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TITLE: De Dødes Arkiv
GENRE: Thrash Metal
LABEL: Neseblod Records

Bloody helvete! We all knew that Norwegian punk-laden thrashers Waklevören had it in them to create an absolute killer of an album, but until "De dødes arkiv" hit the streets, we had no idea just how much of a napalm blast it would create. This, their third release, is their best and most varied yet. It's got the hardcore, fuck-everything attitude they're known for, but it's so strong now that it just oozes from the speakers, leaving no doubt that this is truly genuine metal played with absolute passion. You could maybe class Waklevören as the quintessential anti-supergroup. Comprising members of Red Harvest, Immortal, Aura Noir, Fuck You All and Infernö, they have every right to demand respect but, the fact is, they really don't give a damn. It's obvious in this, their heaviest record so far, that it has been a case of "Let's drink a shitload of beers and jam out some brutal hardcore thrash. If they like it, fair enough. If they don't, who cares!?" There's not much point in trying to single out highpoints on here as there's not a dull moment to be had. And the fact is, that if you're into the kind of filthy vehemence spewed by the likes of countrymen Obliteration or Sweden's crustcore kings Skitsystem, you'll absolutely adore this. It might be a bold statement, but I'd even go so far as to say that this is possibly the best album released that falls under that crusty, punky thrash umbrella. If ever there was an essential album within a particular genre, this is it... an excellent release from the killer label Neseblod Records


1. Liberation
2. Semblance In Black
3. Dismembered Mind
4. Ridden With Belief
5. Conquerer
6. Outcast
7. Sexual Mutilation
8. Bloodtrail
9. Burial Ground