split". Reissue of this fabulous heavy doom split release originally on Parasitic Records. Pressed on Coke Bottle Blue and Clear blend vinyl! Strictly limited to 400 copies!!!

Raw and putrid old school Death Metal! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has brought together a match made in Hell for this 7-Inch record: Coffins and Spun In Darkness. Japan's Coffins are firmly established as the new leaders of the underground with their horrific style of bonecrushing Doom infested Death Metal that is reminiscent of Autopsy and Winter, with elements of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. Las Vegas' Spun In Darkness feature ex-members of Goatlord and bleed old school with their destructive, morbid style of pure Death Metal that is simply devastating. First pressing (now sold out) was strictly limited to 500 copies pressed on Black Night vinyl and features deadly artwork from legendary Chris Moyen. This pressing is also limited to 500 copies with alternate artwork, insert and pressed on White Vinyl. Essential release for fans of Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Cianide, Divine Eve, Grave, Hooded Menace and Winter!

Side A features a single track from Oakland’s Stormcrow, their longest ever clocking in at massive 13 minutes. A monolithic combination of the heavy crust they are beloved for, classic death metal and a creeping, omnipresent doom vibe. Side B features two tracks by Coffins, and in their customary fashion, it’s a no frills, crawling, drenched in the mire death metal deconstruction. Another awesome release from 20 Buck Spin, a must have for all Coffins/Stormcrow fans

Berlin, Germany's Cold War bring an abrasive hardcore/thrash attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like Siege and Infest. Another totally fucking killer release from Deep Six Records

San Francisco's Voetsek should be known from all of their previous releases and offer up 3 new tracks of raging thrash-violence for fans of Spazz to Hirax and is Bay-area thrash as it's best. The other side of this split is Germany's Cold War (don't mix them up with the US-band) and features members of Monster, Skrupel, etc. who play brutal hardcore in the same vein as their counterpart and contribute 5 tracks in total including a cover of "Cold War" by Siege... killer!

Available for the first time ever on vinyl featuring remastered audio specifically for vinyl by Brad Boatright (Nails, Magrudergrind) at Audiosiege, newly designed artwork by the band themselves, a double-sided poster featuring the original album artwork and a digital download card

Contrastic's self-titled masterpiece available for the first time on vinyl! Formed in 1993 in the Czech Republic, Contrastic are the pinnacle of the diverse and innovative Czech grind scene. High speed, deranged death / grind combined with experimental groove, funk and keyboards. Brutal, catchy and intense, this self-titled album led Contrastic to receive a spot on the Czech Assault compilation released by Relapse Records in 2002. On hiatus for 10 + years, the band reemerged in 2013 for an explosive performance at Maryland Deathfest XI and went on to release the Jarmo split EP with Slovakian grind outfit Attack Of Rage in 2014

This stellar release has weathered the test of time to be one of the most unique grind releases of all time! For fans of Jig-Ai, !T.O.O.H.!, Brutal Truth, Gride, Ahumado Granujo, Opitz, Cerebral Turbulency, Ingrowing, Imperial Foeticide, Alienation Mental, Intervalle Bizzare and Negligent Collateral Collapse

Available for the first time ever on vinyl featuring remastered audio specifically for vinyl by Brad Boatright (Nails, Magrudergrind) at Audiosiege, newly designed artwork by the band themselves, a double-sided poster featuring the original album artwork and a digital download card

Contrastic's self-titled masterpiece available for the first time on vinyl! Formed in 1993 in the Czech Republic, Contrastic are the pinnacle of the diverse and innovative Czech grind scene. High speed, deranged death / grind combined with experimental groove, funk and keyboards. Brutal, catchy and intense, this self-titled album led Contrastic to receive a spot on the Czech Assault compilation released by Relapse Records in 2002. On hiatus for 10 + years, the band reemerged in 2013 for an explosive performance at Maryland Deathfest XI and went on to release the Jarmo split EP with Slovakian grind outfit Attack Of Rage in 2014

This stellar release has weathered the test of time to be one of the most unique grind releases of all time! For fans of Jig-Ai, !T.O.O.H.!, Brutal Truth, Gride, Ahumado Granujo, Opitz, Cerebral Turbulency, Ingrowing, Imperial Foeticide, Alienation Mental, Intervalle Bizzare and Negligent Collateral Collapse

Seize The Moment Of Murder 7-Inch Record
Classic Death Metal, heavy and brutal, a massive sound to smash your face and vocals beyond any criticism. Features Martin Rosendahl and Mads Haarlov, both ex-members of the mighty INIQUITY (RIP). Inlay with lyrics, thick cardboard cover and also a cover version of Obituary's classic track "Slowly We Rot"... a killer record!

The Crack Is Back! Crack House make their epic drug-induced return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the brand new 7-Inch EP "Smoke Crack In Hell"! Killadelphia's Crack House present their strongest material to date, showcasing brand new tracks of signature crack and roll... a vicious four piece, duel vocal, Thrash Grind assault that is dirty, abrasive and fucking relentless. "Smoke Crack In Hell" marks the band's first release ever on vinyl, recorded and engineered by Dan Kishbaugh at Panther Pro Audio. This release features incredible artwork by Tony Champ and is pressed on three limited edition variants:

Crack Rock Clear vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)
Piss Yellow vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)
Violently Assaulted Violet vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)

A metal overdose for fans of Abscess, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Call The Paramedics, Dwarves, Eat The Turnbuckle, The Exploited, GG Allin, Impetigo, Javelina, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke
The Crack Is Back! Crack House make their epic drug-induced return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the brand new 7-Inch EP "Smoke Crack In Hell"! Killadelphia's Crack House present their strongest material to date, showcasing brand new tracks of signature crack and roll... a vicious four piece, duel vocal, Thrash Grind assault that is dirty, abrasive and fucking relentless. "Smoke Crack In Hell" marks the band's first release ever on vinyl, recorded and engineered by Dan Kishbaugh at Panther Pro Audio. This release features incredible artwork by Tony Champ and is pressed on three limited edition variants:

Crack Rock Clear vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)
Piss Yellow vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)
Violently Assaulted Violet vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)

A metal overdose for fans of Abscess, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Call The Paramedics, Dwarves, Eat The Turnbuckle, The Exploited, GG Allin, Impetigo, Javelina, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke

The Crack Is Back! Crack House make their epic drug-induced return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the brand new 7-Inch EP "Smoke Crack In Hell"! Killadelphia's Crack House present their strongest material to date, showcasing brand new tracks of signature crack and roll... a vicious four piece, duel vocal, Thrash Grind assault that is dirty, abrasive and fucking relentless. "Smoke Crack In Hell" marks the band's first release ever on vinyl, recorded and engineered by Dan Kishbaugh at Panther Pro Audio. This release features incredible artwork by Tony Champ and is pressed on three limited edition variants:

Crack Rock Clear vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)
Piss Yellow vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)
Violently Assaulted Violet vinyl (Limited To 100 Copies)

A metal overdose for fans of Abscess, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Call The Paramedics, Dwarves, Eat The Turnbuckle, The Exploited, GG Allin, Impetigo, Javelina, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke
Criminal Element is a brutal death/grind powerhouse of a band featuring Vinnie Matthews (ex-Dying Fetus), Terence Hobbs (Suffocation), Derek Boyer (Suffocation/Decrepit Birth), Joe Cincotta (Catastrophic) and Rob Maresca (Catastrophic/Pyrexia). Pressed on Opaque Green vinyl limited to 400 copies released on Relapse Records

Ohio's horror fiends CRUCIFIED MORTALS (featuring 2 NunSlaughter members), unleash their two new tales of terror with Japanese maniacs FASTKILL as they commit their two new heinous crimes. Old School intense thrash metal done right, pounding a dagger into the heart of the retro thrash movement. It will be a ghastly affliction!

Death Metal Heresy returns! The first studio recording since the "Stronger Than Passing Time" LP, this is a brutal Metal assault in classic Crucifier style. Contains 2 new tracks "Bible Burner" and When the Bough Breaks", a new version of "The Funeral" from the first demo, a Viking cover "Berserker" and a haunting intro/outro "Anger and Vengeance". Fast, dark and razor sharp, Crucifier still shows how it's done! Released on Paragon Records

Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ vs. Tu Carne in this split of Spanish Gore Grind and Japanese Grind Rock!

Cuttered Flesh play sick Death Metal/Grindcore and Smashed Face play brutal Deathcore! This release from Pigeon Shit Agency features all new material from both bands and comes packaged in high quality full color gatefold cover

Cult Blackened Thrash Metal from Japan featuring members of Sigh and Abigail! Pressed on White vinyl

9 new tracks from Poland's masters of bone-crushing Grindcore! This LP includes a bonus track not featured on the CD version; a cover of Mortician's Bloodcraving. One of the most destructive albums you will ever fucking listen to!!!

Sick split between two of the bloodiest bunches of butchers to walk the earth!

It's Poland vs. Sweden in this killer goregrind split

GRAVEYARD Finally, after their acclaimed MCD “Into the Mausoleum” released back in 2008, spanish Death Metal masters GRAVEYARD are back with brand new stuff!. Waiting for his debut full length, soon to be released, the Spaniards join the Nuclear War Now! Horde and release a Split vinyl together with the amazing german/American Death Metal combo DEATHEVOKATION. GRAVEYARD don’t give a shit about what has happened in the extreme metal scene in the last 15 years, they just focus on the legendary bands that forged in fire the Death Metal signature on the extreme metal music. Acts like ASPHYX, CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, FUNEBRE, CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER or EDGE OF SANITY would be proud to notice about how influential they have been on GRAVEYARD’s development and way of thinking. Death Metal was supposed to be raw, brutal, dark, gloomy and evil. Basically, that’s what GRAVEYARD is about, ¡That’s what REAL Death Metal should be!. DEATHEVOKATION Being around since 2005, California ’s best kept secret DEATHEVOKATION represents the real meaning of Death Metal, the Old School Way . After a few underground releases, DEATHEVOKATION released back in 2007 one of the most solid Ancient Death Metal albums released on the last 15 years, “The Chalices of Ages”, an instant classic. No matter what you think about high class productions, DEATHEVOKATION with its first full length delivered an amazing album with a brilliant production full of mid tempos and dark passages all around. With such a monicker, cult names like CARNAGE or DISMEMBER will come immediately to your mind, but nobody can’t denied how a big influence Death Metal masters like BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH or MASSACRE have been as well in the DEATHEVOKATION’s development. Enjoy their brilliant contribution to this Split with GRAVEYARD until they release their second full length... awesome release!

DECEASED thrash out 4 tracks of old school madness! 2 live and 2 studio tracks all paying tribute to the masters of the old school AGENT STEEL, RUNNING WILD, VOIVOD and VENOM! Pressed on bloodspatter green vinyl!

True Old School Death Metal: Primitive and Putrid!! NO Gravity Blasting - NO Breakdowns - NO Slam - NO Pig Squeals - NO Modern DM Influences - NO Drum Triggers - NO Overpolished Production. NO FUCKING TRENDS!!! Decrepitaph (USA/TX) recorded exclusive and new material for this release. Their doomiest and heaviest recording to date. Comes in traditional company sleeve with 3mm spine, die-cut hole and full-coloured insert... get this now!!!

This split brings together two raging fastcore/powerviolence thrash rippers! Deep Shit lays to the platter fast and high energy thrashcore with raw & grindy vocals layed over fast/catchy riffs like Killed In Action style. Have Fun shred the vinyl with a more powerviolence fueled thrashcore similar to Spazz combined with Crucial Unit... a killer split!

This EP represents a compilation of the complete recordings by the Canadian death metal band Dementia. Possessed by the evil spectre of Ross Bay cemetary, the band originally operated under the name Xanimation. Changing their name to Dementia upon the release of their first and only demo entitled simply, “Rehearsal 1/24/88,” the band sought to diseminate their wretched disease throughout the underground. After composing two more songs which were unfortunately never documented, Dementia’s legacy was abruptly cut short and nothing further was released. Resting silently for over 21 years, the necromancer’s incantations have summoned this cult from the dead. The “Reticulation” EP contains both tracks from that rehearsal demo, as well as two additional previously unreleased ones from the Xanimation era. The sound attained by Dementia is one that can only be captured through the unrestrained passion of youthful violence. Furthermore, it lacks the self-conscious and disingenuous posturing that infects nearly every release in these days of technological hyper-connectivity. Indeed, this may be among the most genuine deathrash releases one will ever find. Listening to the songs on this EP, it is immediately apparent that they were not written and performed by professional musicians; a glance at the photos reveal these kids could not have been older than 15 at the time, and they were in fact only 13 and 14. What the band lacks in technical competence, they more than compensate for with sadistic and unholy posession. While striving to emulate their primary influences such as Sodom, Sepultura, Witches Hammer, etc., Dementia ultimately fall upon their own sound which is every bit as captivating as the afforementioned bands which inspired Dementia. As a monument to an era, style and intensity of metal that has been largely forgotten, “Reticulation” is an incomparable relic freshly discovered. The music also stands on its own in the context of today’s underground scene as among the purest manifestations of thrashing death metal to be heard in decades

Limited vinyl version of the 3rd album of finnish Death Metal legends!! Intense, crushing & technical Death with Thrash hints of the highest quality, setting new standards with their unique & original vision, this album has become a classic!

New vinyl re-issue of this true Death Metal classic!! Orange-splattered vinyl + insert. 1st album from '92 of this mythic finnish band that achieved the perfect balance of brutality, melody, speed, heavyness, darkness, mysticism...

Legendary Finnish Death Metal album from 1993, finally available on vinyl, officially released by Xtreem Records so don’t expect crappy bootleg quality. Pressed on beautiful grey vinyl with red splatter! Released on Xtreem Music

Ancient Black Death Metal from the vaults of Southern Hell !! Comes on reverse board, including sticker and insert !!!

Depression return with new tracks and a Napalm Death cover while Inhumate present 2 new grind masterpieces

Born To Litter 7-Inch Record
A rich blend of lo-fi electronica, twangy cow-punk rock, and experimental punk-funk. The band maintains a shroud of mystery a la the Residents. Hailing from Jamaica Plain, Mass., The Dick Panthers give you two lo-fi tracks to dance to

Under the Running Board blew minds with it's wildly-original and innovative music. Find out where the legend began! Limited edition pressing on Gold vinyl, finally available again through Relapse Record... don't miss out!

4 brand new tracks from these old school death metal gods from Austria! Includes a killer REPULSION cover version! Lovers of early PUNGENT STENCH, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, AUTOPSY and FUNEBRE then go for it!

Divine Eve are back after 15 long years pairing up with fellow Texas brothers of destruction Vex for a vinyl split that will not disappoint. One of the most crushing Death/Doom Metal bands ever to emerge, Divine Eve have returned with their first new material since 1994! Musically influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Sodom, Venom, Bathory, Entombed's "Left Hand Path" album and Cathedral’s “Forest Of Equilibrium” album, Divine Eve have been often imitated but never duplicated. Lyrically they draw inspiration from pure visions of ancient Pagan history, novel heretical ideologies and dismal shrouded dreams. Divine Eve's impact can be heard in many current acts today but no one can hold a candle to the originators who are finally resurrected from the grave! Vex play a unique brand of Death Metal with their fusion of atavistic aggression and dark melody. Taking influence from artists such as The Chasm, The Crown, Celtic Frost and Dissection, the occasional sonic and rhythmic exploration harkens back to the age of progressive acts like Van Der Graaf Generator, Uriah Heep and Magma. This combination acts as a background to vocal landscapes that portray the most desolate side of the human experience with lyrical influence from writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot. Pressed on Mixed Marble vinyl and packaged in a glue pocket jacket with full color insert

Drag the River began when Jon Snodgrass (of Armchair Martian) and Chad Price (of All) began writing some country songs on the side. During the 10 years since their beginning, Drag has become the main outlet for both songwriters

The Dream Is Dead play vicious Hardcore while The Gates Of Slumber perform traditional Doom Metal in the vein of Candlemass! Includes Twisted Sister and Samhain cover songs! Limited to 300 copies pressed on Blue vinyl!

Hailing from Hell Town, Wisconsin, Dresden delivers the Midwest’s most recent answer to the West coasts’ domination of the U.S. crust scene. Laden with veterans (members of Wartorn, Despite, Words That Burn, Flags Will Cover The Coffins, and Remission), Dresden pulls from these backgrounds to create a new facet in the crust/metal sound. Riffs range from the Swedish hardcore (reminiscent of Wartorn and State of Fear), to the slow and melodic, to chug filled brutality along the lines of Stormcrow and Hellshock. Drums vary from breakneck d-beat to tribal, which are coupled with the screamed lead vocals and guttural backgrounds that put the finishing touch on this crushing ensemble. The “God Has No Mercy” 7 inch is limited to 300 copies, hand numbered and on blue vinyl... a killer release on CAH

That's right dudes, a fuckin'bomb will be droped !!!! A killer 7'' is now released. Two songs from each band. A medley and a song from Total fuckin chaos album on the DK side and two unrealesed songs on Simbiose side... nasty split!

Split 7-Inch Record
Summon The Dead! Exactly one year after their crushing debut album "Hymns For The Wicked", Druid Lord return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for this special Halloween release. The terror and madness continues as Druid Lord conjure intense, punishing old school horror-based Doomy Death Metal that is completely unrelentless. Female fronted Skeletal Spectre evoke ghastly Swedish Death/Doom Metal influenced by spirits of the undead, graveyard sacrifices at midnight and other unearthly supernatural horror themes. Haunting the listener with destructive, earth-shattering riffs and demonic/ghostly death-banshee-from-hell vocals, Skeletal Spectre will leave Doom and Death Metal fans cursed for all eternity... a match made in Hell! This limited edition pressing is on translucent Purple vinyl and packaged in a high quality jacket with double-sided insert. For fans of Acid Witch, Asphyx, Black Sabbath, Bolt Thrower, Carnage,
Celtic Frost, Coffins, Decrepitaph, Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Hooded Menace, Pentagram and Winter

WOODEN STAKE plays horror doom metal with dark, haunting female vocals which wound like incantations. Heavy, catchy and eerie doom duo from Texas and New-York. DRUID LORD has been notably formed by Pete (ex-INCUBUS, ex-ACHERON,...). After having released their first album, they present here a catchy oldschool doom death metal track mixing PENTAGRAM and ASPHYX influences. This a killer split that is must have for all Druid Lord fans

The fourth in a five volume series of 7"s that will feature 10 bands in all, this one featuring Early Man from New York and Rammer from Canada. It's also a limited edition of 1,000 and comes on yellow and green splatter vinyl... sick record!

Limited edition EP of Black Metal from Norway!

Having carved out their own grim and gruesome sound, Embalming Theatre could not be mistaken for any other band and after many recent split releases they have returned to the clutches of No Escape Records. Following up the acclaimed ''Hormones From the Dead'' MCD, Embalming Theatre disembowel you with their new full length album, ''The World Is A Stage'' For Murder''!! ''The World Is A Stage...'' serves as another epic tome of real-life horror grind which retains the sense of dark and morbid melody introduced on ''Hormones...'' but ups the aggression and attack for a lethal mix of crustified, old school grind, death, and gore including a cover of Hideous Mangleus classic ''Self Devourment''

The prolific Embalming Theatre strikes again with three blood drenched tracks (including a Pungent Stench cover) and the proto-prolific Archagathus (historical son of the legendary Agathocles) regurgitate four putrid tunes... sick release!

Two Death Metal/Goregrin dacts from 2 different parts of the world grinds each other into pieces. Both bands play a unique style of goregrind but still with a lot of Old School tendencies. Includes Misfits and Heresy cover songs!!!

Excellent split of Death Metal/Grindcore, pressed on Red vinyl

Any fan or person who appreciates quality musical craftsmanship will surely sing praise to the recording legacy that now represents the career of Norway's Emperor. Their rise to popularity outlines the very development of Black Metal's second wave; a period of the genre's most prolific and controversial material to date. Years on from the band's highly editorialized break up, Black Sleeves presents "Anthems...", an album that stands as one of Black Metal's defining moments, now on limited picture disc. The album remains an inarguable and lasting achievement and a landmark in Metal, Black or otherwise. This is the musical equivalent of a hurricane of evil. Like all Emperor albums... a must have!

Split 12-Inch Record
Portland, Oregon´s ENGORGED deliver five fiendish tracks influenced by and dedicated to the 1982 comic Horror classic Creepshow that simply astound with gnarly skanking blasts and toxic sludge grooves straight outta the crate! Spain´s GRUESOME STUFF RELISH unearth two new bloody slabs of gore and uncover the DEAD INFECTION classic ´After Accident´ with ghastly well recorded results. Amazing cover artwork by Dennis Dread... fucking killer!

The Raping Of The Divine 12-Inch Gatefold Record
Ereshkigal is a Greek band that plays shokingly and devastatingly interesting Black Metal, trying to continue the primordial heritage of ROTTING CHRIST, THOU ART LORD, VARATRHRON and so on. Brutal riffs with progressive melodies, heavy metal and powerful riffs, magnificent guitar solos and thrash, thunderous and boisterous elements are some of the things that comprise this polymorphic puzzle. Ereshkigal are the living proof that black metal can improve and constantly evolve! Ltd x 1000 handnumbered copies on purple vinyl, presented in a full colour gatefold sleeve

2 new thrash attack hits... this is REAL thrash! For fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill 'Em All" era)

Incorporating metal's classic elements with the paramount components of modern extreme death metal, Exhumed has delivered the ultimate death sentence with Anatomy Is Destiny. More involved and intricate than past efforts - with slower and heavier sections blended into the band's patented gore metal - Exhumed proves to be the masters of their trade. Death-defying production by Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore). An awesome release!

Ngul A Crist 7-Inch Record
Killer Death/Thrash Metal on Nuclear war Now! Productions

Exhibit B: The Human Condition. It's really, really sick. It's really different from the last one and it's really different from the two before. But it's 100 percent Exodus. Out of the last three, this one is faster, but it's also a little more melodic, and it's also a little bit more old school. Limited 2LP in a gatefold package this is an must have release!

Exodus are an American thrash metal band formed in 1980 in San Francisco, California by singer/drummer Tom Hunting, guitarists Tim Agnello and Kirk Hammett, and bassist Carlton Melson. Over the course of twenty-seven years, the band has gone through numerous lineup changes and lengthy breaks, yet seven albums on, remains among the most influential thrash metal bands in the history of metal. Pleasures of the Flesh is the second album by Exodus released in 1987 and is re-issued here as a fantastic 180 gram green splatter vinyl. Get this essential album now!

This burst of horrifyingly brutal bestial black death emanating from Chile is the new EP by the mighty Exterminate kult. After releasing a demo in 2000 and an EP on Sombre in 2002, Exterminate spent several years lying in wait for the perfect time to strike again. That time has come at last. "Pact" is a harsh and unrelenting battle assault that leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Recorded and produced with a crushing, blown out and chaotic sound, these songs are pure satanic devastation delivered with a demonic mania seldom found in the glut of bestial black metal releases filling the lists of metal distros these days. Accompanying this deathly EP is an elaborately designed booklet conveying unholy imagery and lyrical manifestations of evil. Comes with printed inner sleeve and deluxe pro-printed booklet

The Urkraine meets the USA in this awesome Grindcore split

Split 7-Inch Record
Take One For The Team (T.O.F.T.) / Forever Annihilating The Obese (F.A.T.O.) Split 7" comes straight out of the depths of Canada. This split 7" will murder your ear drums with a hardcore / thrash sound that will make you ride a segway through a circle pit. This is some fast, heavy, power-violence in the likes of bands such as Spazz and Infest. Nine Blazing HC tunes in about 4 minutes by Ottawa's now defunct thrashers Take One For The Team + five new songs from Oshawa's grindcore hooligans F.A.T.O. that will totally destroy your ass! Another excellent release on D7I

Two California Grindcore heavyweights battle it out on wax! FETUS EATERS are from Los Angeles and have been around for years playing their patented brand of vomitcore! MAGGOT COLONY hail from Visalia and serve up some sick grind with a side of power violence and thrash as well. Both bands are very active, playing numerous shows throughout the years and releasing some great records as well. Finally the two reigning grind Gods of Southern California and Central California are put head to head on this split EP. If thats not enough to make you go out and buy this record, the awesome full color artwork on the cover will. Limited to 1000 copies on Agromosh Records

Getting Crazy "Split" 7-Inch Record
Villains covering Fingernails and Fingers covering Villains!

The brand spankin' new 7" from the old school Swedish horror thrash metal masters FREDDY KRUEGER'S ÜNDERWEAR! If you haven't checked out their debut CD re-issued by Razorback and didn't catch them on their west coast tour with GHOUL and ENGORGED then I'll help you figure out what they sound like: No fake ass mall metal myspace-core crossover bullshit here, just pure unadulterated 80's inspired thrash. They even cover TANKARD's Space Beer on this for Krueger's sake! Time to put away your SOD and ANTHRAX cassettes for the night and make room for the Horror Metal Moshing Machine! Cover art by Bill Hauser who did the cover for the Violent Noise Party comp plus work for HIRAX, BRODY'S MILITIA, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and OZZY! Only 500 made on trash color wax!

Rare EP from the old school Swedish horror thrash metal masters FREDDY KRUEGER'S ÜNDERWEAR aka FKU!

We're Not Posers 1992 Demo 7-Inch Record
NunSlaughter"s Don of the Dead old Noise project: Taking elements from Einsturzende Neubauten and Anal Cunt this is the only recording by this Noise band. Featuring Don of the Dead and Rick Rancid from NunSlaughter as well as a host of additional musical talent Flap Jack has created to first truly Satanic Breakfast Metal band. Taken from the very limited tape release (approx. 66 copies) all songs are contained here on vinyl for the first and only time... awesome!

For The Worse are local Boston ragers. This band is fast and rowdy, and they play old school styled blazing Boston hardcore, and they have some great influences, some members being in a Poor Excuse. Kids Of Carnage are back leaving another mark on Cape Cod, playing fast and snotty punkrock. Their newer stuff combines a bit more hardcore and mettalic punk, but while still being snotty and straight up, to-the-point hardcore. Excellent release from Give Praise

Almost three years in the making, this long-awaited EP features exclusive material from both acts. "Onslaught of Black Putrefaction" brings together two contrasting and distinct entities that, interestingly enough, complement one another in the fullest. Foscor's offering entitled "The Others' Voice" is a permeatingly bleak and ominous cacophony, oozing a dark and misty atmosphere from every fold and crevice; probably some of their rawest material ever recorded, yet fitting comfortably within their more avant-garde efforts. Necrosadist's cut "Incision is Release" is an eerie and chaotic cut of frenzied militant violence, bleeding hatred and perdition from every self-inflicted wound; this track also marks a significant step forward in terms of evolution of the band, being their first released material since their 2005 demo

"Stalk and Slash Grind" from the forest infested wastelands of Goregon. This is their debut release finally on vinyl ! Vicious full horror jackets, sickly thick vinyl, and slashingly slick b&w printed inner sleeves. Mailorder copies come on a limited orange and yellow wax cocktail! Features members from ENGORGED, LORD GORE and BLOOD FREAK

Awesome grindcore from Sweden!

Once Sent From Darkness 7-Inch Gatefold Record
3 brand new raw black metal attacks. Well known for tons of 7” EP and demo tape releases since the late 90’s, this one-man band by Evil Avenger (better known for his work in Germany’s NOCTURNAL), is an absolute raw black heavy metal assault inspired by very early BURZUM, DESTRUCTION, MAYHEM, TORMENTOR, GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, INQUISITION, BATHORY, ZEMIAL and HELLHAMMER. Expect an immense raw production and evil atmosphere with crushing off-kilter and filthy guitar riffs backed by harsh, rasping shrieks from the pits of hell. A sick fucking release!!!

Fasten your seat belts, six new recorded tracks from F.U.B.A.R., ear-deafening grindcore with awesome vocals, the other side contains the next grindtornado from netherlands. Blood I Bleed bursts out 5 songs in old fastcore tradition

Killer split of Grindcore featuring art by Luis Sendón, already responsible for Joe Pesci’s “At our expense” MCD artwork. The split captures the old-school spirit and put it a modern way with a “Scum” feel... awesome split on Bones Brigade

Fans of Hardcore Thrash, SUPPOSITORY, HEADCRASH, NASUM, INFEST, CROSSED OUT, AGATHOCLES, DROP DEAD, SPAZZ, extreme underground grindcore, goregrind, death metal, hardcore punk rock, power violence, noisecore and brutal fastcore take note. ACT FAST as you are NOT EVER going to find this one at the local Mall, grind freaks!

Finally, we have the Fuck You All 7-Inch!!! For those of you who are not familiar with this band: It was a fun/side project of Waklevören vocalist Gorgon V, and Fenriz of Darkthrone. We recently discovered a tape of some rehearsals and managed to get 4 full (untitled) songs from this tape. These songs are available now as a limited edition 7" of 500

Black Metal from Germany on clear purple wax, the last chapter of the fourlogy

Finally this Swedish entity returns with its signature orthodox black metal approach sounding mightier than ever

California's Dead 7-Inch Record
Ugly hardcore punk from members of Capitalist Casualties, Spazz and Case of Emergency... awesome!

Full on old school thrash attack that picks up where their Razorback debut, "Invasion From The Death Dimension," left off, "Nova 2" sounds like it should have been released the year most of these guys were born! 5 originals and a cover of "Whiplash"(!)'s Spit On Your Grave are included on this thrasher. Lyrically revolving around science fiction and all things thrash, this is as authentic as you can get. Artwork once again handled in Reuben's trademark gory fashion

A masterpiece!!! The cult is alive, and more kicking than ever.Sweden's legendary, gore-grinders have finally produced a full-length album. 14 tracks of catchy gore grind in the vein of old Carcass material. Great full colored gatefold cover and an unreleased track exclusive for this limited edition. Reviews say: "GENERAL SURGERY were formed back in ’88 by Matti Kärki (DISMEMBER) and Grant McWilliams in order to pay tribute to their favourite band; CARCASS. The band was a seemingly short-lived project, disbanding only three years later. But now they are back. Since their inception the line-up has undergone more changes than Michael Jackson’s nose, but they are still pumping out the same Gore-laden Death/Grind that they were 18 years ago. An absolute must have release for all you sickos out there!

Split 7-Inch Record
Death/Thrash sickos Generichrist team up with Italian Thrashers Fascist Instinct! Limited to 255 on Green Vinyl

Killer split of Powerviolence from the United States

This EP features pre-production studio tracks intended for the "Conqueror Of Thorns" album, an album that unfortunately never materialized. Musically both songs are a little bit different from the well known old school Death Metal style that the band had been known for as they were longer, a bit more moody (yet very heavy and raw)

Primitive lo-fi blackened metal from the U.S. vs. black 'N' roll from Sweden!

Easily one of the most anticipated albums in the Doom scene for years! Lots of hard work and time went into the creation of this doomicus epicus masterpiece. All female trio of heavy doom, the way it should be. Mixed by the legendary Billy Anderson and layed down at Jack Endino's Studio (even a guitar part through Kurt Cobain's amp from BLEACH). The sound of this record is unlike any others out there today...easily some of the heaviest shit you've ever heard. It will appeal to fans of a large variety of heavy music, but to drop a few names: Asunder, Coffins, Corrupted, 13, Thorr's Hammer, Evoken and anything slow and brutally heavy. Really well written songs, both lyrically, conceptionally and of course the riffs are sick. Remastered by Mell Dettmer (Sunn, Earth, Boris) to make it even that much better!Primitive lo-fi blackened metal from the U.S. vs. black 'N' roll from Sweden!

Gritos De Alerta rage old trash/hardcore from Brazil mixed with d-beat and crust influences, 2 vocals and 4 songs. Heresia are an obscure and unknown Brazilian D-Beat band, playing 3 dragged, dirty and heavy songs, a mix of Discharge, Doom, Disclose and Motörhead. Pressed on Yellow vinyl and includes english lyrics translations of lyrics

Split 7-Inch Record
Concentration, ladies and gentlemen, the (!!) two Brazilian brother bands got together for a split 7” that equals a kick right into your rotten teeth! GRITOS DE ALERTA who were responsible for such marvelous split EPs w/ HERESIA (’02), JESUS CRÖST (’03) and KRUSH (“What is wrong with this picture?”; ’04), reduced their crustcore influences to a minimum and as a result, they’re on fire with their most ferocious slits until now: Rapid-fire, unforgiving, spine crushing fastcore with hoarse yelling vox. Man, what a fucking killer!! SICK TERROR never disappointed this critic’s sensitive ears and consequently, from the first to the last second, these warriors blast out hyper swift, caustic fast-, thrash- and/or hardcore that is downright matchless! I swear: These 4 incidents of their own plus “Painu helvettiin natsiäpärät” from (that’s called “Painu helvettiin natsiäpärä” – without the “t” at the end... God, I’m ssooo fucken righteous...)

Split 7-Inch Record
Gronibard back with 12 tracks of Ultra fast Gore Grind! Anal Penetration comes with new tracks of his own "right to your face" style! fast, Gore and so Brutal! Limited to 500 copies and is released on the label Bones Brigade Records

The cursed zombies from Spain have returned from the beyond to consume your flesh once again! GRUESOME STUFF RELISH has finally arrived with Horror Rises From The Tomb on vinyl!! 19 songs of freshly dug-up horror Death Metal and Grind done the way this music was originally intended, absolutely no modern influences plague this epic feast! Instead you get nothing but the most catchy and well played death/grind songs in the style of early masters such as IMPETIGO, XYSMA, NECRONY, and CARNAGE. At the same time paying homage to the morbid and gore-drenched Italian and Spanish horror films from the 70's and early 80's! Featuring incredible full-color cover artwork by the new master of horror comics, Jeff Zornow and a special guest vocal appearance by none other than Stevo, lead vocalist of the legendary IMPETIGO themselves! An awesome release that is a must have for any collector... on Torture Garden

Priest Of Lucifer 12-Inch Record
Pure Fucking old school Thrash Metal from Bavaria! Debut album from these three speed merchants. Fast and dynamic classic Thrash forged in Germany. No trendies here! Includes bonus tracks and pressed on Blue splatter vinyl... killer!

Sickening goregrind from Spain. Imported from Sweden

Sickening goregrind from Spain! Early Carcass-style with a touch of groove... rare picture disc!

This collection includes tracks from split EP's with Christ Denied, Damnable, Denak, Groinchurn, Ingrowing, Gonkulator, and more! Also included are tracks only available on the Picture 7" EP with WTN, Terrorism and Nunslaughter + one never-released bonus track taken from the Nunslaughter EP session. A must have release!



All new studio tracks of Black Noise featuring Paul Ledney's exclusive signature style of pounding on wooden coffins, rupturing volcanic rumble, and spewing voice vibrations of black vomit. Clocking in at over 30 minutes, "Hornbook Seytan" is a more diverse and stripped down primitive variation of the former mini-LP "Tungkat Blood Wand". This is a guaranteed unpleasant listen sure to displease most! "Man And Jinn" is also featured on the "Hornbook Seytan" 10" MLP as a bonus parallel groove for those seeking to experience this long out-of-print recording with analog vinyl sound

Aggressive French Thrash Metal limited to 550 numbered pieces packaged in a Gatefold sleeve!

Black metal rock from Israel (ex-TANGORODRIM and FROSTGRAVE). Filthy, raw, primitive and FOAD!!! All exclusive and new material for this release. Comes in traditional sleeve with 3mm spine, die-cut hole and full-coloured insert

This is Black Metal in it's two greatest forms. San Francisco's Hellhunter conjure forth two hellish offerings to the black goat with their raw, stripped-down, old-school, Celtic Frost style. Unholy Goatfucker crushes all that is holy with one track of Ludicra/Dissection style blackened crust. UGF has dueling female vocalists. One vomits forth screeches and guttural growls while the other answers with doomsday operatic power. Both bands offer a flawless, balanced recording quality that is neither over or under produced. Limited to only 500 copies. Don't miss this Super Satanic slab of wax!

Killer split of evil Black Metal! Limited to 500 copies

Hex Machine 7-Inch Record
Your player must not be working... stadium rock for the mental institution? Formed in the spring of 2004, the band features torchbearers of the Richmond Math rock ashtray, accessories to criminal forrests of cult propaganda such as the Human Thurma, Plainfield, Land of thin Dimes, Hortus, and drummer extraordinaire of Burnt by the Sun, Discordance Axis, Melt-Banana, and Municipal Waste fame. Laying down a science from the dusty handbooks of the heavy maple, the maps of noise from ye olde Hex Machine are covered in a fresh oil that does not wear well to veil the not so veiled riffs of these black forests. Strictly imited to 900 copies pressed on beautiful White vinyl... released on Relapse Records

Killer white vinyl 7" split between thrash gods Hirax and Freddy Kruegers Underwear! Hirax offers "Satan's Fall" (not the Mercyful Fate epic) and F.K.U. strikes back with "Twitch of the Thrash Nerve". This is one record not be missed!!!

BLOOD FIRE DEATH! After a promising demo tape in 2006, "The Serpents Lust" mini-album is now unleashed featuring epic Black Metal in the spirit of the ancient cults... for die hards of Bathory, Morrigan, Primordial, etc. Played by current & former members of Denouncement Pyre and Nocturnal Graves. Another excellent record on HHR!

Back to slaughter the wretched soul of humanity once again is Australia’s finest death metal tyrants, Ignivomous. Those who have already heard the morbid brutality of the Path of Attrition demo know the type of megalithic sound Ignivomous produces. However, even if you are familiar with that demo, nothing can prepare you for this new assault. More densely recorded and intricately crafted than the demo, this EP finds this undeniably brilliant band still wandering the paths traced by the early 1990’s death metal masters, yet reaching a new level of extremity that is incomparable. At its core, this EP exudes death…dark, demonic, and unholy death. Death to those who cower before their weak and decrepit so-called savior on the cross… Death to those cowards who numbly and blindly follow and submit their will to false leaders preying on their foolishness…Death to those pitiful and feeble minds feeding on the worthless bile excreted by the writhing masses of putrid and rotten human bodies crowded in their metropolitan wastelands…Ultimate death to the totality of mankind and all of its vile creations. Comes on black vinyl with fold-over cover and full-size poster adorned with masterful artwork by the legendary Chris Moyen. Another awesome release from Nuclear War Now!

Trimming The Fat 7-Inch Record
Brutal Female fronted Hardcore from the Philly area

Split 7-Inch Record
I Hate This play raw and fast female fronted hardcore, pissed and real straight forward, no messing around, just fast and raw. Raw Sewage is now-defunct beer drenched thrashcore, bearing on the lines of power violence, like Hellnation!!!

Internationally infamous and a name in the metal underground for over 10 years, Impaled returns with their fourth full-length recording. Bound to please their loyal following and completely disgust the unwary, 'The Last Gasp' is an album wrapped in wit and guts with scalpel-sharp riffs sure to slice and dice. Get this record now!

Impaler return with their unique brand of shock rockin' heavy metal like no other can play while Ripsnorter bring a catchy punk sound that is sure to lift your spirits. Red vinyl limited to strictly 666 copies on The Root Of All Evil

Pool Maintenance 7-Inch Record
Great debut ep from CA's THE IMPOSTERS. They bring us 9 songs of fast, snotty HC like early JFA, FACTION, and stuff like that. Catchy songs that are simple and short-to the point. They even throw in a couple surf-punk diddys that are awesome as well. This has a very cool-raw but 80's sounding recording that really gets the point across

Imported from Holland! Finland vs. Poland Death / Black / Doom Metal war! Newly recorded 'previously-unreleased' tracks exclusive only to this EP release! Cover art by Roberto Armagedom (TUSKA, MASOKISMI); limited to 666 !

Don't Know How To Breakdance 12-Inch Record
With a whole ton of split ep’s and 7"s, these dudes finally lay down a full-length to call their own. Blasting raw youthcrew, blended with 80’s thrashcore/hardcore, to bring you a catchy blast of original hardcore. Circle-pit friendly dance parts and solid breaks give this a catchy feel to rage! For fans of Warzone, Kill Your Idols and No Redeeming Social Value

Philly black/thrash/grind meets Indonesian Hellhammer-ish crust! INFERNAL STRONGHOLD is Anti...anti-establishment, anti-genre, anti-classification. Thrash, grind, black, punk, death, whatever! KICKASS is what I call it. Their 3 tracks are an all out assault of violence and aggression through music, that is INFERNAL STRONGHOLD. GATT will pound your eardrums with a chaotic and heavy as hell attack of an ancient crusty deathpunk, like Hellhammer meets Unholy Grave. They bash out 5 tracks sure to make you bleed from the ears. This split 7" comes in a 12 pt. THICK foldout cover and includes a HUGE patch from each band AND an insert on parchment type paper & Gold vinyl!

Split 7-Inch Record
Oakland's Instant Asshole brings 4 quick witted fast hardcore punk jams. Boston's Mouth Sewn Shut throw down 2 crushers in the same vein as their other band, Toxic Narcotic. No reggae grooves, just straight fast punk delivery!

IxD is still playing their famous Noisegrind with the most bizarre pig squeels you'll ever hear! LxLxL is the carnivorous offspring of Impetigo and Autopsy. Dirty doomgrind with BBQ sausage! 500 on shit brown wax! Sick release!

Formed in early 2009 to play filthy and hard rock'n'roll. Members have past and/or current duties in bands such as Repugnant, General Surgery, Dismember and Bombstrike. The Tyrant Daniel Ekeroth joined in june. This is the real deal, born & raised in the gutter and we're here to bring danger back into Rock N..Roll!!!" If you expect your usual Swedish Death Metal band, you better stay away from this EP... this release is a must have for all fans of Eat My Fuk!

Limited edition hand numbered split 7-inch of sick Grindcore! Volume 4 in the Slimewave series pressed on unique White and Orange mixed vinyl, featuring artwork by Mike Hrubovcak. This release is now out of print, buy your's today!

A THRASHCORE CULT BACK TO LIGHT!! official top quality re-issue of J.B.'s devastating Demo 1988 remastered from the original studio reels under direct control of the original band members. Merciless fast italian Thrash-core combining the fury of '80s Slayer with killer Voivod-esque riffing and the ferocious HC speed of Wehrmacht, COC and DRI. A band that gained a legendary status in Torino's 80s underground scene seeing members like Tax (NEGAZIONE) pass through the ranks and touring with Morbid Angel, The Accused, Cro-Mags, Coroner, Dismember and tons more! If you like the impact of the best riff oriented Thrash mixed with 80s Hardcore/Crossover fury, this is THE record that you won't stop listening for months! Includes an insert with the band's history and unreleased photos

Killer split of extreme Death Metal/Grindcore!

3 live tracks from each band, recorded live at the Giants Of Grind # 2 Festival in 2005, awesome quality. JIGSORE TERROR features members of General Surgery and Birdflesh... another killer release on Power-It-Up Records

Simpaticopacetic 7-Inch Record
Inspiring, emotive Emo-Fuzz-Rock with a Dischord and Vermin Scum Records influence. From the Annapolis, Maryland area, John Merrick & The Elephant Men unleashed angry melodies underneath a wall of distorted, psyched-out sound

The members of J.A.C.K. met in music school and that pedigree is evident within every song, morphing and building in beautiful destruction. Vocalist Scott Holland's banshee wail is featured with a vocal range of Jeff Buckley, the bravado of Freddie Mercury and the growl of Bon Scott. The band evokes everything from blues and garage, to 70s riff-heavy guitar rock. Jucifer is a band for the ADD. Equally liable to produce inscrutable noise/grind, barbaric sludge, fist-pumping rock propelled by ass-shaking drum grooves, and gorgeous wisps backed by a naked banjo or multi-tracked "orchestra" (performed by its two members), Jucifer is encompassing the best of the world of music!!!

Having only previously been available on vinyl 17 years ago for a brief moment, a proper analog reissue of the starting point of Katatonia's career has been in high demand. After several months of meticulous preparation, we at Svart Records have come up with what we like to think as the definitive edition of this seminal album. The 'Dance of December Souls' double vinyl includes both the original album and the 'Jhva Elohim Meth' mini album, with all music carefully remastered for vinyl, resulting in sound that's much more dynamic and far less compressed than what the CD version has to offer. This is cold, analog Northern gothic metal at its absolute finest. The 2LP has thick gatefold covers!

Brutal Blackened Death Metal! Western antichristian warriors of violence Killgasm return alongside vegan techdeth terrorists Slaughterbox for this four-song vinyl 7" split. Co-released on Negativity Records and Buriedinhell Records. Pressed on sick Yellow & Brown splatter vinyl this is one record that is not to be passed over... get yours now!!!

Gold Teeth, Guns And Bitches 7-Inch Record
Eight more gross/funny uncensored tracks of spazzy retard grind only the way KTH can deliver. Comes in full color sleeve on "golden shower" vinyl. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies and is released on Buried In Hell Records

First new Krieg studio material since 2004! The Beast has reawakened in ‘Photographs from an Asylum’. Krieg delivers a track of beauty, structure and purpose, yet the vocals anchor this piece and render its centre static, unrelenting and confrontational. Sure to be enjoyed by fans old and new and I dare say piss off naysayers alike. Caina track here is ‘Anung Un Rama’ and for my money it’s the best Caina track ever recorded. Originally slated for a defunct compilation, this track deserved better and is deserving of its position here. ‘Anung Un Rama’ was recorded before the release ‘Temporary Antennae’ and is rooted in Black Metal, a good point of reference is the SMRC-era Deathspell Omega

Kult Des Todes 12-Inch Gatefold Record
Black Metal - From the depths of Chile DIABOLIST SERVICES unleashes KYTHRONE "Kult des Todes" vinyl version! This is severe black metal full of misanthropy and murderous chaos! Thick 200 gram vinyl in printed inner sleeve, Gatefold jacket and all packaged in 4 mil. mylar dust sleeve. Contains AMAZING sound quality! Great layout!!

Awesome Thrash/Fastcore from Japan!

Contains two new brutal tracks from belgium leading grinders Leng T'che the other side has two tracks from the canadian powerhouse Fuck The Facts! Pressed on beautiful White vinyl and released on Power-It-Up Records

An assault of old school thrashing power! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents an East Coast Thrash Invasion featuring New Jersey's legendary LETHAL AGGRESSION joining forces with Philadelphia's own masters of sickness MENTAL FUNERAL, old school thrashers BSOM from PA & young up and coming thrash act VULCAN from Philly. This release is strictly limited to 300 numbered copies pressed on Clear vinyl, there will be Annihilation/Devastation!!!

Order your copy today as this release WILL sell out!

Sick PornoGrind from LIVIDITY with brutal grinders TERRORISM. Eat Shit & Die!

Representing the animal liberation movement, but mongering some seriously brutal grindcore, Spain's Looking For An Answer tear through four tracks of Dying Fetus and Suffocation-inspired grind that includes a Repulsion cover... sick!

Split 12-Inch Record
This split LP contains 7 new attacks of insane brutal grindcore from one of the best european outfit. Recorded in the same session they did their split EP’s, includes the 'Fear Of Napalm' Coverversion from Terrorizer. Ira Et Decessus brings us 11 old school crustcore tunes at it’s best, includes at cover version from R.K.L. ' think Positive'. Killer!

5 awesome ultra grind tracks from looking for an answer... plus 6 ultrafast noisy powerviolence destructions from overpowering .. the spanish answer to AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED meets CROSSED OUT. Pressed on Yellow vinyl

Total Devastation 7-Inch Record
Komplete Kanadian kång krieg! Finally, the nine track debut of CRUDITY/MOB 47 inspired Winnipeg råpunk hardcore titan LOUTISH! The original tests were rejected and master scraped- this re-mastered edition preserves every ounce of static integrity for you distortion maniacs: the noise, the speed, the harsh fury... It’s hard to believe this was recorded in 2004 instead of 1984, hard to believe it wasn’t recorded in Sweden, and even harder to believe that all instruments are played by one person! Strictly limited to 500 copies only and released by Torture Garden Picture Co.

100 % brasil, 100% goregrind. LxP - is back with 11 unreleased or re-recorded songs, some of the shortest and sickest LxP - songs. IxSxOxYxF is one of the best goregrind/death bands these days: Fabulous downtuned grinding riffage, fast and varied drumming and a wall of pig and gore screams! Limited to 500 copies pressed on yellow vinyl

Split LP between Machetazo and Baltimore's death/gore metal freaks Marrow, featuring 3 new songs from Machetazo and 4 from Marrow. Black 12" vinyl with die cut in the shape of a saw blade! Machetazo cover artwork by Digestor

Gory Death Metal with a Grindy splash! Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Dysphoria Distro present the first official release from Baltimore's MARROW entitled "Of Slaughter And Slime". Described by many as "Death Metal For Dead People", this 7-inch is a must have if you are a fan of Carcass, Impaled, Ex Dementia, Engorged and Frightmare. Limited to 500 copies on Mixed Marble vinyl and features full color vile, gory artwork and double-sided insert

Two of Sweden's best bands team up for a split of epic proportions! Massgrav play four new songs of furious pissed off thrash while Widespread Bloodshed return with 10 brand new tracks of hyper turbo speed hardcore destructo thrash... some of the fastest shit you will ever hear! Features full color cover and comes pressed on Purple Marble vinyl

Relapse Singles Series #58. The Spades do some super-sound racing against Maximum RNR. Beer, chicks, and FUCKING ROCK! Fans of Zeke, Genocide Superstars, and Hellacopters! Pressed on Blue vinyl limited to 900 copies

Picture disc 7" version of this 1996 EP from Israel's black/death metal innovators, Melechesh

Prepare yourself for old school sickness! In associated with Rivot Rag Records, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents the first vinyl release from either band. Mental Funeral hail from Philadelphia and crush the competition, presenting old school death metal they way it was meant to be: raw, sick and tormented! They even pay homage to the gods by covering Autopsy's "Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay". Florida's Generichrist destroy with 2 brand new, unreleased tracks of pure pandemonium. This release is limited to 300 copies on splatter vinyl and features artwork by Chris Reifert of Autopsy / Abscess fame. A must have for fans of Cianide, Lord Gore, Master, Coffins, Divine Eve, etc...

Order your copy today as this release WILL sell out!

Burying The Goodness 7-Inch Record
Satanic Southamerican Raw Black Metal from Venezuala

Four new blistering deathgrind attacks from MISERY INDEX recorded in 2007 and also four new tracks by swizz blastcore masters MUMAKIL. Both bands recording their tracks exclusive for these output. Pressed on White vinyl

This new split marks the return of the mighty Morbosidad and a new set of unholy hymns by Chile’s Perversor. The Morbosidad side constitutes the most aggressive tracks that the band has conjured in years. Perversor’s sickness knows no bounds, and their tracks find the band delving ever deeper into alcoholic and Satanic destruction

Some of the earliest and still best death metal to ever come out of Europe. These Germans wrote some of the best riffs and have created some of the heaviest and most original death metal in the genre. MARC’s vocals are some of the most original and have yet to be copied or duplicated. This reissue features their first two EPs on one LP. Remastered for vinyl and features NEW and awesome artwork that seamlessly blends the two EP covers into one new creation

Brand new 7" EP from these Thrash demons of Ohio! Limited to 500 hand numbered copies

Swiss Death Metal meets Dutch Death/Grind! Limited edition pressed on Yellow vinyl

Early 90's Singaporean death metal. Regular black vinyl version with poster. Biography taken from Necromansy. If there is one definitive death metal band from Singapore, it's gotta be MUTATION, quite possibly the first "modern" death metal band from Singapore in every proper sense. They were also notably exceptional for been led by Chinese deathsters (except Ayong) which is not very common in the history of Singaporean extreme metal to this date. Anyway, the lineup of this unit goes by Roy Yeo (vocals), Yiu Leng Hiang (guitars, bass) and Ayong (drums) of which the latter is one of the best drummer in Singapore to date and had played in LEVIATHAN and the legendary hardcore band STOMPING GROUND, before forming the DIES IRAE label with Razali from PROFANCER as well as drumming hellstorm for the second IMPIETY record. They released their debut demo in '91, titled "Malignant Existence" with that enviable pro-printed cassette sleeves and a novel coverart illustrated by Herman Seet. Five tracks are rather lowly mixed and recorded on tape, inclusive of an intro and an outro. "Nocturnal Reincarnation", "Cannibalistic Horror" and "Demon Seeds" are top notched death metal numbers in the brutal veins, casting a web of intricacy with the monstrosity of chuggings and death growls, and the drums are the making of legends with that old-school flair meets technical obsession. This demo is one of the landmark in Singaporean death metal and of course MUTATION was also duely recognised in the overseas, which can be attested in the thank you lists of SENTENCED, SEANCE, BELIAL, etc. They released a recording in '92 meant for an EP but it was canned and they R.I.P. after it. Roy Yeo went on to form his PULVERISED label, which signed many Swedish black/death metal bands... a killer fucking release!

Split 5-Inch Record
Nailed Down with 4 new tracks of tradional old school hardcore/crust and Ruido with 2 new thrash attacks

New material from Spains infernal grinders NASHGUL, 5 tracks of intense grindcore, the flipside we have japanese WORLD DOWNFALL with 3 new tracks recorded in late 2006. Include a coverversion from DENAK... awesome!

6th album, the return of the legendary german Thrashers formed in '83 along with KREATOR, DESTRUCTION & SODOM!! This is not a bullshit album!! Crushing aggressive old school Thrash in the vein of the mentioned bands

The Lords of Horror And Gore return with 10 brand new tracks of sickness! The much anticipated release from Necrophagia in this killer Picture LP. Released on Anti-Xtian Terror Records and limited to 666 copies!

Nekronology is a compilation of mournful musical selections, performed by artist Hermann Kopp, from director Jorg Buttgereit's infamous films, Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, and Der Todesking. The idea behind the music was to create a dreary atmosphere through a raw, ritualistic sound. You can hear Kopp's signature violin groans, and moog snythesizer during scenes such as the bathtub suicide, the rabbit being skinned alive, and the necrophila sequences. Vinyl version comes with new artwork and is on 180g Vinyl... an essential horror fanatic release from Aesthetic

New picture 7" EP entitled, "Invocation of Spirits" featuring new exclusive tracks of Morbid Black Death Metal with an evil and chaotic lust for darkness in the true and old spirit. For die hards of: Hellhammer, Impurity, Beherit/Diabolus, Blasphemy, Demoncy. Pressed only on picture vinyl with outer cover (circle die cut front side) and 8.5" x 11" insert

15 Tracks of uncompromising sociopolitical Insanity from New Mexico.Noisear has been around for about some years, would describe the music as technical grindcore as grind goes into bands like Discordance Axis, Assuck, Lethargy, Human Remains, Gride, 324, Rotten Sound but closer to traditional Grindcore. A must have for all Grindcore freaks!

Hot off the heels of the 2nd NOISEAR/SUPERBAD US tour! New Mexican grind terror teams with Portland blast crusaders and Seattle instrumental prog-grind duo to campaign for complete speed noise domination! 19 tracks that include 3 collaborations with members from each band- one of which is a MAN IS THE BASTARD cover! The answer to the age old question: What would have happened if DISCORDANCE AXIS and ASSUCK shared a split with NAKED CITY covering GOBLIN? Limited to only 500 copies pressed on color wax and released on Torture Garden

Finally available on vinyl! Nokturne play Satanic Black Metal totally influenced by violence, hatred, blasphemy, misery and torment! Comes with all new layout including a printed inner sleeve. Limited to 666 hand numbered copies! Sick!

No Man’s Slave from Oklahoma bring a few elements to the table... fast and anxious vocals over ripping thrashcore! Blasting beats in the same vein as Thrak combining stop-and-start powerviolence breaks with some catchy fastcore parts/shout-a-longs. This comes together to bring you a furious ear blasting vinyl release of speed and force

Made for their Summer ‘09 Tour! No Mans Slave is back with even more pulverizing music! Complete with catchy breaks and powerviolence infused blasts, these new songs do not let down. I Resign is new out of Oklahoma City with more of a hardcore approach to the powerviolence spectrum. Fast and over the top with ties into a melodic hardcore feel

Negative Fucking Energy 7-Inch Record
Brand new EP from Philadelphia's Nothing Is Over... fast, hardcore inspired powerviolence!

Split 12-Inch Record
Nothing Is Over hail from Philly and play fast hardcore inspired powerviolence while Pigsticker from Ohio play hardcore in the vein of H100's and Nine Shocks Terror. Limited pressing of 277 copies and includes a Nothing Is Over patch

Black Vinyl with black hard-board jacket & insert printed with black ink. The Masters of Devil Metal Death with their latest EP for February 2010 simply dubbed "Black" in reference to the visual aesthetic of the peculiar packaging. Features four brand new studio blasphemies that you won’t find on any of their other 100+ releases: Fuck The Bastard, Before You Cast A Spell, Yet The Odor Still Lingers, Grave, Grave... a killer fucking record on Hells Headbangers!

6 songs of old school death metal! Rare EP released by Lahti Metal Inquisition

The final pieces of the puzzle in the Metal Assault 7” series. Recorded live in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia in August 2003. Great sound, killer set list and typical charisma you would expect from a NunSlaughter ritual. Features band photos & concert flyers. An awesome, extremely limited release brought to you by Hells Headbangers Records!

Minions of hell blacken the sky, christians of god are about to die! Often a fan favorite, the long out-of-print 7" EP from 1997 now re-issued as a Picture Disc with insert & re-worked layout. NUNSLAUGHTER side features their now classick hits "I.N.R.I.", "Power of Darkness" and a cover song of SACRIFICE with great pissed studio sound quality . BLOODSICK a band formed in the mid-90’s with the damned spirit of vintage 80's thrash offer two studio tracks

First in it's series, "To Hell With Cleveland" a compilation 7" featuring EXCLUSIVE tracks from NUNSLAUGHTER, DECREPIT, DANA 60 and DOKTOR BITCH. Side A is death metal, Side B is hardcore. Released on Hells Headbangers

We call upon the spirit world to summon up the dead! Often a fan favorite, the long out-of-print 7" EP from 2001 now re-issued as a Picture Disc with insert & re-worked layout. NUNSLAUGHTER offer with great pissed studio sound quality their blasphemous christ-hating Death Metal hits "Ouija" and "I Saw Your God Die". DR. SHRINKER, one of the most underrated yet completely amazing bands to have ever come from the late 80's CULT death metal underground, offer a previously unreleased track recorded during "The Eponym" demo session. Released on Hells Headbangers

Original 7" pressing was released in 2004 & many maniacs were unable to acquire a copy due to poor distribution. This repress in an extremely limited Picture Disc edition on HHR. Two of the finest ancient American Death Metal cults joined in darkness. NUNSLAUGHTER continues their tradition of straightforward, savage Devil Metal Death with an exclusive track as well as their interpretation of the GOATLORD classic "The Fog". From the catacombs, GOATLORD brings forth two haunting, ritualistic hymns from a long lost rehearsal tape from Feb. 1988, that will satiate long-time followers of this cult and bewitch the uninitiated! Hear the ghouls chant... finally time has come to join our rotting Hell!

NUNSLAUGHTER with 2 never before released songs ("Necromancy" and "The Creeper") originally featured on the unreleased "Seven Deadly Sins" 2005 demo circulated only to close contacts. Finland's GOATSODOMY play warring bestial Death Metal as displayed on the "Trampling the Holy Faith" compilation LP with Profanatica. Their set list includes "Antichrist 666" (unreleased from the 2005 demo), "Nightbeast" (unreleased from the 2004 demo), and a NunSlaughter cover track of "Sacrificial Zombie". All copies pressed on black night vinyl with astrobrite green jacket & insert. Cover artwork by the legendary Drew Elliot, this is one killer release that is not to be passed over!!!

1 sided picture record with exclusive cover songs from both bands for this release only! NUNSLAUGHTER cover Corrosion of Conformity's "Holier" while RABID's brand of old school thrash perform a cover of The Adicts "Get Addicted". Great full color artwork thanks to Josh Mclear. B-SIDE has a sharp laser etching in the vinyl

NUNSLAUGHTER are a legend of the current US death metal scene and have been active since 1987. This band has well over 100 official releases with bootlegs excluded. The idea of a split release started in 2009, during their European tour. At that time NUNSLAUGHTER was supported by RADIOLOKATOR, the band gathering members of the most active Czech metal bands LAHAR, GRIDE and AVENGER. RADIOLOKATOR has a unique sound originating from the old school Czech thrash metal of 80/90s. The split release contains two songs from NUNSLAUGHTER which were originally recorded as a demo for their album HEX. The other side will get you with one song from RADIOLOKATOR recorded exclusively for this split plus a cover from KRYPTOR. PREPARE FOR DEATH/THRASH ARMAGEDDON!

2 studio tracks from NUNSLAUGHTER. An earlier demo version of "Smell The Burning Churches" and an exclusive song "I Destroy Kings". More new material from Syphilitic Vaginas - this time in the shape of the one track "Under Satan's Command". Further solidifying their position in metal territory and getting even more evil chainsaw riffs

Split 7-Inch Record
Occult 45 square off with Drones For Queens for a pissed off five song split! Catchy and aggressive, Occult 45 shred the listener with raw grinding riffs, lots of time changes, brooding atmosphere and angry as fuck vocals. Drones For Queens combine hard hitting D-Beat with complex riffage, smooth transitions and blasting double bass for a thrashing hardcore experience. Occult 45 and Drones For Queens have succeeded in creating a split that is memorable and worth listening to over and over again. A respectable underground entry for the misanthropic masses... limited to 75 copies and pressed on heavy, thick Red vinyl! For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Brutal Truth, Burnt By The Sun,
Drugs Of Faith, Enabler, Napalm Death, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Repulsion and Rotten Sound. A killer split!

A TOP DEATH METAL RELEASE RE-ISSUED ON RED 180 GRAM VINYL! In 1986, the English of Onslaught started an ultimate assault against all wimps and posers with their "The Force" titled second record. The songs had been more matured than on the debut, but the songs didn't lose any brutality, heaviness or speed. On the contrary, songs like the rhythmic opener "Let There Be Death", the midtempo hammer "Metal Forces" or the speed massacre "Thrash Till the Death" with its great break are the best of 80's extreme Metal. This is an essential thrash metal masterpiece!

Operation Eat Shit 7-Inch Record
Early 80’s sounding hardcore with a real punk edge from France! Fast, raw, snotty, and loaded with catchy riffs and hooks. Along the lines of Sunpower musically, but with more of a early hardcore sound... two split 7"s on one record

Progressive, instrumental and avantgarde post-black metal. No vocals needed, Organ: spice it up with all kinds of obscure samples from films etc. This ep also features two exclusive tracks that are more in the experimental / electronic vein. The perfect match for open minded listeners into metal, prog, electronica and the avantgarde

The Power Of Compassion 7-Inch Record
Vast barren sceneries, meditative soundscapes... pure avant-garde ambient metal!

Try to picture this: a blood red sky upon a desert landscape where few scattered blade of grass somehow survive. In silence, three mysterious men in robes are converging to what’s left of a former little church, now only a shadow of its former self with half of a wall remaining and gathering dust. As the sun sets in the West and the shadows grow bigger, they all quietly gather of the remains of an altar and soon and begin the chanting, whispering words in ancient tongues man has forgotten the real meaning a long time ago, for no one to hear but the ghosts still lingering on in between this world and the other on this god forsaken piece of land. Indeed, Orthodox have arrived and the ceremony has begun. After two impressive and droning albums - ‘Gran Ponder’ in 2006 and ‘Amanecer en Puerta Oscura’ in 2007, both licensed in the US by cult-label Southern Lord – and the surprising left-turn that was last year’s ‘Sentencia’, Orthodox first ever EP on Doomentia sees them once again ditching whatever expectations their fans could have for... Well, something else. If “Matse Avatar” is a warrior call powered by throbbing bass and circular riffing, evoking both OM and Amon Düll II leading galactic troops on their way to invade planet Earth with a subtle Rush reference thrown in the pot (can you spot it?), its flipside “YHVH” goes the exact opposite way, an almost contemplative instrumental of delicate beauty in pure Earth-style, like the calm before the storm. In keeping with both Doomentia and Orthodox tradition, ‘Matse Avatar’ also comes in a super classy gatefold sleeve printed by metallic colour, with lyrics and pure magical powers engrained on wax. So tell me, can you feel the vibrations of doom? Released on Doomentia Records

The first set of recordings from OS is now available on LP from this Bloomington Indiana band. This group of recordings beautifully captures discordance, bleakness, and maniacal despair through a black doom veil of fog engineered by Mike Notaro and mastered by James Plotkin. 400 copies available to the public, vinyl only with luscious hand-screened art

Various Artists 7-Inch Record
With exclusive tracks from Evil Angel, Guippiud, Gravewurm and Nailgunner. Thrashing death attack!!!

Various Artists 7-Inch Record
With Metal Skull, Strikemaster, Possessor, and Bludwulf

Basically Eyehategod with a different name, Outlaw Order offers their first full-length of noise-laden, sludge-driven criminal activity. Strictly limited to 500 copies and packaged in a beautiful full color glossy gatefold sleeve

Split 7-Inch Record
Unreleased 2002 recordings of Croatia's punk/grind legend PATARENI back to life after over a decade +. on the flipside one of their hundreds side-projects named BUREK DEATH SQUAD. All songs here feature Giulio the Bastard of CRIPPLE BASTARDS on vocals. This is catchy, no frills, growling Punk/Thrash in that unique bizarre style that made this band an unforgettable icon in the past... PATARENI even throws in some ska and trumpets, BDS specializes in grinding Japanese Hardcore classics like GISM and LIPCREAM... High voltage Grind/Punk'n'roll... awesome!

Pentagram's fourth album saw Pentagram slimmed down to the duo of Bobby Liebling and Joe Hasselvander, and all for the better--this album kills! A very heavy piece of work, even for these doom masters, this record reissue is the first time it has been available in the US. This reissue comes in a beautiful glossy gatefold sleeve limited to 400 copies

The godfathers of doom metal belt out 11 punishing songs! Limited to 400 copies in a glorious glossy gatefold sleeve

Texan speed trial grindcore champions' first full length after almost ten years in the game! Pretty Little Flower features members that have toiled in numerous other projects like Insect Warfare, 50/50, Race Against Time and Knucklescraper. Totally maturing from their Gulf Coast cretin Warsore/Denak raw grindforce origins adding strong elements of lethal German thrash metal ala Sodom and Massacre style pulverizing Florida death production

The bizarre death metal terror is ready to crush once again with a new artwork. With Seepia PORTAL'S vision of utter horror is destined to invert the death metal scene as one of the most unique and most intimidating visionaries ever conceived. Deprived, artsy and morally-impaired, through a twisted mind-fuck of oppressive histrionics and with the class of classic avant-garde cinema, PORTAL re-define artistic and cinematic dementia within Death Metal

Shitting on the blessed virgin, comes an alliance of bestial black death filth from Boston's WITCH TOMB and Ohio's PROSANCTUS INFERI. Expect new brutal blasphemies reminiscent of the cult North American Black/Death legions of the late 80's/early 90's. Comes with an insert featuring cover artwork by Paul Ledney... a killer release on HHR

Pulling Teeth are a brutal metallic hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD. Featuring former members of Slumlords, The Spark, Desperate Measures, and Never Enough, they play a furious style of metal influenced hardcore

The follow up to ASSEMBLED IN BLASPHEMY. Sick and morbid Death metal containing the songs Clotted Cryptic Writings, I Drink Your Blood, Apocalyptic Paranoia and Three on a Meathook. The Ravenous features members of Necrophagia, Autopsy, and Brutal Truth/Nuclear Assault! Rare import from Holland... an essential slab of Death Metal!

"You like Venom? You like liquor? Good, go fuck yourself! Members of Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey & Sabbat join forces to break your fucking face." Absolutely crushing Death Metal release that was recorded at legendary Tenko Studios

Hailing from all over California, Mother Speed offer up 2 songs about the Sega classic "Altered Beast" and tipping your pizza man. Plus 2 Circle Jerks covers! Fast, thrashy hardcore in the vein of Life's Halt, Nerve Agents, Infest, DYS. Philly's own Retard Strength deliver 5 excellent tracks including 2 covers. This is just straight forward fun, catchy lo-fi hardcore punk. Co-released on Party Time! Records, License To Shred Records and Here's Your Warning Records

Raw, uncomprimishing, punishing Funeral Death/Doom Metal!

All the tracks from the ROT side are final recordings, new ones except for "Sunny Days Nostalgia" that was re-recorded + a LIFE IS A LIE cover that is "Glória E Guerra"...Life is a Lie cover ROT's "Destroy Everything" on their side as well as one new song . The AMAZINGLYFUCKINGAWESOME cover artwork was drawned by ET from MUZZARELAS

The time has come to headbang! The title "Thrash N' Roll" speaks for itself... standing out in the crowd of today's lame thrash wave, Mexico's RÖTTEN (with BLACK TORMENT member) offer 13 minutes/5 tracks of pure raw thrash with strong punk influences. This is a must have for fans of Toxic Holocaust and alike. Break your neck & get it or die!!

Ultra rare 7" picture disc EP!

Re-issue of the only album released in '93 by this true Death Metal legend! Remastared with 3 bonus tracks and new layout, this is an essential masterpiece for fans of GRAVE, INCANTATION, FUNEBRE, CREMATORY & DEMILICH

RUINS return with sick and depraved Black Fucking Speed Metal! "Chambers of Perversion" is 8 Sadistic Satanic Psalms that will make you bang your head. Limited edition vinyl of 250 copies and released on Negative Existence

The second in a five volume series of 7"s that will feature 10 bands in all, this one featuring Rumpelstiltskin Grinder from Pennsylvania and Absu from Texas. It's also a limited edition of 1,000 and comes on Red vinyl. A must have for fans of either one of these bands or the Relapse Records scene in general. A release not to be missed, get it now!

Break Mirrors 7-Inch Record
Five Tracks of youthful and energetic punk/hardcore out of Cleveland. Mosh friendly but spastic, shouted vocals and a harsh pissed off vibe... with song titles such as “I Don’t Hate Religion, I Just Hate You” you know what your in for!

Never Ending Bore 7-Inch Record
Debut EP from this Stockholm, Sweden powerhouse! This is frantic, frenetic fast fucking Hardcore with duel vocals and excellent lyrics... limited edition of 500 copies and features 8 tracks of chaos. An awesome release on Haunted Hotel

Sacrifice was one of the best Canadian thrash metal bands in the 1980s. 'The Ones I Condemn' is a highly-anticipated reunion album with all original members for the first time since 'Soldiers Of Misfortune' with just as much piss and vinegar some twenty years on. Ten newly written tracks that sounds as classic as they did the first time around

New split from New Jersey's Deathrashing maniacs Sacrificial Blood and the Legendary Thrash titans Deceased. Sacrificial Blood bring 2 tracks of relentless Thrashing Death Metal,one being a cover of Deceased's demo song "After the Bloodshed" and on the flip side Deceased plays a fun little cover of The Ramones "The KKK Take My Baby Away" and a live recording of "Haunted Cerebellum". Limited to 500 copies on Red Vinyl and 2 sided insert... don't miss this!

"Split" 7-Inch Record
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes the return of Sacrificial Blood and Traitor for an epic Split 7-Inch release! True Underground Metal lives as these two Northeast Die Hards deliver three tracks of Thrashing Heavy Metal mayhem... Denim and Leather is the code, no posers allowed! Sacrificial Blood present a new track which is one of their strongest songs yet, and also raging take on the Girlschool classic 'Hellrazor'. Traitor unleash a brand new track that is all speed, all thrash, all true and no trends! For fans of Autopsy, Cianide, Death, Deceased, Destruction, Exodus, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Massacre, Master, Megadeth, Metallica, Midnight, NME, Nuclear Assault, Overkill, Post Mortem, Slayer, Scepter, Testament and Whiplash

Two US underground thrash cults! Limited vinyl release comes with insert and stickers of each band!

Vinyl version of their excellent 2007 demo. Black doom metal in the old Greek style

After 2 Years In Delirium Tremens The Unholy Danish Goat Worshipers Strike Back! 4 New Sadomatic Goat Hymns In The Old Traditional Way Which Are A Straight Follow Up To The Previous 2 Albums. Comes With An Heavy Gatefold Cover. Limited To 666 Copies On Black Fucking Vinyl! A killer release put out by Nuclear War Now! Productions

Germanys Speed Title holding Grind Veterans Sanitys Dawn with new tracks of Ultrafast HC/Grind plus Germany Mindflair with new material of outstanding whirlwind grindcore. Pressed on White vinyl released on Power-It-Up

Sarath is a black metal visionary hailing from Trondheim, Norway who after releasing two demos now has his first official release out. 'Husk, Du Skal Dø' shows an artist proud of his Norwegian black metal heritage, yet unafraid of adding unorthodox elements to the formula. Instant references are Dødheimsgard, Darkthrone and Dissection, although Sarath definitely has his own sound. Performing and producing everything himself, Sarath is a talent we'll undoubtedly hear more of in years to come. Meanwhile, 'Husk, Du Skal Dø' is the perfect introduction to his universe. Limited to 500!

In the months before the legendary Court in the Act was recorded, and issued on cassette as the Into the Fire demo in late 1982. This will be the first vinyl version of that famous demo, with 2 bonus tracks from the 1981 demo. Due to time constraints of vinyl the other two tracks from the 81 demo will be issued on a 7" of the Kiss of Death single. Also included is a gig poster and 8 page book with original artwork for the demos/articles/Roxcalibur art info and tons of pictures of an incredibly young band caught in the act of Church and Grave desecration. This is essential!

With members of Therion, Nocturnal Rites and Ligament), SATURNALIA TEMPLE is the equivalent of Doom masters Electric Wizard dipped in an occult, electrifying atmosphere. Their music crawls along at a really slow pace, the huge (HUGE) guitars moving along like a huge, bassy glacier, the drums slowly creeping along, and everything is just huge and slow, just suffocating you with a super thick occult atmosphere until your brain just goes completely numb... SATURNALIA TEMPLE is not merely riding the retro-trip, as so many are today, but is a a journey of Black Musical Initiation from the Qluphotic Spheres, a timeless chant channeled into a musical ritual. Saturnalia Temple follow the ancient tradition of Shamanic trance, hard rock and old blues spreading the black magic and hypnotic vibrations

Vaginal Abduction 12-Inch Record
Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore from New Mexico, for fans of Exit-13. Limited to 406 copies

Schnauzer is totally brutal and raw metal that will make you cringe! Noise blasted vocals and screams and noises over a barraging bruiser of metal and hardcore! Slick breakdowns and tight guitars that will have your head in a whirlwind. Slow breaks of very insightful noises break into tight scrap metal blasts! Punching Moses has been unlistenable by the Ohio state department. They pack it in with crucial metal ballads leading into hardcore blasts that totally border on the edge of punkrock! Catchy/raw screams and snotty vices that will have you wondering why this isn't on the top in Ohio?

Sacramento, CA's Shrine of Scars assault your senses with seven lighting fast thrash attacks. San Francisco, CA's legendary old-school thrashers, Skitzo, offer one brand new track and one revision of a classic! An excellent release

Beer-fueled Thrash meets epic Power Metal! Hailing from Massachusetts, Sonic Pulse consist of members/ex-members of Skull Hammer, Razormaze, Vindicator and Ravage. This concoction of pure metal madness results in an epic Speed Metal massacre of the forlorn... prepare for the pounding evil swill to penetrate your soul as raging rhythms ravage your brain and ludicrous lyrics cast you under their demoniac spell! This is a limited edition pressing exclusively on Black vinyl from HPGD. For fans of Blind Guardian, Cryptic Slaughter, Dragonforce, Iced Earth, Meliah Rage, Metal Church, Municipal Waste, Murphy's Law, Rage, Revocation, Tankard, Wargasm and Wehrmacht

Three tracks of Swedish Stoner/Biker Rock from Ola and the gang. Contains the title track on the A-side, with "Mescaline" and "Dirt Cult ‘72," (from a cult 70's biker flick, complete with organ!) on the flip. Colour Haze, Hawkwind, Hellacopters and Monster Magnet fans take note and join in the Hallucination Generation! Limited to 1000 copies

After 6 years of silence, SPAWN OF SATAN emerge from beneath the black stairs with 2 brand new tracks of Satanic Thrashing Death with an unrelenting level of aggression rarely seen in today's Metal bands! Fronted by Jim Sadist of NunSlaughter. Finnish horde EVIL ANGEL launch a blistering attack of Bestial Black Thrash in the vein of SARCOFAGO, BLASPHEMY and countrymates URN. A perfect blend of raw harshness and headbanging old-school catchiness sure to impress diehard Underground Metal fanatics! Pressed on sick half Red half Orange vinyl!

People Are Bad 7-Inch Record
Featuring members of Florida oldsters like Pink Lincolns, Down By Law, DRI and Hated Youth! Ultra snotty basic, jumpy, Ritalin-laced pure punk rock American style. Sounds like any number of obscure, zit faced youth punk / hardcore bands circa 1981. The lyrics are simple and straightforward and at the same time, clever and amusing. Fans of THE AUTHORITIES and ANGRY SAMOANS will enjoy it! An Awesome release on Choking Hazard Records

Special Patrol Group 7-Inch Record
Musicially mixing the approaches of American/Japanese Hardcore, and Discharge; SPG's first EP. rips through six
songs of politically charged, driving hardcore punk with lots of energy and urgency. Featuring members of I Hate This

Splatter Whore return with 2 new songs of sick Grind´n´Roll, while Bowel Stew come with a new sound of sickness!

Grindvirus 12-Inch Gatefold Record
Squash Bowels are back again with another album of guttural grindcore! Brutal beyond belief, but sprinkled with groove and memorability, Grindvirus is one tasty grind treat with plenty of gory panache. Limited to 400 hand numbered copies

In 1996 a band by the name of The Stone To Flesh was born out of the far desolate lands of Serbia. In 1997 their first recorded demo "Serbian Woods" was relaized and later the band changed the name to simply THE STONE. Over the last 15 years of the bands existence they have continued to forge some of the best music within the black metal genre and always in the old vain, without compromise! In 2008 a deal was struck with Diabolist Services for release of a special vinyl for the band and in January/March 2008 the band entered into Draft Studio and recorded 4 tracks for what would result as "Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy" 10" MLP. This vinyl available from Diabolist Services was meant not as just another release under the bands catalog, rather from the moment the deal was made with DSC the idea was to release something that would define the band and their 15 years of warfare for their die hard fanatics, something that held a deeper meaning. The band decided to re-record two old tracks from the bands past, two tracks that stood out were "Za korak paklu blize" (originally appeared on debut album "Some Wounds Bleed Forever" 2000) and "Vihor paganske osvete" (originally appeared on "Unveiled Evil" demo 1998 and then again on 3rd full length album "Tragom Hromog Vuka" 2003). Both these tracks on the 10" MLP have been re-recorded, new versions exclusive for DSC, they have not and never will be released anywhere else. The new versions of these two songs are not only faster, heavier, and more brutal, but they also contain the best sound the band has ever captured during recording...and released on vinyl!!!! The band also wanted to record two cover tracks for this special ritual on DSC, so they recorded "Aggressive Perfector" (originally recorded by SLAYER) and "Jama Pekel" (originally recorded by MASTER'S HAMMER) to seal the deal, thus the title of this ritual "Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy" was choosen. A highly recommended release

Out of the strawberry fields of Oxnard, CA comes the raging debut 7” from Stop Breathing. Playing classic Nardcore punk mixed with a bit of east coast flavor, this 4 song gem will have you circle pitting in no time... awesome!!!

This is Schwarzenegger era hardcore. After tons of releases with bands like Knifethruhead, Unholy Grave, Capitalist Casualties, Disrupt...etc...etc this female fronted thrash attack from the dirty streets of Fresno, CA have finally recorded their 2nd LP. What you get on this unholy piece of wax are 11 new trax of in your face don't give a shit thrash. If you like short, fast & loud then this is right up your alley. 1st press limited to 100 copes on white vinyl... killer!

Streetcleaner are a brutal blastcore band from the Texas area. Musically raging along the lines of powerviolence and stop-and-go blasting, combined with harsh angry spitted vocals that are similiar in style to bands like Severe

Pure fucking Heavy Metal/Rock similar to Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Riot! Pressed on Blue vinyl

None of the bands need any more introduction. Both play brutal death metal uncompromisingly! Deep gutteral vocals, fast songs with heavy slashing guitars and ultra blasting drums. If you are into brutal death metal you must love this EP!! Looking forward for more musical escapades from these brutalizers! Long out of print! Get this now!!!

Omnipotence 12-Inch Record
Swedish black thrashers return with a second offering of darkness. Comes with reverseboard printed jacket, A2 poster, 12" x 12" double sided lyrics insert and 160 gram vinyl. TERRORAMA was officially formed in 2001, with the aim to create music under the moniker "old & original". Influences are drawn from the old South American thrash movement of the '80s with bands like Holocausto (Brazil), Graf Spee (Uruguay), Reencarnacion (Colombia), and Vulcano (Brazil)

Therion have always been about musical visions, progressing over the years with added recognition and escalating maturity. Harmony and brilliance at its most elite, Therion continue to walk down the road towards distinctiveness, sophistication and mystery. On ''Sitra Ahra'', the newest incarnation of the band continue their exploration of the occult and their affinity for over-the-top, bombastic orchestrations. This lineup includes main man Christofer Johnsson along with now permanent vocalist Thomas Vikstrom (ex-Candlemass). Johnsson also recently recruited Christian Vidal (ex-The Road Vultures, ex-Cuero) from Argentina as the band's new guitarist. Therion's new rhythm section are Johan Koleberg (Animal, Zan Clan, Lion's Share) on drums and Nalle ''Grizzly'' Pahlsson (Treat, Zan Clan, Vindictiv) on bass

We’re celebrating the end of the W error (era) by releasing the already infamous This Comp Kills Fascists collection in a limited edition seven 7” box set. On January 20, Mr. Bush steps the fuck down and we’d like you to join us in marking that day by blasting this box set complete with over the top ‘cockstika’ artwork, exclusive to the box. The package will also come equipped with a 7"x21" full color poster. Conceived and collected by Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED), ‘This Comp Kills Fascists’ brings together the very best of today’s underground grindcore, hardcore, and power violence bands. ‘This Comp...’ features all new and exclusive material from INSECT WARFARE, MAGRUDERGRIND and more, as well as the first new material in almost ten years from legendary grinders BRUTAL TRUTH. ‘This Comp...’ is fast, loose, ferociously independent, unpretentious, and fun. Artists include are: AGENTS OF SATAN, WEEKEND NACHOS, KILL THE CLIENT, SPOONFUL OF VICODIN, MARUTA, INSECT WARFARE, SHITSTORM, MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, CHAINSAW TO THE FACE, MAGRUDERGRIND, BRUTAL TRUTN, A.S.R.A and WASTEOID... buy this fucking collection now!!!

Killer compilation LP featuring 15 covers of Thrash classics by an all Irish cast of artists. Bands covered are: Vio-lence, Bathory, Megadeth, Sepultura, Slayer, Death Angel, Testament, D.R.I. , Metallica, Celtic Frost, Nuclear Assault, Lawnmower Deth, Sacred Reich, Kreator and Venom. A killer fucking release on Underground Movement

At Ease 7-Inch Record
Time's Up is an early incantation (circa 1994) of that NJ sound that's become oh so popular: noisy, metallic hardcore thrash. Features current and ex-members of Burnt by the Sun... a killer and essential release for all east coast fans

Behold total Dissonance and Wrath from Asia's one and only all Female, pure thrashing metal band TORMENTRESS! Smash your rotten skull - Fuckin' Thrash and Burn! A highly recommended release for all thrash maniacs worldwide

Total Fucking Destruction unleashes their jazz noise grind freakout (with Hoak of Brutal Truth) on “Welcome To The Fascist Corporate Wastelands Of America, Part 2". Gardenbox, from Athens, Greece, crushes with intense post-post-rock on “And By The Way I Am Living In Hell”. And the concluding “Wood Veins” by 27 features the legendary Dana Colley (Morphine) with his signature electric baritone sax. The limited edition white vinyl 7" and comes in an intricately folded cover printed by Interrobang Letterpress featuring the starkly beautiful art of Dan McCarthy

Grinding Live studio recordings limited to 300 hand numbered copies... fucking killer noisegrind!

The gates of down under opened once more to command the furious hordes of hell!!! Two of the finest hellraisers joined forces to show the nerds of today how truely inspired thrash metal has to sound!!! Two new exclusive recorded deathhymns with a playtime of over 8 minutes. Comes in a Noble 350g Gatefold Cover, pressed on black vinyl only

Excellent Hardcore on Century Media Records

Split 7-Inch Record
Italian Porno Grind meets sick Grindcore from New York

Killer new 7" by Japanese grind fanatics Unholy Grave. Released in edition of 300 for their June 2009 USA tour with Magrudergrind. All songs feature Sakata from 324 on drums! Pressed on Red vinyl this truely is one rare record!

Japanese grind gods team up with Los Angeles grinders Fetus Eaters

Both bands with new tracks. Traditional grindcore from UNHOLY GRAVE and KADAVERFICKER with awesome sludge

Two of the most exciting bands of the grind scene unite!!!

After a very long time in the making, this release is finally available! Japan's DIY gods of grind team up with San Francisco CA's thrash brigaders for a unique 5-Inch EP. This release is sure to be a classic, get yours now!

Forensic Finnish old school death/grind that goes down thick and toxic like every band on the Grindcrusher comp mixed with GRAVE and DISMEMBER added for protein! Members of PHLEGETHON, HOODED MENACE and ACID WITCH

Brand new split 7" EP featuring exclusive studio tracks from ancient Black Metal force Varathron and Desolation!

Köttkroksvals 12-Inch Record
Debut album of this swedish Death/ Black Metal band with influences in the vein of DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN, SATYRICON, NAGLFAR and similar artists. Another killer release from Temple Of Darkness

Memorious Double 12-Inch Record
This package is a 2LP black vinyl set containing an insert/lyric sheet housed in a
heavy jacket (not gatefold) with a 5MM spine. The vinyl is cut at 45 RPM. Limited to 250 copies.

Memorious is utterly unique and bloated with atypical melodies/harmonies. The 2nd full-length from the Texas born Vex is an eye opener of an album with superior songwriting and a style so skillfully enveloped by the olden years of melodic death metal. Memorious first of all benefits from a super tight performance. Secondly, the riffs are downright inspired and colorized by what sound like effortlessly flowing melodies, but the way they are draped over the chord progressions, it feels so alive yet complex, like an easy moving river cutting through a dense woodland.

Originally released on CD by HPGD Productions, Eihwaz has given this excellent release the
vinyl treatment for those of you out there addicted to the warm analog tones! The pressing is limited, so act fast!

Shadow Of The Skull 7-Inch Record
Power violence form Montréal in the vein of Crossed Out

Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit Pt. II 10-Inch Record
Vinyl version of this dark ambient masterpiece. Cold, monolithic, dark and desolate! Limited 500 numbered copies

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present this super limited split 7-inch of sickness! Violation Wound, the no bullshit punk band fronted by Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death, Abscess), present three tracks of blistering punk/hardcore in the classic way! Fleshreaper hail from St. Petersburg, Florida and play punk infused Death/Thrash with a hardcore attitude... featuring Tony Anderson (Doomsilla, Generichrist, Cemetery Slut, Skin Tomb) and Ed Webb (Destined to Ruin, Generichrist, ex-Contorted, ex-Diabolic, ex-Eulogy, ex-Massacre). Strictly limited to 100 copies in hand numbered jackets on random colored vinyl, featuring artwork by Five Miligrams.

True Rock & Roll ain't about a "brand"... it's about the middle finger at the end of your hand!

Vitamin X continue to crank out no-holds-barred straight edge thrashing punk on the Steve Albini-recorded "Full Scale Assault," bringing forth 20 high-energy tracks that infuse influences of '70s guitar rock and bombastic riffage!

Infernal Command 12-Inch Record
The album consists of 17 fast metallic tracks mixing Bay Area fastcore/power violence (Spazz, Capitalist Casualities) and Bay Area thrash metal (Vio-lence, Death Angel). The sound is more developed and metal sounding while the songs are definitely more thought out compared to previous recordings, but the result is still the same high energy

Commemorates the west coast tour that featured Voetsek and Mind Of Asian in 2008 with Voetsek bringing two tracks of raging hardcore punk to their side and Mind Of Asian lending three songs of their patented Japanese thrashcore!!!

Limited vinyl edition in deluxe sleeve of the 2nd album of this french band of infernal Death/ Black with an old school style where they blend influences from bands in the vein of BELPHEGOR, ANGEL CORPSE, BESTIAL WARLUST, MORBID ANGEL, IMPALED NAZARENE... Killer production and crushing tracks! Released on Xtreem Music

Split 7-Inch Record
Gallic psychopathic sickos Vorkreist and Hellenic serial-killers Soulskinner unite in filth on this split 7". Vorkreist offer an exclusive live track from their 2007 Pest Pandemic Contamination Over Europe (with Horna and Blacklodge) entitled "Soldiers of Satan's Wrath" which showcases a decidedly different, more old-school side to the band. With Soulskinner however, it's business as usual, offering a face-searing slab of brutal and evil Death Metal with "In Attrition of a World Collapse", a track recorded exclusively for this release. Notorious "black ink warlock" Justin Bartlett of VBERKVLT (whose twisted designs have catered for artists such as Gorgoroth, Aura Noir and Cadaver to name a few) is accused of spawning the artwork for this release. Another excellent release from the quality label Necroterror Records

Heavy brutal Crust / Blackened DOOM / Death and Grind featuring 2 drummers with cellist. WAKE UP ON FIRE's debut-album on VINYL LP in the "Alternative" vein of NEUROSIS, WORMWOOD, NOOTHGRUSH, etc. This album includes printed inner-sheet with lyrics and info! Features members of OAK, NUX VOMICA and MOONSHINE

Thrash Metal with members of Aura Noir, Inferno and Fuck You All

Introducing another chapter in the New Wave Of Gulf Coast Power Violence: WEAK MINDS!! Debut release of total MAN IS THE BASTARD/CROSSED OUT inspired hardcore blasts from INSECT WARFARE's bass player (not the guy from HATRED SURGE, but yet another Texan power violence junkie that moonlights in IW!) 15 head exploding bursts of hardcore fury including a LE SCRAWL cover with vocals by RAHI of INSECT WARFARE. A totally awesome release!!

Extreme headbangability! Their out-of-print mini-album nearly a decade old now re-issued on LP with improved artwork and layout (this version is black vinyl). This is stripped down, old-school evil thrash with a dash of traditional heavy metal. There are no progressive tendencies or any extreme technicality here, only a palpable, raw passion for playing speedy, simple, and above all else catchy blackened thrash! Undeniably infectious, you WILL be humming these riffs after only a couple spins. Look no further if you are searching for the same feeling as in the early work of: Destruction, Kreator, Assassin, Motorhead, Sodom, Metallica ("Kill 'Em All" era). An awesome fucking record of sick thrash!

War Of The Titans 7-Inch Record
Epic Heavy Metal!

Awesome split of Black Metal limited to 888 copies

Snuff fanatics worldwide have yet to find more violent execution and perversion in any so called “goregrind” or “porngrind”. Whether it is your preference to revel in the blood-soaked glory of it all or denounce the horrendousness of such a vile offering, XXX Maniak is utterly tasteless and thoroughly hateful. Japan’s Coffins brings the comforting realization that the apocalypse is near and all will be swept to oblivion. Crushing and misanthropic with a doom-laden groove, Coffins is the nihilistic offspring of old-school death metal. Coffins helps you think straight when searching for places to bury the recently slain... an awesome vinyl edition release from Haunted Hotel Records, fucking sick!


Brazillian scat lovers split with US porngrind gods! Limited to 500 hand numbered copies on fecal brown vinyl

Raw Black Metal, one of the best demos from ZBT !!!!!! Limited to 525 copies

A relentless ride of rock & roll abandon, Zeke mixes punk nihilism with a hard hitting metal extravagance. It burns from start to finish, as super charged guitars, electrifying leads and a raucous punk attitude race full throttle down a highway to hell. Thank the gods of rock & roll, you've just met your new favorite band. 2 brand spankin' new songs and a cover. Limited to 900 copies and pressed on stunning Gold vinyl, released on Relapse Records for their live tour dates

All copies in noble Gatefold cover & printed inner sleeve with lyrics & liner notes. Layout & artwork done by the band. Features two exclusive songs never released to date from these Greek black metal masters. Simply a fantastic EP that will not fail to impress fans of the band as well as enjoyers of quality metal in general. A masterpiece from the masters!

Expanded gatefold 2xLP on 180 gram heavy vinyl. Includes an exclusive bonus track! Pittsburgh, PA's Zombi create boundless, leering soundscapes inspired by filmmakers such as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci and the musical scores of John Carpenter and Goblin. Zombi's Relapse Records/Release Entertainment debut Cosmos is a powerful work of eerie, relentless rhythms and futuristic score that shares as much headspace with the late-night sci-fi explorer as the space rock adventurer. For fans of Goblin, Acid Mothers Temple, Hawkwind, Halloween and vidnaObmana... excellent!