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TITLE: The Cracks Of Doom "Split"
FORMAT: 12-Inch Record
GENRE: Death/Doom Metal/Grindcore
LABEL: Haunted Hotel Records

Snuff fanatics worldwide have yet to find more violent execution and perversion in any so called “goregrind” or “porngrind”. Whether it is your preference to revel in the blood-soaked glory of it all or denounce the horrendousness of such a vile offering, XXX Maniak is utterly tasteless and thoroughly hateful. Japan’s Coffins brings the comforting realization that the apocalypse is near and all will be swept to oblivion. Crushing and misanthropic with a doom-laden groove, Coffins is the nihilistic offspring of old-school death metal. Coffins helps you think straight when searching for places to bury the recently slain... an awesome vinyl edition release from Haunted Hotel Records, fucking sick!


1. XXX Maniak - Raping a Minor of the White Race
2. XXX Maniak - Sweet Relief in the Masoleum
3. XXX Maniak - Raped by a Retard
4. XXX Maniak - Picking Up a Random Goregrind CD and Acting Out the Cover With the Girl Next Door
5. XXX Maniak - Worthless Hole
6. XXX Maniak - Skeleton Inside Her
7. XXX Maniak - Sandbox Sniffer
8. XXX Maniak - Aroused by The Rape Trail
9. XXX Maniak - Stabilize Her
10. XXX Maniak - Sludge Taster (Piercing the Pipes)
11. XXX Maniak - Smoking Sumerian Debris
12. XXX Maniak - Magician in the Bathrobe
13. XXX Maniak - Hot Nazi Sluts Have Hot Steaming Guts
14. XXX Maniak - Bludgeoned by a Human Body
15. XXX Maniak - Perpetually Exploding Uterus
16. XXX Maniak - Born Again Slut
17. XXX Maniak - Snorting Her Fumes
18. XXX Maniak - Grinded to Nothing
19. XXX Maniak - Balls Vs. Hatchet
20. XXX Maniak - Mouth You Don't Have to Feed
21. Coffins - The Cracks of Doom
22. Coffins - Ebony Tears (Cathedral Cover)